38 thoughts on “Dairy Industry in India – Problems, challenges and the future of Indian dairy industry

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  2. lecture is good but it would have been better if enriched with statistics and numerical values……

  3. You didn’t consider animal welfare, continual insemination, antibiotic use, as well as it’s potent allergy causing affect on a wide number of the population. Many children.

  4. Am really sorry but the more organised the milk industry is more worse for animal they are being raped mutilated and lest killed

  5. That is nice presentation, but u did one mistake Operation flood was launched by NDDB not NDDD.
    thank you for yr efforts.

  6. Thank you, explain these type of topics for essay writing in banking exams regarding latest topics

  7. not at all a healthy presentation. a very general without much facts and figures. Please do not upload this kind of general videos

  8. Pls summed up the entire lecture at last as a revision . It will greatly help us for mains . Thank u for such a awesome course …. Keep providing us such comprehensive lectures and motivate indeed …

  9. You were well in small frame .. now you are in big frame .. i keep concentrating on you throughout the lecture .. at last i understand nothing … :p

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