Creating A Building That Casts No Shadow | Science News

Welcome To Strange Science News. Architects in Britain have designed a skyscraper
that casts no shadow. The only catch, it requires another building
next to it to reflect the light. The second building would reflect light into
the shadow of the first building, thereby creating a space that is never in the shade. The concept was originated by the fear that
growing cities would eventually have so many tall buildings that almost no sunlight would
ever reach the ground. In September 2013, a skyscraper in London
made headlines when it melted a car parked beneath it, by concentrating the sun’s rays
on it. This new reflective design would diffuse the
light so that no destructive reflections took place.
The goal is to make public spaces like parks or open plazas more sunlit and pleasant.
The only drawback of course is that the second building would cast its own shadow. For more information about this story, please
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