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this video we're going to be constructing angle-side-angle triangles or drawing them so we're going to be drawing or constructing angle air s air triangles and here you've got an a a triangle and angle the side in between the angles and the angle so a s a triangle so let's draw this what I would do is start by drawing the it centimeter line on the bottom then measure the 50 degree angle this way measure the 70 degree angle that way and draw two lines and where the two lines intersect will be where the top of the triangle will be and then that's the triangle draw okay so step one draw the eight centimeter line make sure this is really perfect really accurate yep exactly at centimeter okay then we've got a 50 degree angle on this side so we put our protractor and our zero on the line make sure it's absolutely perfect and measure around the 50 degrees so zero is here on the inside so we're going to go around 250 here so it's going to be exactly there okay so get your runner on draw a nice straight line through that point okay now the other side is a 70 degree angle so get your protractor again and put it on the other side the line of the Sun go to by 70 degrees is I'm put a mark so is there around 270 okay again get your line up with the end of the line and the point for a nice line for it now obviously you've drawn a bit extra depending on the question and if it tells you to leave the lines leave them you may rub the matter if you wish but now let's just label it so that's going to be 8 centimeters on the bottom this angle on this side is going to be 50 degrees like we measured and this one was 70 degrees and you can rub that out if you wish I just have a rubber here and then that's it that's your angle side angle triangle

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