Construct 3 Public Beta – A First Look

Hey, everybody. Today marks the release of the Beta edition
of Construct 3, with it’s open public beta testing. You can check out Construct 3 now, with limitations,
and get an idea of how everything will work. In this video, we’ll take a look at some
of the new features that are available to us in the beta. In the future, I’ll be making tutorials
for Construct 3, after the beta is over, and the finished version is out. The Construct 3 Public Beta Period begins today, March 28th, and lasts until May 21st, or 8 weeks from now. For now, I’d like to take a look at the
new stuff that’s been introduced in the beta. First off, unlike Construct 2, which was a
stand-alone piece of software, Construct 3 only runs in the Chrome browser. All you need to do to participate in the open
beta, is go to will be the new website for
the software, and it’s where you’ll be able to purchase a license, and get any new
information about the engine. To get Construct 3 to work properly, you must
be using the Chrome browser, and it must be updated to the latest available version. It’s also important to remember, that this
is a public beta, meaning that there are bugs and limitations, as well as features that
may be outright changed by the time the final release comes out. This is the new Construct 3 interface, with
the Start Page opened. From here, we can start a new project, or
open an old project saved in the cloud, the browser, or from a file on your computer. On the left, we have links to demos, templates
and examples, although most, if not all of these were available in Construct 2. All Construct 2 projects will be compatible
with Construct 3, and you can open them up and begin editing them in Construct 3, right
away. I’ll go ahead and open up this first project,
Kiwi Story. The first thing you’ll notice is this big
warning, This project exceeds the free edition limits, Some features will be unavailable. With Construct 2, the free edition let you
use up to 100 events. However, with Construct 3, that has been scaled
way back to only 40 events. So, you’re going to really need to use these
events wisely, or else you’re going to hit that limit pretty quick. Since Construct 3 only runs in the Chrome
browser, it can be used across a wide variety of platforms, such as PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks
or even on an Android mobile device. So, if you wanted to, you could program your
next game on your smartphone. Why you would want to, who knows? Construct 3 also saves it’s projects to
the cloud, so you can load up your work where ever you are. You could work on a project at home on your
PC, and later, while you’re away from home, you could grab your phone or tablet, and load
the project from the cloud, get some work done, and save your results back to the cloud. This let’s you easily load projects between
devices, and allows for much easier collaboration between a team of developers. The best new feature of Construct 3, would
have to be the Mobile App Build Service. With the Mobile App Build Service you’ll
be able to export your project to the build service, and have an iOS or android app built for
you. With Construct 2, this was much more difficult
to do, and relied on 3rd party services, that didn’t always work how you expected them
to. I do have a tip for you guys, if you’re just
getting started, and the Construct 3 interface isn’t showing the properties panels, and
the toolbars, just go to Menu, and then Settings. From here, change the UI mode from Automatic,
or Mobile, to Desktop, and click reset layout. When you try to close the settings window,
it will tell you to restart Construct 3 for the changes to take effect. When I do, the properties, project and layers
windows are all restored. This may be a bug that’s fixed in future
versions, but I had to switch to Desktop to get it working correctly, so it may be useful
to you guys right now. Let me know what you guys think of this new
version of Construct. If you see any features that you find particularly
useful, or if you notice anything about it you don’t like, leave a comment and let
me know. Thanks for watching.

3 thoughts on “Construct 3 Public Beta – A First Look

  1. ok help me understand… so games now are going the browser route because…
    it can reach tons of more people than pc alone and or consoles + it can be played in cell phones, correct?
    and because of that they chose html5 as standard… start your corrections… if need be

  2. Construct has always been about the friendly helpful community It has to be as it is targeted at beginners . But Scirra went open beta on construct 3 far too early. With the amount and types of bugs and crashes, stuff that should have been ironed out at alpha in house or at least closed beta, they are loosing the good will of that community. The forums have become a strange dark place with a massive influx of uneducated idiots with no forum etiquette (maybe due to the easy access web based nature of the new tool) and the veterans have mostly become salty or have left. The web app idea is a very interesting prospect but right now in its current form construct 3 is unviable for any serious development and is definitely not justifying a subscription model or even the "3" version suffix. It should have been introduced as Construct "web" or something , it is using the same construct 2 runtime and pretty much has the same feature set as 2. I have moved on from construct for these reasons but i still wish scirra the best and will be checking back to see if they have the ability to salvage something from the current mess.

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