Construct 3 First Game – Tutorial 2 – Setting up a New Project

The first thing we need to do, is get a new
project set up. This isn’t too complicated, but there are
a few settings I’d like to go through before we get any further, so you understand
what they are as you’re creating new projects. When you first go to,
this is the page you’ll be taken to. This is the startup screen, where you can
create a new project, load a previous project, or load one of the example projects. For now, let’s just take a look at how to
get a new project setup. First, go ahead and click the New Project
button, at the top of the screen. That will bring up this window, where
we can enter some basic details about the project, like the name of our project, which
I’ll set to First Project. Also, I should note, that all of these values,
including the name we just entered, are optional. If you want to start a project quickly, just
hit New Project, and click Create, and you’ll create a new project with the default settings. You can also create a new project even faster
by pressing the Alt N shortcut, at the startup layout. That will create a new project with the default
settings, skipping past this window entirely. But, I’d like to go through these,
so we have a good understanding of each of them. Next, we have Choose Preset, where you can
select an option, which will automatically populate the fields below it. If we select SD Landscape 4:3, the viewport
size is set to 640 by 480, which is a 4 to 3 ratio, and
it is set to the Landscape orientation. So, the presets just allow you to quickly
populate these fields to common settings. The viewport is the actual window the game
is played in. It’s the viewable portion of the layout, everything
the player will see. So, these dimensions determine what size the
viewport will be. Instead of using the presets, we can set the
values under viewport ourselves, lets say to 900 by 600. The cool thing is, you can see what your ratio
is right here. Now I know, 900 by 600 is a 3 to 2 ratio. This is really useful when you are trying
to develop for a certain ratio. Then, we can set the orientation of our project. We’ve got three options, Any, Portrait and
Landscape. When set to either portrait or landscape,
Construct will attempt to lock the orientation on a mobile device. So, if a player rotates their device, the
game will remain oriented in the direction you choose. If you set this to Any, when the user rotates
their device, the game will switch between portrait and landscape, depending on which
way the device is rotated. Last, we have a checkbox, Optimize for Pixel
Art. Checking this box will apply several settings
that are more suitable for a retro project, usually using smaller layouts, with simple
pixel art. This will turn on pixel rounding, which will
enable pixel art to look crisp and clean while being moved around the layout. It will set Full screen mode to Letterbox
Integer Scale, which also helps keep everything looking clean and crisp whenever the viewport
is scaled to larger sizes. It also sets sampling to point, as opposed
to linear. Linear is more suited for modern, complex
graphics, while point is better used for simpler, blocky pixel art. These settings will optimize your project
for a more retro, pixel art style. That covers everything, so at this point,
I’ll hit Create, and Construct will set our project up for us, and send us to the layout
editor. From this point, we can start to take a look
at the basics of working in Construct, and how to get started, which we’ll do in the
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