Construct 2 Simple platformer (part1)

everybody in this 54 NuStar and we're going to do our introduction into simple simple construct to platformer game now if you see my first video you know the basic setup and now we're going to do an actual simple construct to platform this will be for the PC and then after a finished PC version I'll set up a a 1 video on how to convert it from PC to a android control setup because in this game engine it's very very easy to then import the controls for Android and then just play it so I'm going to show you basically what we're going to do and where to start from scratch okay so I have three layouts I have the menu I have the layer net layer button menu so that mini selection it would be the level selection we're going to have layer level 1 2 3 4 and continue on probably just you know 812 levels and then you know you go as soon as you finish one level you can unlock the next level um if you have not unlocked you know but like okay level one will always be unlocked but if you don't finish level one you cannot unlock level two that sort of thing and then level one will be a very very simple more of an introduction into the game of you know how much health you have how many you know dog bones you have collected and then and then enemies killed all I need to put in there and then basically I don't know if you can see this but it's basically I'm at largest so hopefully you can see it it's basically a very large dog bone that you need to collect basically we're collecting huge gigantic dog bones and I'll put a link to these sprites and game objects and the link below so that you guys can use them I got them at open game art calm and if you go there I'm sure you'll see these if you look under their 2d tab but enough of that for now and I'm going to pop this down and I'm going to pop open a new construct too so we can continually go back for this too so I can reference it for you guys so I'll see you in one second guys okay guys and we're back and this is an empty construct to seen I'm now going to say new new new empty project with no new is basically it's blank so we're going to go back to the menu on this one and I'm going to say okay my layout is this basically 720 by 480 so I'm going to copy that and then I'm going to go into the other one click on this little sky blue go there and then there we go now I chose that did the fact that you know I once this is the min you cannot scroll run or anything like that you're just going to see this but what I also did was I go to project properties and I hit view I also place it there the reason why is hopefully you can see this island zoom in actually is that there's this little dotted line and it's basically your view what you can see at the time now normally it says okay the characters there you can start scrolling around we want to enlarge what you can see so we're going to go to view windows size boom and suddenly the dotted line disappears and we could see everything now I'm going to start importing objects insert new object we're going to insert a background of the doggy graphics and actually that's part of a different project so I'm actually going to have to add image and save that image to dougie graphics and I'm just going to say that sky I'll put a link to where I got the sky down below and why's that and let's see platform tutorial perfect sky there we go so this is our sky and as a tileable background image we can just you know size of any size but I'm going to you know size it to which just outside our view range and I'm going to go back here so doggie days we need to add so we're going to insert a new object and shirts right put a sprite there I'm going to do something real quick I'm gonna go to properties on these things change that paint preview there we go view medium icons yes and now you guys can see them what I'm doing okay so I don't have to logo here so I'm going to export that to edit animations save reasons I'm doing this because I'm not recording on the usual computer that I am build my games on rooms being used by somebody else so I have to use somebody else's computer so we get doggie days right there and then I need to export this button and this button has three animations actually just to add three redid one one's a button release a button push and a default so basically default when you enter the game you push the button and when you release the button so I'm going to export those so I'm going to have default I'm going to yea say that one second guys I'm a little under the weather so my brain is kind of hard so okay so it's basically button D fault say this PNG button push save that button push save that and a button release and you always want to label stuff always so insert a new object we insert a sprite and then we're going to open that and I'm going to do button default and then we're going to add some animations rename button push add animation button release so okay for the button push we're going to put in the one where it looks like it's being squashed in the button release it's as basically button default but I actually have a button push okay now we're good there we're going to zoom in control mouse wheel and so we're going to tell this thing and the in vinci tis basically all the where all the code goes so we're going to actually do some coding now go to layout click write insert new object and we actually wanted you touch that touch control let's say if you're actually doing mobile devices but you want a mouse insert new object and keyboard so right click and import mouse control and keyboard so it's basically mouse mouse object click we're going to click on one sprite two and then we actually we need to rename this we always name everything I find it very good especially when you have it you know sprite one two three four and you're like oh my goodness so name button and then we're going to rename this one logo rename this one I'm going to keep it tiled background but I'm also going to do an underscore sky blue so actually know what this is and then we're going to go to pop this up so we actually know the names go to evince sheet pull this other way so you can see so okay it default is always going to be a button push right you know default is not button push but button up and so on left click button we want the set animation to be we always want parenthesis and then type in between them button push and play from beginning done and then basically we're going to copy this but we're going to change some stuff VH will copy and we have to just put an edge and again so button unbuttoned released we want the button to set animation to button release so basically a lot of fun another reason why I have this up is I would actually before I did this I would actually just copy paste button release done and what X off this so when we click on it it's going to its default gonna look like basically button release you know it buttons up when we click on it it's going to be button push when a but press down and then when we release it it's going to go back to button release so actually let's the layout so there we go we are pushing it it's working now and so we're going to excel fat and now our next thing it to do is and do another we're going to just do a text now basically push ply or something like that the wrong item play and then we want the font to be different so I'm going to size up to 22 now I'm going to go look for my fonts see Agent Orange done showing okay listen I have to go bag too sighs you up usually if it disappears like that it just means it's gotten a little bit too big and there's our play button and so if we go home and we hit layout run layout and we just you know we can still click it but that's how I want the font to be a little bit higher up as it looks like it was off the button there we go now we're good now hmm we want to add another layout so you go over here and you see the word layout with a little folder next to it click right add layout and it's in a pop up a little note box saying do you want to add an event sheet you always want to add an event sheet so each layout will have its own event sheet okay now we're going to pop up the other game and we're going to go the layout – and we're going to copy the layout size and then we're going to go back to this one and if I'm right yes it's just a basic same layout and edit emissions and then we're going to save this thing so it's just black they did back ground and then blue button blue button alright yeah in part two well I'm going to show you more of the button so when you actually finish it you know it'll say checkmark and all that stuff okay so let's insert an object because my black background set large enough I'm going to do it as a sprite and then just stretch it and then set it to the background okay see orders into the back insert an object and we at this point we're just going to just basically deal with it as a button so that's not why that's I'm notnot too worried and the size of the button is 100 by 100 so we want a 100 comma 100 there's the button so we go to layout 1 we click this and then we go to the layout 2 now we're going to go back to layout 1 go to even cheat and it's basically when mouse an object clicked and we could actually do it up here um but I you know I'm actually going to show you both ways just make sure you understand on object click and we're going to click the button done go to little gear and go to layout and we want to go to layout – is it done so you could also do that here where it says add action it says we already have some life hat so we're going to go with this and just go to layout – so and I actually prefer that even though sometimes it does get kind of messy is it means always up to you it's always to include another option as long as it's not going to mess up some other code so but here it's kind of joint object joint objective on object left clicked put push button and actually we you move it here because we want to see the animation of the button being clicked so on object left clicked set animation of the button to push on release though we're going to go to layout two but we're also going to go to see the animation of the button release so we're going to go lay out one and we're going to play the game we're going to push it but we could see the animation see boom so I kind of prefer that so we're done with you know layout one in the event sheet one now we're going to be working on layout two and Eve event sheet 2 basically all we're doing here is very simple for right now and this part one tutorial is if mouse object click sprite to done and actually we're going to set this as rename as level one button because it's not actually level one it's telling us to go to level one we're going to actually just include another add layout yes add even sheet and this is actually our first layer our first level so when we on left click on left button clicked on level one button we're going to go to system go to layout go to layout three so as soon as we click this we're going to be done so let's try out the whole thing and dog-days push play push button on that and suddenly we're on level three no a little three layer three and just you know some things that you can add like here I put some decoration in and actually I'm going to copy this copy and then I'm just going to paste it here so you know it actually looks kind of pretty not pretty much it looks real like you actually put some effort into it which people want to see when I play your game especially if it's simple on this day okay if it's simple it must you know that person must have put a lot of work into it to make sure it does play good so hit play and there's level one and we can put like a little level one font up or you know because we're going to have like you know three buttons across and I'm thinking three zero three down or just two down so like eight levels you know people are going to say okay that's in all level one two and three or you could have numbers on it like for example we can X off that we acts off that like right here what we can do is click right into a new object a text put place it right over there and just put a page in orange 22 regular done and then we're going to just put one but since that's kind of small I'm actually going to increase this to maybe the 40s or try 70 okay so it's just a wee bit too big so I'm going to pop this to 64 and there we go that's our size it's a wee bit big but at will actually fit for what I'm doing so people know that's level one so we go to layer one we hit play dog-days play play the fonts a little coffee eh sometimes you gotta fix that so we know it's level one push play level one boom and on level one we're actually going to put some instructions so people know you know basically what we're going to be doing but that's it for this tutorial on you know this part of the tutorial on how to do a platformer I'm Clark – we're actually build the level make things a little bit nicer and then we're going to actually put in some character movement so when the character moves no he actually moves around and it's a platformer run and that there's enemies and then there are some you know objects that he collects so hopefully you enjoyed eight the like button and stay tuned for part two see you later guys

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  7. Really helpful man, good stuff. Subbed and liked, will be watching plenty more of your stuff (working on my own platformer right now, I love making the art and level design but I struggle a bit with the implementation of the design, though luckily I only want a relatively simple metroidvania system).

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