Construct 2 – Beginner Sprite Sheet Importing Tutorial (Tips and Other Things)

hello construct two fans and welcome back to another video of mine now what we're going to be doing today is importing individual frames from one large sprite sheet so instead of importing an individual frame image what we're going to do is we're going to take a giant sprite sheet and then just try to pick out one or two of these individual frames and then just go over the basics so we make sure that we check all of the different attributes that are set to these object types for instance if you're importing it as a sprite so what we're going to do is we are going to insert a new object and then we are going to insert a sprite wherever is fine and then I'm going to use our little iron bangs right now what we're going to do here is we're going to select the area for this guy right here we're going to do a 56 by 48 and then we're going to crop it and then what we always need to do you need to set both the origin and bounding both the origin and Collision polygons now the reason for this this really whacked up thing that makes no sense is because once you crop an image it doesn't reset it doesn't recalculate an estimated collision polygon it'll actually just resize it and we don't want that what you actually want to do is set the bounding box that way you have these nice four corners to start out with and you can tweak it from there or you can have it guess the polygon shape again if you want and either is really either really is fine now as you can see oh sorry I'm actually moved the origin but when you import it as a sprite sheet and then you trim it down one individual frame it'll actually keep the origins the origin was somewhere down here now what we want to do is we actually cook a sine is very handy for this so you don't have to do the math yourself and if you want what's we say set it to the middle the very middle of the sprite and so that is the two checks for these these are actually kind of a common mistake it even happened the last update for the template for the flappy bird that was released by zero and so now we're going to do is we're going to import another frame we're going to again open here now let's select ok we get our 50 okay once we got this and then we're going to need to now actually you can see that the origin you know is nowhere near um collision polygon Alize okay now what we're going to do we're going to come back here now this is a very handy quick tool so instead of going quick aside we're actually can go to apply to all animations so let's say I had an up down left and right animation instead of default what this quick assignment for animations would do is actually would assign the origin to whichever for instance middle it would assign the origin to all animations in this particular sprite object to the middle or you can just apply to all the animations which would be all of these animation frames that you would see down here including this one just for now so what we're going to do is we're going to apply to it to whole animation okay now this is correct that is the correct dimensions all right so I'm going to go back here now we want to take this and we're going to right click on here and we're going to apply again to whole animation which would apply it to this one as well and that is a very basic tutorial on importing these now we can test it out as well in case you want to see make sure that this works correctly and since it's placed here we should not see it move because or we shouldn't see the animations buckle around and stuff because they had a uniform origin and then for the collision polygon this actually this blue outline is a good example of the actual collision polygon that is active in your game and so thank you again for watching my video please be sure to suggest other videos I can do other tips and things like that

9 thoughts on “Construct 2 – Beginner Sprite Sheet Importing Tutorial (Tips and Other Things)

  1. Can you create economy systems for your games with construct? Any kind of currency? And can you create building systems like Minecraft?

  2. There is an easier way to import sprite strip sprites right? I think there's a built-in way to do this

  3. The "buckle around" jitter of unaligned sprites is called "boil" in traditional hand animation. 🙂 

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