Construct 2 3D (part 1)

hey buddy a child playing Ted kids hey we're gonna be doing something quite unique with a little plugin called Q 3d now this is a 3d plugin for construct 2 and it will cost you $30 I'm just gonna put that up front that this plug in one of the viewing sand sharks 2 is gonna cost you some money and this one costs about 30 bucks the link is down below if you want to look at it there aren't a lot of videos on it or tutorials and while I'm still wrapping my head around it I was gonna I was going to give you guys these you may know cuz there is apparently one out there and I'll link that down below so you guys can download it because it's pretty hard to find and I'm gonna do some short tutorials on this plug-in and try to create a game using this plug-in because a lot of people want tkachuk – – to do 3d because gives them a lot of you know behaviors and noncoding and everything so that's what we're gonna do I'm not gonna promise that it's gonna be super awesome but I'm gonna try to do my best to create the best tutorials that I can if you have any questions or requests post them down below and I'll see what I can do I'll play around with it and try to put out some tutorials for this little plugin alright so what I have right here is this is the model or the icon that represents the 3d model this is a light this is what we call the we're the Q 3d master that basically allows us to render everything 3d this is a what we call a 3d q 3d sprite so think basically think regular sprite but can be rendered in a 3d scene so I'm gonna run this layout put the full screen and that's a dropship now we can't add it if it has if you Slayer but we can also add a specular normal map and all that type of stuff and then it's also dynamic no I'm still learning about this so I would actually like for the light to be at least like one cube or two cubes if we're talking like basically these three bar things there's one of the grid cubes I like this to be two or three cubes up so I'm still playing around with it but it's actually pretty cool especially if you're gonna do a top-down shooter and this makes it really easy especially if you're gonna make something for a mobile or web type game okay so what we're gonna do is I'm going to pull up a blank construct to cheat or whatever and then we're going to make the actual game but I actually want to go over everything in this one first so I just used a standard okay so we're gonna go file new new empty project click that boom also when you buy the I really wish there was a demo that at least let you import a 3d model or do something so you could you know try it out but after you buy it and there's gonna be two folders one's gonna be behaviors one's gonna be plugins you're gonna go into your construct to basically programs files and then you're gonna look up there's gonna be behavior file and a plug-in file for construct two you're gonna drop the new behaviors and plugins to an able 3d and I'll actually put up a separate video for that so you guys can see it today we're just going to be doing the tutorial and I'll allow you to have all the stuff in it automatically updates so you want to exit off any construct two and then reopen up and it's gonna pull it all up but basically what I have in this file or the new behaviors or cue 3d stuff is basically boning that's for a skeletal animation all 3d light the render or a crate in control 3d graphics do not create more than one aq 3d model a point that can represent something basically you know you can make a collide with the point and something can happen array casting this contest for collisions with geometry or whatever I haven't actually used this as of yet and then we have the QT 3d sprite and then the viewport for a split screen and easy control of viewport or 3d rendering and again I have a mess around with that one as of yet so basically the code in this is very very simple it's on start of layout the Q 3d model sit diffuse texture to actually we don't need that one sorry guys so basically one line of code on my on model created can set default map texture to one and play from beginning let me play it boom so basically what I did was key 3d a model created model I actually typed in texture so set set texture animation to one you want to say diffuse map done and what this does so if we go over here we click on the actual model is that is that we have told it okay we want to load up Freddie man animation one but remember we have always remember this guys when you're naming your animations it's going to be called diffuse map because it's going to pull okay so the animations diffuse map and then in the few snap we're going to go for frame one so that's gonna set the texture it's the way they do it it's it does the job so we're just going to do it that way so it says okay set the fuse map that's the animation and then in the animation it's going to be frame 1 so that's basically how it's done so when we run the layout it pulls up the texture and then I can click and move this light because on the light if I click on it I enabled drag-and-drop so I can have a dynamic light set up so there we go okay so now what we're going to do is we're going to do this in another one so I can just import it not import everything but I want to show you guys how it's done so we're going to insert a new object we're gonna insert a floor so it's going to be a q3 the sprite boom and I'm going to stretch this over the floor okay now I'm going to import a texture so I'm going to open and this part may be grayed out and let's see let's choose a basic tile so that will do exit and though there we go so we want to do is to size that down now what we're going to do is we're going to insert a new object it's going to be a q3 be master and this will be it actually won't render this is just going to render the scene insert new object cue 3d model and this only imports JavaScript models and obj models so what we're going to do is go to file actually not that we actually have to go to files so on projects on the bottom it's gonna say import file and this will allow us to import stuff now this may be grayed out but let's – dot o bj and it's going to pull up some stuff I have a doom marine that I pulled out of I think Doom 3 so I'm going to use that and then what I'm going to also do is import just know that obj and this is going to be a dropship okay so how do we actually get this to work how do I get my 3d model on tier because if I run it now that's one thing we actually need to set this to be view through the windows so in wjs we're gonna run this make it big screen all you can see is wireframe so what you actually want to do is click on this and in the or is it general properties there we go bounding box and Claire box this is just for us viewing it now but you want to actually set those off and then you want to set this to be textured and then use model you want to set the Phoebe yes and then on model file name this is where we choose what we're gonna be what this item is so it's gonna be my obj and then I'm going to just change it to be dropship paste that dot obj so when we run it it's going to load up our 3d model now what I'm going to do is now texture it and then we'll work on it so it actually looked correct and everything so at this point it's cue 3d model on created 3d 3d model it's a texture and I think it's going to be one on just one second okay we have to just change that from default to rename that to second we have to click the model again and I think it was just a few SMAP rename this to fuse Matt hold on one second guys yeah I mean in that they said diffuse map okay and this diffuse map or remember the icon the reason why it was not showing an icon in the event she is that we actually have nothing so animation zero is nothing so it's going to show nothing so right now we're going to actually look up a texture we can apply to this so once we have a diffuse map okay so it set it that icon to the texture and the few SMAP back and set it to frame essentially it'd be frame zero not one done run it you can see it is now textured it's just facing beard down but now what we have to do is rotate it model rotation XY z– and this is kind of the way apart you just have to play around with the rotation we also have to add a light so we're going to insert a new object it has to be a q 3d light run it and it's not drag and drop a ball this point you're just going to basically been playing around with it until you get it correct which is kind of annoying but I'm going to cheat and show you guys the right coordinate system so I'll rotated mine on the x-coordinate on 270 you may not have to but it seems I have to so we've run the layout there we go now they get this to be drag and drop opal go to the behaviors add jack and drop X run a layout we now have a dynamic object she's actually kind of cool alright guys hopefully that explains some stuff I know probably wasn't the best tutorial out there I'm going to see how you guys like this I'm gonna edit it I may end up redoing it first time I really like this plugin I'm going to be doing some more where I actually import you know objects so we can do a top-down you know shooter and then export it to like Windows Android all type of stuff and to new grounds and show you guys how to do a little simple video game some animated objects you take a 3v door you haven't move in everything again new to this decide to do a whole bunch of tutorials for this hopefully you guys will like it sorry if the quality is not awesome and I will see you guys in the next video

12 thoughts on “Construct 2 3D (part 1)

  1. I can't get it to work properly! ;(… The model loads good (albeit a few parts missing), but the textures don't work at all! Why is that?

  2. Before I spend some cash on this, Can I ask if I can A: make 3d skyboxes that would appear behind a 2D game? B: does it export Ok to Nw.js? C: wha kind of framerate do you get at low resolutions? Thanks!

  3. I tested this q3d out for many months and finally made a rts/arcade asdf and touch tank demo level, it had blender json 3d models with textures, 3d physics and 3d collisions objects and 3d sprites and particles explosions and damage, with floating and zooming camera views. It was very cool game demo project. but I found out it would not export a working copy to any mobile android app platforms tablets or phones that I tested for many months I tried. So I debugged the q3d plugin code and found there were too many in-compatible 3d related bugs in the q3d plugin in the three.js and json code and other 3d texture functions code, that was failing to display all 3d obj's or json, 3d models and textures on any android I tested., everything 2d worked. And sadly the author was not interested in fixing three.js code the issues or had no plans too. As he told me he had no time and would be to hard and too long of time frame, it was not really for making a full 3d game and only for adding 3d models to 2d games. So FYI: this wont work on Android ,not sure about IOS as I never tested it. It would be nice if he fixed the android issue for 2d games, since he is still selling it but I don't expect any more development on this Q3D constructor plugin in the future. I could be wrong , I have never seen any youtube videos of any constructor with q3d/2d game running on a native Android with textured 3d json's or any html5 to android app exports from Intel and other ones. only a local html5 on host browser tests.

  4. Awesome !! Upload More okay ?? XD
    It was suffering finding a 3D gane engine that looks like Cr, but you got that alternative XD
    Thank's ~

  5. please continue the tutorials. we have a great plugin and even the creator dont bother to upload tuts..great job btw.

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