Cognism | Sales Confidence Case Study [B2B lead generation in events]

I'm the founder of sales confidence sales confidence is the largest network of sales leaders founders and individual contributors in the UK and we successfully deliver events to bring together this network on a regular basis some of the challenges of being a solo entrepreneur is that I'm limited by time and resources I've got a huge network I've got a lot of followers and a lot of contacts yeah I was still limited by my reach and I was limited by the quality of data that I was getting from LinkedIn cognizant enabled me to actually access data and contact information that wasn't possible the specific platform or aspects of cognizant is the prospector told and that is where I can identify key contacts and set up a regular Cadence's to drive my communication and at the time that I enabled the platform the turnaround and the level of confidence cognizant gave me was significant in driving more people to those events they allowed me to grow the annual audience by 30 percent due to the continual engagement and outreach that I do with the solution one of the things I love about cognizant is the people and the culture and the experience they give me when I engage with them so they introduced me to one of their customer success managers it was fantastic at educating me on how to use the solution and I was completely wowed now looking to international markets where I want to organize more events I don't have to think about building a database I've already got a high quality database of individuals that I can communicate my story my message to and that's what cognizant allows me to do is allowing me to scale my business internationally this is a great journey that I'm on and I'm proud to be a partner of cognizant you

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