Closing on a House | 5 Things to Do BEFORE Settlement for an EASY Real Estate Closing Process

How’s it going everyone? Matt Leighton and welcome back to another
real estate video. Today is all about title, title companies,
Universal Title is going to help us out. I’m with an expert here. Sarah. Sarah, how’s it going? Good, how are you? I am doing excellent. We got a killer view in the background. Hopefully it’s not so good where you can’t
see us. I’ve completely adjusted the brightness on
the camera, which I will adjust after the fact to make us look good. She doesn’t need to look good, I need to look
a lot better. Either way, we’re going to be talking about
the top 5 best things you can do to have the smoothest closing ever. Because in real estate you jump through so
many hoops. You have to work with me, then you have to
work with a mortgage officer, then you have to work with a title company, home inspectors,
termite, all of the above, and the last thing you want to have happen is to get to the title
company and for something to not go the way it should. So that’s why we’re here and Sarah why don’t
we start off with top 5 things we can do to have a smooth close. My number one goal for closing is to have
everything go smoothly. I want a smooth transaction. I don’t want anyone to be surprised when they
come to the table. Number one I want everyone to know the numbers. Get the numbers beforehand. Read them. Know how much money you are bringing to the
table and certainly know your bank account information so we can wire that bank account
information to you. And that’s a good one. Let’s talk about that one for a second. Everything is so regulated these days that
you’re going to get the final numbers maybe a week in advance or maybe a couple days. Maybe 3 or 4 days in advance, so you have
the opportunity to review it then. Realistically, you shouldn’t even be asking
questions at the closing table. I know that sounds ridiculous but you have
a week before to ask what the Congestion Relief goes to and ask what the taxes are. You’re provided with every opportunity to
review the documents and you should take advantage of that time window. Another thing; be available. Don’t go on vacation the day after closing. Or when the other side is supposed to close. Nothing is perfect. If we need another signature from you or if
we have a question and for some reason, we can’t seem to figure out the wire instructions,
we need you to be available to answer those questions for us. Yeah I think this one is a bigger one than
it may seem because everyone loves to travel and everyone is planning out their vacations. I don’t have any vacations because I am a
loser, I mean, I like to work in the summer. But I think I’ve worked with clients who have
taken trips to Japan to close, Hawaii, and one was even in the Marine Corps and didn’t
text me back. Which I’m used to in my personal life, but
in real estate, you gotta text me back. If you will be going out of town, let your
real estate agent know and everyone is on the same page. Don’t get too excited that money wait until
you have it. Know your lender documents. Review them with your lender beforehand. When someone comes to the closing table and
they’ve seen the loan documents and they know what they are and they are expecting them,
it just goes for so much of a smoother transition. Truth of the matter is, we receive the lender
documents at the title company relatively beforehand, we’ve reviewed them but if you
already know what they are and already talked to your lender and asked questions to that
lender, that’s going to make it all the better. Also, as a title company, we send you a welcome
document at the beginning of the closing, after the contract has been ratified. It asks a number of questions. So many times people don’t read that letter
or respond, or ask questions before closing. They come to the closing table and they want
to know what title insurance is. Well you’ve already actually selected your
title insurance policy by then and it’s included in the closing disclosure. If you read that document and you respond
and ask questions beforehand then it’s just going to be very fluid. You’ll definitely want to know about title
insurance, you’ll want to ask questions beforehand. Also, you’ll want to know how you are taking
tenancy. If it’s tenants in common, tenants by entirety. If you don’t know what that is, you should
be calling your title company and asking them those questions. Yeah and I think there’s a lot of additional
stress that is pushed on to first-time home buyers especially and other buyers because
a friend said that buying a house was stressful. And that closing there’s all these speed bumps
that come up. But I think that in a sense you need to be
a little more trusting. And if you just follow the directions. And I’m not a big Philadelphia 76ers fan,
but if you just Trust the Process, Joel Embiid. A little Joel Embiid reference, but if you
just trust the process that if you follow directions, if you reply to Sarah’s email,
and you remember everything, then things are actually going to be surprisingly smooth. Why don’t you tell the people how they can
connect with Universal Title, where you’re located, and how they can get in touch with
you. We have many offices. Our office is in Arlington. We are just out of the Courthouse area and
we have a lovely view on Wilson Blvd on the 5th floor. It is walking distance to the ABC liquor store
so if you would like to celebrate after the fact Sarah and I probably couldn’t drink with
you. And my office is strategically placed where
it is next to the ABC store. Right in the heart of Courthouse so be sure
to check out Universal Title when you get the chance. I’ll list and link Sarah’s information in
the description below so if you have any questions you can follow up with her. That’s all we got. Thank you very much for watching. Until next time create a productive day. Take care.

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  4. I have cognitive dissonance whenever I listen to Matt Leighton's videos. The content is good, but his behavior/mannerism reminds me of a weasel / used car salesman that's trying to oversell you or hide something. Can't trust him.

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