Clever ecommerce, Shopping, Search, Display, Remarketing & Google Ads for Shopify

hey John have you started up your online store have you uploaded all your products have you taken your best photos do you have the best suppliers and how are your sales going did you know that with the free clever ecommerce app you could have launched all your products on Google with only five clicks from the Union of Google your e-commerce platform and the intelligence of a Google partner clever ecommerce is born forget trying to be an online marketing guru nor a mathematician forget the agency the creative and the financial guys clever ecommerce does it for you clever ecommerce analyzes your web categorizes your products interprets your keywords and creates your advertising spots so that you can have a rentable and powerful online campaign you will obtain an optimized and prepared campaign to attract clients to your web through any support Google search Google Display and Google Shopping to set it up it's the best of all five easy steps and you will be offering your products to potential clients clever ecommerce generates optimized banners for all supports step 1 link your store to your AdWords account step 2 choose your products object of the different categories step 3 train our algorithm of machine learning so that it finds the best keywords of your business step 4 it's time for us to inspire tell us what's the best of your business what makes it unique step 5 configure it to your budget install clever ecommerce for free and you will feel the difference clever ecommerce the difference

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