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Danny the Digger and his family are working
very hard on the building site today. It rained last night, and now the building
site is covered in thick brown mud. Danny and his family look very tired and very
muddy after all their hard work. I think it’s time to get cleaned up! Danny! Caroline! Ryan! Celia! It’s time to bring everyone over to Gecko’s
Garage so that you can all get cleaned up in our Truck and Car Wash! How many yucky, mucky, trucks and other vehicles
need cleaning up today? Can you help me count them? 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10 Ten muddy construction vehicles needing a
wash! Let’s start cleaning you all up – one at
a time, into the car wash, smallest construction vehicle first! Our first vehicle’s the smallest
But she more than pulls her weight It’s Florence the Fabulous Forklift
She helps lift pallets and crates. The second through, is little too,
But his talent never ends. Tiny Sid, the Skid Loader
Loves helping all his friends. Three is waving her scooping arm,
You really can’t have missed-her. It’s Mia, the Mini Digger,
(She’s Danny’s little sister) Vehicle four won’t let you down,
Even when things get bumpy. It’s Rick, the Reliable Road Roller,
He stops roads being lumpy. I think we all know number five
Even if he’s covered in gloop! That’s right, it’s Danny the Digger
With his brand new extra scoop! Number six, is in a fix,
All muddy and tired and glum, It’s Celia, the Cement Mixer
With her churning, spinning drum. Number seven really makes a mess,
When he carries things around. Yes, it’s Dylan the Dump Truck,
Always tips stuff on the ground! And number eight loves breaking things,
Always has a smashing time. It’s Ryan the Wrecking Ball Crane,
So there’s just two more left to rhyme… Our ninth friend is…Uh Oh! Oh dear, this is a problem,
the two largest vehicles won’t fit in our Truck Wash, they’re far too big! We’re going to have to wash them another
way! This looks like a job for the mechanicals! Go! Go! Mechanicals! Our ninth friend’s too big for the Truck
Wash, She’s so giant, there just wasn’t room. It’s Caroline, the Mobile Crane! With her telescopic boom. We’ve already cleaned up one Dump Truck,
But now there is one other. George the Giiiiiiiiiiant Dump Truck
(He’s Dylan’s Big, Big, Brother!) Fantastic, everyone looks shiny and clean! Now you are all washed and clean you can get
a good night’s sleep, before getting muddy all over again tomorrow!

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