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  1. Why did he keep saying "perfect" a dozen times, rather than "innocent" or "ordinary" or "perfectly legal"? From the details of the whistleblower's report and the reaction of Pompeo and other Trump aides, his staff had carefully prepared a script for the call. It was supposed to, on one hand, make it clear to Z that the quid pro quo came from Trump and was serious: that Ukraine had to announce the start an investigation on Hunter and Joe Biden (specifically and explicitly), before the aid would be released.
    On the other hand, the call was supposed to sound pretty innocent to anyone who got to see its transcript.
    That woudl explain why there were so many people listening in, including some people who should not have been. It was a key move in the conspiracy…
    But the staff got mad, because Trump did not follow the script, and made the quid-pro-quo undeniable.
    So trump's claim that the call was "perfect" are not directed to the press, but to his staff. He was saying that his delivery and deviations from the script were "perfect" — in his mind, for his goals. "I did not followyour script, but it worked better that way."

  2. Mr. Trump, you can suppress GOP but not the American people, We the people Of this great Nation Don't like to be bullied and lied to I hope you can understand what that means

  3. MSNBCannibals going to be lawyering up in the coming days .. Some are already arrested or about to be arrested

  4. CAN'T believe it took all this time 4 AMERICA 2 WAKE UP ABOUT THE TRUTH 2 THIS PARASITE.SURE his kids, LIKEWISE. trump and family = CORRUPT, LOWLIFE SCUM.

  5. How does a draft dodging real estate Hollywood reality TV show host becomes commander in chief of military and actually understands what that means ???

  6. They swore an Oath to uphold the constitution. Loyalty is to the constitution and the office of the President. Stop requesting and start arresting.

  7. Trump sends Ghouliani to Ukraine to investigate corruption. He is there making side deals on natural gas energy telling them he has inside track to the White House. 🤯 The man who rants ' Crime isn't Crime' ' The truth is not the Truth' 🤬

  8. Remember, US vs Nixon, the Supreme Court has decided that "executive privilege" is not stronger than Congress's Constitutional duty of oversight.

  9. Pelosi should have moved on impeachment months ago. The was more than enough material in the Mueller report. Trump's total damage could have been reduced.

  10. Russian Asset fake potus, trashes the Constitution daily TREASONOUS GOP paid from Putin via the NRA,
    RIP America 😰😰😰

  11. Well the Ukraine calls really knock me out, they leave the west behind
    But Moscow calls make me sing and shout
    And Putin's always on my mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mind…

  12. Corruption Junction, what's your function?
            Lying about words and phrases and clauses. (Trump's favorite song)

  13. Tulsi has earned my support and vote. She is far and away the very finest person to lead our devastated country. I just pray trump has not damaged our reputation too severely.

  14. All I can say is I'm glad better people than me are on the job holding truth to power and making sure we get to the bottom of what is what in a corrupt administration.

  15. I think we need to see what was said on the call between Trump and the Turkish President. The Kurdish issue might be far worse than anything else that Trump has done.

  16. Look out American citizens. Even your own President is acting against you and your country. He puts Russia and North Korea above the USA. 😂😂😂

  17. the bonehead can't even use right adjective to describe the call as being appropriate. Using the word "perfect" to describe a call is not only stupid but totally telling on how insecure he is as a person. For a person to describe anything they do as "perfect" is completely narcissistic. Mr Trump sits on MOUNT STUPID of the Dunning-Kruger effect (look it up).

  18. I don't understand why you guys are upset all 50 people are leaving. You guys trained, paid, fed housed isis during the Obama administration. You should be happy
    that you can rebuild your support team.

  19. Yes ! Why take Donald Trump's ( unreliable ) word for it, as having been a " Perfect Call ". That would have to have been made between Divine entites and there is none here on Earth presently in the physical, to make or take that call , esp. with the Ukaraine.. Sorry, despite D.Trump's claims of being the Second Coming of Christ he has to pay his dues, Uno, by being crucified until dead, as well as first being a living example of Godliness under Duress, while he is alive. Christ accomplished this all by the age of 33. Dump still hasn't begun, and he is almost 80.

  20. Meanwhile

    Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with D-Day’ as Turkey attacks. Trump fails to note that allies helped fight Isis for years.

    The most disgusting, disgraceful thing he has ever said. Because of Trump, the Kurds are getting killed as we speak. The Syrian Kurds, who have been the most effective US ally in the war against Isis in Syria, now see themselves as victims of international betrayal.

  21. Trump broke the law and he must be held accountable!! Political affiliation has very little bearing on this presidential scandal.

  22. Trump supporters: "Trump did nothing wrong! He is a flawless president incapable of corruption! LEFTIST PROPAGANDA!!!!! MAGA 2020!" There, I saved you the trouble of polluting the comments with your non-argument rants about how Trump is God and anything left is Satan.

  23. Call it what it is. They are gaslighting the nation to avoid going to jail. Every time trump claims someone else has done something wrong its always to distract from the fact he just did that thing.

  24. The kurds are rebels who
    Want a piece of land of
    Their own cut out of
    A few other countries…
    They have fought this
    Fight for as long as they
    Have been a people….
    It's not our fight.

  25. And look how long all the dummies (republicans) have been protecting him. Would be funny and important to see a sandlot and his family go to prison, they desperately need to.

  26. The tape is more important than any transcript. A lot of meaning is communicated through tone, inflection and cadence.

  27. All these evidences and yet Trump is still in power and not behind bar. What has happened to the USA to its democracy??????

  28. Vlad's birthday was the 7th October , but they are still partying in the Kremlin, and I can't blame them …pass the Vodka.

  29. So what did he remove from the transcript that made him think it wouldn't implicate his corruption. It's got to be worse.


  31. We have known he has been corrupt for decades. My curiousity is towards his supporters and their support of him, with obvious evidence of his devious behaviors. No moral compass? No spiritual discernment?

  32. Adolf Hitlers biggest support were the people who knew but didnt come forward. And that were thousands, the thousands. A bunch these people must be pressured by any means possible. Supporters of the pussygrabber must be thrown in jail to sent a message.

  33. He doesn't have to give them anything shifty lied when he read the transcript why would trump want to play along with these lie'rs.

  34. I’m crossing my fingers that congress gets enough without his people testifying to impeach. The new poll, is showing that happening.

  35. *BREAKING NEWS ******Former Vice President Joe Biden was personally paid $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Holdings, according to Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach****

  36. Everyone blame trump. But it's most all of both paetys. We don't have 2 partys. We only have a illsion of 2 partys. We have 1 party playing good cop bad cop

  37. I am so looking forward to a perfect impeachment, a perfect conviction, and a perfect removal from office.

    Then let the trials begin.

  38. More 24/7 hate Trump. So what are all of you idiots going to do when your corrupt leaders are indicted for crimes against our country? Somehow blame Trump? LOLOLOLOL. The law is coming for you and it's obvious why you are become more rabid by the day. Barr is going to eat your lunch, based on your choice to criminally act. But yes, you are innocent at the moment, but in a court of law, that won't last long.

  39. Hi Chris.👋☺.
    Exceptional reporting, Chris.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chris.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍☺.

  40. The people who put this man in power must NEVER be forgiven. Some of you have relatives who are Trump supporters as do I. I will tell you now I treat them with open contempt and at least 1 has the good sense to be ashamed, the rest do not speak to me any longer which is how I would have it anyway. I will not tell my children I didn't know what was going on as so many Germans did after WW2


  42. Contrary to all the babble presented here, I thought President Trump left everything to the judgement of those in the Ukraine etc. I saw no indication of prejudgement of President Trump unlike the left that has prejudged everything based upon wild assumptions.

  43. My theory is that there are really dark reasons why Trump, Guliani, Barr, Mnuchin, Pence and some Republicains are willing to go to such extents (lying in front of cameras and officials, risking jail, going against all logic or morality).. saving their jobs is not enough of a good reason. I think they all have dirt on each other that is beyond imagination, or they are all part of something that is much more condemning. Somebody, somewhere, has them by the balls. I'm thinking Epstein level stuff. Otherwise there's just no reason to get involved in such a mess or keeping a 89% support within Republicans for these actions. They are scared, and elections scams are the least of their problems.

  44. Real chance of Polosi being President till election. be nice to see trumps an pences cases fast tracted lmao omg i falling over lol

  45. After WWI, the Kurds were scattered and oppressed, without a homeland. So, when WWII came they were dealing with their own genocide. But they helped us in Iraq, when we needed it most.
    HOWEVER, you know who DIDN'T help the United States in WWII OR in Iraq? The Trump family
    …attribution: jim wright ~ stonekettle station

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