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– We built the dream and
then we sold the dream. We’re about to take you to
see everything you didn’t get to see in the other episodes
of Building The Dream. – This house, on this lot
in the historic Belle Meade. There was an old, English cottage house. The district there, the
property is way overgrown. We were able to work out a
deal and buy this property but we wanted to make sure
that whatever we put back here really is a compliment to
the community of Belle Meade and the elements you’ll see in this house from the half round
entrance to the roof pitch to how the front facade siding curves out over top of the windows and brick. So we basically took these elements of English arts and crafts. – Yeah. – Created this beautiful
home and then on the inside, made it more up to date,
modern, how we live today. When you’re on such a tight schedule, you know, trying to get this
house built within 6 months, it’s a little tired, it’s
a little more challenging. So it’s a lot of people
converging on structure in a shorter period of time,
so it’s like controlled chaos. – Towards the end it was challenging. You know, it was a lot
going on, a lot of long days but it’s part of the process and some of that’s excitement because you want it to come together, you want it to come together right. – What’s in this piece? Seven bathrooms, three laundry rooms, and all the nooks and crannies
that you can’t imagine. Let’s go in and check it out. When you first enter this home, one of the first things you notice are these amazing arches. – So I really felt it was so important with this dramatic architecture and this incredible staircase, to have wallpaper in here. The opportunity to add
pattern, to add color, to add texture. – The wallpaper that
ended up in the house, I was quite impressed in how
everything came together. – That’s the entry but wait
until we get to the living room. This is the living room, the true gathering space of the house. – And when you have a
home that has texture, people automatically relax a little more. – What’s great about this piece, is it’s the connecting
point of the whole house. Let’s keep going to the outdoor space, which is Barclay Butera’s. This is an extension of your home and a place that you can
entertain in all year round. Especially with this
amazing fireplace here and this fantastic LG television. – You know the outdoor space is something, no matter what budget that you’re at, you wanna make sure you’re
integrating that outdoor space with the interior so
it flows well together. – You know when I create an outdoor space, I’m all about comfort. I want you to enjoy the space,
I want it to be inviting. It’s all about color in
this situation and surprise. – After dinner is done, what
better way to have a digestif than to come sit here at the fire pit and just relax under the starlight. This is the ultimate part
of outdoor entertaining and outdoor living. From the outside, we’re gonna go back in
through the living room and the kitchen, which, as we all know, is the heart of the home. For anybody that loves
to entertain and cook, this is the 48 inch duel fuel pro range from Signature Kitchen Suite. – When people come in here, I want the first thing that they feel is that they can, they
relate to the space. They can immediately picture
themself cooking here. – So now we’re leaving the butler’s pantry and entering the mud room. Behind us is one of the entrances, so when you walk in,
everything happens here. One of the cool things is
that it has a washer and dryer right in the space. Which means everybody,
because it’s front loading, can get their laundry done. One of the awesome things in here, too, coming home from the gym, just throw your clothes in this wash and you’re good to go. Everything in here is
about the ultimate storage. – So what we tried to do in this house was to keep the area centrally located. You know, it’s kind of a mixed use. You have mud lockers, you
have sink area, a desk area, and a place to do laundry. So you’re kind of multitasking in a space as opposed to being closed off by itself. – Now we’re gonna exit and go back to the
other side of the house. Modern Remains created
this vibrant breakfast room that’s the perfect place
to start every day. – We just wanted people just to have joy and just to light up when
they walk through it. – We’re entering one of my
favorite rooms, the dining room. And you wanna talk about
turning a traditional room on its head. – We wanted to create a
space where you could have just a weeknight dinner or
even a formal dinner party and maybe play some ping pong. – This is actually two four
foot by four foot tables that have been pushed together
to be a ping pong table, take the net off, a dining table, and my favorite, when it collapses down, to be a coffee table. So you can just sit here and lounge. Now we’re gonna move
into the master bedroom, but before we get there, this is is one of the
seven bathrooms I mentioned when we first walked into the house. Now, we’re gonna go
into the master bedroom. Kristine Page Kamenstein did this space and what’s awesome about
this is it’s so relaxing with this Phillip Jeffries
wallpaper all around that has cranes and clouds. Do you want this in your own house? – Yes, of course I do! – Wallpaper is everywhere right now. Everyone wants to do wallpaper because it’s the quickest way to get some really great
color, movement in the room, and I think if you put
something fabulous on the walls as far as wallpaper, then you can simplify all the furnishings. I love that concept. – [Carisha] It’s definitely
the place you want to relax. – Oh, god! – But again, that’s for later. Let’s go into the master en suite. Want to talk about having
a personal spa at home all from Kohler? This is definitely the sort of bathroom that you can chill in. – Completely going for that calm, tranquil atmosphere, right? The focal point is to find is the center of interest or activity. Naturally, a focal point
can be easily defined in a bathroom with a beautiful tub or a beautiful shower application. – But then we keep going
into the master closet. It’s got its own LG washer and dryer and the LG Styler steam closet. Perfect for doing quick
refreshes on your clothes and also throwing Fido’s toys in there because it gets rid of all
the allergens and odors. – We have three laundry
spaces in this house. And, you know, in today’s world,
I think people are so busy and parents want to be
involved with their children or other members of the household, they don’t want to have
to go down to a basement to do laundry. – One hidden gem in here, a safe room. This master closet, the
mud room that you saw, and all of the bathrooms were all created by the Castle Homes design team, based right here in Nashville, Tennessee. Now it’s time for us to go upstairs. Now we’re on the second floor
in one area of the house. There’s an entire other wing here. This is the stair landing
and Modern Remains, based here in Nashville, did this space. – So far, that’s my
favorite piece of the house. – Isn’t it great? – So far. – [Lauren] I’m glad you like it. – And then through here is the media room. Because this is a family space, they’ve got two swivel chairs in front of this massive fire place and then on this side, a Lemair fridge, which is perfect for not having to run up and down the
stairs to get a drink. And on the other side is the LG home brew. You can make your own craft beers here, perfect for game night. So when you leave the family
space of the media room, and on either side of this stair landing are the kids spaces. So we’re gonna go into
the boy’s room first but again, I mentioned
before, all the bathrooms in this house and the laundry rooms. Here’s one of the guest baths up here and then the laundry room upstairs so the kids can do their own laundry. Then we’re gonna go into the boy’s room. What’s great about this
space by Amy Berry, is the kids can really run around. So tough and tumble totally works. As I mentioned before,
every room in this house has its own closet and bathroom
and this is the boy’s room. With his own closet and
this beautiful custom tile by New Ravenna, it definitely
is a wonderland in here. Now we’re entering Amy Berry’s other room, the girl’s room on the opposite side. And she has taken this
entire room and wrapped it in this beautiful fabric that’s so cozy. – With rooms like this that angle, I think that more is more. I think that wrapping it just makes that big of a difference. – And, of course, another
beautiful bathroom created by Castle Homes. This is really a room she can grow into. – One of my favorite spaces
is actually the girls bath. Pink and green isn’t
necessarily a color combination that a lot of people are attracted to. But because they’re a very blush green and a sagey kind of forest green, so it’s an unexpected use
of color in the space. – So now we’re crossing
over the stair landing going into the home office. This was really another
bedroom in the house and we figured with more and
more people working from home, let’s turn this into an office space. – I notice people coming
in here just hanging out. – You have, I know! – Oh, okay, so it’s working. – Off of the office, rather than doing a
typical kind of walkway, we wanted to make it
feel like a home office and create an entire breakfast area, complete with a coffee maker
and another little refrigerator so there’s no excuse for
not getting work done and, of course, one more bathroom. Now we’re gonna go to the second part, which is on the other
side and also upstairs. So this is the other side of the house, right off of the mud room
and up here are two rooms and, of course, another bathroom. On this side, you’ve got the home gym. With another LG PuriCare right here, a Peloton bike, and one
of the newest things out. – One of the coolest things
we have in this space is actually this mirror. It is indeed a mirror when it’s turned off and then when you turn it on, you just simply go to
the app on your phone and you pick a class. They have live classes as
well as pre-recorded classes and you can do one as short as 15 minutes and they go all the way up to an hour and it’s a great way to
incorporate all different styles of workouts into your routine, such as cardio and strength,
like you see right here. It’s just a really great
thing to incorporate into your workout space. – And I think it’s so
important for people that, when they’re designing their house, is to encourage them to
find a place in the house for a workout area. – I think with us encouraging
them to put in a workout area, I hope you do that for the husband, cause I’m not necessarily
gonna do that for the wife. – But now we’re gonna go to another room that is quintessentially Nashville. If you’re gonna be in music city, why not have a music room? – When people walk into our space, we want them to feel a vibe. We want to feel like someone’s lived here, that someone’s actually creating or being inspired every day. – I would like for anyone
walking in this room to feel completely
comfortable and relaxed. – This is the way every day should end, curled up on a sofa,
hanging out with friends, and listening to great music. That’s the end of Building
The Dream Nashville. (funk music)

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  1. 7 bathrooms and you make the dining room do triple duty! That is insane!! And a washing area inside the closet – definitely a bad idea!

  2. Love it!! I’d do my hole house on an Amy Berry Kinda style but i love the Way the spa e flows from one room to the other and algo the architecture!!

  3. Hello did someone like the house the way it is? I would really remove the awful wall paper in some rooms as well as the washers. Also have you notice that there is no view in many rooms . This is a low rating room. Nashville is beautiful and a nice city to live there. This house is not up to the scale of the beauty of the city.

  4. The actual architecture is beautiful. This could have been a stunning home but it was ruined by the horrible mix-matched interior design. It’s just too busy and nothing in the home, not even the ‘spa bathroom’ is relaxing.

  5. I wish you guys were planning to give the house away like HGTV does with their homes. I would definitely enter to win it. I would switch the music room with the gym. I would need more space to work out and more equipment. I would also turn the kids rooms into guest rooms, since my kids are grown, and the office into a filming room for my YouTube channel.

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