Capitalism Hits Home: Jeffrey Epstein: Literal Rape by the 1% – Part 1

Hello! This is Dr. Harriet Fraud on Capitalism Hits
Home, an interpersonal update. This is a show about the intersection of capitalism,
class, and our personal lives. What I want to talk about, which has really
hit home recently, is the case of Jeffrey Epstein. The Epstein case combines and magnifies everything
that’s wrong with capitalism, male supremacy, and gender training in one fell swoop. The Epstein case is like a giant squid with
deadly tentacles reaching in so many different directions which then contract and move this
monstrous predator through the sea. The tentacles here are sex abuse, shame, super
wealthy men, their political flunkies, and their social and legal enablers, moving relentlessly
forward until they’re stopped. Only now, we have Me Too and time’s up and
a consciousness of not bearing the shame for men’s sexual crimes but turning that shame
back on them for perpetrating those crimes. To be more direct, Jeffrey Epstein’s case
is finally exposed for what it is: naked sexual prey on young barely-pubescent girls and women
who are bought and traded for sex by the 1% and those who serve them in our government
and our halls of justice and our prestigious universities. What happened in this case? Where did Epstein get the power to abuse with
such impunity? How did he operate the Lolita Express where
so many rich capitalists and their flunkies including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton flew
and got to rape girls on the plane? And when they landed at orgy island also how
did Epstein amass the amount of money for such for an entree into such a group of wealthy
men and their flunkies? Epstein owns elegant mansions in New York
City and Palm Beach, Florida. He owns an elegant apartment in one of the
most prestigious sections of Paris and a ten thousand acre ranch in New Mexico plus his
own little island in, ironically, the US Virgin Islands. What did he do to amass such wealth? He has at least five hundred and fifty million
dollars at the moment. That’s a lot. How he got it is a mystery. Or maybe it isn’t. Epstein grew up in Coney Island, a working-class
neighborhood in Brooklyn from a working-class family. His mother was a teacher’s aide his father
worked in lawns and gardens and parks. However brilliant he was, he was a college
dropout, his super wealth was acquired through social connections as reported by the New
York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York magazine, and others. The first of his unlikely connections was
with Attorney General Barr’s father who granted him a job at Dalton teaching mathematics. Dalton is one of the nation’s most prestigious
and expensive prep schools. It now cost for example fifty-one-thousand
three-hundred fifty dollars, more than the median income in the United States. Fifty-one-thousand three-hundred fifty dollars
for tuition. Whether you’re in kindergarten all the way
up to 12th grade. That’s pretty steep for kindergarten or
even 12th grade. Epstein had no college degree and was hired
to teach there. He connected with the pupils’ rich father
who through the old boy network got him a job at Bear Sterns. There, Epstein ingratiated himself to wealthy
investors: one billionaire Leslie Wexner of L brands owners of Abercrombie & Fitch the
former are even Dell, the limited, and Victoria’s Secret among others trusted Epstein with absolute
control over his whole finances. To know what that pays, every financial transaction
that Epstein performed for Wexner involved a fee paid to Epstein. From Wexner alone Epstein received two hundred
million dollars. Epstein also transferred to Epstein a 56 million
dollar mansion, one of the biggest mansions in New York which is now worth 71 million
dollars according to The Times. Epstein’s
wealthy clients included Glen Dubin of Highbridge Capital Management, one of America’s biggest
hedge funds, Leon black CEO of the Apollo Global Management firm, one of the biggest
capital management firms in the world, and Jess Staley who was a top executive at Morgan
Stanley and is now the head of Barclays Bank, fabulously rich men. Epstein was financially clever and he was
a talented tax adviser. These men are very interested in keeping more
for themselves no matter how many billions they have. But that’s not enough to ingratiate himself
to all these wealthy men as well as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and Prince Andrew of the
royal family. What else could be happening here? Perhaps the long term well-documented friendship
with Donald Trump and his friendship with Bill Clinton may suggest what else Epstein
had to offer. This may be typical of their bonding. Epstein and Trump were reportedly the only
men to arraign to keep judges at a competition that Trump organized. Actually he hired someone to make this swimsuit
contest at mar-a-lago with those two men as judges and 28 young women for a calendar girl
competition. In another more severe related incidents,
a 2016 lawsuit alleged that Trump raped a 13 year old girl in Epstein’s Manhattan residence
in 1994. The suit was voluntarily dismissed on November
4th, 2016. The suit alleged that Epstein raped the 13
year old after Trump did and then the pair told her that she and her family would be
killed if she ever spoke about what happened. The girl dropped the suit after too many death
threats mounted. She stated she was dropping the suit for that
reason. Epstein’s friendship with Bill Clinton which
Clinton, like Trump, disavows is revealed in several articles and videos in The Times,
Rolling Stone, Vox, New York Magazine, and The Business Insider. What was the basis of these friendships with
wildly wealthy men and their powerful capitalist apologists like Bill Clinton and Trump and
so many others. Friendships in that group are transactional. They’re based on mutual benefit. We might guess Trump, Clinton, and Alan Dershowitz
of Harvard regularly flew on the Lolita Express where they landed in orgy island, having raped
these young women on the plane and kept them pretty sex slaves on orgy island. Just look up Lolita Express on Google see
what you find. So, that Epstein was not only a clever tax
and finance advisor, but gave these men, I think, opportunities to rape underage girls. Why would they be interested in doing that? What’s in it for them? Well, let’s look back from a psychological
point of view. Adolescent men are only allowed to be manly
and needy for one thing and that’s sex. Adolescent girls are trained not to give sex
to adolescent men because those same men will shame them and ruin their reputation, put
them down as dirty. This sex as power which these men exert may
be immature men’s revenge on the young women who refused them. They may be ashamed of their neediness. According to James Gilligan who’s published
at least 25 books and is an expert on this at NYU Department of Psychiatry. Nothing shifts shame as thoroughly and effectively
as overpowering someone and subjecting them to unwanted sexual activity. Porn culture does that it often presents women
as eager to be choked, slapped, and humiliated. One of Epstein’s many partners in the rape
of underage girls referred to the overpowered girls as sexual snacks. That was in Rolling Stone. They shared Epstein’s Lolita Express and enjoyed
violating these prepubescent girls because they could transfer their sexual shame onto
these children, who they considered snacks and those girls were indeed ashamed. Perhaps a chance to get rid of that shame
while raping children was worth millions. What are the gender dynamics going on here? Well it’s one of the many instances of sexual
misconduct that are ignored and brushed aside because women, particularly younger women,
but all women are not taken seriously. The
women who came forward to accuse R Kelly, the singer, have faced that kind of erasure
that these victims did. As Fox’s Constance Grady notes, Kelly has
been accused of “creating an abusive sex cult a very young woman who he isolates brainwashes
shames and abuses physically emotionally and sexually.” Girls and young women are routinely seen as
unreliable narrators. It took 80 girls to stand up 80 women to stand
up and say that Cosby abused them for it to begin to be taken seriously for it. And another great example which is in everyone’s
brain at this moment is Larry Nasser. For 10 years at least, young 12 year old up
to 15 year old and 16 year old gymnastic athletes had been reporting abuse by Larry Nasser. The US gymnastics team doctor finally just
this year after abusing at least a hundred girls, Nasser was sentenced to up to 175 years
in prison. These girls were reporting abuse since 1997. This year he was finally brought to justice. For more than 10 years the officials at Michigan
State University, where he worked, ignored the tortured girls as unreliable witnesses
and did nothing. It took a groundbreaking investigation by
the Indianapolis Star and the brave testimony of survivors and the growing strength of the
Me Too and Times Up movements to bring Nasser to justice. Meanwhile for the women who say Epstein abused
them, that justice has been just as hard to find. That may be about to change. “Oh my God,” said Michelle Licata, one
of Epstein’s victims. She told the Miami Herald, who broke the story
upon hearing about the new indictment. Finally, some justice. In order to enjoy violating young women a
man has to be completely isolated from those young women’s humanity. That kind of utter divorce from your own,
the continuity of your humanity between yourself and others is fascistic. That’s what’s essential to be killing people,
as twenty nine people have been shot in the last two days. It’s that divorce from humanity that’s responsible
for Trump having no compassion for children in cages, for parents and children torn apart
and living in wretched, filthy conditions, untended and without enough to eat. It’s that utter fascistic divorce from the
humanity of others is very dangerous for any nation to have. In the US vulture capitalism and capitalist
predation and grotesque hatred for women and girls combined to let rich men rape with impunity
and then cover it up. The cover up, the New York Times reveals that
Epstein got out of Palm Beach County Jail in 2009 after serving just 13 months for having
sexually abused 36 women. Actually not women, young, young women and
often barely pubescent girls. He still had about a half a million dollars
intact. He used his money to buy an image as a forward-thinking,
scientific philanthropist. He bought journalists to sing his praises
in such reputable journals as Forbes, The National Review, even the Huffington Post. The prestigious Financial Times included on
its website an interview by journalist Dylan Love recommending Epstein as someone who used
his resources towards beneficial ends. The Financial Times didn’t mention the beneficial
end of buying positive coverage. It also omitted his status as a sex offender
in Florida. Epstein’s generous generous gifts to scientific
research, his invitations to scientists to St. James Island which he owns. His grants for famous scientists work what
silence on his copious crimes. What else made such profligate predation power
possible? What are the class dynamics here? Most of the violated girls came from disadvantaged
families, single-parent homes who were poor or foster care. Julia Brown, the courageous journalist who
exposed Epstein’s sweet deal that escaped exposure in serious jail time, reports many
of the girls were homeless. They needed money. They were ashamed of what their need for money
led them into their youth and poverty made it easier for Epstein and his alleged recruiters,
other girls to whom he promised cash and Jess Lane, his accomplice as well as others to
bring in more recruits and to intimidate them. It made it easier for prosecutors to discount
or disbelieve them when the time came. Important sources report that money talks. That’s not news to us. We know that money talks. Rich men are admired for their wealth, if
they got it from legal or illegal ends as long as they’re well-spoken, cultured, and
educated pimps and educated rapists. They’re rich; they buy fancy lawyers, judges,
and the media in Epstein’s case. It took a valiant reporter, Julia Brown, to
track down many of the 36 girls that reported Epstein abused them. Their testimony had been discounted. She finally published the truth and the scope
of Epstein’s abuse in the Miami Herald. Epstein’s money bought silence. There was a sweetheart deal bought; Acosta,
Trump’s former cabinet member, allowed Epstein to get away with a 13-month sentence. It was originally 18 months and Acosta commuted
it and during that sentence Epstein was allowed to be away from his jail cell six days a week,
12 hours a day. During which time he also abused more girls. His money bought silence. Now with Me Too and Time’s Up that business
as usual is somewhat interrupted. However, even now the media are quiet. The last we heard from the New York Times,
who was covering this story every day, prosecutors subpoenaed the pilots to turn over the flight
logs of who flew the Lolita Express to orgy Island. They’re mandated by law to keep records, so
that we could get to know the whole scope of people who raped these young girls on the
Lolita plane. These are some connected people we already
know about: two of them from prestigious Harvard. One, Alan Dershowitz, a professional professor
who tried in 1997 to get the statutory rape law changed, so it was easier to rape young
women. Another on his list was Larry Summers, former
president of Harvard, who was kicked out by a popular movement because it was he who said
that women’s brains were too limited for science, that they weren’t suited to that. His misogyny got him demoted to full professor. The information of who was on that flight,
all those flights actually, was eliminated. Why don’t we see it? Money talks. Thank you for listening. This episode has been brought to you by Democracy
at Work. Please support our work. Visit our website:

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  1. I think it's espionage and Trump, Clinton, Biden et al are all black mailed. I think it's worse than people realize. More widespread and more dangerous too. No doubt a lot of criminals who belong in prison!

  2. If you are going to tackle this subject, you should have enough respect for your audience to get to the heart of it. Epstein's personal perversions were/are (there is no proof o his death) right in line with the CIA/Mossad that set him up to blackmail those indulging in sexaul abuse of minors; those in underground tunnels raping/torturing, harvesting and sacrificing even younger children; and those (like Epstein) running for decades drugs and weapons internationally. All of this is to fund the Deep State's generations' old plan (as called for by Bush Sr) for a "New World Order," a Nazi, Satanist/occult bloodline families' and their minions' work to control the entire world's pop, and to own everything, to depop. and destroy with world wars and disaster capitalism, to take down cultures and nations, including the US, to weaponize every good intention, to further cull those left living and to use them for sex or serf/slave labor, to farm humanity for the few. It is not just the evil sexist patriarchy run amuk. You might also want to be careful re who is it you accuse of raping children among the top pols you mention, lest you end up being sued by any of those. I am to the left of you but the "liberals' " tactic of being sure to name Trump first as an offender (after decades of ignoring Bill Clinton's and HRC's criminal sexual behaviors (tale with Cathy O'Brien re both of them) and threats to victims, and liberals' attempts to equate Trump's loutishness with the Clintons' rape and murder of humans of all ages is laughable. No one who i truly "woke" is satisfied with your limited hangout analysis re the world as it is. We cannot address issues if we are unwilling to do the work to know those and unwilling to get beyond identity politics.

  3. Satan is baphomet. skull and bones. death satanic cult. Praise God for all the mind control to be eradicated from humanity with God in their hearts. Satan's world is over.

  4. Jeffrey Epstein was controlled & used by the MERCANTILIST elitist class to manipulate & gain control over CAPITALISTS. This video does more damage than meets the eye by encouraging division. As despicable as they & their deeds are, the capitalist perpetrators, too, are victims used as puppets to increase control by the dominant mercantilist class. "Dominant elite financiers of Wall St. are NOT CAPITALISTS. They are MERCANTILISTS, who are the bitterest ENEMIES of capitalists. Dominant elite (mercantilists) acquire capital & wealth by leveraging government influence for commercial & financial advantage. They live & gain by government favor–monopoly markets, or tacit license for deceitful trading & commercial trading." see "The FRUITS of GRAFT" pgs. 475 & 476 written by Wayne Jett. MERCANTILISTS are sucking the life out of the middle class. They are PARASITES! Most cleverly, they have u convinced that they are CAPITALISTS. When they are NOT!

    Here's the difference u don't recognize:
    Capitalism was developed by middle class people as they competed against each other AND the dominant elite. CAPITALIST is the name given to one who PRODUCES for reward. Capitalists create & accumulate capital, which enables them to grow & improve their standard of living. Capitalism and democracy empowers & grows the middle class while the dominant elite class "fight both processes with hammer & tong to keep OUTSIDERS penniless & subjugated" per Wayne Jett. Remember George Carlin's famous quote, "It's a club, and you're not in it!"? He was referring to mercantilists…NOT CAPITALISTS.

    Recognizing the difference between these two classes & how they differ is essential. Currently the dominant elite financiers of Wall St. have the middle class so bamboozled & propagandized that we see middle class demonstrators carrying signs denigrating the very "keys" to their success & survival! Using semantics on an intentionally uneducated American middle class, the elite MERCANTILISTS are turning us against each other right before our eyes!

    Capitalism & democracy, the major methods of increasing & strengthening the middle class are what the dominant elite parasites FEAR the most because it strengthens the middle class influence & control over government! …And there is strength in numbers! Think about how much propaganda is aimed at defeating our democratic republic, our original Constitution that is based on INDIVIDUAL as opposed to "collective rights". There is a huge difference between those two terms that most fail to see & understand.

    Recognizing who the real enemy is can lead to its defeat. Seeing how it continues its disgusting, despicable efforts to divide & conquer us…men against women…vice versa, using the very "animals" & depravity the mercantilists created by force, blackmail & coercion with Epstein's role in it is just another "shell game"! …Or look over here …we have another target to aim yr frustration, disgust & outrage at (caused by them but yr not supposed to see that!). Any & all division among the middle class works for the dominant mercantilist elite. How about extortion of empathy for victims while promoting division between the sexes, (subtle & effective) turning the middle class against capitalism, (the very source of its power)? All the while, massively encouraging the trends toward socialism, marxism…Communism with little to no recognition that all of that leads to ultimate control by the same MERCANTILISTS who created, protected & encouraged Epstein! What more does it take than the fact of openly engaging in depopulation to reduce middle class numbers? Every evil experienced, all suffering encountered, all destruction of our nation, our economy, our loss of freedom, the corruption of our criminal justice system & disregard for the nation of LAWS we once were can be traced back to the same small group of MERCANTALISTS that have dominated & controlled this planet for centuries.

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    Dr Fraad…
    Wonka Luv'z y'all.

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  35. I think we need to force the processing of all the rape kits still sitting on shelves. I can't imagine what it would show when they fight to not process them.

  36. U must be demovrat because u got to bring up trump wen he publicly explained his relationship if one were to call t that he is noteven one of those perverts. As a matter of fact his largest goal ad president is to help those children . Ur video would have been taken eriously but u had to throw president trump in it. Get over Hillary lost!

  37. What most don't understand is that all of this is also connected to a highly secret "Satanic Cult"…. and this cult goes back hundreds if not thousands of years. Satanism / Luciferianism is very much alive and well in the shadows. It's ALWAYS kept hidden… with secret codes, handshakes and symbology that most of the public is clueless about. The secret symbols (including the pedophile symbols)… once the public educates themselves on it… will be their downfall…. because it's EVERYWHERE!!! In plain sight… sitting right in front everyone's face! But because the public is completely unconscious to all of it. They do not SEE and are blind to it. There is an entire evil underbelly to all of this. What most are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. This goes so much deeper that most are aware. Research and listen to all the SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) survivor stories…. who know the faces of these wealthy all to well. And they've been trying to warn… trying to get people to listen through the decades. Finally, people are starting to listen. There is a LOT more to this story… dig deeper. Also dig into Adrenochrome…. the highly addictive drug of the elite. Another thing that has been going on for thousands of years…. hidden from the public. No matter how nice they dress…. or how successful the elite appear to be "on camera"…. make NO mistake about it…. the elite are sick, sick, sick, sick…. VERY sick people with ZERO morals or care for the "cattle" (the 99%).

  38. USS Liberty, 9 11 was done by israhell and mossad. This rothschild maffia gang thinks its above the law. And they are as long as we behave like sheeple and let them own the BANKS !

  39. Why this naive focus on sex and gender when all in this case is related to Israel secret services trying to influence and control US politics and economics??? Sex is only a way to blackmail powerful people, similar methods were used by the CIA in the fifties and sixties. How is that so many american citizens are not aware of that?

  40. capitalism is the freedom to buy and sell any amount of anything you want to or from anyone you want, otherwise it is NOT capitalism.

  41. Epstein flew to France right before his arrest to tie up loose ends , organize legal team and receive his instructions on how to conduct himself while waiting for bail. He was tipped off moths ago that heat was coming, by his man inside DOJ get your house in order (island) what they found in Manhattan was meant to be found, implicates no one of note. All the real dirt is safe in France. He knew this day would come his job was to cop it on chin say nothing. He expected to get bail, he expected to get charges dismissed eventually by way of double jeopardy He enjoyed 35 years of privilege now it's time to pay the piper. Friendly prosecutor installed investigators Would be instructed to scratch surface expose nothing beyond his offending. Unfortunately for him the pedophiles in the inner circle above him got skittish when he didn't get bail and so no one was more surprised by Epstein's suicide than Epstein himself. that's my take

  42. Dont forget Ghislaine was a woman. It would be better addressed as an Israeli Jewish sex ring as the guilty so far are Jewish and connected with Israel and Mossad.

  43. The American gov is no more. Its Talmudic. Do research on this view and you will see that THE AMERICAN GOV HAS BEEN USURPED . EPSTEINS BLACKMAIL RING insures that AMERICA WILL BE RAN FOR ISRAHELLS BENEFIT OR ELSE!!!
    We can see this with our own eyes and our wallets.

  44. International Jews are never put in jail and never pay for their crimes. The CLINTONS are still free even though almost 50 people tied to them have mysteriously died .

  45. See the interview with RYAN DAWSON on THE LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND show. They went in septh on the Epstein case. It was an amazing interview.
    I dint think Trump raped kids. There is no evidence to that. Im not a Trump supporter. But like to look at the evidence.

  46. Trump never flew on the Lolita Express – so stop with the false accusations – the truth on the others is enough – lies weaken your case… sorry.

  47. You need to do more research Trump was never in that shit he kicked Absein out trying to get on to a 14 year. Can't wTch anymore if your BS.

  48. Barr is going to protect the rest of the sicko Ruling Class Deviants. Barr is connected way back. Harvard sure puts out some winn

  49. And after all the threats of actually naming the oligarchy…people are beginning to see who they are, and what they are. And please, let's cut the BS by generalizing them as "capitalists", as they feel they are "chosen" to own and manage this world through religious quackery.

  50. Bill Bar
    Bill Bar
    Bill Bar

    There is the Leak in the DAMN
    The Guilty of the guiltiest who should be hung by his neck, until he is dead
    – for the Abuser of all Children & Women Abusers

  51. Meh… so what, don't you realize this is a prison planet for a state of consciousness that traps the ethereal energy so that it can be harvested by beings who think of us as nothing but ignorant parasites on a dying planet. Why do you think that the worst, most evil, corrupt, violent narcissistic humans (men) are in absolute control of everything and ALL of society's sheeple in every country on this planet which is consistent throughout ALL of history. This has been going on thousands of years because we keep reproducing (fucking & raping) making more sheeple. Play the game – either you're a predator (have a pretty luxurious & dangerous life) or you're prey (victim) and will have a horrible conscious experience of pain & suffering. Personally, I think life is highly overrated and death is under-promoted and if that bothers you may I suggest binge-watching George Carlin & Bill Hicks or chill out with Alan Watts.

  52. Ha! The Luciferians (primarily the left – technocracy, feminism, political fraud and crime (The Clinton Foundation which is in child trafficking, drugs and weapons shipments), transgenda with its concentration on destroying the minds of children in the leftist cult indoctrination centers known popularly as "schools" and the threats against parents who resist and commit "domestic violence" by "misgendering" their own children… the propaganda war against individual sovereignty and private property, post-humanism (one of Epstein's interests which he helped fund, btw, among other things), all of these Luciferian Jesus hating characters use capitalism (a term coined by that Satanist, Marx, himself) to establish their leftist global human zoo under the counter factual fraud of "climate change" to create their human zoo "population corridors" (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030). But it's "capitalism" hitting home, huh?

  53. we need to stop people owning so much,if you could only make enough to sustain your life say 5 million nobody could do this! and everyone else would have half a chance at not being in poverty. the law has made examples of everyone i know who has had run ins with it ,everyone , because they are poor! these "examples" never act as an example because if you don't have money you get "the example sentence"this does not dissuade anybody as an example should, because its expected, unless you're rich, in england law is owned by the crown so no justice here only injustice

  54. Because he is smarter that u all and the people involved is taken by money and want more and involved in money laundering under the guise as donations and charity. He is too smart to die in a jail. I dont think he is dead. And his was a forerunner to show up the real people who are the problems in this county causing us to get poorer and they get richer. Its about money all about money and the sex followed behind it….
    Yet here I am a poor person and I cant deposit a $10 cash in my account they say I may be doing money laundering, You banks are the next to show up on his list. Its them in the money laundering.

  55. Because he is smarter that u all and the people involved is taken by money and want more and involved in money laundering under the guise as donations and charity. He is too smart to die in a jail. I dont think he is dead. And his was a forerunner to show up the real people who are the problems in this county causing us to get poorer and they get richer. Its about money all about money and the sex followed behind it….
    Yet here I am a poor person and I cant deposit a $10 cash in my account they say I may be doing money laundering, You banks are the next to show up on his list. Its them in the money laundering.

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