lots of everybody typically Ruth your daily YouTube livestreams and we're into dare for you I am back with some house flipper if you guys remember this game this is the game where you could buy houses renovate them and pretty much do anything you wanted to decorate essentially anything with a house that you could do you could do in this game now they've actually done a new addition as you could see press to remove weed boom you could actually do some gardening in the garden flipper DLC so we're gonna be buying a new house today we're gonna be renovating it and seeing if we could do a lot of stuff with the garden see what garden options we have available so if you watch and enjoy this you love random games from a just loved house flipper hit that like button real quick if you're new around here welcome I hope you enjoyed this video and if you do end up enjoying it at the end of it hit that subscribe button and if you guys do want to cop some of that farmerís these gaming glasses are still available you guys are selling them out so quickly so big shout out to all of you you can copy your own pair of blue light blocking glasses at typical dot store of the Hat too but let's go ahead and get this started so we're gonna head into here as you could see it's been it's been a minute it has been a minute but I remember our office our beautiful office that we made look at this we got some meatballs some peanut butter some organic food it just has the organic food tomatoes tuna peanut butter it's just like we have the perfect office really anything we got a little bathroom here because of course you need a bathroom but if we add over to our computer good work takes hard work that's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying that's my moto so go over here go to male and it says let let's start for the job because because last time I think we might have renovated like a bunker I think we might have renovated bunker well we got some outdoor activities to do now so Abilene house says a bit of gravel and bushes hello I work at home in my dentist's office I can deal with all kinds of teeth cavities but not with the holes and weeds in my garden please lay some gravel on top of the front part of my yard to get rid of these also could you plant something on there to make it look better kindest regards Evelyn Howells alright let's accept that job let's accept it cuz we got to get a bit of an intro into this right before we go crazy with it so planting is now available from now on you are able to design a garden look for plants in a garden category of the new shop okay so you unlock the garden hose using a garden hose you will be able to water flowers fill water tanks and wash dirt from outside the house okay nice anything else out of luck alright so you'll see over here in the top right they've got like one over here two three and four I think these are all the spots that we gotta do stuff with oh look at this they got a little gazebo may is gazebo the right word let me rooster so it says uh remove weeds okay so we remove a couple weeds I think there's probably abilities that we can lock to see the weeds Oh see we got skill points so the gardener's skill point um so we've got to upgrade these eventually we have like upgrades of painting and stuff still available so that's nice but it says quick so the faster planning a faster digging with shovels a stir unfolding of grass from the rule large 2019 trimmer shovel bú shì fezzes axe and this are saying high grass visible on mini-map visible weeds on mini-map let's go with the should we go at the trim let's go with the trimmer and that's what we're gonna do all right well we got like an iPad now I don't I didn't really take out anything so I don't know how do i oh oh oh no that's a garden hose oh shoot oh shoot it's going everywhere oh I can't control it Oh watering the carb watering the frickin car just kidding let's go over here and so anymore we saw remove here to remove these weeds there we go we've removed most sweets these stupid dandelions they gotta go all right they look pretty cool but I mean their wheats ain't supposed to be here take that all out we need you to get the rest of these look at that nice progress being made here take it all out to get all that there we go okay anything else I think I think we got all the weeds done so uh we need to scatter the surface single-colored gravel okay bear with me here as I don't remember how to do anything so uh let's go store flip Lance no that's not it uh surfaces Ravel single-colored gravel there we go let's go this one doesn't matter what color really let's just go with the basic color oh I kind of like let's do smaller it's by many dad so I think we go like this here and do we just how do we press left clay to crumble eat or remove oh oh you can make the size bigger look at that there we go look at that oh that's easy the way they made it easy all right there we go so that's good there scatter to the surface to colored gravel okay so let's go back here to stone aggregate let's go with the two colored gravel and let's keep it light let's keep it light nice let's buy many they kind of just pepper the whole thing with gravel here we got to make it look nice and fancy okay these people are tired of the grass at the front oh shoot okay know what we're pushing it all the way we're not gonna charge a birdie there because we're nice so we're gonna push that all the way there so they got all just gravel in the front so they want a coniferous shrub they wanna can refer a shrub can you pronounce that so go plants we need come come can it for this shrub there's a dwarf shrub well there's lots of different shrub I mean I think the the best way to find it hon if for a short shrub of this one alright I think down we'll do let's buy one of these let's just put that there alright that good that's not the one oh I got a plant it oh shoot oh let's dig that we gotta dig a little more oh we do bro where you putting the dirt though put it over we're gonna put over the sidewalk bro I got the neighbors can deal with that you know what I'm sayin the hole is now dug so let's insert the plant and put soil around it well that's very therapeutic look at that plant was buried you still have to water it there we go look at that alright planting successful look at that that's nice huh oh no oh stay I want to stay whoops I want to get a better view okay so that was done oh this one also needs a shrub okay let's buy the the same shrub let's put that let's put it along the same line here so we'll do right over here let's go plant let's dig the hole can I just hold oh I guess I have to keep clicking each time there we go just over the over the edge not a problem right into the sidewalk there you go well blame it on a dog blame it on a dog okay let's put it in here put soil around it there you go all right look at that perfect oh we got a water it's tough all right perfect so this one's done so this one says that it's what are these little bushes all right so that one's done so this one too color gravel is that this one gonna be single color gravel okay let's do that then let's go to not architecture there's a lot here there's a lot a lot a lot I think it surfaces single colored gravel by many there we go and then the other was double color gravel and let's go and get that one too all right who who missed house flipper I'm curious in chat let me know let me know if you miss miss some of that house flipper there we go look at that there we go you know if we missed any of the gravel they can go they can go ahead and do their thing um and then we need to do man kind if Aris caught burris how the heck do you spell it con if that's what I was doing wasn't it con if a risk shrub uh narrow column habitat sure let's do that let's buy many there we go one on each side there and then let's go to here let's put plants and we gotta start digging honestly we're doing a great job for I mean I she's a dentist at all she's never seen such good so such good work like this okay I don't know what being dentist has to do with it but she just hasn't as simple as that this is the best darn job she'll ever see now we gotta hope that she takes care of her stuff her coniferous shrubs you know most surprised that there's no there's no stones in the first little there's there's no stones in the first kind of a little dig here let's put that in there with the soil around it there we go look at that all right perfect all tasks complete that's complete the order $2,100 okay I just want to say if you had to do this job in real life would you be happy with $2,100 I'd be very happy I feel like you know in addition they will reimburse you for everything like that's just for labor itself but you know in real life would probably take a day or two maybe if your solo may your day or two that's that's a good dare to work you know what I'm saying I'm gonna go ahead and complete that there's a shake her hand say thank you madam thank you I appreciate that negotiation skill available oh it's been a minute um kind of like this one extra payment or actually you know what ten percent of the orders requirements maybe we should do that no now let's do uh let's do that one there and then we got painting we can do maybe should do fifty per let's paint faster we're gonna paint faster added an increased rate of painting and so we're gonna do there's a camera that's a whack camera we don't want that all right let's go in here should we do it we're gonna do one more job knowing the BIOS you need to remove the bushes Ethan Jones you don't I don't need to do nothing hey there I've been a problem I tried to deal with weeds in my garden and got some kind of herbicide to get rid of them luckily just to test it out I used it on a couple of them quickly realized that it's extremely effective it destroyed the weeds as well as my bushes I'm really glad I didn't spray it all over my yard but unfortunately I did right in front of the entrance now the plants in the area are dried up and looked pathetic please wipe them out and fill that spot with some fresh grass oh and if you can mow my lawn as well that would be fantastic you know he's asking for a lot personally in my opinion he's asking for a lot okay let's see congratulations you have unlocked a new tool from now on you'll be able to cut grass using the garden Bush cutter okay so the bush cutter okay hold on oh snap okay oh this is how I mow the lawn oh I'll moan the hell out of this lawn chat what do you think I just mowed that entire lawn right there this lawn gets it to I don't think I have to do this lawn too but I think it looks nice look at that Kolby alright so remove object how do I remove the object ha I honestly don't know move objects how do I remove them since I gotta mow the lawn more I think Justin Jeff do I have to go in the backyard are you kidding me I gotta okay I do got em all this okay all right looks like I'm gonna do that then three it's kind of peaceful honestly when do I get a lawnmower my do just made two grand you can buy a pretty nice lawnmower I'll leave this pool oh oh I'm not falling in I ain't got lace what the heck all right blow through this 86% done I'll look at that whoo 93 95 97 90 90 fucking servin where the heck's the rest of the weeds we're to wheat dad you have to sell the but I don't you remember how to sell bushes weird up all my brother grasses underneath I think I did it I think I did it okay I think I did that part alright so uh some y'all part of me part all part of me all part of me in parkouring now sell the bushes but oh that's how you sell honestly get bodied these bushes are getting bodied why this guy he's herbicides on the freakin the nice bushes man he's not smart man let me tell you guys not a smart man alright so this one here requires used turf roll to spread the grass in the area turf roll okay turf roll by many oh shoot okay choose one here uh there we go I guess I guess we're gonna put a second one right beside it right there we go and then and then one more for the one time okay so I'm just how do I use what the hell oh I'm so dumb I just spread them at the firm the other way right oh gosh darn it are you kidding Oh put it the wrong way nobody judge me okay you can roll it out this way right I think you get a roll of this way I feel like you should automatically roll which direction you need to rule okay it's just not that's pretty cool honestly that's pretty sweet um I should have bought the bigger rule though I'm gonna do that next time okay just in a second here okay that's pretty sweet roll they pulled it Olli there you go cut and finish and then the last roll we're gonna do here go to buy this one and let's roll that thing out let's roll that thing out there we go it looks so nice when you do it I'll shoot I'm missing a little part we're good we're good we're good see this is perfect here okay now this one we're gonna buy a large turf roll okay so we're gonna go to surfaces turf sod big big turf rule there we go see that's how you save time my friends that is how you save time spread that thing out ooh okay I'm missing a little bit on the far right side it's fine I don't think you'll notice you'll definitely notice I lied okay I think I think it's good oh we got it okay we got a turf out this side too all right still won't be enough to cover it all but a significant portion here now we just need a little bit a little bit a little bit of turf so let's go yet like us a turf we're just a normal turf roll and just roll that thing out there we go look at that that should be a job well done there 93% Oh bro I see it there's like a little bit of a gap here and then I honestly think it's gonna make me cover up the other side too but that's fine look at that it never will it never runs out oh I'm gonna just keep rolling with it 93 % y'all kidding me what am I missing you guys see anything I think I think it's this side right over here that's it we're gonna get the when I buy this one we're gonna roll out the heck up there we go keep rollin rollin rollin rollin rollin ah there we go order a hundred percent done there we go look at that oh man I am getting hired for every job of thousand two hundred bucks that's what I call cash money in the bank got cash money in the bank alright let's see I think we got took another job to keep getting the tools keep getting the tools of the trade okay need my trees cut down okay let's do that one I have a couple of my grandpa's trees growing in my backyard you planted them years ago and they've grown big enough to cover the whole garden there's no Sun for my lovely flowers and I dream I'm a sweet colorful garden and some sunbathing on the terrace I need at least through those trees cut down can that count on you oh and while you're at it could you also add a nice little pond next to the terrace bro that's not a little thing you add on the side that's all I need trees in a pond I will take care of the flowers catarah Xena catarah Xena why are you acting like that that is no big deal congratulations you have unlocked a new tool removing large trees requires their beheading oh my god you will definitely need an axe remember however that for safety that tree should be cut as low as possible I was a little bit violent the way to describe that I have to behead the tree I don't know about that all right screw it's you and me axe let's what you do lacks yeah yeah can we drop it on the house I'm gonna aim to drop it on the house I'm really I'm really cutting the pixels out of it let me just can I chop look at that oh I'm gonna go knock it all around but I make this I'm gonna make art Jay you ready I'm gonna make art look at that this is like a I'm gonna make you can make us imagine me guess sculpture in this game you okay like we're just gonna keep hitting this I feel like we should hit lower if this is the spot this is a sweet spot here it's not breaking I feel like it's not breaking do I have to do all around oh oh oh shoot oh my bad what we good okay let's uh let's pretend that never happened like how the tree landed on the frickin house not even a little bit of damage we're just gonna keep chopping the tree away here takes a while to chop down a tree as you should I like I would just roll done fast on things do anything that's why I think you got to chop it properly around it I mean like three hits on each side here I think threes the max is gonna take on each side now you get throughout the trunk yeah screw the trunk grow the heck out of here bro suppose of that trunk Oh suppose that trunk okay Barry and Phil oblong formed pond but dude wants a frickin my dude wants a pond he's gonna get a pond oblong formed pond what kind of pond should we give him let's give him a nice uh skimming rope on like your oh holy shoot this is a nice big pond man all right I'm put a little pond right in front of the door so you can see it boom insert pond oh shoot this is gonna take a while oh my oh my I'm jacked I'm freakin jacked you guys seen this I don't know if I'm diggin I honestly don't know if I'm diggin a pond or a grave this sure this guy's not gonna like take me out okay there we go there we go fill with water oh oh look at that I broke honestly you've got a really cool backyard but this pond it could be like eight times bigger you got a lot of eels say I'm gonna wash your bushes for no reason there you go you're welcome let me fix up the house there might be some scuff marks from from the tree landing on it so I don't want them notice I'm not even gonna tell them they hit the house I'm just gonna watch the furniture a little bit it's good we good we good four hundred twenty bucks for that kidding me you think I'm stupid lady that was a lot of work all right let's see if any other jobs can teach us something new all right let's do these two some and then we'll buy a house so Matt Marlo and John Walker let's do Matt Marlo my daughter grows so fast and she is so curious about the world around her I would love to prepare a play corner for her in the garden it seems to me that a swing a sandpit and a rocker will it be just right once you get started with the garden maybe you can also plant some shrubs for me as my wife bought them for me that would be really nice we've already enlarged the terrace but now there's so much space and not much to fill it a pergola would be useful here smear what that was a pergola you're the gardener what's a pergola with the our goal something it sounds like a pasta dish doesn't it and also a grilling table for the whole family big enough to fit all of us even the grandparents when they visit us and oh would you Bo remove all these Nettles – those are the worst that all my sweeties you get some burns from what the hell is in your garden dude what's a nettle and what soprano mia pergola yeah what's a pergola pergolas are gola um oh uh I have to remove weeds this is a tough job man is there an easy way to remove weeds can pick how many missions do I gotta do to unlock everything with a weed whacker yeah Oh what do you recommend upgrade I got a large 20:19 trimmer that's the grass right yeah was like what it was the like though no I just upgraded that right away to large trimmer yeah you messed up why didn't you upgrade it my girlfriend ladies and gentlemen she doesn't upgrade of course you want the trimmer has an experience somewhere that's what grass does that's what it does do you want to see my thing I cut it with hold up there's a lot of Weezy not now you ain't seen it you want to see it no no you want to see it though I'm gonna take out the pergola too while I'm there well there's a lot of weeds oh this is a lot of work okay I better be paid like at least like I'm thinking like ten thousand dollars for this job at least yeah this one I'm thinking it's a bush cutter look this thing you have this day me Oh take their weeds – no it doesn't does it I think it does all right it does yeah it takes a week it takes out weeds and for golas takes up four goal is to kicks out everything for golas weeds nothing stands a chance there we go look at that call me Edward Scissorhands I like that achievement all right look at that nicely done nicely done okay so what else I gotta remove more wheats she's a man where the heck you got more weeds at I'm not to report you if you got that many weeds you know I'm saying alright let me cut the rest of these are these weeds brother kind of look like we say ugly all right there's five there's weed still somewhere I can't see him though wherever these weeds are they're lucky is I can't find them and honestly they can do with a little bit of weeds in the life there I think they're fine I bet you didn't like add an angle I haven't seen but I don't care I told you I don't care so we gotta assemble what wooden child it will wooden child swing not a wooden child that's good cuz I think having a wooden child is a bad idea alright let's let's keep it all default here a nice little base there tree oak there may some nice dark metal all right and then we're gonna which way does this swing oh shoot oh shoot which way does this swing whatever it doesn't matter actually does it kind of matters let's put it right here let's assemble it okay the legs put that thing on it put those things on it done made this way okay place object rooster spring rider rooster spring rider oh this is pretty cool honestly Oh shoo you could oh shoot bro it's actually a rooster that's a nice rooster bro I ain't seen many – too many roosters oh there oh my gosh I think we just made the bet it honestly looks like it could be a chicken net chicken commercial let's put this right here honestly it's not my garden what the hey damn bro it's pretty lit alright so we need a small cherry tree small cherry tree what's gonna put one this is she can eat some cherries later in life you know let's put that away please and thank you oh oh I just found the way to fast farm oh my I just broke this system how do I cover it it doesn't let me cover it oh there we go it's weird I had to get a certain angle alright that that has been planted water it then we just need to put a sandbox in here sandbox Doh all right what color we making this in but I'm so impressed so you could switch that let's do that one oh that's a big little sandbox so let's do it right here you know the problem with sandbox is like honestly I didn't know about this but apparently like cats come and peeing in stuff it's kind of messed up it's kind of messed up mint okay what else do they want me to do no I'm going to get some pergola spur Ghoulies fine I'm gonna plant it or destroy it I don't know if they want me to plan it or destroy it I'm gonna plant it I don't know I'm planting them see what's up they might not want me to plant it I can just like remove it now if they don't want me to plant it okay I think they wanted me to remove it I think I messed up two one one six one two one one six one two one one six one two one one six one two one one six one two one one six one I'm definitely not supposed to keep them I don't think I think I got to remove them I shouldn't do this what does it mean yeah I'm supposed to plant them I think I'm supposed to plant them I think I was mistaken by oh this is easy swear day I'm honestly a hacker for figuring this out oh we got a new skill point what are we but we were just leveling up so quick in this 75% faster digging with a shovel it's honestly not even that bad though high grass visible visible weeds this is a little moles let's do this one alright cuz like I figured out a hack with a shovel right use when you hear that noise you just stop and you good okay we're good we're good thank everybody for a memory of that but hey I'm Gucci I honestly don't know if I was do I think I messed up I don't I actually don't even think I was supposed to do any of that pergola shoot there's too many for golus pergola moco pergola moco what you guys were telling me this was a plant this isn't a plant this is the freakin jungle gym dog I'm very upset I came here thinking I was gonna plan something man now I'm just building the jungle gym sure what do I care just put like five of these all right we good an eclipse couch ellipse Klaus couch ellipse Oh Oh couch all right what the heck is this man what is this I don't know what this is I don't like this whatever we're gonna keep it like that I don't know if this is I don't buy this sure this is a how do you send it table resi ina no I'm chat I'm not supposed to plant these things they're actually not supposed to be planted look at them special plant you guys are special plants don't tell me I'm telling you table garbanzo beans okay nice this is for the whole family this table so we got to make sure we put a real nice there we go look at that nice little table a grill a grill Grill vengal Grill vengo vengo vengo vengo that's a nice barbecue okay and then we need I just placed one place object grill Vangel I just bought another one are you kidding me oh shoot okay let me try that again grill Vangel on see it's just stealing my money table garbanzo beans that's it we're just gonna buy this table screw it and then we need six chair right Chris I know six chair grinds ina chair grass Sonia six of them we need six of them six so one no no you gotta let me buy more of those by many two three four five it's down the green box what do you guys mean it's definitely the green box host not in the green box there we go you guys are right okay there's like three sectors to this this sector right here table Sammy Abell Sammy it's actually a really cool table huh you guys you guys with it I'm gonna buy one table Sammy to sofa Sammy's sofa Sammy sofa Sammy obviously they should have got a designer in here because I'm I'm about to make these things real ugly not on purpose just out of my sheer lack of designer qualities also you know what not doing a bad job honestly doing a great job 100% done the order look at this garden okay absolutely stunning stellar look at that you should be if you were the owner of this house you would feel a huge huge difference in your life $7,100 okay that's it $7,100 easiest money on my life man now we making straight bank roll straight bank roll camera we said we're gonna do one more of these jobs right right substrates for liquors instead of flowers and then on that note I'm gonna shout out members and all all dough knows at the end of the stream okay guys so I know a lot of you guys don't appreciate you some of you guys have gone crazy with the dough nose and I will definitely read them I'm just gonna read them at the end okay read them at the end maybe I'll try to read them as they come in next time there's a lot of DOS and I kinda want to read them at the end so hi their mommy left for a few months when she returns I will tell her that her flowers unfortunately rotted because I watered them too often in the meantime you have to cut them out and plant my favorite plants quinces wine grapes etc you can leave the flowers that are at the front of the house so that she won't know anything when she returns all of her flowers from the backyard have to disappear that's my spot hope you can do that can't you see yeah it seems like I'm scamming seems like I'm scamming her I don't want to scam him there's if we leave all the plants in the front which honestly it's a beautiful plant garden beautiful beautiful okay over here we got to mow the lawn and remove the weeds I said what kind of hell the story was there who wrote that it's really bumpy when you get over the weeds I'm not gonna lie I feel like I have to talk louder because it's a loud noise I'm a little tripping I don't know where the grass is taller or not ninety-five percent mode 98% of 97% mode what am I missing oh there's one over here for some over here too but what's this at this we done this that's done I said to remove weeds here okay oh shoot oh those are weeds – oh she killed them all it's not very nice it's honestly not oh I guess she didn't kill those yet she killed a lot the chill lady she kind of vicious did you kill all these plants just she can put her own that's not nice and when something's not nice it's rude honestly they were ugly I wanted to remove them anyway look at they got a pool over here oh look at that it's got like a pump it everything how'd it mess with tell which ones a weed or not I guess some weeds are like three different colors it's really nice like backyard and everything I don't know why she did all this to her mom stuff her mom's gonna be hella mad I get a cover for either I'm gonna tell her what she did let me say that's messed up that's messed up lady you need a new daughter one that doesn't kill your plants when you're gone one that's respectful of your of your of your plants okay this is gonna be the last job before we buy a place and renovated okay so any ideas you guys have for those be sure to let me know find five boxes must plan to five blockless Bacchus by many one two three four five right let's get right to work I'm so efficient at this now look I'm gonna do them all at once to although I don't care man I'm the best damn gardener this world scene look at that the hole is now dug the hole don't stop being dug I'm gonna keep tugging it I'm a dug until the dad died dude all right last one I'm playing on PC by the way insert all these plants to cover them all up I think I'm gonna cover them all first cuz then I gotta water them might as well just hose them all down at the same time right yeah all right there we go he's a nice plant he's a nice grapes man not gonna live seen some nice grapes so I need a medium cherry tree there's a lot man medium cherry tree by many 1/2 medium pear tree and then I need two medium plum trees so I'm doing medium plum tree first medium plum I need two of these I'll put that over here then I need a medium pear tree okay hair medium pear tree perfect okay I'm put that right in the corner over here let me get all these ready got a shovel this what do you guys see in this garden deal season is it the bomb or what is this what you would expect through a garden deal see I like how this game is so popular with you guys you know it's the most random like low-key game isn't it the most random game ever and if you watch it enjoy this you like random games who wants to play more random games in the future do you be sure to hit that like button if you're new around here you've joined what you're watching hit that subscribe button as well too bad for gardeners does it do this all day honestly gardening can be kind of fun though right but I mean like doing anything every day kind of Oh No hey man people love everything so it'd be kind of fun done I've done some landscaping before right I used to like power wash stuff a driveways now that that's a that's a dirty that's a dirty all right so there's some more weeds what is this over here I have to remove weeds I can't even pronounce half these thing second okay cornice MIT coordinate horn Asst muss I have to plant cornice must I have to plant two of those some corn I got a plan Shindo minutes che che I'm apt to plant a bunch of those so I have the plant shade no three of them that the plant three rides three rides they're actually girl drives oh no way I'm gonna get the red versions those are dope so I gotta plant three of those all right we got we got quite a bit of work to do here we have a lot of holes to dig is what I'm gonna say literally we got a lot of holes dig Oh chill here we go okay okay okay that one in their cup we're kind of killing the game right now huh we're kind of killing the game there we go alright listen out now let's do the big ones but geez I bet you and Samara did this you kind of just like left the shovel do all the work you know she didn't know the secrets like I do that's why I'm a master gardener I'm a master gardener Master Craft I'm a master at my craft put dirt on the mayor oh I didn't even notice this one just cuz I was moving so fast I was doing so much gardening let's go let's cover this one up let's cover that one up there we go look at that putting soil on everything now we've got spray everything down there we go spray good oh shoot I didn't plant that one I didn't I didn't plan any of them great I did level up though um visible weeds on that there we go now we'll know where the weeds are at the darn darn weeds I'm telling you what Bobby we get on that one there we go okay let's put those in put soil around them and then water them there we go and look if we wanted to find the weeds we now know that apparently there's a weed right here oh look at that there was a weed right there what hid oh there's a little weed there oh look at all these were weeds all these were weeds what's up stupid little weeds the hell out of my face wait do we see all the bees now let's go through the garden let's give it a nice little go over here oh there's one weed over here get bodied and I think did we get all of them I don't think Oh Oh got him 100% complete are you kidding me I'm gonna quit this game forever okay that was not worth $2,100 I need more money for that okay I need more cash for this job though it's not fair not fair oh my gosh I'm strong my water I had a new negotiation skill what umm yes we're gonna upgrade that okay let's buy a house now what the heck we'll put that away alright we could if we want to put this guy's garden or order one little thing to complete this bar to heaven but we're not gonna do any of that we're actually gonna go ahead and go to the browser here and yeah we got this expensive house that we could sell I don't know if you guys remember I think we did some good work on it listen let's just go to that house and see what's up let's just go to their house and see what's up cuz it might be a little something-something here oh shoot good night oh I can do garden stuff here oh did I complete I was working on this house I was oh I was should i renovate this house I did so much work I think I should buy a new one I died decorated I'm so good at decorating holy smokes smear I've decided the new place I'm just gonna decorate everything cuz I'm a legend in it look at this bedroom but oh I remember this oh look at this my goodness this is the house of the walk-in Rhodri wardrobe yes you do remember Tegan Tegan isn't real one damn this this one was looking at hella fly and then I like cover that up it's a nice big room right there okay let's see what else we could buy though cuz like this is a huge house there's a huge property this let's use let's go out to return to office let's see what house we good bye brother I like it tells me of the garden DLC like I bought it already man get browser where that say there ochem pounds browser for purchase look you see that oh okay ooh ooh look at this one oh my gosh large house with a separate garage for two cars in Rock condition I will sell it right away good price this one looks really cool oh that would be so much work heck a loan house oh this is the home alone house look it's actually the house from home alone oh that's funny okay so uh what is this one a beautiful big house in the back country for sale a Lucky Strike for people who have value silence peace I just want to take a rest from the city noise and others company just think only you your house in the nature around you the place has been in many years ago and it needs I scroll can't scroll for some reason bro there's something fishy about this house has the nuclear bunker son yes someone's up with that alright we're gonna buy this house in the thicket shoot alright let's let's do this one first and then when we sell it we can buy the other one that's a lot of work oh it's literally a Shack an ideal purchase for older people and those who love gardening this plot has only a small house which can be successfully used for storage the rest of the square is yours why not create a dream garden on it you bought a new house I want to go right now to it I want to go right now and check out the new house okay well I think it's lack lack of new house okay so um I think we're in a bad neighborhood honestly can I water off this stuff hold up Missy oh the graffiti goes away oh my gosh look at that that's kind of nice darn kids coming here and graffitiing stuff there's a lot of debris around here de bris if you will will you be playing Friday for night yes Friday for day is tomorrow I will be playing and my partner is none other than the salty dog himself thieves be on the lookout all you got to pick this up with a shovel oh my goodness a smear have you done these have you done these pile things I bought a house too but did it yeah dude I'm working on my house yeah but do you see the trouble the cheapest one cheapest one it's not really much of a houses Shack oh okay well I I decided to start small and move on out because I feel like that's like a Cinderella story you know everybody likes to Cinderella story let's do Busch gutter that's a lot of there's gonna go right to it look look at that the most satisfying thing is the the map in the top right you can kind of see what parts you missed and what parts you didn't miss others hilarious oh my that's a lot of garbage left all this stuff chat did you guys leave all this stuff thing yeah I have to pick up is there an easier way smear is it an easier way to pick all this stuff up all the little bottles and stuff I don't think there is we drinking all this Canada to dry all the sprite over here man see I went with Canada Dry initially when I said that but then I realized that both of you most of you are probably American sound like Mike Tyson their first name Oh see you oh I can see why they soul is so cheap I mean you have to do this whole job first take it all the way take it all the way breaking all these things I'm gonna take them all away there we go look at that well we're doing such a great job my hands gonna hurt after I do all this stuff there's no way Samara did all this you cleaned up all the bottles from the ground are you kidding me it's pure drinking stock like crazy I see I'm impressed with that this couldn't have been done by like two people it had to be like a mad party went down holy smokes what are these little bottles like I've never seen a wine bottle like that I was gonna say if I could just hold down the mouse button that'd be either easier but I have to click each individual bottle I wonder if there's still pieces in the pizza boxes that's the real question what slice of pizza ah look at that oh I could sell this now making some making some money can I steal the garbage – I feel like somebody would pay for some pallets and stuff these are these are these are good pallets that are gonna go to waste here some good pallas going to waste let me sell this dog house we ain't got no dog not yet at least do I have to cut down these trees I don't know if I gotta cut them down oh do I have to hose this down you know oh that oh that's um got some nasty yellow stains on there bro that's nasty there yeah look at that clean all this up and all this up there we go what is this some mould over here no no we don't got to do all that we just get up let's sell all this we're not reusing any of this furniture let's let's just be completely honest with ourselves no point in lying to ourselves here there's some gnarly stuff on the walls there we go all right house without a bedroom I need one and only one bedroom shut up people I'm doing my best y'all haters there's a can inside the GAR there's more I'm unveiling more garbage honestly the more shoveling thing is looking promising at this point I know I bought the smallest house I I'm currently in between houses here and have spent a lot of money on the previous property I wasn't gonna sell it you know all right I think there goes that dirt pile let's go pick up the rest of this garbage this literally the garbage was literally hidden whose garbage inside of garbage which is truly impressive this is a large pile of garbage here oh gosh we're gonna just work around the edges into the center it's gonna be a beautiful beautiful thing once it's complete look at that you just got to work it work it work it work it there's a brick over there we got it rid of the brick keep going around the edges here Oh it'll all go away I I really this is the biggest pile we have seen yet I think once you do all of it it'll probably just go away it's like if there's a random brick in my in uh there's a random break-in just my lawn and I can't take it out what will the buyers say at that point yeah I mean you're gonna need the faster shovelling skill if you're gonna take out a large pile of this for sure I just wanna throw that out there I probably should have invested in it but I thought seeing the wheats on the mini-map was pretty helpful so I don't regret it they're building a bunker or something I don't know what they were building but whatever they building they didn't complete it this looks like it was just used to store like waste I don't like that this is a beautiful property it could be a healthy part of the ecosystem there we go ah there we go all right now we got a bunch of weeds here take them all out take them all out none of that none of that I'm backing it up back back back it up I'm gonna do it how am I gonna clear everything I need a lawnmower I like I need a better lawnmower there has to be a better lawnmower right see these little weeds are the annoying parts there's a little weed in here I know it I know it's the little weed there we go sounds weirder that's it like that hi there we go nice little lime there we go alright this side of house is gonna be the cleanest part of the house for sure look at it it's so nice and clean already it's so nice and clean I'm gonna periodically check my phone cuz I want to know if the Raptors are gonna win or not they're currently 12 points up with four minutes ago I may be who knows maybe I'm from Toronto if you guys didn't know all right I don't currently live in Toronto though I live in that Vancouver Vancouver doesn't have an MBA team although they had the Grizzlies before but that didn't turn out very well food the Vancouver Grizzlies all right take this all out yeah yeah yeah that should cut down all the trees what do you guys think like I feel like just demolishing this property is the most proper send-off that I could do I'm trying to like do this grass just by looking at the little thing okay I think that's a telephone pole so I can't cut that down we're gonna cut this down you have to chop down the tree trees to roll down on the grass properly oh there we go chop it all down chop it all down got bodied got frickin bodied okay let's keep it going here I swear there's an easier way to chop is there an easier way to chop down trees or I just got a go at it I need that ability that makes it faster what's that ability called there's nothing that makes it go oh fezzes axe oh so like when you upgrade in the middle once you kind of upgrade each the shovel the axe and the kind of the lawnmower quote-unquote this trees I thought my neighbors probably don't like me very much huh they're like why is this guy making so much noise he's just out of your solo knocking down trees okay we are making some really good progress I must say I wasn't a fan of this property before but we're gonna make this into our beautiful beautiful home maybe we should make this into our office for our office oh this is the best way to do it oh my gosh shout out to Farmington me later for the inspiration big shout up farming simulator week shout-out to my days as a farmer look at that efficiency that's just pure and utter efficiency that's you can clearly see I'm a man who knows that of reap his crop you know – really so his land by a better term this is a huge garden though I'm just out here buzzin like a busy bee if Samara did property of this size all by an I would be thoroughly impressed faster digging faster I'm folding a grass digging or on pasture kicking with a shovel let's do the new shovel let's see I mean we won't be able to see it now but like a you just like abruptly take out weeds with this thing can I sell these bushes I can sell them perfect and I don't have to cut down all these trees right I think I do have to cut all them all down but at least I know that I could sell the bushes at least some of the bushes gosh darn I've so many trees to cut down let's just let's just get to it really let's just get to it do I have to roll down new grass I don't know I need an expert it costs as much to buy equipment what do you mean confused trees makes echo there we go oh wait we are chopping down trees at an absurd rate right now I'm glad that the small trees are easier to chop down that would have been a pain if they weren't you don't have to cut down all the trees just the bald parts okay I'll keep that in mind I'll keep some trees up because I don't want to just cut down trees okay or do i I don't know okay so just the I got someone described it as just the bald parts grass rug grass no that's the wrong one that's out we don't want that we don't want that let's do plants no surfaces turf sod big turf rule bye now I guess we should buy multiple I'm so OCD about it I'm just scared that there's gonna be like a apart missing if I don't do it right look at that look at that oh that's some nice grass there we go whoa roll it on out is there a boss when you buy your own house you can kind of renovated the way you want and then if you do the jobs then you kind of got a boss what is this that's it see I can't live with those little lines I cannot this is real grass we're putting down real grass right now what are these little lines man I'm about to lose it somewhere how do you do with the little lines in between the grass just like little lines how with more but like how do I do it so I get it right from the start okay I'm sorry what are you asking what do you want Hey look yes see yeah why are you doing such a bad job I'm so I'm sorry put another one down roll over it get the little one get the little one okay little one small turf you should overlap them yeah I figured that out I should have done that I messed up and I did a bad job never gonna hire you for my garden I'm sorry close enough to the shed go see the shed it's so close there's so look at the little rules they're kind of curious yeah they're like we need a home like we did a home and where you going lady do Raptors win no way well I mean like they're up there up nine points and I didn't win yet me Google isn't updated though who knows yes there is a boss fight you have to fight a mega shrub with a chainsaw I like the way you think bro see I should I should have done it yeah I always do want it to be perfect okay look I'm just happy the Raptors won because then they can't be clean sweep for oh you know all right and look and then we're gonna get one more little thing right here look we're gonna cover this one up when you get a look just a little turtle shoot I this is such nonsense oh my gosh oh there's so many there we go there we go oh yeah who's the best gardener in the land who is the best gardener in Lent I'm the best gardener in the land it's simply the best all right which way is the best to rule us this is what we're gonna do let's let's roll it this way okay all right let me see my – I see the raptures one hold up oh they did win 118 – 109 let's go Raptors let's go let's go I'm sorry if your team lost but let's go Raptors it's the first time Toronto teams been in finals for a very long time okay I think I actually gotta clear this up first get out my face of flair Malaysia this is huge this is huge if I'm scared this is all gonna grow back so I gotta sell this house this episode samara scared me with her what yeah that's a small sorry I'm really buzzing everything it's quite loud yeah I know I come back for it I'm looking at the radar look so I kinda just want to do the whole property like this and then like I take a corner ring yeah we're finishing the house this episode no doubt I'm doing laps now we go a little bit more look at that proper draw for at least skilled properly skilled and trained there we go look at that this is the best job you'll ever see in this game I'm a competitive house flipper guy like little patches on this since he's a little patchy I don't know thanks lying there we go there we go okay all right that's us up okay let's get back to work wait account balance oh I lost all that money from buying this place I guess let me finish this little square first there we go okay job well done job well done there's so many weeds this is so satisfying to kind of watch it all get done though isn't it come on it's kind of satisfying to watch all the grass go away it makes me really happy on a like spiritual level just to know all the graphs got bodied clearly all the graphs caring body right now let's go back through it back through it here we go like we really got it make this deal see last as long as possible how we're gonna do it how about you make doing brass take 18 million years like all right done deal we're gonna top down this trace there in the West chop it all down chop this one down – yeah I'm getting hot in here I don't know if it's is me I don't know if it's a grass being cut I don't know what it is I am boiling hot you guys gonna have to give me a second in a second cut down this freakin tree dog all right give me one sec I got to turn on the AC oh okay all right there we go okay let's knock this thing down it's the only one really impeding life my quest for betterment of my garden screw that weed by the way are there you look at us now we're just straight up filming so man how the heck do we zoom so perfect filming every day yeah it's worth it you have these little patches there we go oh oh so since there's a little patch of grass fit in your ear there we go look at that we're being so good at it I'm looking at the radar more than anything honestly I don't even know if I should okay take this out this is a hell of a job the weed whackers is doing business right now let's just say that business is booming for the weed whacker truthfully business is booming there we go there's gonna be one heck of a clean garden all right let's continue to follow path here we can go clear out the weeds later I mean the weeds kind of disrupt my path of going oh my gosh can we unlock the new one so good luck know that fezzes axe there we go let's go chop down another tree let's see what's up here we go let's see what axe we got oh we got a new axe look Oh sings a beast chopping down trees hands problem kind of looks like the axe from forest okay what we're absolutely cracked now you guys seen this takes four hits to knock down like any tree one two three or five six knock down those one two three four yeah okay so it doesn't take many hits at all that's like five look at that look like oh my goodness I'm a beast now there's so many weeds to take out like I can almost just know them all out but the fact that there's so many like I almost just want to grab them all out of the ground first and then mother so I don't have to worry about hitting these little things and like when I hit them they kind of like disrupt my movement this is for night that you're watching right now this is for and I am blind okay these are big old ones you know you can't even see them on your map sometimes they are little ones see that stupid little ones man okay let's get back to business there we go there we go and now I got the rhythm for perfect house flipper flipping abilities actually I'm the flippin best look at that I'm just like done with half that side now got a last little strip there Oh can I sleep until daytime that's not work then maybe remember if I can all right I gotta like clean this part of my screen I can't tell if I'm actively moving I think I'm good here there we go okay there's the smallest patches of green f it is still some along the sides there look at that skills to pay the bills alright I'm already sure I complete a mess with us now since this tree on the outside that I can do but all right I think we cleared all of it let's just chop down the rest of these trees then I mean the flashlights kind of the flashlight makes it look like I'm playing the forest boy like Jays gone rip days gone I kind of missed the game already all right last tree okay oh one more tree my bad okay is Deacon st. John okay we did a great job cleaning this place up can we just say that do you guys agree with me we did a fan-freakin'-tastic job here all right let's at least do this grass over turf sod big turf roll by many all right let's do this oh gosh it takes so long to roll it what happened two days gone we're done the game that's what happened so being done the game really really kind of drives up the content you can do for it since it's done all right well we can read some of the super chats and stuff like that um Burgie burg and jared smithing you both become members and welcome delete enjoyed those emotes if you wanna join as well the link will be in the description below I rolled it over here to see if it would take any of that but I guess it did not so I guess we're just gonna keep on rolling it keep on rolling baby whilst we got here um we got a bunch of donuts here that I want to read out while I'm doing this we're not done yet we're not gonna be done until we finish this whole house so be sure to keep on watching if you are new around here make sure to hit that subscribe button and let's go ahead and read some of these out we got Tekin Joe with the ten if you want to knock down trees in your problems you'll have to complete the drop first again s feel some air trouble roll in the grass out because the trees were in her way she can pick for the tenant and thanks for the tip most helpful and I saw your other comments in chat as well super super helpful thank you Teigen for the heads up we have shandler frickin thank you 8-bit 8-bit nexus lovely randomness Specter 1284 Lucas Moulton khalil gaming whitey you're ever gonna play GTA again soon yes I will don't you worry about that shadow to you we also have TB with the 50 love your vids they are awesome can I have a shadow please thank you for that big shout do you think for both those doughnuts very very generous you didn't have to do that but I appreciate the love Nicole Rene I've been looking forward to stream all day I'm sick sino-us tribute thief what you do tgd Nicole big shout-out to you and I hope you feel better soon I know you will and III hope that house flippers are banger for you oh I hope it I hope it's a classic typical tortoise shout out to you with the 5 TTA cut my foot open with a pressure washing today thanks for keeping me distracted from the bleeding did you lead in Arizona and around the world you got to be careful with those men they are dangerous I know you might think it's just a little water but they come out so freaking fast that it'll rip you open so sad Hume glad glad it wasn't worse than that and man feel better soon Matthew at LAN front thing for that I'm feeling pretty good I hope you do hope you're doing well as well we just keep rolling the sowhere I messed it up now we get oh my gosh we're making so much product can you move to office back to here change lock settings I'll go to settings day night mode game time I do real-time Oh No sable hahaha no day/night motifs day again son we don't need night time right night I'm stupid nighttimes dum de dum dum dum da dum dum I might be streaming again today I might do for a night after this so be on the lookout Shannon in Graham it's so nice to hear from you shady you don't have to drop those fat Downers they'll appreciate that hey TG sir and Miko I'm coming to it Vancouver after I visit Tinkerbell and Disneyland and winter the dolphin in Florida with my family hugs from Shanaya on the Central Coast of Australia shout out to you today opioid an amazing time that sounds like you got one heck of a an itinerary there one heck of a triplet so enjoy it and I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip shad you should name um me keep going over here Samia where you going going to the gym and I'm probably gonna be a little bit uh my garden over here well garden is a little bit you see my garden look at this I did all this all this was weeds all right Chet you know what a hater is Samaras a hater okay block help the haters with some typical da store glasses gaming glasses typical da store shadow to Denzel with the 5 my boss is googling something he's type typical and Google autofill said gamer I thought it was funny in the moment Denzel that's pretty awesome well I'm glad that if you type typical gamer pops up that's pretty uh I feel like that's impressive yeah oh yeah me you bought me your boss is watching the stream right now Denzel okay let's keep rolling these I hope Abby feels better she's got the flu yikes honestly Samaras tip came in clutch but nobody tell her that oh she heard it I said your tip sucked and it didn't help the rolling grass one I'm just kidding you really help you mean you mean I should say it like that how to play house flipper you gotta have a wireless mouse okay you gotta watch just hold it down it'd be really helpful to have the the rolling thing the rolling the rolling thingamabob er what is it called there we go look at that okay look what's the ability called perks um so 70 100 percent faster unfolding from grass from the rule that would have been really helpful truthfully truthfully man that would have been really helpful alright let's read some more donors here what is Murch being restocked what are you looking for Ashley but most stuff that sold out probably won't be coming back unless it's a game of glasses and we try to get those trying to get those back with it shout out to Waleed with the 10 hey Gigi maybe a small cabin with just a gaming setup a bathroom and a phone to get to take out also a large yard for your twenty dollars out to all the mods team tici tici leading Alberta and BC well lead I love the way you think man you got a beautiful mind dude big shout out to you think for that now I think we'll do precisely that I think we'll do precisely and maybe we'll throw it a bed in there too because the virtual buyers in this game might get mad if they don't got a bed you know Chad do you man and then we have a Jeff go Rubik doing a great job with the game cuz appreciate that Jeff Mason Kanab thank you shatter got gaming glad you enjoy the videos High School Rejects shout-out to you for those dodos and then we got Mason mayor shadow to you as well your that just saying that a wireless mouse doesn't good for gaming I thought the same thing bro I've been using this for for nine the entire time just because it's not wired the technology nowadays is insane I have not noticed a difference from wired to wireless and that's a big thing because I don't like when stuff clutters on my desk I'm not sponsored I'm not even gonna tell you what brand mouse this is but I'm just saying that wireless mouse is have come a long way and I totally recommend them if you're gonna buy a mouse and bone oh look at that okay now we got a roll couple this way couple this way a couple this way let's buy many I like how it gives you the option out by many if you like strategically roll these okay there we go like this we got our army of a freaking lon to roll forgot what the name was called how do you buy your merch bro you just got a head on over the typical die store man typical that store that's it I don't know if you call do you call multiple game like gaming mouse mice I don't know if you do doesn't your mouse pad charge the mouse also um you can get that this one on this mouse that I have in particular only needs to be charged like once every like forever so I'm just using my mouse pad the born from typical da store I like that one so wireless cuz you can't afford the wire exactly see exactly what game is this this is house flipper the most relaxing calm peaceful game where you just renovate you build your own house you do your thing you do your thing you just do your thing what do you think about modern warfare the modern warfare trailer does look pretty sweet it's probably the first time I'm interested in a Call of Duty game in a minute so oh we got a cleaning skill faster cleaning supposed to trash and range yes we'll do that one I don't know how I got to cleaning skill but it was up if you read this big fan phantom shadow do you myth yeah I'll definitely play a new Call of Duty I think how thick is Miku she's very thick this game requires a lot of patience yes it does Oh oh man oh shoot Oh No don't mess this up for me don't mess this up for me Oh oh my gosh oh shoot that was a that was incredible that was absolutely breathtaking did you guys see that we went right up to the side those nuts that's frickin nuts those top ten plays of the year that's gonna be in a compilation that's gonna be on BCC clips or whatever it's called are you gonna play for 9x if i stream again I'll be playing for that did you miss this game I do although I gotta be honest I wish I got the ability to roll these things faster cuz I'm just surprised so many of you like watching me roll out grass that's funny honestly we might have a world record here for having the most people watch somebody roll out grass you guys are breaking World Records here I see do you plan to move the USA I'm really enjoying Vancouver men thing you stay here play Friday 13th I definitely got a play Friday 13th soon what is the look of your merch again just head on over to typical da store I mean I'm wearing the Hat right now glasses are available are you playing with tomorrow uh Friday fording and you'll be playing with thieves salty dogs are back baby I definitely want to do more of the Red Dead online missions this is taking forever we're almost on the Roma stud and then we gotta decorate so I don't know what we're gonna do for decoration but low-key need multiplayer in this imagine I you know what would be hilarious imagine somebody has no idea who I am right which is probably most people on earth but also has no idea what this game is and they just click on this because they're like interested and they just see a dude rolling grass out and there's like nine thousand people watching that's a pretty funny thought play raft again can you even finish wrap ladies earn em you have you ever visited state or lived in Edmonton High School Rejects shout to you man I have not lived bit or been to Edmonton Samara has no grass rolling one of the many things to make me stay up all right the last roll oh this is gonna be on some oddly satisfying like oh this gotta be the one of the most oddly satisfying things you guys ready for this ooh oh my look at that last little patch right there oh my gosh Oh oh my goodness mmm oh that's so good oh let's keep going holy smokes that's just beautiful honestly this is so beautiful I'm gonna cry I mean it I mean I need to change it up I don't oh my gosh look at that I mean this absolutely amazing job that we've done here I just like I can't even I'm so proud of us chat I'm so proud of us now should we build a Mitch like I would be real part of me wants to build a mega mansion here well like part of me wants to just make this make this pardon me just wants to fix this up what do you guys think that was a goat screaming did does it literally goat my screaming goat Samara got affirmed I hold it dear to my heart honestly every like is an acknowledgment of somebody crying for the ending here expand the house a little bit take the broom and clean the walls of the house I don't think that works your man I think I have to paint them and make them look any better so I don't oh there it is yeah these walls don't get cleaned like I kinda want to make a mega mansion I don't think can I knock down I don't think I can knock down these walls no I can't knock down this wall okay so this has to stay here but can I build I don't I actually can't I wish I could but I can't I cannot build a mansion like I literally there's no option for me to do that why my grassman out of my house make sure my house nice and healthy I actually can't do what I said so so we can't do that what we can do is we can paint the outside so we got a what is that called mr. Perkins called penetrating vision and okay um surfaces ooh cat's head what I don't like the name of that cats in paving slabs oh there's some really nice stone there's some really nice-looking stone I think we need something like fresh fresh to come through on that real real stuff right this stuff looks pretty fresh this one looks pretty cool let's see this like what oh snap oh snap it's kind of wild okay it kind of doesn't like I oh I don't know if I like this one what we'd have to do is like I think the best way to look at it I mean like what the heck bro what the truck there's a duck sports surface Oh a sports surface interesting yeah I don't know we can make that nice though let's go instead though and go to walls wall panels it's making a nice outside of maybe like bright brick by many we're gonna I think I think we're gonna take just a bit more to do this so I think this should be enough this is getting expensive though let's take our little oh shoot I've got a faster I'm a busy bee dog like lag that's how fast I was moving it doesn't do it up there are you are you kidding I have to kobe each one I have to literally COBE each one all right that looks nice I think I might have got too much tiling though that's all good let's use up all the tile though from each one because if we sell it we're gonna lose some money I like pretty much estimated it right though I actually know this back and I asked her made it way too much to Betty can't do like three at once I got 30k left in this game I think I could just move it if I don't use it right all right let's let's get these done first these Kobe ones they're the most annoying yet like jumping at the right time press it there we go okay you should be good now oh man this thing's looking so much better already okay how much did we buy it for do you guys remember somebody's gonna pull out the number I'm gonna believe like the first person I say we're doing a damn fine job I'ma be real with you some of the rest of these here tgd the builder you can honestly call me Bob I I can't reach up there I know you can get up can I step on stuff Oh oh my gosh soon be oh come on oh I almost got it I can't do it I literally can't do it how do I put that one up there we're never liked by gazebo and Park we're onto it I like when it saves it just like Reese's the game holdup maybe I can I can do this there's like $30,000 okay shoot are you oh I can jump on the windowsill hold up oh shoot say you do it okay all right I'm curious so I hold up can i scan the system 55 mm-hmm oh my it doesn't matter how much or how little use you can sell it for the same price oh that's cheap all right there we go now we can't look now we can sell the full stack 55 a to all them for 55 82 you need to buy scaffolding oh shoot how am I suppose to get this one can hold up by man and then you buy like something to step on furniture what's the most vertical thing that we could find no that's too high I made this table will begin I did it oh my god okay all right so now we got it let's sell this door let's buy a really nice door so doors and windows I don't think you can buy like a door here can you door front door okay that's just you know okay so these are all internal doors front door with knocker interesting so this is just a really dark door I kind of like this one kind of like this one let's let's buy this one oh yeah that's the right way all right okay this place looks way better already I mean the roofing could probably use some work but you can't really do that so we ain't gonna do that all right so what we got to do now is the balls let's just give it a nice white coat of paint what do you guys think I think a nice white coat of paint will do really good here so white walls paint yes by many one two three okay and then we got to get our paint slurp oh there we go there we go that's just his different oh look at that oh okay I'm running out a bit there we go all right all this is painted there we go look at that looks fantastic I'll see a white coat of paint really fixes really fixes a lot of these like worn down houses now I I think this is like get a pool okay we can get a pool we can get a pool everybody chill everybody chill no come on crazy on me on this pool idea I agree it's a crazy idea I like it well you cannot reach something you can use a small ladder or two different types of scaffolding what the heck what the truck there is a duck that's how I go hey I'm on that wall oh yeah there's like the inside of the walls that I never get like inside I don't think I got it over here did I know I didn't see like inside of that wall just they just look different alright alright we clearly need a pool right wall is not too high okay unless I'm a coward and it might be too I last coat of paint here should we double coat it I'm just playing I'm just playing I ain't going double coat it uh 673 645 okay that apparently matters here all right dope it's this scent changer I swear the sun's changing hold up game time real time game time real time disabled all right there we go okay now let's do the floors here so let's do a floor should we do I feel like we should do like wood this one alright ok can we talk about this chat this looks like a completely different area all right I don't think I can make like a bathroom in here I know it's gonna shock you guys I don't think I can put like a toilet it doesn't let me because there's no place to assemble anything so if anything maybe there should be like a hi-tech shed or something I can't extend the house unfortunately what I can do is decorations oh there's a lot of cool stuff to do out here it's like dog houses and planters and there's a pond a giant pond a small pool water wall straight water well wavy what the heck oh this is cool you have to give the assembly what is that a thing how do you put the installations I didn't think last time you could not is that a thing now research plumbing Oh shower plumbing system oh no way okay how the heck is okay where would I put a toilet though toilet toilet plumbing system ok shoot we can do it is it gonna be really tough we're gonna make this house wouldn't make this house we're gonna make its nest won't make we're gonna make we all make it okay go back to installations let's go to bast let's go shower plumbing okay which way does shower open up okay there we go we're doing it I didn't know you could do that you guys are actually the best um let's go shower this is gonna be very very expensive I'll say it wasn't that expensive I love playing this game on hard mode you can't even see what honestly pretty inexpensive put all this plumbing in cuz like if you if we're gonna be real like we should get somebody to come look at an inspector I feel like this wouldn't be the only step you know lucky gotta use your brain but then in some points it's just like random clicking Oh screwing those okay I don't know what you want from me game put that in there you go perfect are you doing so well there you go oh there you go yep all four corners put that in there put that in screw that in same thing there I don't know what to click there okay so there's the shower shadow opens up this way okay okay so what else do we need a shot we need a shower and a toilet right so we got a shower up we need a toilet we need a sink is what I'm thinking I'm thinking the sink goes like here right yeah yeah the sink goes like right beside the shower okay I'm saying this or no no maybe this sink goes here and then the toilet goes there yeah I think that's what we're gonna do so let's do that so let's go wash her towel radiator radiator good no so let's do the toilet there I mean really as close as possible you can buy toilet and mounted here okay before we do that let's go here and get a a sink man this stuff is expensive all right the sink goes right here it's gonna be a really tiny bathroom guys not gonna lie but like we don't we don't got much room to work with so we're gonna we don't work with what we got so let's go at in put a toilet in toilet mountable Church toilet uh mountable toilet flatty the hell's a flat II dog I don't need a flat e right that was a flat e can't even put a flat e here I can't put a flat e there anyway screw the flat e stupid name for a toilet let's go toilet serves that again um there we go um see this one there we go all right let's assemble us screw it into the ground here we go oh okay perfect and then let's get a nice sink sink with this really nice one this is your kitchen cabinet sinks I'll need a bathroom sink a sink with cabinet may I'll do a sink with the cabinet oh there's some oh my gosh when the hell did this game get so fancy on the for ela this looks nice oh my gosh this is sick Camero go with like nut what do you guys think maybe like cherries not bad right cherry ain't bad the dark one ain't bad either let's go with like chick no cherries too bright actually when I sit on second look it's actually good with nut we can't go with no we can't even go with any of those you know we're gonna make this simple we're gonna keep some fancy like that for next time sink again sink gay oh is this you know that has a lot of words I don't know oh that's actually pretty nice do a nice nice oak well that'll work assemble that that's the hot water oh shoot oh shoot I don't know what I'm doing I don't know what I'm doing oh I've really messed up oh god I'll put that in yeah I don't know that uh uh shoot shoot okay ah what how do I fix it I broke I broke it oh my gosh I need to put a bucket under here how do I not see I mean the doors would hit the sink but you just got to open them slightly you know just open them slightly don't be a jerk I can't do it I wanna sit ahead and do it shoot what do I do I'm just gonna keep cleaning it pull it okay it will hold up man give me a second assembly mode normal pretty easy please it's telling me to do that but I can't even click on it see it's broken it's glitch it's definitely glitched yeah I can't do anything about it need to Bibles no it's glitched okay I couldn't do anything we're just gonna make it simple I'm just putting a mountable saying I don't care whatever it's not like some billionaires gonna buy this right I don't want to be this easy though Oh chutes leaking now give me a second normal its glitch this wall is glitched man everything's just broken on it oh there we go now work and my blind oh my my entire house is flooded what's up with it like what part do I click on there look why is it broken great great great great great well it doesn't work I'm trying dragging the pipe there's nothing I think it's just bugged I sold the assembly and everything whoops let's try to get um assembly sink as expensive two men let's try it again okay let's my sink I'm just gonna buy a normal thing man I have frickin lose my marbles anybody else doesn't work man holding it down does nothing it's just I think it's just bugged honestly okay we're gonna restart the end hold up you can sleep by the sound of calming for real right let's go back to the office let's go back to the office in the back here there's sofa it occupies so much of this place I gotta be creepy dude okay [Applause] is it work now oh my gosh it works now it works chat we did it we said to leave and come back now we gotta clean up a little mess get anything else I need here um I need a mirror just go with a nice a nice mirror tonight with a nice Knut frame okay and maybe a towel bar or something hanging towel there we go right I'm a nice little hanging towel here let's put a second one we're gonna change it up nice little gray towel okay and toilet paper toilet paper bro maybe we just put the toilet paper maybe we just put a shelf with the toilet paper on it you know what I guess we'll frickin do it let's go toilet paper let's do a standing toilet paper holder hmm magazines to read yeah they're funny bro you ever seen that I just invented it I just changed the game forever okay so now let's go ahead and make some walls here let's do broken I didn't like the shadows off in this game graphics facts rightness oh yeah let's just do it okay so we got to go ahead and do we got to build a wall it's gonna be tight you know I got an idea let's just move this onto this wall there we go look at that let's get clearance okay is that too much room it's good can we knit indoor I mean it endure door it's an indoor internal door was there was our outdoor this one's like brownish internal door none really fit the same color wouldn't go with this one though hold up we're gonna demolish one part of this wall oh my gosh that was loud okay let's uh finish up this wall I mean it's a tight bathroom it's tight bathroom but it works okay man that bathroom took up a significant amount of real estate here honestly me does a bachelor pad you guys ready for this about to blow your mind let's go over here let's go to doors and windows sliding door inlays yeah I'm not gonna make this sliding door currents and blinds meant we'll window blind let's do this it's a lot of Windows let's assemble these real quick they're very easy to assemble all right now let's get we need a bed right of the top did I mess up the top of the oh my yo you guys are so smart what do you mean there's not enough room how do I place it there we go Oh chill yet I have a really steady hand for these things all right oh hold on we need to tile this right bathroom no the floor should make a nice ceramic white house by many oh there you go that looks nice hi that looks nice it looks nice this bathroom looks nice me like we have a light switch in here or something me okay we got to put a light in here right like uh lamps 90 like a when I hangs down from the ceiling it's like oh there we go a halogen halogen lamp there's now we're gonna do it one this is gonna be pot lighted out one yeah me try to line these up you know let's get a light switch so light switch modern light switch oh my gosh look at that it's not aligned it's not aligned yeah I'll look at the all okay all right look look that's the bathroom that's pretty dope right all right okay now in here we need a bedroom we need we need up sorry we need a bed all right we can't have a very big bed I'm not gonna lie like like the double bed Dora although apparently fits but like honestly that might be the perfect thing to do should we just shove this bed in here should we just shove that maybe we showed the bed in there a single bed minimal double bed thermos warme ooh oh don't fit that's it's not double bed a gaming room would be dope I just like I need to put the bed for resale value okay I'm trying to make money here this is a business I need you guys to be with me on this one please bad solid I think we've got to go with it why is it bro you can make the mattress light yellow that's kind of disturbing like the beds are massive this is a very tight this is the tiniest bro I can put in the hallway a pull-out couch I don't think that counts in this game is a better and I need a bed okay this is a child's bed chat oh this one's nice oh oh oh shoot Joe slaps should go with that that would be pretty good right but can I actually go futon so four fudge I mean it's so fun would be nice but it's not gonna thing so let's just go back to beds we need a bed I'm sorry guys we need a bed I don't want to be the bearer of bad news we need a bed this bed might work too no doesn't okay the other ones the best bet bed Oda let's go with the white bedding there sure we do dark like how it kind of blends in with it by there we go that bed is perfectly in it Oh somebody look in the comment oh it's huge the bathroom is in place for toys I swear it like I'm not gonna lie I'm not gonna frickin lose my marvelous isn't aligned okay let's pie TV now oh sure where this is a TV gonna fit good shoe man like I feel like we need a fridge and stuff don't we TV stand Anna oh shoot are we making moves to making power moves here we go look at that okay now we get a TV that's an expensive TV I've spent so much money on this place oh I hear nothing okay that's pretty good right um I feel like we should get a ceiling fan to ceiling fan would be good to keep can't sleep here with a TV shut up see that guy okay so on the left hand side you'll see bunch of people's faces they comment sometimes that's what I'm reading I can't take away the window yeah I mean it just needs a kitchen but we're the heck of my in a fitted kitchen I can't I cannot fit a kitchen it's not possible a kitchen won't fit well it no our kitchen won't fit well I just don't okay should we go a little crazy hang it on the wall I couldn't wall mount it Oh Pro well you're right look in the mirror there's no wallet that's crazy that's nuts okay hold on let's see if we heal fridge mini fridge Oh fridge has oh my gosh a little fridge maybe we can make this work if we put a little fridge there yeah you're right if I put the door on this other side I can make it kitchen over here what do you guys think okay this thing about this so much stuff in my way I could sell the door each time it's good a door with a wall by the sink closer I think I got it you're right can I move this I gotta sell it hold up can I go one closer if I move if I sell the sink and move it can I go one closer no I think that's too crazy there we I added some more space like that so let's see a door I'm gonna have to move it I'm gonna have to do it like that like the door kind of covers it a little bit I know I need one oh fudge come on man I need one wall there apparently which means the door has to go it's not gonna work it's gonna be too close to the battery I might move the bed vertically yeah that might work well we do that even oh I haven't I know but how do you get in the bed whoops movin I suppose look at the TV now what dudes got more important things than to look at the TV right I actually can't put the bet here anymore again okay I mean like it doesn't really stop it right just don't open it that way this literally can't open it that way you can't remove the window I kind of like this way what do you guys think it would be weird to crawl into bed I mean like then you got the TV there right that's pretty good right look I might have a kitchen here in it I'm gonna make this work I'll put a different bed may I'll put a different bed why can't I build build dog this is the smoke how is he how do you even go to the bet huh I guess yeah yeah I have to have the door closed to go to the bathroom this is a very tight space I'm doing the best I can okay now we got to get the kitchen okay we got to get a kitchen so what we need is a a fridge a fridge Fez there we go so let's let's say let's say that we'll be there we need a sink we need a sink for the kitchen a stove would be nice for kitchen it would but I don't know if that's gonna be possible hear me out I think we can do this sink right here okay stick with me stick with me stick with me we're good broad cabinet right there which stove do we go induction cooktop would be nice for burner gas stove boom right there now we need like a stove top thing where is it um let's go kitchen again steel cooker hood that's what I need exhaust that would work too I'll shoot that's too big y'all chill okay and then I have the fridge here where the heck would I put the fridge at I'll shoot me y'all put the fridge right here bro oh that's good stuff okay what else does the kitchen need can we need ceiling fan you're right let's put a ceiling fan all right let's get a light switch switch modern light switch here all right that apparently doesn't have a light but that's fine okay how do you open this door again so you go up this way you have the light switch light here okay perfect I'll micro a microwave we definitely need a microwave cabinets it's like hanging cabinets um Luther is oh shoot okay I think we just go with the one like right there I mean like we can't put it to the ceiling okay okay does a hit sync tooth up you know you don't have to hook these up although oh yeah now you don't have to hook him up wait do you have to hook him up I don't think you gotta hook them up I think that's like a shoe now we don't got do that we don't gotta do that it's fine I don't think you can hook them up anyway it's a scam that's a scam don't worry about that nobody talk about that nobody bring that up again it's gonna kitchen need an oven bro I don't think we require an oven I think we're good without the oven how narrow is the narrow cabinet oh okay okay can we need microwave now you don't need to do that stuff don't worry microwave oven can lifesaver okay now we need a table to eat right you're funny Austin uh you got jokes I'm eight feet tall dude okay so what else do we need we need a table hold up let's see if I was there a better bed that'll fit here now the bed would drawer that's gonna be the best most efficient use of space I believe there looks like a prison bed bro what the heck let's go with Navy this is gonna be the best most efficient use of spit I gotta sell this thing first oh there we go look at that this is the wrong way oh it is the wrong way gosh darn it bro can you fit back over here you really ruined out whatever yeah whatever pull the drawer out of this side all right stop being a baby whoever lives here there we go okay who puts a microwave oven beside a fridge bro we don't have space okay you don't we don't have a shower I had to either you got to use just that I don't think you can get a shower out can you there's no shower adds okay oh my brother this is a really tight space okay okay hold up okay I get a picture of Miku up in here that's important but I really don't got space to move here I feel claustrophobic it's okay it's okay wait me I can throw me I can put the microwave in there hold up get in there Michael like shut put the microwave in there oh shoot oh shoot you need a microwave I got you okay and now we need like a small little desk we need like a very small desk honestly this bunk bed might work perfectly yeah we'll get lights in a second don't worry so we need a desk ooh okay there's some really small desks we can work with here I think I'll put this desk valia over this one oh no that's too bad it's too big can't do that it's also too big we need small desk Oh all bro it's almost there it just needs to be a little bit smaller uh what's this opposed this one I'm not gonna get a desk man where am I supposed to hang the TV though I can't I can't hang the TV over the hanging TV rock and make it vertical who watches TV vertical you watch TV vertical you're you're weird man the mini fridge in the cabinet honestly hold up no it doesn't doesn't doesn't work otherwise I would it's like not a bad idea um I mean the mini fridge nasi it doesn't work it works for like the hanging ones we need somewhere for our computer and like there's no space to put a desk maybe we put like Oh classical desk oh shoot oh shoot that so ugly oh my gosh it burns my eyes with how ugly I hate classic stuff nope desk and a please desk Anna desk Anna you suck we're gonna have to go with the ugly desk man I'm gonna cry myself to sleep oh yes oh it fit you know we need a chair me like a me like a honestly like a folding chair would probably work best here bro we ain't got a lot of space I'm telling you guys office chair screw it hardcore gamerz am i right then we need a computer right computer brushy so you guys don't even know what a disk drive is come on now I think the person that lives here does desires a gaming PC there's a gamers house man here's gonna be a hello loud bro so we're gonna put it over here yeah the desk is in backwards this is backwards hold up let me look at the picture the desk game backwards it's frickin backwards Wow just like that huh okay so we got that can mater on HD monitor okay sir that's not we wanted monitor there we go Oh give me a break dude suck a donkey putting the computer under the bed that's it I'm a smart man I knew it I knew it I'm a smart man telling you I I like I can't see it much over there just know that it's going well in this monitor set but why did you give it to me backwards and why didn't I notice right away okay when you a mouse and keyboard still honestly we're gonna have to do it on our left we're gonna have to have that Mouse oh there we go there we go there's a keyboard I'm making things work here so you guys should definitely be impressed all right there's a real gamer hours right now it's just gonna be a four-night professional trust me anything else what am I missing from this house you got to do the garden outside too oh there's a console oh this man knows his priorities okay a trash can would be there we go oh there we go look perfect anything else laundry not you're gonna have to go to a laundromat for that bro uh mouse pad I don't think there's a mouse pad it's nine mouse pad wife I know there is a router okay you guys are killing me here but you're killing me biggie smalls Wi-Fi is going on top of the fridge for extra power um a router the desk is yeah okay I got a router I honestly this is kind of lit setup right it's for real would you guys live here be real with me we're put some lights up lamps halogen lamp okay there we go then we're gonna buy two more clock oh my gosh okay the clock we're definitely gonna have to put the clock on the wall I'd be pretty nice right there right okay we do need like a dresser no no actually that can work under the bed desk lamp all right we need like paintings now should we get a see if we get a see up in here this is oh my gosh let's go we just went all out air let's assemble this bad boy honestly this is all you need this is all you need attaching all the wires right now alright can't you guys you have a professional smoke detector oh my this place is perfect we don't really need that anymore at think about it if anything I don't think you can buy power outlets oh no you can't buy power outlets Oh smoke alarm works no you can't buy some oke alarms a gun thank we good bro I don't think we need a gun trying to think of anything we actually do need though let's look through this shelf for kitchen utensils it's hella cute Oh bro that's so cute I'll actually know maybe I'd be better to put on like this wall webcam yeah I'm gonna do the garden area I mean like I got a lot of work to do in the garden screw up bro you know we're doing with chopping down the power line ah I can touch up dude yeah I don't want the room to catch on fire that's why I didn't put it there sand timer hang your there's another hanger for kitchen utensils honestly how many cheese graters do you need not that many now let me see if I need anything else donkeys should we get donkeys maybe we should get some donkeys no we're gonna put two donkeys here all right got the donkeys oh there's a bunny there's a bear maybe we should get some more storage it's under the bed maybe not out we could begin the interior is pretty much done right do the final finishing touches here let's get that bear she know I don't like to bear that much more of a bunny fan this bunny hella cute I'm gonna hit big oh my gosh no the lights in the bathroom for sure it's a lot of bathroom light oh shoot no no we can't have this open ruins it ruins it alright we good we good wait we've been shooting for three hours what what the heck there's no way I've been shooting for three hours what it's 10:20 brah I'm actually amazed I this is probably the first time that I actually like I'm genuinely surprised with what time it is all right we're gonna move on here but I've been decorating this house for way too long decorations paintings I didn't realize what time it was man picture of a Red Square is there anything we I want like oh these are nice area look at that won't be as depressing when you enter your kitchen there time to sell it and make that cash yeah well sudden just a bit alright okay I think the insides done what do you guys think okay this is a tour of the inside of guys you ready so you hop inside okay I actually did a perfect job here I just wanna throw that out there wait hold up hold up hold well hold the horses your horses I can make it even fancier it's nice like bathroom owner area I can't even move let's do it let's do it that's fancy that's freakin fancy that's some rich person's bathroom there's Kobe that I don't even have like room to do this you table behind this thing in the kitchen is actually a legit idea all right look at that oh that looks now that looks good okay and then some nice uh mace um what would look good in like a kitchen hey this one let's try it out honestly I like it cos splits it up that's a frickin cute kitchen I don't know should we do it like on the sides I think the size is too much may the size is perfect I don't know I like that it's like a little kitchen corner right that's pretty cool all right I think that's pretty much done good what do you guys want to get in here you guys want a pool there's swimming pool with counter-current what's up big do I just give us the biggest swimming pool ooh that's really cool we should just have both those by the entrance now do we have a big pool like this is that what we should do hi this is pretty much perfect right like on the real for real on the real for real there's so much stuff you can do outside you've been good we can get a scarecrow plastic compost clothes dryer tool house what the heck this is for the serious outdoorsman only we could put a shed like all the way back there a projector barbecue carousel outdoor cinema screen oh my gosh oh you can have a gym outside look you could have like a gym runner gym skis look this is like if you want to live a simple life you know sandbox you should move the pool like down there this thing is so freakin thick there's so much space here I don't know what to do oh there's a fire pit that's though pizza oven how big is this oh that's way nicer I don't even know what to do anymore is there any that flow like you're kind of like this one oh shoot I don't know how to do it there's too much stuff here chat like what the heck do I do edible plants I think this is just maybe we should just customize the garden in the next one go all out what do you guys think I think that would be the best way because if I do something now it's just gonna be in a rush so I think we did the house here I say that we do the garden in the next episode when we spend a couple hours on it what do you guys think because we did an amazing job in the in the the house here that house portion in the very small house but just that small portion took us like three hours so like I say that we do the rest of this and I think that's what we're gonna do yeah so we'll do the rest of this in another stream that way you guys have to come back so if you watched and enjoy this do me a favor drop a like on this video it's the only way I'll know if you want to see more house flipper is if you drop a like on the video so hit that like button subscribe if you are new and if you want to cops and firemen head on over a typical dad store I just don't want to rush on this so I think the best way is to wait and then do it all in the next episode because we could do a lot with it so any suggestions you have let us know in the comment section let me know in the comment section and I want to shout out a few more people before we wrap up here so we got a busted bowl of cereal thank you for that appreciate that glad you enjoy the videos chatter Mason mayor and what's like this thing didn't refresh we got oh there's a lot more whoops we got juice Christ let me hate brother I think it's be the most listen when I say we just like to watch play no matter what game is I like to say true fan TV fam TG least you know do you appreciate that and I'm glad man cuz I want to play all sorts of fun games so if you guys are bout it I'm about it – yeah don't do my friend anonymous weirdo shadow – you chowky with the 1 1 and the 20 notice anything new about me anything golden shine baby it's my one year badge and spirit privilege and honor to support you and Andre and the joy you bring to literally millions of people as always stay awesome ciao COO everybody chocolate chat finally hit a beer big a membrane chat an awesome part of the community I appreciate you my friend as you know and all the best dude it looks it's good look on you let me tell you it's a good look on you big shout to you and thank you shadow to Diamond axel ciao COO again I became a member in a house flipper stream it was crazy 60 something memory tre see let's watch choking – it's good it's good 360 then it's good return to the start it's on wolf gaming thanks to become a member of wall complete and join those emotes if you wanna join as well link in description below we got close count shoutout to you only X gaming and then we got four lane hacker with the 50 big shout to you and thank you so much for that again if you want to see more of this hit that like button subscribe if you're new and rate this this room out of 10 please write ads Samara Samara I don't know if she's in back okay I'm gonna have to show her off stream or at the beginning in the next room because I really want to get her opinion on this so anyway yeah like the video if you enjoyed it subscribe for new and if you guys wanna cop some farmers like the gaming glasses blue light blocking technology pretty cool stuff go check out the details typical dot store I'll see you guys the next one thanks for watching go people awesome day and peace out

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