Butt Workout 3: Firm Extreme | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

hi I'm Alicia Marie and today's workout in the 30 day butt lift workout series is designed to tone and reshape your glutes have you ever seen a dancer that didn't have a great butt neither have I and this workout is designed to tighten your glutes no.22 required let's get started first exercise is a basic chair sit squat gonna stand with your feet a little bit more than shoulder width apart body upright head and chest up hands out out wherever you need them to be and just going to sit down on the chair and stand and as you stand squeeze you take it down and squeeze out if you don't want to go all the way down to the chair you can hover five for two more and one good our next move is called a pistol kind of because it reminds us of Charlie's Angels you're going to take one leg place it up on the chair head and chest up you're just going to sink down lower your body slightly and squeeze your gluts this is like a single leg squat take it down good four more last one we're going to take it to the side and weird with side pistol here take it down if your hands are comfortable here you're going to put them on your hip take it down make sure that your knees do not extend the plane of your toes good take it down five more two more good and last one let's take it around into the other leg same thing foot up find your balance hands up take it down or hands on hips this move is great because it also allows you to actually train the muscles around the knee effectively and as we age we all need stronger knees two more last one and we're going to take it to the side and again this side pistol here we go ten count down with me perfect five more five four last two and one good take it down we want to move this chair just a tad this is a squat to kick back you're using the back of the chair for balance you're not hanging on for dear life you're just going to sit down to squat stand up into a kickback perfect down and squeeze just that easy your hands are lightly touching the chair just for balance and again but as with all of these exercises watch your body alignment form is everything less three less two and last one and this is one of my favorite exercises we call this the open door I'm going to put this over here all you're going to do is open the door into a deep squat with your toes pointed outward come up and bring them together and then to the other side and come together open up come together open up come together you'll notice I'm using the Bannister if you don't need it don't use it joining up the ante as you get stronger don't use your hands don't hold on and come up to releve so squat relevé means on toe on point for dance for more three two and one now we're going to do curtsy knee lifts again lightly holding on to the chair just for balance take it back to a curtsy lunge come up squeeze your obliques here and get that knee right up take it down squeeze you're just doing ten you can do this this is the good stuff that gets right into all three muscles of your glutes nice and deep to reshape and tone exactly what this exercise is for two more last one good the ticket to the other side I'm going to step over here to the Bannister again the curtsy knee Oh bleep wheeze wheeze if you place your hands here while you're doing this feel your muscles working feel your obliques traffic they've met squeeze it like I did three more two and one good last move is a pulse grand plie squat keeping in the dancers mode here turns out straight lightly touching whatever support you need gonna come down into the squat come up on releve on toe deep squat rather day and like I said earlier as you get stronger find ways to not hold on use your own body balance Tina B's perfect and six more come on you got it we're at the end here five good four three lifts up two and we're going to do single leg kickbacks and then single leg pick kickback crossover so ten and ten here we go better eight ten crossovers with this one make sure you don't arch your back it isn't your back it's your glutes your squeezing perfect and breathe perfect four three two and one shake it out other leg straight leg kick back here we go ten eight think ah sit over second metronome and they have to call this that from now on over squeeze down ten nine that's four three two and one good job good job good job all right so right now we're just going to take a minute to stretch for the stretching is important if you need to hold out for something for balance no problem you're going to grab one of your legs place it on top of the opposite and just hold kyv bend your body forward a little bit I'm gonna turn around something see my form for this just hold next stretch you're really going to feel it back here you can actually do this one lying on the ground as well I just like to standing better because I'm already standing hold it good take it down stretch that stretch we're going to the other leg now same thing lift cross and then in whoa that feels good that feels good especially after all the butt work that we've been doing this is one my favorite stretching and take it down just shake it out all right excellent good job I hope you've enjoyed getting a dancer's back here on this workout 30 days but this program here can be fit you should have subscribed now for more you

50 thoughts on “Butt Workout 3: Firm Extreme | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

  1. okay, best workout ever, man hat tatsächlich nach 30 tagen einen knack po. mein po war defacto nicht vorhanden. jetzt gebe ich damit an. beide daumen hoch.

  2. Hola Befit me gusta tus rutina de ejerciós me gusta como te ejercita me puedes. En señal A tonificar Befi entrenadora

  3. This is a great workout! Can we get more Alicia Marie Please? She is awesome, really motivates me to the end.

  4. By watching you…I feel happy n motivated. You hv a great body😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😆

  5. I did two videos and now I am feeling the work, the toning. I think this is great on a rainy day.

  6. LOVE IT! Alicia Marie is great! Not to talk about the view: stunning. A pleasure to train this way.

  7. She has one of the most gorgeous figures I have ever seen….long, fit, chiseled and without any fat on hips, legs etc., just a beautiful, well defined body, I know she trains, but she also has great genes.

  8. she has a very nice shape one shes worked very hard for i hate when
    people just cannot contain spreading their negativity… jealous much
    i appreciate her taking the time to pass along her knowledge and helping me to get to where she is

  9. are there exercises I can do that don't involve as much pressure on my knees? I have knee issues

  10. The dancers moves are really bad in the video. That's not at all how you're suppose to do it. As a professional dancer Im pretty sad to see people trying to copy the moves without knowing the proper way of training, that will ruin your leg shapes. Without a really good ballet teacher, even for many professional dancers they cannot become very good due to the easy deviation to use the wrong muscles. For instance, the plier you have to turn out your knees, hips, use inner thigh muscles, suck in your inner thighs n butt when reaching a standing position, and keep lengthening, keep ur butt ankle everything aligned, while pile you have to continually turn out while keep hip uplifted, pulling your legs when you straighten up. It is very hard to explain without demonstration. This is only the leg part, the body has a lot of requirements too. And you can't do this move without flexibility, you have to be able to almost reach a horizontal split to properly work your muscles to get nicer butt and leaner thighs.

  11. How old do you need to be, to do these workouts? Do you need too be completely fully ground up or?

  12. I feel more like my quads work, but not the butt. What am doing wrong? I'm okay with my quads and I dont want them to get bigger.

  13. out of all 1:54 is the most effective girls….if youre not doing this one in your routine you gotta start now! The best thing about it is it doesnt hurt your knees

  14. I love this exercise but feel it's too fast paced. I am memorizing her moves and then just adding my own time to them.

  15. Alicia you are FANTASTIC. You have an amazing body. Love the way you explain the moves and motivate to go on..

  16. I've been doing this (clearly on my third day) then followed by the 5 minute butt and thigh workout by fitnessblender everyday. And BOY my butt has improved so much. The reason I decided to throw in the 5 minute one after is bc I was gonna go on vacay in a week and needed instant results lol of course I don't have her butt yet, but mine is definitely already improving. I find that drinking protein powder after also helps

  17. I have noticed that my thighs are getting bigger, and my but smaller? and besides riding a bike too.

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