62 thoughts on “Building Water Slide House Around Swimming Pool Underground

  1. Wow! Swimming pool is really beautiful i like, he's smart man building house, good idea, but i build small mud house for feeding puppies on the mountain.

  2. I wish you guys spent half as much effort on the "House" portion of your builds as you do on pools. You make some really interesting complex structures, but none of them are really living spaces or livable shelters. Build some doors, and furniture, and the other basic amenities that one might expect from even a peasant farmhouse in the bronze age. Less pools, more structures.

  3. Why do all of these channels have to turn into slide/pool building channels? It's getting to repetetive, sadly I'll unsubscribe

  4. How many jungle huts is this guy going to build!!! Try buying land instead of squatting & getting run off from your mud & grass huts!!!

  5. Why is he back doing this BS again? He could be building up his little village which had a nice round hut and stone fireplace plus chickens and root veggies.

  6. What if a crocodile climes in and you can’t see and you tell your grandma to jump in and she does not come back up 😂

  7. Вы тоже ищете комментарий на русском?….. По мне, так из пустого в порожнее, ни о чем…

  8. I don’t understand why these fools always make something with a pool in it, the original guy just made practical things on his channel, I just don’t understand

  9. 🙄 I quit watching these after they shot down that U2 spy aircraft in 2012 using a primitive guided-missile built from only sticks, twigs, and snot. 😏

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