Building Off Grid Log Cabin – Ep 17 / Last Rows of Wall Logs

it's really hard to believe that I only have to do the last two rows of the war logs and when I started I thought that the first two rows of the logs will be the hardest to do also because the floor joist went through the walls and I had five different not just to cut but I think this last the rows of logs will be way more complicated and hard to do especially because the two rows facing this side of the wall will be going out and over the walls I'm not really sure maybe around two or two-and-a-half meters and the reason for that is because I will do the balcony and also the roof will be going over the walls and out also over the balcony here under will be the porch so the roof and the balcony will be covering all the porch and I think that will give so much more space and functional space to the house it's gonna be way more difficult to build it this way but when it's gonna be finished it will be worth hiding all the effort the four logs going out and over the walls are really big I thought that this first two rows will be the heaviest to lift but I really didn't realize until today when I brought this logs here in place how huge they are and I just hope that the lift will hold also this logs and something doesn't go wrong right now right before the end and yeah I look forward to have this logs up on the wall finished because it's gonna be pretty hard to say the least especially I don't know if you can see from the video how high the world is already and I decided to do this without the ladder because I don't know I really like the challenge of climbing up and then walking along the walls I work at the same time on the balance and I have a really good workout of climbing and everything combined with the work so it might not be for everyone and especially I know if you do this as a job and if you do this daily all year and for many years it's not possible to do it this way climbing up and down and it's really dangerous so this is just my decision I don't know I enjoyed I liked this challenge it really forces me to be focused and be present at the moment and with the stuff that I'm doing because just one step a bit wrong and I can fall down and right now it's at the height that I really don't wanna fall down the one good thing at least about the two logs that I have to lift up now is that they are pretty straight because the longer they are if they are curved or something that affects everything even more so anyway each curve it's imperfection at the end is just as perfect and even more beautiful than if everything is really straight because and I said before in my opinion that really gives the house the sense of being hand-built and having a lot of character this log is 10 meters boarded which is almost 3 meters more than the war logs I think for now I will leave it as it is because I'm not really sure how long the balcony will be I'm thinking around 2 meters is way more than enough but just in case I will lift it up and I will later decide how much I want to cut it away also this one is more than 7 meters and when I think now that the main thrust log or I don't know exactly how it's called the log that comes on top of the roof will be even bigger around 12 meters and beer in diameter and I have to lift it I think around 7 meters up there's gonna be there's gonna be the biggest challenge of this log house at the moment I still have no idea how I will do it also how I will build a roof because the lift that I'm using now for the walls will be pretty much useless for the roof because all of the roof will be higher than the lift of the walls [Applause] everything is holding out for now oh I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it goes all the way up on this side there are two things that concern me and the first is that most of the weight of the log is on this side and on this arm of the lift and the second thing is that the arm of the lift is too short when I build the lift I thought that the arms will be even too long but I didn't take into account that the logs will be coming out of the walls I was calculating the lift going over the center of the wall but now the lift is pulling pretty much under the diagonal and that creates a lot more friction over the world logs and it's much harder to pull up and it also puts more stress on the lift so I'm really really hoping that all goes up without any problems this last part is the hardest because the pulley goes really other big angle maybe from this side you cannot really tell but I think from this side you can better see the angle of the pool and as long as I'm here behind the wall I feel pretty safe because if something Falls it will get blocked by the wall but until that log is sitting up on the wall I don't want to be going up because if something breaks it falls directly on me right now have lifting both logs dissing the one on the world because it's under such an angle that it's pulling this log with the other and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the lift that is holding so much weight I think I have an idea how to prevent that top log from moving when I'm pulling the other log up because every time I pull the log up also this world log goes up because of the angle that is pulling I will use this strap to press together all the world logs I wish I thought of this before I love so much time also with other logs as I was putting them up I don't know exactly but I needed more than one hour usually I need around 10 minutes but I'm really happy that it's up and nothing broke I'm in one piece so even if I would need a few hours it doesn't really matter as long as I get it up and I'm okay that's all that matters to me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] today it's really so hot it's not even 12 o'clock but I feel like I mean Alvin they even said that we might have record high temperatures today for the dune and from the record low temperatures in May and how to the record high it's really a big difference in such a short time it's really interesting how you think during the winter that in the summer will be easier to work because it's not going to be so cold and windy but then I know if you wait for the perfect weather or for a perfect situation to do something it pretty much almost never comes the perfect moment you have to make every moment perfect and work out in your favor otherwise you can just wait and wait and wait and it's never gonna be perfect I don't know if I should continue to work in this Sun at least until five or six later in the afternoon I ended up in hospital two years ago because I was too much on the Sun and I don't want to do that again today it's gonna go up around 40 and fall in the shade in the Sun it's way over 40 even when I live atul something from metal on the Sun after half an hour you cannot even touch it anymore it gets so hot and also I can hear the locks cracking because they dry too fast on the Sun you you I have no idea what happened with the tire I left the tractor here overnight and when I came here this morning the tire was completely flat on the ground I very rarely leave the tractor here overnight but when I see that it will not rain I prefer leaving it here and walking back home so that I save on the gas I don't know if it's the heat because yesterday it was really really hot especially on the Sun even today but it's strange because it happened pretty much over the night I don't really know and what makes it even more difficult is that the tire is completely off the rim and this tire is tubeless so even if I have the generator and and the thing to inflate it I cannot do anything I somehow have to take it off and then bring it home this tire I think even if it's the front tire it's really heavy so I don't know exactly how I will bring it home I'm hoping that I'll be able to do it with the wheelbarrow but I'm not really sure I'll have to see everything is so hot from the Sun it actually wouldn't be too strange if the heat pop to the tire I think I did a mistake by lifting the wheel before I loosened the bolts now everything is moving but still they look a bit rusty so I know how they'll come off okay yes I think it's gonna happen I got just three left [Applause] putting on the tractor wheel is not an easy job especially doing it alone and the actual problem was in the valve I think just there was leaking because with my father we changed well then now it's all good so looks like that was the only problem [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I think this might be the most curved vlog that I've used and I'm pretty sure I can make it work just fine with the rest of the logs what worries me a bit is how I will leave the log up to the wall because now these two logs go over the wall and before I just lifted the log straight up but now I have to maneuver it left put one side over and then pull it to this side so I'll be able to clear under the other log and then move everything into the center I'm pretty sure I can do it it will just take some extra time now I have both logs in place and it was not something really dead hard but there was just a lot of left and right and up and down up and down and just moving a bit there a bit up and yeah it was a lot of walking back and forth but I keep thinking I only have these two logs and then another row so that means six logs in total and even if I have to go up and down another thousand times that's nothing and in a week two weeks I should be done with the walls if everything goes ok and yeah that really gives me a lot of motivation even if I have to go up and down I don't know countless amount of times and also setting up the camera moving the camera and then I have to go back up I do something then I change the angle but I don't know I really like doing this I actually I I love doing this so there's no there's not the smallest problem for me to do it what makes it pretty difficult to work is this heat it's really hot for the last week or so I'm not sure but I think we had record temperatures two or three days ago so [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm ready to start working on what I thought will be the last row but after I did some measures now and I mean the ceiling would be at the height that I was thinking about I just think now that I can better see and understand how high actually two meters and a half is I don't know but it seems to me that later I will feel like the ceiling is right on top of my head and I'm thinking to go an extra row because I really don't like the sensation of being in a place where the ceiling is too low I like to feel that there's a lot of space and hunting and to do an extra row even if this will took me other week or two weeks it doesn't really matter I'll be spending probably many years in here so two weeks compared to that is nothing the biggest problem is that the boards of the second floor will be at 2 meters and a half but the logs of the floor joist around 2030 centimeters so the bottom of the logs will be just that around 2 meters and 20 and I think that's too low I don't know I also took a look at some other buildings and most of the ceilings are around 2 meters and 70 another thing is that I will use for extra logs and that might mean that I'll have to go and cut another few logs I'm not sure at the moment maybe I will make it work with the logs that I have but he maybe I also have to go and cut another few trees the things now are moving much slower than at the beginning just to lift the log up and then put it down to cut out the notch that that part of the work the lifting takes really the most amount of time if I look at the separate desks like scribing cutting out the notch and just different stages of work when doing a single log the lifting up and down takes now the most amount of time really it's quite a work to get it up so high plus maneuvering under these two logs that go over the world is really a challenge but everything is possible it just takes more time and work more work but that doesn't mean that you cannot do it and I really would like to say thanks to all the people that reached out to me and were kind of worried what happened with me because I didn't release a video for so long I don't know I never imagined so many people would be so involved with what I'm doing and with my journey of building this log house it really surprises me over and over again how many people comment how many people are inspired through my story and I don't know it's just it leaves me in awe every time every time I upload a video and I don't know what to say I try to reply to the comments but it's hard to find enough time I'm working here from Haymitch from the morning then until I can see anything and now that the days are long that means that I come home around 10:00 then I have to eat something a shower and I really have a hard time to reply to everyone but I hope that's understood and and even if I don't reply to everyone I go and I read every single comment because it truly means a lot to me all the nice words all the suggestions and even you don't have to agree with me you can say what you think is wrong as long as I don't think you are just being negative for no reason then I really don't have a problem with whatever you have to say I really hope to be done with the worlds this month and then move on to the roof and hopefully have the roof finished before the winter and before the code comes back but anyways that's all for now and see you in the next video you

46 thoughts on “Building Off Grid Log Cabin – Ep 17 / Last Rows of Wall Logs

  1. Put a flat board against log ends to reduce friction when lifting new logs into place.
    Create a sharp edge if you can at contact points.
    Love your work
    Safety is a real concern though
    Make or buy a safety harness
    One slip and all your hard work could change in an instant

  2. Love what you are doing all the way from Saskatchewan Canada youre vids keep me going God Bless you and your family.

  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but couldn't you have rolled the wheel? And that's me wildly guessing that the tire would be sturdy enough not to damage the inner tube.

    Also, thanks for the great and truly inspiring videos!

  4. one biggest accomplishment in life is to do things by yourself, you might feel very proud of what you've done. especially house which will be there for a longer time. it's fun to watch and I love log house, wish I could build my own and I want to have one in the future for sure……good job can't wait to see the final construction.

  5. Nice job go as hi as you can on the pony walls it's only going to be better in a long run Dormer on the roof would be nice to

  6. Are you out of your fucking mind? God blesses the Fool once in his innocence. Please do not walk with a power drill in your hand across a log at that height again. Thank you!

  7. As always, wonderful video! You are a brilliant young man! I'm astounded at the genius things you come up with to help do the job. I wish I were close to you I'd love to come help you but since I'm in central California I'm at USA, and 75 years old I can't do it anymore. I find myself praying for you as I watch the video and see you walking on those logs like it was nothing. I used to follow my father around building and doing things and this sort of thing I love to watch. I have a 60 inch TV and I send your videos to the TV from my phone. I have watched you since you are gathering the logs. I'm looking forward to the finished product. Meanwhile oh, I will continue to pray for you as you Teeter on those logs! Blessings dear one. We all love your videos!

  8. Wow… completely impressed. This is a huge build and you are doing this with amazing are in an elite group of people that could pull that build off by themselves. You truly are batman….can't wait to see what is next. Wow …..

  9. Barrowing that tractor tire back and forth to your home is pretty impressive. I think you just won the man award for the day. That's a bummer that it went flat!

  10. Barrowing that tractor tire back and forth to your home is pretty impressive. I think you just won the man award for the day. That's a bummer that it went flat!

  11. We have missed your videos,glad your doing well.Your making great progress,your house is looking beautiful.That was alot of work changing that tire,well done.As you know saftey is your number goal,just as you are doing,if something takes a little longer it's ok,be SAFE.Thank you for the good video.Sending you positive vibes.

  12. Thank you for sharing all these great videos. Love the detail and the craftsmanship!! I look forward to every one of them. Cheers from Canada Nik. 😀

  13. 34:03 was a "Oh Crap" moment. I don't blame ya, I would have been running as well—just not as well…. You're doing a fantastic job. Enjoying your channel very much…

  14. I have never before seen your method of notching the logs at the corners. Squaring the logs and then notching them, cutting the v the length of the log and using gaskets and insulation makes a lot of sense. Not only will it eliminate chinking, but it should withstand the future settling as the logs continue to dry and shrink. Keep up the excellent work. I enjoy watching your progress, which is impressive for one man.

  15. Nik do you think you might build onto the cabin later. you are so good at what you do,everything is so jam up and tight.

  16. You and what you are doing, is amazing! Love what you said, nothing is impossible, it just takes longer!

  17. Hay man you’re working in a dangerous place. Sure hope you take extra care in bringing the logs up on the walls, good luck be careful all it takes is to get careless and that could mean death. I have done work similar to that just take your time and take careful moves.

  18. Nick I know it takes time and life has to go on wth other things too. I was wondering where you got the thing that you stand on the outside of the logs.Its just about 3 or 4 feet.I would like to have one! Did you make it yourself? It was a nice scaffling and I could really use one.

  19. @Duncan, I believe Nik lives exactly the way he wants to live, works exactly the way he wants to work. Somehow I think you totally do not understand that few people as Nik, an intelligent spiritual man are able, in every sense, to do just that. I can be wrong but perhaps the man does not even feel comfortable with a well meant message as sent by you. As I see it, he walks the line just as he lined it up, how many men can say that? With respect, Albert

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