Building Lindner | Summer 2018 Update

Hi I’m Bob Marton. I’m with Planning+Design+Construction here
at the University of Cincinnati and since the students left back in May of this year
over the last three months we’ve wrapped almost this whole building with the exterior wall
system. Behind me you can see the last elevation being
erected which is the east side. Also, we’ve put on the primary roof system
and soon to follow is all of the dirt for the green roof so that’s really exciting for
us, and as we do our flyovers, you’ll really be able to see a different type of building
forming in the center of our campus. On the inside, our atrium space is very well
defined now with a monumental staircase and we also have the grand stair that’s formed
from zero level to one level which you take it to the atrium. And also, we have a whole lot of stud work
going in which is defining our classrooms and our offices and our conference rooms,
so the open floor plan that was seen when you left campus is now being closed in and
well defined. So, it’s a big day here at the university. We welcome everybody back to the fall semester
and we hope you enjoy what you see when you get back and walk around. And, please excuse our dust and our noise;
it’s almost done. Thank you.

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