Building Beyond Together, Root Cycle by Cristopher Cichocki

Hi from Louis Kahn Memorial in New York my name is Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, I am an architect and an author I’m interested in the relationship between architecture, art and society my experience includes heading research for Herzog and De Meuron and collaborating with Ai Weiwei in China I also teach at Harvard, Cornell , Penn and
CUNY Geoplast and Cristopher asked me
to introduce their project Building Beyond Together, Root Cycle they made an art installation in a Palladian Villa Angarano they explored the relationship
between nature and building so our hopes that we can have actually a discussion with architects, with this project the first thing and the most important thing to discuss is what makes architecture beautiful? many believe that beauty is only visual, for example I’m struck by the beauty of buildings like The Elbphilharmonie and The Court
Scraper but beauty is not just visual I propose three new ways how to look at beauty of architecture Number one, how is it built? Number two, how people live in it? Number three, how it preserves the environment? this three seems familiar, however they are quite complex our hope is that this project made architects adopt new standards for the beauty of architecture I’m Mirco Pegoraro CEO of Geoplast Spa my family founded the company in 1974 our vision is to try to change the way of
building and make it increasingly sustainable towards the environment we use plastics, plastic is often perceived in a negative way, but we always try to use it with respect to the environment it is important to improve the relationship
between architecture and nature that’s why we decided to create Building
Beyond Together project with Cristopher, here in Villa Angarano a perfect city, is a city that is capable of
exploiting today’s available technology in order to incorporate the environment
within the urban context a city where nature comes into contact with the people and people living nature in the middle of the city there are various manifestations of nature there are earthquakes, floods, pollution architects must learn to live with these events and solve them nowadays, the environment is increasingly important and increasingly present in everyday life architects need to know the technology, to shape their cities according to the environment My name is Cristopher Cichocki I’m an American artist from the desert of southern California my work focuses on the relationship between environment and industry this is my artwork titled Root Cycle which is part of Building Beyond Together the project consist of three elements a Geoplast product used as raw material the construction which embodies an architectural structure along with organic materials such as Aloe Vera, branches, soil all of which are part of the natural ecosystem When Geoplast proposed the idea for me to create an artwork involving one of their products I immediately gravitated towards the New Elevetor Tank because of its architectural aesthetic and when I discovered how this system stores water underground while preventing erosion and floods from heavy rain falls this combination of infrastructure and water preservation inspired me to use aloe vera for years I’ve included aloe vera in my
art as a symbol of sustainability and resilience despite no water and the application of marking paint aloe vera always continues to grow when planted back into the earth this concept of resilience and sustainability within Root Cycle became fully realized in the context of Andrea Palladio’s Villa Angarano an historic landmark that was integrated into a natural environment centuries ago and continues to flourish with its deep consideration of reverent design and preservation

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  1. amazing job man, i loved! his works served as inspiration for my work on completion of course on ephemeral design

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