hello everybody how are you all doing today so today we are going to be playing on the Viet Nam server and diamond2 editor put that diamond – above my head now rub it on my face let’s see if they dance with me do you think they well I think they will I think they will it’s called contagious syndrome dance with me dance with me there we go see see see see I got him to do it [Music] hey man we still got a flash in a hill I’ll take it to win-win for us now my first blood that’s what I get for helping botlane that’s what I get for helping botlane so yeah I’ve been watching some of those guides that you like have on YouTube lately I kind of want to see what you guys are learning and I saw that there’s a jungle guides telling you that people start on red and they go to crog’s and you know what that’s that’s a great way to start on Master Yi I totally agree with that like red in the crog’s but I find that most people actually start on the side that gets them to leash like for example this game Nocturne started blue right you start on the side to get you to leash and then you work your way up but yeah that’s you know that’s just what I tend to see but I think that cruds are really good because crog’s are the crog’s are the most dominant camp get them oh my god what are you doing what brah brah yo yo oh man all right that’s okay I think we can dive him but he might alt me in and I’ll just meditate so we’re actually kind of meta bait in here easy I’m coming bot lane I’m coming bot lane but uh okay we’re gonna dive this by the way look at me soak this exp like a badass [Music] we a triple for daddy I love diving on you it’s one thing that he does really well it’s he dives really well right it kind of reminds me of Elise when it comes to diving all right you guys take that I’m gonna go do the dragon once you give worrier makes dragon really easy are you taking my raptors because that dragons worth a healthy amount of gold I’m just saying I haven’t got enough for that bf sword so now we have to decide are we gonna get essence or an infinity edge it depends on how much we have on our back so if we have like a BF sword +3 a cloak you know I might consider getting the IE I don’t like to get Chris super early unless I finish ie though okay hey that’s how we do it right there he actually like melted but anyway I think er is completed okay sorry about that Pike sorry about that buddy I just I kill people too fast I don’t even realize my own power you know what we could do we could complete the essence reaver or we could buy another BF sword mmm-hmm yeah so if we complete the essence reaver we get plus let’s do the math completing as introvert gives us 5% CD yard and a crib but we don’t really need the crib right not until we get IE so I don’t mind buying another bf sword no I think adds entry vers really good independently oh my god what is that shield oh yes hexdrinker law I’m gonna take this dragon you guys do you I’m sure that they won’t die okay he died okay I’m sure nobody else will die let’s see how he died no biggie I got his dragon you’re welcome team I got ass dragon and two Bs swords and if I reorganize them it looks like something amazing no it doesn’t alright here we go I’m ready miiverse world boys miiverse world hey where do they go yeah you dead yourself oh all the power of support yeah so right there boys [Music] daddy oh I should have ran out somebody was taking the tower for me so you guys may be wondering why am I sitting on an essence reaver in an infinity-edge combo and the reason why is because I feel like krint in general isn’t as powerful unless you have like your infinity edge already done or a lot of it so I like to buy the ad items [Music] sorry I’m just having a moment here does he have tabbies God ding he’s hard to kill dude he is sword to kill he must have tabbies no he doesn’t he has a zhonya’s Oh huh that’s kind of crazy anyway now we can afford to buy the infinity edge then we’re gonna buy the essence reaver which will give us bonus crit with the infinity edge all’s well all’s well as long as I don’t take that uh Baron yeah that’s mines actually really tanky must have late yeah oh uh if he had tabbies he’d be on kill wait go to use seven kills oh my god I have 12 kills why in the same game here I believe in your team do we have any AP damage that can like hold that well well my team holds that I will push some towers and then I’ll go back and I’ll be the heaven trigger I’m expecting a Nocturne old on me here save the double strike are they not going on me Oh freaking God they are all coming for me dude they are all coming for me I have to sky dragons oh no hotel huh come into me dude yeah that’s how we do it right there well I got me some Bank now you can finish this as introvert get some extra cred like at that we drove them all the way down here they are greedy whoa my team might even be able to do Baranof for that right now we want to go ahead and start working towards I’d prefer to crit item I think like got a shiv and phantom dancer I think right now that phantom dancer is better that’s my opinion chibs okay I think phantom dancer is a lot better and also the components of phantom dancer a lot better as well because you can build that crit the crit component really easy which gives you more crit which gives your infinity edge a lot more damage alright we’re just gonna walk out the fountain we went ahead toward this dragon yeah I was actually scared that I was gonna die and we’d lose baron but that worked out more in our favor you know what we can do let’s put ward over here let’s grab this crab come on Nocturne jump me baby yeah I didn’t think so no balls oh god they are all coming they’re all coming oh we got sixteen power spike hmm well that was ambitious oh that was some damage hopefully we can get a tower or something all that I’m not sure what the eye is doing but she’s trying god bless her that’s no bueno I don’t even have Islander oh wait what that the caisson just dash into me I was like what killed me [Music] point O right nice ace well now we can get some boots huh get those boots back I like to sell my boots everyone swamp but yeah we’re looking at a really cost-efficient wit’s end right now unn including the healing on including the healing we’re looking at a like a hundred forty percent cost efficiency what’s it’s actually a great item even on crit I mean the the on hit doesn’t synergize what crap very well but it’s still really really cost-efficient and it gives you a lot of stats that you need like even the movement speed is nice so like we’re sitting on 458 movement speed right now oh yeah GA I think G a is just a terrible item honestly I mean it’s used a lot don’t get me wrong but it just it doesn’t feel as good as like zhonya’s get them Oh blind blind the dispatches never goes away and he gets like infinite slow it does played Wow all right I’m ready let’s push it and end it boys I only got 15 kills this game [Music] [Music] all right [Music] Oh let’s get him yes all right we are now halfway through Diamond – we were getting really close to masters in Vietnam it’s getting really hard the games are getting really hard but we’re gonna do it so they wait see you guys for the next game and have a wonderful night or day whatever it is wherever you are


  1. 안녕하세요 Cowsep, 저는 오랫동안 팬이며 베트남의 서버 쪽에서 나와 친구를 사 hope 수 있기를 바랍니다.

  2. Các bạn hãy chơi chế độ này nếu team kia không có ai sát thương quá lớn ! , nó có thể làm bạn bốc hơi trong combat đấy , cẩn thận =))))))))))

  3. someone need to voice cowsep via the caption
    I`m Vietnamese so I wanna know how does his voice would be like if he`s a Vietnamese XD

  4. Cowsep try building spear of shojin instead of essence and berserks.Then build infinity. With these 3 items(blue warrior,spear, infinity) when you press R you will have 250 AD + 2.00 AS + 25% CRIT + 40%CDR(8sec for Q and 50sec for R) + EVERY HIT LOWERS Q CDR + 200 HEALTH

  5. 🐄 sep sir…. I discover that phantom dancer and stereks Gage is a supa dupa power output… Can u play a game and show us?

  6. trong một clip nào đó ông đã bảo rằng "nên lên chí mạng cho Yi khi team mình không có nhiều tướng lên damage vật lý vì bọn nó có khả năng sẽ lên tabi để counter" nhưng trong clip này team ông có tận 4 damage vật lý cơ mà 😀

  7. Why do you say crit doesn't synergize well with on hit? They do. Both are basic attack builds. On hit scales with attack speed, crit scales with AD and attack speed. It all scales together. On hit ADCs like Vayne have the most damage when they get Guinsoo, Botrk and 4 crit items (selling boots at the end). Guinsoo is an on hit item but synergizes pretty well with crit builds because it's 25 AD, 73% attack speed and 15% total armor pen. Only those stats are worth 2800 gold (not counting the pen). Give me one item that gives more efficiency for basic attack improving.

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