BUILDING A UNIQUE HOUSE AND ENCHANTING | Minecraft Survival 1.12 with NoobSniper Episode 22

what’s going on ladies and gents and
welcome to the minecraft with noobsniper series. I definitely am not
recording this again. And that’s definitely not the second take. I definitely didn’t
have to go on a slaughtering spree. I don’t even care if it’s a baby, I’m just going
to slay em all. The youngins they all must die and a creeper definitely did not mess up
my stuff so we need lots of cows oh shit water down go back cows back cows
creepers creepers I hate you so on second take here I’m gonna be explaining
what we’re gonna be doing today as you saw by previous clips I tried to
record this episode and a creeper decided to this story everything so
let’s try that again so this episode I’m gonna be showing you what I’ve been
updating here being mainly have been breeding and farming and collecting the
wool from the Sheep I’ve been expanding and continuing to
plant out and hoe out get it Houk is a garden hoe out the wheat field there and
as you can now see I have updated the cow area
it’s an odd shape now but it was a good shape before now we have a whole bunch
of cows here and what we need to do is we to collect a whole bunch of leather
so that we can create our crafting table or Escamilla our enchanting table and
all the appropriate books will they have 15 leather right now if we’re gonna need
closer to 45 50 for all the books and the enchantment table itself I believe
you need 46 I believe and yeah that’s what’s what’s going on in that front
there you also might hear a bird in the background chirping intermittently being
that I may take I’m bird setting for the next couple of weeks which is always fun
inside here you could probably tell I took out all the water stuff I wish Lee
wasn’t happy with how it turned out unfortunately I maybe I’ll try it again
but I delete all I deleted I just took out all the water filled it back up I’ll
have to create some nice-looking space there you can see the potato form is
gone it’s actually just been reallocated here we’re actually now this is under
water here and I’ve just created a lot of light and yeah I like the way this
looks a lot better it’s not as big as I’d like it to be I’m probably too
expanded both directions but that’s there for now and this is where we’re
gonna be having the enchanting room I want to dedicate a room for the
enchanting stuff so that’s where this is gonna be
and aside from that no other major updates I’ve been smelting a whole bunch
of smooth stone mainly because I want to start working on the house in this
episode and as I mentioned last time if you haven’t watch the last episode go go
ahead back and watch the episode but I mentioned that I wanted to change up a
little bit of the design I wanted to actually do something along the lines of
like a spiraling type house mainly being these are like the main four walls and
then it would be spiraling up with different patterns of wealth materials
the first being wood the second being this brick right here like this
and yeah so I’ll show you kind of what I was intending here
and you’ll hopefully kind of catch on and see so what I want to do first off
is I want to be able to get up here so it’s do something like that and let’s
start there so I’m gonna first of all narrow this out because trying to do a
spiral with this big of a dimensions would definitely cost a lot of resources
there let me go ahead and take the torches off my secondary slot there so
how you guys been hopefully you guys yeah hopefully you guys have been doing
well it is now Christmas break for myself I have a week off work which is
fantastic means are gonna be trying to record as
much as possible so that I have as much content as possible for you guys I’m
gonna try to upload as daily as I can and yeah I’m looking forward to being
able to interact with you guys and hang out with you guys more I did want to go
ahead and just get out of the way if you are new to the channel and you want to
see more content in general especially over these next couple of weeks we’re
gonna see a ton more and you’re looking you know over the holidays looking for
someone to watch you can always just hit that subscribe button and when I always
say this at the end but you know what if you ever enjoying the content hit that
like button you know like it does help the channel a lot I know everyone says
that but it genuinely does both for discoverability and visibility in
general so if that’s something you like to do go ahead and do that so as you can
see it’s kind of climbing here what I want to start doing now is something
like this where I’m gonna be going up by two and then up by three up by four up
by five etc etc etc yeah what I was thinking we’re gonna do social media a
lot of you guys have been hitting me up and follow me on Twitter Instagram
snapchat all that jazz highly encourage you to do so mainly because it’s where I
hang out the most when I’m not recording or or editing and so I’m always on
social media if you guys want to talk to me or you know I don’t love you guys
reach out to me and ask me either for advice or tips or just generally just
want to like talk about stuff and you know what I really really appreciate
that like you guys have been phenomenal the last upload I had which
was the talking about the destiny stuff related content and talking about my
biggest regret a lot of you guys had really really interesting points and
like you know what you saw in the channel why you liked it why you
continue to come back and a lot of you guys have been here for a very very long
time and which is freaking awesome did not expect that many of you guys to be
around from like five years so kudos to you that’s amazing
you guys are really like diehard supporters and fans of the channel and
fans of me so thank you so much you guys are the best
you guys can kind of see what I mean here in regards to the spiraling stuff
and then the next layer will be something else the next layer will be
something else I know climb-climb-climb oh yeah you guys have you know I I don’t
I don’t think you realize how much it means to have someone who supports you
for that long and engaged as much as you guys have can all things considered you
know my channel being very intermittently uploading for a number of
years you guys have really really really killed it on the support front so as
always thank you so much for that I share with you guys some of my goals
from last video where I did say I wanted to you know gain another 4 or 5 thousand
subscribers and you know I wanted to make this more of my full-time you know
transition more into a full-time and thing where I’m doing this regularly and
consistently and seeing kind of how it goes from there
and I’m really excited to see how it happens and what you know ends up going
down so yeah just want to give you guys a big shadow for that you guys are
awesome I really read super appreciate it it’s gonna be finishing this up here
we’re gonna go for a second layer okay so just finished up here you can kind of
see what I’m going for no creepers around okay where I’m gonna
be kind of like spiraling up here and that’s probably to be as high as I’m
gonna get it and just make a big base up there
but what I want to do now is go with stone bricks and then I don’t know what
the third or fourth I know if I’m gonna do four but at least third I don’t know
what we’re gonna do yet for that give any suggestions let me know it’s a bit
you know leave a blank for now I suppose you’re gonna make your way up here again
you know if you I should do this we don’t we reduce our chances of falling
I’m gonna make this all look pretty I’m just doing this generally for now I’m
probably gonna use stairs and make it look all nice so for now let’s go ahead
and throw some bricks down here yeah so we’re gonna do something like this maybe
I will use a couple materials for sure and this is where I want the platform to
be you could see the kind of view that we’re gonna get here which is really
what I was going for I wanted a beautiful big view of the
land seeing all the you know different things I have that we’ve built in this
world and what I wanted is that when this platform is all done with
everything said and done I want to create the YouTube sign maybe even
facing into the sunset wait I don’t know we’ll have to see but I definitely want
that big YouTube button you know play button sign thing right there and or at
least in some direction not sure quite yet but in one cardinal direction and
that way it’ll it’ll be a walk you know what you guys I don’t want to spoil it
it’s just gonna be so good I have so many ideas and I don’t want to spoil it
but it genuinely genuinely is gonna be awesome so I’m just gonna go ahead and
build a bit of a platform up here it’s just quickly go in the water and
take a look that’s kind of what I was going for again second third pattern
type here will be kind of wrapping all the way around so we’ve be replacing
that wood there again with whatever and if we end up going with but I like
the house I like the fact that the house finally has a roof it finally is not
completely well technically it’s still open but it’s not completely open there
let’s see what other blocks we can do we could just do straight up stone or stone
straight up like wood blocks we could that would be much more costly than
using planks but we could try and think where else we could use yeah if you guys
have any suggestions I would love that appreciate that a lot you know it looked
nice nether brick I think nether brick or even like
obsidian ooh maybe some obsidian hmm was just stone wood stone wood I don’t know
let me get let me let me know what you guys think yeah then we’re gonna have a
platform up there that’s gonna be quite large it’s probably to be a little bit
bigger than the base here I’m so paranoid about creepers today it’s
probably a little bit bigger than the base more round though definitely not
square it’s gonna be round all right do we have some wheat let’s go
get some wheat let’s go multiply our cows I want to make a giant cake room or
a cake basement something like that where it’s just literally just mountains
of cake just tons and tons of cake and we need a lot of eggs and buckets of
milk for that so cool alrighty let us go multiply the cows are
gonna take our sword out to approach clear out of any creepers nearby
there was a straggler out there he is gonna get dingle-dangle
there we go breed here it’s probably enough cows
here but I’d like to breed some more so that thinker both is a little bit faster
35 Ashish should I be enchanted simulator okay oh that’s gonna look cool
from the distance oh that’s gonna look so nice I see you doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo doo you can’t move from there cuz it’s too
alright hold on here we go this is how you beat skeletons look at those eyes
look at them ready ready oh really jerk well whatever I kind of beat them I
mean I won them no I’m alive so I’m definitely beat up there
I definitely won Heinz percent 15 leather well we could at least start the
enchanting table area let’s go ahead and grab the obsidian so should make a Zee
enchanting table you are required to have a book so that’s good let’s grab
some paper here and we’re gonna do something like this and a leather so
let’s go ahead and just make as many as we can here because we’re gonna need all
the books anyways so might as well and we’re gonna use for obsidian in a
upside-down T shape without the base two diamonds and a book doo doo doo
enchanting table and then mark the center already gonna light it up a
little bit more here make sure nobody spawn in here no
creepers creeping and let’s go ahead and make some bookshelves I believe it’s
three books and three wood Oh five six foot that’s right cool so let’s
go ahead and spread that out there I guess we can make four book shops for
now I can place those was it here hmm what’s the orientation again is it like
this or like this like that 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
yes so like this like this whoa okay a little bit like there what that
happened that and there we go and so sweet double check here yes and we need
a little bit lapis but yes we can get what is that it will cost three
enchantment levels and we’ll get a 9 something or other so let’s grab some
lapis I know we don’t have I know we have some all it’s downstairs in the
indeed in the mining area let’s go grab that quickly here quickly haha sprint
there we go it’s hard to sprint starting on the stairs it’s uh uneven levels
lapis lapis oh yeah where we have a whole bunch of iron down here as well
cool and making our way downtown walking fast cool and so I guess our first
enchantment let’s just do something silly sure that’s for something silly
let’s go ahead and make ourselves the most important tool uh-huh
and let’s go ahead and enchant it okay let’s go make sure we’re doing a chant
it cuz you can enchant it good good good good
cool bye bye sure make a shovel hmm shells are actually pretty important I
don’t know waste it let’s go ahead and just make
some iron stuff then cool let’s go ahead and make an iron pick no an iron sword
sword definitely definitely a sword there we go
iron sword let’s go and check this bad boy alright put in the comments below
what do you think I’m gonna be getting here bane of arthropods hold on white oh sharpness – bane of arthropods who
should we go to kill some spiders or I’m gonna sharpen this – yeah I’m not gonna
risk it I was gonna go ahead sharpen this – so not the greatest obviously but
hey it does a little bit more damage let’s see comparison here it does yeah
7.5 attack vs. 6 so it definitely does more damage what’s just good that’s
gonna be our first enchantment which it’s not bad not bad we had extra levels
so might as well just use them and yeah hopefully by next episode I’m gonna be
collecting more leather I’ll actually have a full enchantment we’re gonna
probably do our pick so we’ll get a and either will enchant
this pick or we’ll just make another pick we’ll figure it out or just you
know get some more diamonds figure it out but I know this is a bit of a weird
episode it wasn’t really super uber productive but I hope it was
entertaining and I hope you guys did enjoy again as I said before if you did
enjoy hit that like button subscribe for more content hit me on up hit me up on
all the socials and I resolve a wonderful day take care bye bye

13 thoughts on “BUILDING A UNIQUE HOUSE AND ENCHANTING | Minecraft Survival 1.12 with NoobSniper Episode 22

  1. Super fun episode! Also that intro sequence was so funny, creepers are just the worst!

    Also don't be afraid to use some birch wood for that spiral. It's not as bad as some people make it out to be. 🙂

  2. Loved this episode ☺️ the design of the house is coming along great, I definitely agree that you should you use nether brick as another material, I think it would look great alongside wood planks

  3. Glad to see the return of the quickly’s 😉

    But I definitely feel your pain at creepers just ruining your day, but that’s part of the “fun” (maybe?)?
    Anyway, I’d definitely recommend some dark oak on that spiral, but also consider adding some other materials in place of the massive section of oak planks you have now (make it not just a thick band of oak with single layers above it, but lots of small bands from the ground up). Hopefully that made sense, but regardless keep the videos coming and happy Christmas Eve!

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