Building a Network of Progressive Leaders

We’re building a network and a community
of leaders who can help us with our aims our strategic aims are to work with
authentic liberated leaders who are inspired by societal change and we want
to build a framework for the 21st century we want to build a framework the
influences the sector that can ensure that people understand what good
leadership looks like. I think one of the ones that I’ve realised I display, is the vulnerability one slash, authenticity. Which is
partly functional age where you just think I’m just it’s just me. I am who I am now I think tonight’s event was really
insightful and I think the thing that I found most interesting was the redefinition of the kind of leadership paradigm I think it’s the first time
that I’ve seen the words like creativity courage and vulnerability put into a
leadership framework. For me, we think about 21st century leadership all the
time. We think about how we can prepare for the future and we lead from the
future in the present this is a really good framework to be able to start to do that. Sessions like today, they actually kind of reflect what recruiters ought to be doing is better understanding the sector the leaders around it, the
challenges better know the client. And actually you need to dig under the skin to actually get there as well. But also just share the authentic challenges that
we have as leaders within the charity sector as well. I think it’s
important for learning I think it’s important for our own self awareness I think it’s it for personal growth and development. Leaders should never stop
learning so having this conversation is is all part of extending leadership
capability for society and the organisations we work for. W e’re in a privileged position to be able to observe and assess leadership everyday and we feel and obligation to use these insights to drive change in society through better leadership in socially driven organisations so we want
a network that can help us do that. People that can come to events and
shapes of thinking shape the content that we push out there and we want more
people to become part of that community so if people are interested in joining
these events in thinking about the future of leadership and the health of
our civil society then please do get in touch and help us.

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