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Washington D.C., the landmark packed capital of the United States of America, is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. It’s iconic collection of impressive buildings and monuments, arranged around the national mall, have played host to countless historic events, marches and speeches. Creating this impressive backdrop didn’t happen by accident – Washington D.C. is a planned city. Here we investigate how D.C. was born, how it was designed and how it has grown into the symbolic heart of the nation. Named in honor of America’s first President, George Washington, D.C. was founded in 1791 to serve as the capital city for the new country that had declared independence 15 years earlier. The United States Constitution authorized the creation of a city to act as a permanent home for the country’s government that would not be part of any state. Following a compromise between the northern and southern politicians, Washington chose a location on the Potomac River on the country’s east coast as the site for the new capital. The states of Maryland and Virginia each donated land to form the federal District of Columbia, (D.C.) which was formalized with the signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790. To design the modern capital, Washington commissioned French-born engineer and city planner Peter Charles L’Enfant. Many of the core principles of the current city were laid out in his proposals. Heavily influenced by his native Paris, the
plan consists of a grid of streets overlaid with broad diagonal avenues radiating out from ceremonial squares. At the heart of the plan was the U.S. Capitol Building placed on a small existing hill, which L’Enfant described as a “pedestal awaiting a monument”. Stretching out in front of the new home for the country’s central government was a garden-lined “grand avenue” approximately one mile long and 400 feet wide, which would become known as the National Mall. Directly facing the Capitol at the end of this avenue, an equestrian statue of George Washington was planned, with the President’s Mansion – The White House – directly north of this monument. The mansion and Capitol were joined by a diagonal avenue to complete the triangle. Following several disputes L’Enfant was eventually dismissed from the project with Andrew Ellicott, who had worked surveying the city, tasked with completing the design. By 1800 the first two major public buildings of the new city were completed. The seat of government finally moved to D.C. and President John Adams moved into the residence, which had been designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban in Neoclassical style. Both buildings had to be rebuilt after the British burned the city in 1814, and both have been substantially extended since. The equestrian statue of Washington planned at the head of the grand avenue did not materialise, and it wasn’t until 1848 that construction on a different monument to the nation’s first President began. Although the monument was originally intended to be placed at a point directly aligned with the center of the White House and the Capitol, the ground at this location proved to be too unstable to support the vast obelisk that was proposed. Therefore the monument, designed by architect Robert Mills, stands 390 feet (or 119 metres) to the east of its planned location, much to the annoyance of those that like things lined up. Due to a lack of funds, construction of obelisk was halted between 1854 to 1877, and a clear change in the color of the stones can be seen about a third of the way up the monument. Completed in 1884 the 555 foot tall monument remains the world’s tallest stone structure, and was briefly the tallest man made structure in the world, before the it was surpassed in 1889 by the Eiffel Tower. Throughout the 19th century L’Enfant’s plan for a ceremonial centre was largely forgotten as the Mall became used for less glamorous activities like bivouacking, parading troops, slaughtering cattle and producing arms. Although the Mall had not been the focus of much attention, it was expanded to the west in the 19th Century. Until 1881 the Potomac River had ran close to the Washington Monument. However, a major flood of the city that year prompted Congress to order the Army Corps of Engineers to dredge a deep channel in the Potomac and to use the excavated material to build up the banks of the river. This reclaimed land became known as West Potomac Park, an area which would go on to become home to many of the Mall’s monuments. By the early 1900s, L’Enfant’s vision for a grand national capital was under threat, with randomly placed buildings – including a railroad station, greenhouses and industrial facilities – encroaching on the Mall. To rectify this, the Senate Park Commission issued the McMillan Plan in 1902, which reimagined the Mall as the symbolic centerpiece of a larger, grander federal district. The plan proposed creating a cruciform park, with the Capitol building anchoring the eastern end of the east–west axis and the White House the northern end of the north–south axis. The Washington Monument would stand at the centre of this plan, with new monument’s planned for the south and west ends of the cross. The plan also eliminated the Victorian landscaping of the National Mall, and replaced L’Enfant’s “grand avenue” with the 300 feet wide simple expanse of grass we see today. Flanking this open area, a series of low Neoclassical museums and cultural centers were envisioned. Although the McMillan Plan was not enacted in its entirety, its principles guided the development of Washington D.C. over the next 100 years. During this time, the role of the Mall changed as it became a place of gathering and symbolic memorials. As the McMillan Plan suggested, the Mall was extended to the west and terminated with the Lincoln Memorial, which, along with the reflecting pool, were completed in 1922. This was followed in 1943 by the Jefferson Memorial. To place this monument directly in line with the White House builders had to reclaim land from the tidal basin, with the resultant unstable earth still causing problems today. These memorials were joined by the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in 1982, the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial in 1995, the FDR Memorial in 1997, the World War II Memorial in 2004 and the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in 2011. The Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building was also joined by a succession of museums at the east end of the Mall. This has created a significant museum complex that contains 11 buildings and attracts some 28 million visitors each year. The Mall continues to develop and the latest museum – the National Museum of African American History and Culture, designed by Sir David Adjaye – opened in 2016. Although Washington D.C. was pre-designed and planned, it has been a work in progress for the past 200 years and is still developing today. L’Enfant’s plan provided the framework for a modern city that has evolved to become the memorial filled administrative and symbolic capital of the world’s most powerful nation. 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  1. Since March 27th 1976, the Washington Metro has also played a huge role in the revitalization of core neighborhoods, adding a character to D.C. that it previously didn't have. This is thanks to the huge amount of non-government-tied commercial development in what is called "DC's Modern Downtown." That area spans from 23rd Street NW, M Street NW, 6th Street NW, and Constitution Avenue NW. With the reduction in average office floor space over the past few years, in about 10 years, when the leases are up for grabs, there could be as much as 40% more people commuting into the modern downtown — putting extreme strain on the Metrorail's Red, Blue, Orange, and Silver lines. That demand will likely justify the construction of a separate pair of tracks under the Potomac River, through Georgetown and along M Street NW/NE to New Jersey Avenue, then jogging down to H Street NE, and continuing east from Union Station, to meet up with the current Blue line route on the north side of Benning Road NE, crossing the Anacostia River.

  2. "The district of columbia," DC, was not named after george washington because it doesn't HAVE WASHINGTON IN THE NAME

    its just a nickname ya dumb brit

  3. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!
    Washington was not influenced by Paris which at the time was a total mess of small tortuous streets, but by Versailles which was the de facto administrative capitol of Franc and was planned as such. Showing the Arc de Triomphe is another pathetic historical mistake. It was not there, neither were the large avenues. They were build during the XIXth Century.

  4. The government ran out of money halfway through construction of the Washington Monument because of the Civil War. Tidbit that was missing.

  5. I honestly had no idea the western part of the National Mall was built on reclaimed land. I knew about the monument not being aligned with the White House (I'm one of those people who gets annoyed by stuff like that), so it's strange that I never bothered to learn why. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Looks cool. But that obelisk… I feel like they could have done something a lot more beautiful. Anyway i'm looking forward to visit one day.

  9. One question: how was L'Enfant's plan for Washington inspired by his native Paris when the major Haussmann renovations didn't begin until the mid-19th century?

  10. Nice video. Missed out on something really important. Originally DC was nearly twice its size. It was a perfect square 10 miles by 10 miles, half on the Maryland side and half on the Virginia side. Eventually Virginia asked for their side back which is present day Alexandria and Arlington (the pentagon, national airport, Arlington cemetery, The Walking Dead) and left DC at its 64sq miles that it is today. You can see in some of the pictures in this video that behind some of the monuments there are some tall high rise buildings. That’s all in Virginia because DC has a height limit.

  11. B1M!! You totally left out the most important FACT of the story…an African-American genius named Benjamin Banneker!!!

    When spoiled L’Enfant stormed off the site taking and burning the “plans”, which resorted in total delays, Ellicott could not even finish designing the mall. It was Mr Banneker, from a former Slave Family who saved the entire project and recreated the expanse plans in just two days from memory!! Banneker was self taught and was the first African-American appointed to the The Presidential Capital Commission in 1789. He later became a Mathematician, Engineering Scientist and published his first Almanac in 1791 and campaign to abolish slavery. Ellicott was a Surveyor who stubbornly refused to give Banneker credit for saving the project. If it wasn’t for Benjamin Banneker and the slaves that built the entire Mall there would be NO Washington DC!! Banneker is a Golden American Hero whom deserves respect and honor.

    I enjoy your videos but have overtime notice major factual errors, especially when talking about the USA!! Check your facts next time…twice!!

  12. I wish they would implement strict architecture laws to make the city look more like Paris instead of having a lot of modern styled buildings littering the place.

  13. If Lenfant were to have ate his own dog food I.e. drive in DC with a million illegal immigrant aliens issued driver licenses he would have burned his plans at the stake and walled off the city armed with tanks to keep out the corrupt polichickens.

  14. You completely neglected the Blatant SATANISM which is obvious to ALL but the blind . Start with the pentagram . Next , do your own homework David Yikes !

  15. An incredible city with an inspiring architecture, definitely worth a visit!
    They have good donuts as well, hot Krispy Kreme is simply delicious!

  16. 1:54 No he was not, the layout of Paris wasn’t
    made until the second half of the 19th century by Napoleon III, which was quite a bit after D.C was planned or even established.

  17. also maybe somebody who knows who to pronounce MARYLAND correctly (Merr-ill-und) would be nice

  18. 7:53 The National Museum of African American History and Culture is an objectively repulsive eyesore, an offence against the architectural beauty that surrounds it. It should be torn down.

  19. You didnt talk about the Virginian side receiving their land back, the acquisition of Georgetown, the Hotel Cairo and the height and setback laws, nor Rock Creek Park…

  20. Ah, Washington D.C.- it was originally supposed to be exactly one hundred square miles, spanning both sides of the Potomac. Then some racist Virginian land thieves in the 1840s stole 1/3 of the District because they wanted slavery to be there again. Congress should give Arlington and Alexandria back to D.C.

  21. You forgot to mention the White House was built by slaves who's owner took complete credit and payment for.

  22. REALLY!!? No mention of Benjamin Banneker at all during the designing of phase of D.C.? I guess we all know why too. 😔

  23. When they said "Mary land" I about lost it with laughter, to all Brits out there it's pronounced: Mare-i-lend.

  24. The Capital was set with setbacks when it was built. In 1812 The Brits torched it and it would take until Lincoln to get it rebuilt. Over time the capital grew and more room was needed for the senators and congressmen from all 50 states so the rutunga and the west wing were abandoned and turned into an art gallery with statues placed in the corridors. the Senators moved to the north wing in 1856 and the congressmen moved into the south wing a year later. In 1850 work on the dome began and was completed in 1863 in time for Lincoln's inauguration. Today the Capital is where all our laws are made inside these hallowed chambers every law that governs the United States is drafted before being sent to the President for signing. The White House is located to the north of the Mall, Jefferson is to the south, Lincoln is to the west, and the Capital is to the east. Before the the Mall was built the city of Foggy Bottom and Adams Morgan encroached on the city. Union Station and its wisker tracks ran right through the Mall and factories started to pop up along with Adams Morgan's slums. Congress had to sign a law to drive these businesses out and it would take a flood and work by the Army Corp of Engineers to turn this land into the Mall as we see it today. On August 10, 1846 The Smithsonian opened and took up residency of the Mall. On the North side are The Museum of Natural History, The Museum of American History, The National Gallery of Art, and the National Archives. To the South along Massachusetts Ave are the Smithsonian itself, The Art and Industry Museum, The Hirshhorn, and my personal favorite museum The National Air and Space Museum. Over by the Capital are Union Station, The Library of Congress, The Museum of African Art, the Holocaust Museum, and The Zoo. The African American Museum was recently built in 2003 and opened in 2016 it is west of the Museum of American History and across from the Lincoln Memorial and Martin Luther King. The Native American Museum and the Code Talkers Museum and Memorial are east of the National Air and Space Museum in the center of the Mall.

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