Building A Brand Where Do I Start

welcome back to another axe family video
today we’re talking about building a brand
here are some do’s and don’ts when naming your brand you do want to choose
a name that’s appealing to you and your customer you do want to be creative in
your name there to be a little bit different than everybody else you want
to run a trademark search to make sure it’s available you also want to check
domain names that’s domain names of websites and then
handles of like different social media platforms when you are starting a business whether
you own a business already whether you’re just wanting to start a YouTube
channel I’m going to share some information with you today that is gonna
help you with your branding Before we jump in here I just want to say thank
you to our subscribers thank you for following our journey you’re new here we
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and let’s jump right into this today we’re talking about branding which is
super important because your brand is basically your face to your company it
is the value that comes out of your company it represents who you are your
logo is part of your branding the mental image that people will remember
so really branding is all encompassing for your business it’s going to be the
last thing that people will remember when they interact with you and your
product and so you want your branding to represent who you are well and who your
company is well if your branding is done correctly it should improve recognition
it should create trust you should increase value
you shouldn’t motivate your employees should have tracking new customers and
it should support your advertising campaigns so as you notice I’m reading
some of my notes here and it’s actually coming from a book that I have it’s a 24
page ebook and it’s packed full of information all about building a brand
and I have it available for you today there’s a link down in the description
if you want to get a hold of this ebook it’s five chapters and there’s 24 pages
just packed with information and it’s super helpful if you are interested in
building a brand or you just want to learn more about
branding and logo development etc consistency is another huge piece about
brandy when you set a plan you want to make sure that that plan whether it’s
pumping out YouTube videos you know a certain amount of videos per week you
want to have a plan set in place you know you’re not gonna burn out on but
it’s also going to provide enough content to keep people interested you’re
gonna have short-term marketing and you’re gonna have long-term marketing
and when you are first figuring out what your brand is you really want to think
of the long-term and you want to think bigger than what you’re already thinking
and so initially I thought of the title train my lab as you know the name of the
company or the name of the YouTube channel and I was gonna specifically
just focus on Labrador Retrievers and it was just gonna be limited to Labrador
retrievers because I named it train my lab however I got some advice to name it
something broader like gung-ho dog training and now it can encompass all
different types of dogs and even though I love live indoors and I love working
with Labradors there is now room say if somebody else you know train Border
Collies to herd cattle and they wanted to come and make videos on my channel
and be part of my website now I have the option to do that and the horizon is a
lot broader even though I might be to a specific niche at the beginning and that
goes hand in hand with naming your business because you want to have a name
that is broad enough that you can do different things if you think about like
Google and Apple like they didn’t you know Apple didn’t name their company
like iPad but because they’re named Apple they can do a wide variety of
products and so you want to make sure from the beginning when your studies
thing up your branding is set in place so that your company can grow to the to
the place that you would eventually want to grow to once you come up with a name
for YouTube channel you would want to take the mindset of the audience someone
that is searching for your things on YouTube or someone that stumbles across
your channel what are they initially going to think
when they read the title of your channel you also want to leave room for a little
bit of interpretation in your naming there are other YouTube channels that
are already named the name that you want that shouldn’t be a stopping point but
if that channel is you know has millions of subscribers and is really big and
doing really well then you have to think that that’s going to be a competition
with that name so if you come up with a name like gung-ho dog training I haven’t
found that anywhere else and so as far as I know from the research that I’ve
done there’s no competition yeah now you can go start it right now but that kind
of defeats the purpose of me sharing all this information with you for free so
come up with your own name make sure it’s creative search the domain name in
gone go or other hosting websites and search for Dundas domain
name to see if they’re available and then just go to Instagram on your web
browser you can type in Instagram comm slash whatever the handle is you want
and you want them to be the same across all the platforms so one thing that we
didn’t do with ax family is on YouTube were accidentally but on our website
it’s acts BAM calm and if you go and search ax family someone’s offering to
sell it for $2,000 and that at the time you know when we started wasn’t an
amount that we were ready to spend and it’s still not amount ready to spend so
we decided to do go with it however looking back that
would have made it different I would have made sure everything was available
from the start don’t confuse people with funky spelling
I don’t choose a pun or word that may be offensive and don’t add incorporated to
the end of your business name unless you’ve gone through the
process of being incorporated I’m not going to be able to get through all the
things I wanted to get to today but all of that information is in eBook and you
can check it out there let’s talk about color real quick so if you went and did
a search for color emotion guy you would find that different colors have
different meanings and they also evoke different emotions and people here in
the e-book I go into detail of what each color means and so if you want to keep
it really simple just pick two colors and you want to make sure that those two
colors balance well with each other there are three types of logos there’s a
font based logo which is basically you have just words and that is your logo
you have an illustrative logo which is kind of a combination of an illustration
like an image along with your wording and then you have just a graphics logo
with it which is just a graphic and gung-ho dog-training we decided to just
go with a graphic logo and it’s really cool because I wanted it to represent
the relationship that I already have right now with chief my relationship
with chief be the symbol of this company I thought that would be cool for it to
start that way what I did was I actually took a photo of myself and then put that
into Photoshop and I turned it into a silhouette and then I also took a photo
of chief and I put that into Photoshop and I turned that into a silhouette and
I basically you know highlighted the shape of chief and highlighted this
shape of myself and turned it all black and then made the background white and
put a circle in there and I have made this logo and then I took that logo and
I sent it to a guy to have it animated and this is where I need your guys’s
help because he sent me back two different video clips of this animation
and I’m thinking about putting this at the beginning of the YouTube videos and
one is this right here and if you notice the circle doesn’t move and so then on
the second one right here this circle actually moves and I’ve been asking
people which one they prefer and so comment down below which one you think
looks better and which one I should choose the next thing I wanna touch on
real quick was coming bringing mistakes and I’ll just be able to hit on a couple
of them here one is to never break your promise with your audience you can learn
a valuable lesson from companies who have changed the way
that they originally said they were going to do things and that was a rough
transition for them I kind of go into detail with some examples in the e-book
don’t make inconsistent decisions don’t avoid damage control
never release antagonizing or offensive advertising and there’s more so this is
all in the e-book and I kind of end the book with the benefits of establishing a
solid brand man there really is just a lot of information on this topic and so
that’s why I put it all together in an ebook form so that you can get that for
yourself and kind of go through it and there’s a lot of YouTube videos out
there on branding and this topic and it’s just a process that I went through
of you know searching and watching tons of videos and it just takes a long time
so having it all in one spot is really helpful and that’s what I was hoping to
do for you guys today was providing this book and so I put it on our website you
can go check it out if you are starting a YouTube channel in
yourself I would love to hear about it I would love to hear what the name of it
is any logo ideas you have so definitely comment down below and I’ve read all of
the comments so I’d love to hear from you you remember to hit that thumbs up
button and thanks to you who have subscribed and hit the bell so that you
get notified when I post new videos it means a lot and we will see in the next
one hats off to you

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  1. I like the one where the circle doesn't move. It's a little distracting when the circle moves, I think the focus should be on you & chief. πŸ‘€πŸ•

  2. Thanks for the tips and this series guys! We love the moving circle logo! We might have to redesign our intro/ logo

  3. I might not have even noticed the circle moving until you mentioned it. But it did seem to pull you into a focal point on you and Chief. So my vote would be for the moving circle. πŸ™‚

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