Building a 85 MPH Barbie Jeep In 10 Minutes Full Time Lapse

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re about to show you guys a bunch of shots of Cinderella rippin in all different modes but first I wanted to show you guys we got Cinderella shirts in we have a grey shirt and a white shirt it’s cotton from the USA and printed right here in North Idaho we’re pretty proud of that there are a higher quality than our old shirt they’re super soft and comfortable and we have new stickers with the same graphic so those links will be in the description if you want to support the build but let’s get back to it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Building a 85 MPH Barbie Jeep In 10 Minutes Full Time Lapse

  1. You don´t know me guys but I follow you since a few months. I see you from Argentina and I wait for your videos every day I sit in front of my computer. You guys are the best and please don´t stop doing what you do.

    PD: My English is not the best, but I hope you can read and understand me. Love you guys

  2. i was going to ask you to build one for me but now that you posted this i can do it myself…i just need that thing that cuts metal and the other thing that makes sparks and glues metal together

  3. When i first clicked on this i thought yall was rebuilding the barbie jeep lmao im like no what its awesome looking already but i seen the title

  4. Best suspensión ever, can take big ass jumps, somehow has a high center of gravity but still hauls ass in every curve, super fast, looks super cool, it's like the best thing to have ever been made, y'all make great things. I live in Spain and a Spanish account on ig posted a video about the jeep and got nothing but great comments. Puts smiles on lots of faces, and that is something that amazes me, I wish I could come to be like you and build smiles over the world. You are my favorite yt channel without doubt just keep this type of content up please. Oh yeah and also the cool ass music 😎👌

  5. Great video!my favorite build since I'm a jeep guy cant wait to see bumblebee finished looking great already keep up the great work guys👍👍👍

  6. Y’all are on another with your metal fabrication skill. Love the videos my 10 year old son and I watch them together. We are currently looking for a power wheels dune racer to build ourselves.

  7. Holy sh*t Man Use got and buy all these motor bikes and stuff and just pull em apart wish I could do this stuff can Evan afford a moto

  8. Ahh what bliss to watch the many hours put into this beast compiled into 10mins! "Send"erella is perfection guys! Love what you do and the fact you do it so well!
    Hanging out to see how Bumblebee turns out! 🔩👍👌

  9. Man I want a shirt, wait I want the jeep, guess ima build me one, hope it rips as hard as that one I mean holy hell that's fast!

  10. Imagine a tiny, auto, diesel tow rig and trailer for all of them. Youre literally creating a franchise lol. I love you guys and love how hard youve worked to become this. And yet still so far to go.

  11. Proper tool. Well done boys.
    May I suggest half a roll cage and windshield from a side by side, save any major ouches, if you have a bucket seat and harness, what about a seat that is spare from the spitfire, the fancy ones that never fitted?
    Don't get me wrong, the jeep is awesome, totally superb, I'm just thinking about you guys, as my friend had an accident a few days ago and is in a bad way, so take care out there whatever you do folks. Thanks once again for sharing. 😉👍

  12. Been following you guys since the day you dropped episode two of the scooter after I watched that I subscribed immediately. First comment ever but I need to say watching you guys evolve has been amazing. Ethan’s designs and fabrication gets more and more intricate and better with each build and Ed the editing and music tracks are always phenomenal. It’s awesome to look back and see where you guys came from and how much you have accomplished and the fact you bring us along for the adventure is just pure goodness. Congratulations on all your success you guys deserve it. The clean content ( no profanity and can watch around my kids) the shop evolution and the introduction of new tools and techniques the amount of pride taken into making the raw footage flow and the consistency of it all. You guys rock!!!! Grind hard for life 🤙🏾

  13. Great vid, but PLEASW GET SOME DIFFERENT MUSIC!!! I know u make soms urself and are proud of it, but it gets old after u hear it in every one of yalls vids. Thanks boys.

  14. We just passed up a Barbi jeep at the Sullivan transfer station, I thought of snatching it but the attendant was watching. "No removal of trash, can't you read the sign?"
    We tried, you guys do a fantastic job! Keep up the great work. Oh, by the way, we had a 63 spitfire IV MK 2 growing up but nothing like yours. Have fun.

  15. Amazing job guys I’ve been a subscriber for awhile now and I can’t say how much I loved watching this had inspired me to build my own mini buggy and I really want to use the same wheel and tire setup you used on the Barbie Jeep can you please help me out with a link to the wheel and tires you guys are running on it..thanks so much keep up the awesome builds and great vids

  16. Can you guys release a hoodie with a subtle logo? They are always popular and I'd love to wear a hoodie from a channel that I love that also isn't tacky compared to others.

  17. It was just a matter of time before you had to build another one that way both of you can ride them. Always enjoy your builds the fast pace build was pretty cool.

  18. If you like building using Power Wheels (12 volt) bodies- how about something with more room like a 24 volt ride-on? Like this:

  19. Sir , this is 12 minutes . Nah but for real , your vids are great ! Please make more vids on the camaro ! I’m really looking forward to it 😁

  20. Yall should get the ford bronco power wheel next that thing is nice if i had the tools like yall have i would would so put my 440 ex motor on the grave digger power wheel

  21. The video I was waiting for now I can do my own project
    Those who voted negatively is because they envy that a toy car lifts faster than their car!

  22. Hey guys cool video. Seeing the Jeep hanging from those straps gave me a brainstorm. You know how you can go into a body shop and they got somewhat of an A-frame type deal that it looks almost like a swing set and a car is bolted at let's say the front bumper and the rear bumper and it allows for the car to be rolled like on a skewer in a BBQ Grill. They use that kind of a stand for when they are sandblasting the car typically. Well, you could make one that telescopes in length and that way you can bolt whatever buggy you're working on and just roll it as you are doing the completion in welding and even in assembly you could make it to where it's held together with pins so that it's easily broken down and stored away like a cherry picker. Let me know if you like my idea. I think it's a smoking idea it will give you excellent access and a lot easier on your back. You guys are by far my favorite YouTube channel. You blow all of them away with your ingenuity. Now I think you guys should just kiss and get it over with : D JK JK : D
    Also I think you should Paint The Odyssey in a black and yellow and call it killer bee??!! : D

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