1. If you get a sloth, you could make it's exhibit open at the top with vines going all over the reptarium so it can roam around. Zajac Zoo (biggest petshop in the world) did it like this and it's awesome. Animals can choose to explore or be in the safety of it's exhibit.

  2. I'm SO HAPPY that you're going to such great lengths Brian to give your scaled friends a great quality of life and trust me I invested almost 55 thousand dollars doing an exterior house remodel and adding my new 12 by 14 foot room for my snakes but gosh they love it out there and it means so much to me to see each of them content and social and happy :o) Can't wait to see this room finished and best believe I will be following every step you take to make this become a reality my friend !! 馃檪 I went a little crazy and had all brand new electric wiring run and enclosed in PVC pipes and buried 3 feet deep in the ground so I don't ever have to worry about losing my electrical again from fallen trees etc. People just don't seem to get it that claim breeders do all they do for the money which is so untrue so consider all of that money that's being reinvested for the reptiles to give them a better quality of life folks !! FACT !!

  3. The dallas aquarium is one of my favorite places to visit! I try and go every year. It's amazing you got to experience it! Merry christmas barczyk family 馃巹

  4. And just wanted to say this u have posted so much in my life and I have been subbed for 2 years now and I can鈥檛 get enough of what u do u have helped me though the worst Time of my life and I would love to thank u and I am planning on a visit to see the zoo again thank u for all the positivity u push on us your amazing

  5. This is amazing! I haven't been watching your videos for a long time due to school. I remember you only having like 500 to 800k subs and look at this channel! Everything has really grown and transformed! Even the video editing which is awesome btw. So glad to see your passions come to fruition and will be a regular watcher now that I am FINALLY done with school! Hehe. Keep up the great vids!

  6. Omg I like the slow motion of the zoo where are those cool animals are it is very stunning in there 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃敟馃ザ that's really dope

  7. The build seems to be going faster than I thought. It really looks amazing! Cannot wait to see the end product (and the sloth cage hehe)

  8. Ive always loved your channel ive been watching you for around 2 years now. Im 14, My parents have always been anti reptile, I cant wait to be able to move out.

  9. I was wondering, how are you going to be transporting this back up to Michigan? I am a truck driver and am curious on your plans

  10. Hey Brian, my son and i love to watch the videos you put out and we are thinking about getting an iguana. would you recommend them? Who should we purchase from and the detail on taking care of them? Keep it up the new cages look great!!

  11. Brian you should be get a caiman you can build a different baby croc enclosure in the addition for a habitat and just add branches and natural looking foliage to the current baby croc enclosure would be fine for a caiman. I hope Rj gets his own space also it would be neat to see a Rj enclosure and a baby croc enclosure right next to each other. Obviously not together because you can't keep them together but a side by side enclosure would be neat.

  12. Great video as usual! I wish you would do a meet and great in Dallas my son learned to talk from watching your videos after being non verbal for 3 1/2 years! Dallas world aquarium is amazing

  13. It鈥檚 great that you build huge awesome displays for your zoo, but please take as much care of your breeding snakes. You said it yourself in the video, a cage with enrichments makes the animal much more happy. Sure it鈥檚 behind the scene and nobody really sees it, but your breeders deserve as much, not just an empty plastic bin with absolutely no enrichment, no caves, nothing. Actions speak louder than words.

  14. Hi Brian. What鈥檚 the reason for the shortage of those male crocs? It seems like, to me, that breeders are always looking for females.

  15. A rain forest exhibit? That sounds like a great way to learn a lot. You could do a separate exhibit just on that. It鈥檚 so sad the rain forests are disappearing so fast. People, especially kids, need to know they exist and that were losing them at an alarming rate. I haven鈥檛 heard about any rain forest exhibits.

  16. I don't think you needed the zoo to make your brain go a million miles a minute. I think it does that all on it's own.

  17. You could give Lori a live sloth when you open your presents Brian. Also, you always say you wanna go bigger and better? Instead of having the foot /fish baths. How about you get a whirlpool and put those fish in for the full body spa. With their swimsuits on of course.

  18. I love how hands on you guys are in everything you do… from taking care of the animals to building the actual cages and everything. It鈥檚 amazing. I love animals and you are inspiring. Very proud of Brian and Crew! 馃挏馃馃

  19. So, Bryan, I have a friend that is REALLY afraid of snakes. Like if he sees one, he has nightmares for like 3 nights in a row. I love snakes, and we are planning on moving in together as roommates, and I have wanted a snake since I was little but my parents wouldn鈥檛 let me. So what I am asking is, is there an easy way to get my friend, less scared of snakes or to just help him get used to them, without stressing him out, or a snake?

  20. Hi 馃憢 cages look amazing 馃槈 you鈥檙e really going upmarket now, looking forward to your next video…….wishing you family & all at BHB happy Christmas 馃巹 & new year. Love 馃挃 from Cairns Australia x

  21. Those cages are looking good! Hope you put some skylights in and some tropical live growing plants! You could get the same feel as the place you visited but on a smaller scale.

  22. Just remember to make it easy to access, you don鈥檛 want to be getting cornered without escape 馃槄

    But wow, are they looking amazing already ! 馃挅馃挅馃挅

  23. Reptile themed hot tub at your house in a more private spot at one spot to relax and watch he animals specially where u live. Use to love gn to a hottub outside during winter

  24. I was looking at Caimen Lizards I want a pair for sure , That looks like a 3/4 cdx with like a composite face on it or something, must be a proprietary plywood or something

  25. I was born in Dallas and grew up going to the Dallas World Aquarium before and after they added the Rainforest expansion. Thank you for showing this I literally screamed when I saw you were there. Love your vlogs and the work you do to raise awareness.

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