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Jocko Willink went from being a kid who wanted to become a commando to spending 20 years in the u.s Navy SEALs and receiving the silver and Bronze Star medals for his service in the Iraq war He’s an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu Practitioner owns victory MMA and fitness in San Diego and often trains and corners professional fighters He’s also a successful podcaster author and speaker Need motivation watch top 10 with believe nation. What’s that belief nation? It’s Evan I believe in you and this channel is designed to be a part of your daily success routine So let’s get your motivation to attend and have you believing in you? Here’s my take on Jaco willings top 10 rules to success vol 5 also If you want to know what Jaco and other successful entrepreneurs have to say about building unstoppable confidence Check out my 250 for confidence series where every day for the next 254 days. I will send you a morning video for free to help you build your confidence The link to join is in the description below People want to know how to stop the laziness and they want to know how to stop the procrastination Okay, let’s kick it off with rule number one take ownership on social media I see this a lot guys will hit me up girls will hit me up Something went wrong with a client. I Stepped in I took ownership. They thanked me problem solved got it squared away. I kid. People are surprised People are surprised that it works People are surprised that it works and again just to make sure everybody knows It that alone doesn’t work. You still have to problem solve the problem without you cause with the client, right, right You you you gave them what they needed late or it’s gonna be late. And now you say it’s my fault that Doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get it to em ASAP and make up some corrective measures and lower the price to do something So that it makes up for the problem but the worst thing you can say is well you Specify exactly what you wanted in the order and therefore we couldn’t get you what you wanted on time Okay We’re never coming back for business skin and we’re angry this whole time and I’m gonna short you money when we pay you in anyways if I pay it off the next time you get into a situation and you Write down. Are you techniques the excuses and the reasons that you come up with? look at them and then figure out how they were how those things were actually your fault and or how you could have prevented them because a lot of times it’s like Here’s here’s here’s one Hey boss, we didn’t get the mission accomplished because the weather Rolled in and we couldn’t launch on the mission That’s that’s the problem. Now. We all know that we don’t control the weather So when you will you write the problem down we failed the mission because we didn’t control the weather. We can’t control the weather That’s why we failed the mission. That’s my excuse. That’s a that’s a logical reason it. There’s that’s that’s so that’s a legitimate excuse But don’t use it What you do is you say what could I have done? To have controlled the weather. Okay, I don’t care. Okay. Wait, I can’t control the weather. What could I have done? I could have come up with a contingency plan. I could have come up we could have staged in a better place So then you go to the boss and you say look boss Here’s what happened. The weather went south really bad That was a problem But it’s a problem that I should have done a better job taking care of What I should have done was I should have had a contingency plan I should have staged closer to the target area that I could have taken vehicles instead of helicopters That’s my fault from now on. I will absolutely have a secondary plan. This won’t happen again We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we plan and how we execute and this won’t happen again. There you go so you take the most outrageous thing that you know, you can’t control you figure out a way to control it and You take ownership of that thing and it is gonna it’s gonna make your life so much better. And by the way, The next time you have a mission and you plan that contingency And you actually execute and implement what you said, you’re gonna do guess what you will accomplish the mission There’s a whole part of ownership that Preempts the problem if you’ve got someone that knows if I know that I can make an excuse If I know that I can make an excuse then guess what? I’m not gonna set things up properly if I don’t set things up properly. Mmm more often or more often than the other way I will fail to do execute what I’m supposed to execute if you have an excuse for the same same thing with you as an individual human being If you as an individual human being if you got some excuses That you can throw out there that you can say I had no control over that Then you know what you say. Okay, what are my contingency plans? What could I have planned differently? Let’s eliminate those excuses Take ownership of your freaking life Rule number two get up early. The reason I wake up at 4:30 in the morning cuz no one else is awake yet So that gives me the opportunity to do things that I need to get done Kind of selfishly for myself and the big one in that category is working out and it doesn’t feel good at 4:30 when you get up but by the time 7 o’clock rolls around and you’ve already worked out you’ve already gotten some work done and You’ve got some time to say goodbye to your kids before they go to school It’s infinitely better than sleeping in until 6:45 and you get out of bed Now you’re missed your kids going to school or or whatever. You you you’re not prepared for the day. It’s it’s awful something I’m sure you hear a lot is 4:30 like this either just can’t fit into my schedule or if I’m gonna be realistic I’m probably not gonna wake up it 4th. What do you tell people? Yeah, and there’s people that work night shifts, and there’s people that it’s unhealthy for them They can’t fall sick. No be healthy get enough sleep, but first of all, wake up at the same time every day And if you pick that time and you start waking up at the same time every day, that’s very good for you It doesn’t have to be 4:30. It could be 6:30. It could be 7 I don’t know what your personal schedule is, but find out a time pick it set it stick to it and Maintain that schedule and that’s gonna end up better for you. I recommend its earlier I recommend that you go to bed earlier because what are you doing at night most of the time most the time at night? You’re not working on anything super productive. You’re just the winding down and watching stupid YouTube videos or surfing the internet reading Clickbait stories, right don’t do that. Instead go to sleep. And then wake up early rule number 3 be yourself I was getting interviewed the other day in some interview and the guy said something about like, um You know, it’s impressive how quickly you’ve built your brand, right? And I looked at him and I said, I’m not a brand. I’m a person I’m A person what I’m doing is not what I’m doing so that I can leverage People What I do is just me and I’m just a person so if you asked me if I would wear a rainbow t-shirt, I Wouldn’t know I’ve asked you to wear lots of stuff. Would you have you? If and if you asked me But but that’s not because of I’m trying to be something it’s because that’s who I am right and I have been I had one of my bros who I hadn’t seen in a while and He we met At a little place we’d go to in San Diego and I hadn’t seen him in a year and a half and he comes walking in and he sees me and I’m wearing the same thing that I always wear pair jeans a victory black t-shirt and he walks in and he see NFI it was wintertime and I was wearing a flannel like a Whatever like a whoa New England. Yeah, like a New England but like cheap whatever flannel with the quilt inside of it. Yeah And um, he sees me in like when he sees me and this is kind of you know After the books and the podcast and he’s in another seal. So he suspect And he sees me and I see his face and his face like gets a happy when he sees me And he and he comes over and like does like a bro hug? And he says probably you’re exactly the same and I was like, yeah, man, and he goes I knew it and Like that to me was the best compliment I’ll ever get is like, okay, no matter what happens I’m not a brand. I’m not doing anything for You know any other reason other than it’s just me and that’s just just what I’m doing and if people are cool with it Man, that’s awesome. I’m still rule number four put others above you if you’re there and You’re in a leadership position or you’re just in a position you’re in relationship, whatever and you’re doing things For the team, you’re trying to take care of the others. You’re putting other people above you in the end You’re going to win and you’re gonna win way bigger than you could if you were calling and Scratching and ripping things and bringing them back to yourself The end that person that thinks that thinks that they’re doing the right thing or things that they’re doing something good for themselves but what they’re really doing is taking things from other people that person, they might get a couple tactical victories along the way but in the end the person that puts everyone else first is going To win they are going to win So it’s it’s kind of hypocritical because it’s like in one hand. It’s like no I don’t care about myself I’m not trying to improve I’m not trying to trying to improve my station in life But by doing that you will improve your station in life and you will improve your station in life beyond Anything that you could have done if your goal Was to improve your station in life rule number five be disciplined if you want more freedom in your life You have to have more discipline. If you don’t have any discipline you’ll end up with absolutely no freedom You’ll end up being a slave to other people that boss you around There’s all kinds of problems that can occur. If you don’t have discipline in your life and the more discipline you have The more freedom you’re gonna have so just that the discipline of the sales will never it’s impossible to leave No, it’s possible to leave. There’s there’s retired seals all over the place that are undisciplined They’ve moved on and they don’t care about that anymore. It’s fine. I don’t judge other people on what they’re doing Like they’re probably stoked to sleep in and hang out with their kids and eat breakfast in bed. That’s fine I don’t have anything gets that but for me, I Want to get up and go rule number six give trust How do I build trust with someone the way I build trust with people as I give them trust? So if you’re working for me I say hey, you know, I want you to do this mission Patrick come up with a plan I’m showing you that I trust what your plans gonna be now. I’m gonna I’m gonna make sure that your plan is good I’m gonna review it, but I’m gonna give you a lot of autonomy I’m gonna give you trust and when I give you trust what’s your reaction you think yourself this guy trusts me? yep, and then the way I build trust and reverses when you make a mistake instead of me jumping down your throat and Hanging you out to dry instead I say okay, you know what my fault I should have given I should give you a better direction Here’s what we do next time. So now you look at me you go Hey, I screwed this thing up and jock would still trust me I trust him and that’s how I build trust I give it you give it I give trust to build trust if I’m really putting an effort, but my plan may be not the best plan You’re still gonna give me second chances to work on and get better at it. I will Micromanage you more I can’t trust you as much if we do a business deal or we’re in business I don’t send you out with the biggest client I’ve got when you when I just met you and say hey, I trust you know I’ll give you a little client and I say hey go go go make this happen and you come back and you say hey look I did it I say great and you trust me a little bit more or maybe you screw that one up and I say Okay, let me review what you do what mistakes got made and you say oh, well, I did this and okay We correct that but I don’t I don’t come down hard on you because I’m trying to build a relationship with you if I come Down hard on you. Do you even want to work for me? Do you want to be if I come down? This is pathetic you screwed this up. This is your fault. You’re looking for another job tomorrow Whereas if I say, okay, let’s look at what we can do better And I’m building the trust but can you know? You might be very trustworthy for many years and then all of a sudden You go out and you do something on your hand with a client you try and rip them off or rip me off Yeah, I mean, we’re not gonna have trust for me anymore rule number seven make today count. I want to tell you Something else and I want to make this clear Don’t just listen don’t just listen do Um, I’m not just talking so you know, I’m not just talking I’m doing And I don’t want you to just listen to put this information to work Make today count every day Go forward Get aggressive and attack and whether it’s on the battlefield or on the beat Or in the factory or on the farm or on the construction site or on the website? in the garage or in the firehouse Don’t hesitate Step Step forward And get after it rule number eight start walking no matter what you face No matter how bad it is going to be When there is a challenge And by a challenge, I mean anything in life any any challenge Anything that you’re facing the only way to overcome the challenges that you face Is to start walking Take that step every day no matter what you are facing Get up And start walking rule number nine follow your passion chuckle when did you know you wanted to be a Navy SEAL? Well, specifically the SEAL team part of it wasn’t until I figured that out But when I was a little tiny kid, you know five six The only thing I can remember was wanting to be some kind of commando You knew that from that point from from birth basic not was it because pops or an uncle or grandpa wasn’t a military Grandfather was in the army and he was retired from the army, but that wasn’t really it I just instinctively was putting Camouflage on my face and carrying her on sticks and carving him to look like machine guns when I was a little kid For no reason so that’s just kind of are you from a big family? Do you have siblings two sisters two sisters an older one younger? They also go in a military or not at all suggest you just me so from five years old, you know, so when you won in high school Everybody’s asking you what are you gonna do after high school? You knew you’re going in the military Yep, and rule number ten. The last one before a very special bonus clip is work out I’ve pretty much broken down my workouts into four broad Spectrums of working out. I’m gonna pull on one day. I’m gonna push on another day I’m gonna lift on the next day and I’m going to squat On the final day the fourth day and I just rotate those things through and they’re all based fundamentally on some pretty basic exercises for pullets based on pull-ups Doing pull-ups and you all you need to do pull-ups is a set of rings or a pull-up bar and you can handle that workout The push is based on push-ups and dips and all the exercises that are associated with those types of movements the lifts for me are lifting things from the ground over my head and Then finally squat is based on squatting and there’s all different kinds of varieties of squats you can do and I also include in that sprinting and overhead squats back squats front squats all those things get incorporated in when I’m working a leg day on top of those four on a Regular basis. I want to train my my metabolic conditioning So I want to do sprinting and running and get my heart rate up for very intense short periods of time and then on top of that I do gut exercises Which is what we called in the SEAL Teams when you’re working your core is the trendy term To call it or sometimes you heard referred to as ABS, but I don’t like those terms We call it gut get something I’ve got a really special bonus clip from Jocko and how to be a great leader that I think you’re gonna really enjoy But before that it’s time for the three point landing Questions time to move from just watching another video to actually taking action in your life or in your business And if you’re feeling bold leave your replies in the comments below here we go question number one What can you do to make today? Count number two? Are you willing to wake up early as a test for the next week and number three? Can you also commit to working out consistently? The immediate impression that everyone would consider of me and I hear this all the time is that jakka would allow no slack whatsoever No mercy on anything right? You’re out of you’re out of regulations. I’m gonna drop the hammer on you Well, the fact the matter is that doesn’t work as a leader in the military, you know people wear patches on their uniforms Well, the SEAL Teams has a reputation for being very unprofessional. Don’t really know how to wear our uniforms Well, we don’t wear our uniforms a lot. We have mix and match gear. We buy civilian gear we wear that we just have a bad reputation and one of the things that Once the war started and we started getting these high speed camouflage uniforms with Velcro everywhere Well guys started making their own patches and the patches were, you know, some of them were just cool, you know Whatever some skull or a knife or whatever you own bet you guys make their own patches. Here’s here’s a typical one There’s one that guys would make that’s a fun meter and it would be a meter that’s pegged like, okay We’re maxed out on fun here That’s a typical kind of the type of thing that people would make well I knew from working with the conventional forces that the way you appear in a uniform is very important You know you’re in the army, especially at an Airborne Division I mean you wear the same PT uniform you wear the same uniform you a squared away all the time That’s the way it is Yeah And I knew that also soldiers And officers in in the Army and Marines and Marine Corps when they look at someone that’s out of uniform They look at that person system Agee. This guy can’t even put on a uniform, right? How am I gonna trust him out on the battlefield? That’s just a mindset that they have It’s a good mindset, right if you don’t have attention to detail on that stuff. That’s a problem Well in SEAL Teams were real slack about that. I said to my guys look we’re not wearing patches no patches and My two platoon commanders they said okay. You don’t find no patches We won’t wear patches but they really wanted to wear patches so behind my back they went and they Got patches made task unit bruiser patches what they would do is if they were going on an operation that I wasn’t going on when they’d roll out the wire they’d Make a call on the radio and say patches on and they pull out their patches and put their patches on they basically disobeyed a direct order from me would have been fine except for there was a certain operation that they went on there was an Embedded photographer and the pictures came back and I had all the pictures and I see all my guys With patches that I told not to wear. You know what I did I Didn’t do anything you didn’t bring it up. I didn’t bring it up. I realized number one We were writing in a very hard environment where troops were getting wounded and killed every single day. Where were you at this time? we were Ramadi okay for me to focus my Leadership capital on something that small was a complete waste of my leadership capital number two I realized that these guys that was a boost in their morale that made them feel like a tighter unit They gave these patches out to army guys that was a big deal for them and it meant a lot to him and so for me to go in and rip that morale away from him would have been a Down step in their vision of me and their respect for me and it would have antagonized our relationship I didn’t come out and say hey guys. I saw the patches You’re fine to wear him and Lafe was talking about this You know he thought I was just gonna drop the hammer on him and I didn’t say anything and The guys continue to do it and it was not a big deal now They didn’t wear any inappropriate patches the patches that they wore were all the same So it was uniform, but the answer to your question which is probably the opposite of what a lot of people think I’m gonna say is like What are you gonna waste your leadership capital on now? The other side of the spectrum if you get someone that’s doing something that’s illegal bets immoral That’s that’s strategic. That’s gonna impact you strategically yeah, I will not bail Jon on something that is that important to me raise your standard Apple at the core its core value is that that people passion and Not one drop of most self-worth depends on your good suppose a man If you like this video check out the Jocko willing Motivation video that I made I think you’re gonna enjoy the link is right there next to me Continue to believe and I’ll see you there

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  2. 1. To make today count I will setup a daily and weekly schedule.
    2. Wake up at 5 am.
    3. Schedule a work out routine.

  3. Jocko Willink is awesome. I listened to his audible book "Extreme Ownership" and it was phenomenal.
    1. I already have a schedule set up and work to do. I just need to take ownership and do it today rather then keep putting it off.
    2. Oddly, I woke up at my 0400 alarm and was completely alert. But fell back asleep shortly after due to habit. No more of that. Wake up early and often from now on.
    3. My gf and I want to work out. We have routines and resources already established. But we sleep in and end up not doing it more often then we should. Today, that changes.

    Long time watcher but first time commenter. Keep up the good work Evan! You are helping people everywhere!

  4. He's great and an true leader but he needs to relax a bit. He is never laughing or smiling much. Don't lose the inner child, you are the architect of your life. If you want to be happy and have fun serving people, do it. If you want to test your limits constantly and lead others, do it.

  5. He's great and a true leader but he needs to relax a bit. He is never laughing or smiling much. Don't lose the inner child, you are the architect of your life. If you want to be happy and have fun serving people, do it. If you want to test your limits constantly and lead others, do it.

  6. I feel like Jocko is one of those guys who are(or were) tough with recruits but deep down they only want those recruits to be better than them

  7. #3: for the last 10 days, what's been working for me is working out right after walking the dog. His walks are anywhere from 15-45 minutes, which serve as a great warm-up. After I get in the house, I may do yoga, I may do gut exercises, I might do legs for 15 minutes. It's built into my schedule, so I don't have to force myself to workout….I just added a good habit on top of something I'm already doing.

  8. Today I decided to take charge of my destiny. Tonite I will sleep early and wake up in the morning early and continue for the next week.ย 
    I commit to start working out consistently. Pull Push Lift Squat. *Decide * Commit * Act * Succeed * Repeat. Become Good, Great, Unstoppable.

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  11. Motivation is fleeting, so use it to build strong habits. You won't always be motivated, so when you are, you'd better forge some rock-solid habits for those things you want to do each day.

  12. I tried Jocko's audiobook, but the raspy whispering voice he uses made it unlistenable for me. I was really disappointed.

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  14. More military leadership needs to take a look at the end of this video. So many stupid things are focused on and not the mission at hand.

  15. I get home from work around 1am. From the time I walk in the door, I give myself 1 hour to get to bed, and set my alarm for 6 hours of sleep. My favorite Arnold quote; โ€œSleep faster.โ€

  16. So i have lived a ruff life with drug's today im 70 days sober and when i was listen to what you said it hit home im 40 i want to better so thank you

  17. I can make today count by studying for my two upcoming final exams, and preparing myself to ace those.

    I am willing to wake up at 6:30 everyday for a week as a test.

    I will plan and schedule a workout routine and I will stick to it.

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