Build a ROBOT in Real Life! – Battle Robots vs Fruit Ninja (DIY Toys – Amazon Tech Unboxing Review)

what is up ninja today I’m gonna be
teaching you how to build a robot a ninja battle robot look what I’ve got
right here thank you to our spud store Mattel for helping us create this video
movie Oh beep it’s called Vypod that is awesome
or vipe odd so V I’m gonna have her built this one I’m gonna use the scarax
Oh looks like a scorpions so we are gonna build these robots have them
battle and have them race it’s gonna be awesome all right guys let’s do it and I’ve got be here with me drinking
her tea be drinking tea so Vy I’m gonna be building the scarax you’re gonna be
building the Vypod no I was just surprised when I was recording the intro
a couple seconds ago that that was the name of this one I did not even know
this all right B you ready to assemble these you can build it without any tools
and you use your mobile phone to control it moving you can have it dance you can
have it back the whole it’s really lightweight the skins so here’s the
sheets so I think you just cut out it’s like paper you pretty much build paper
into robot Oh some fancy parts QuickStart guide
download the app connect the app here’s like the little computer that it came
with the base of the body I’m guessing it came with a USB cable as well oh we
got to download the app first app will teach us how to build the robots so
here’s the app comic gummy robots tap to begin connect your robot looking for a
nearby robot so I’m gonna press the red button on the robot a new robot tap to
connect ooh it turned green my favorite color Vy it
must know it’s me detecting Chad wild clay your favorite color is green I’ve
got the scorpion looking one here scarax filled instructions well we don’t want
to skip those first you build your robots chassis pronounced chaff see I
almost had my name there see that yeah see how it almost have any chance see
this is a toy that uses your brain ok if you always do things that are easy your
brain doesn’t grow right you take the robot black so you put it upside down
let’s see if I can open these up without making them explode all over this
happens so rivet gonna stick it right inside like so and then you just press
down boom easy peasy robot squeezy ribbit ribbit for green like a frog
right this is actually really easy I like these rivets because
using a screwdriver is really like boring and like a tedious like and when
it’s so small so I’m digging these rivet rivets rivets good job Mattel just take
the ribbit ribbit I keep seeing ribbon instead a rivet with a Vy and then push
I’m moving on to step number we have the chassis put together here with all of
our legs how do you think that when to be pretty smoothly the instructions were
very clear I think as long as you go into this with the mindset of like okay
part of the fun is building it then you’ll be good but if you go into it
just like I just went with the robot you know like you got to have fun putting it
together too so now we’re moving on to the outer layer shell the shell the
armor to come on let’s get going on that and we are done putting on the things
look cool you’re supposed mine glows green I got a cool tail with a stinger
on it my robot is gonna kick your robots but with this thing herb and claws let’s
see yours let’s see what yours has this has a big like rhino horn huh
yeah so it has multiple rhino horn for one right here and oh there two up here
okay okay it’s pretty crazy how they come in like this flat sheet of paper
like plastic the flat plastic and it turns into this and you’re gonna go to
control it with your phone we’ve got run dance tag battle code and
a trophy Oh mine turned purple am i right now noise
so while you’re updating your firmware I’m gonna test mine out here all there’s
a controller did I build it wrong oh let me try my let’s try mine okay I built mine wrong I’m pretty sure let’s
check out the bottom here let’s see what’s going on yeah I did something
wrong here’s how it’s supposed to move so let
me fix that pause alright guys so I must use it now
that we know what we’re doing so I’ve got it I was doing the first what I
selected dance on mine and it has a disco ball let’s see it on your phone Wow was that the run same it was a dash
forward what’s this one do oh my gosh oh you can change the colors look red green
purple white red I’m sticking with green there’s a laser gun so I can go towards
you turn around here let me face you let me laser you oh you changed colors when
I shot oh you’re flashing so here I’m gonna hit so I’m gonna go how’d you play
tag tap the button to fire your laser at other robots if you get hit in the rear
you’re frozen for five seconds let’s hit you in the rear here okay
let’s see I can I can move okay yep so I’m gonna shoot you hey there’s also
battle how to battle it’s the ultimate battle attack your foes shield yourself
from attacks for a few seconds and heal your friends if your health drops below
zero you lose tip attacks it to the rear do triple damage can’t believe you can
do all this stuff with a robot that you built cool to me look at me I can do
spins we’re out here on the pool table we have
got our robots we’ve got Justin behind that camera I’m getting down on my knees
so I can be as short as be as tall as V you’re totally totally so I’ve got star
acts these got pod so view we have a little dance battle for you see who’s
robot dances better are you ready to you gotta hit the dance button oh you did
already oh yeah ready one two three go we’re gonna have a race okay all right
so we’re gonna start wait out here then we’re gonna go actually the rolls gonna
have to jump off the white paper here so I’ll round or circle around it and come
back who is gonna win the race I’m gonna change the color
oh you’re red huh I’m gonna go I’m gonna go green for speed you can change the
colors yeah yeah that is so neat I love it yeah give us a countdown
Justin five four three two one what are you doing there V this is a
great this is the parkour he didn’t want to play you couldn’t just say I play
video games like the first-person shooter game I’m always in the corner yeah I I think mine is probably a
backwards or something this thing would scare a puppy like the dog yeah you
parkour robots so what’s cool about these is these are designed after the
world’s fastest critters that’s what these were based off of. I’m not sure mine was
based off of the world’s most confused critter yes you also play tag with these
so I can tag V by shooting her in the butt what tag you’re it
yeah exactly and then I’m try to run away and then she takes me by you
shooting a laser at my bus who’s gonna win the tag or Chad tag to see who do
you thinks is gonna win take we’re gonna see you saw the last battle I think we
all know who’s gonna win we’ll see maybe he’ll surprise us right yeah she’s disabled that says game over on
her controller Oh whoever guessed Chad for tag you guys get a point it’s a
fruit ninja robot battle yeah all right give us a countdown Joe stub and three
two one did you take one shot I try one you said
I shot you a hundred shots crazy so here’s your health level right here so
as Vy shoots me my heart meter goes down oh okay here’s the gun right here right
if she shoots if she should know are you shooting me oh and so my heart’s going
down to emptying what’s going down oh she’s not even at the watermelon he
aggresses I think qualified this game does not
include parkour no it does fit I want to play a game where we climb over
something cuz I’m good at that you’re aiming contacts you’re really good at
that let’s try to climb over this pop oh yeah
good luck good luck with that we need your chat all right all right on
your marks get set now let’s check out code here so you can
code your robot and you can program it what to do double down slow down reverse
then I’m gonna have it change to a red color and then I’m gonna have it turn
blue and then I’m gonna have a necklace some music and I have it blow a whistle
and then I’ll have it do a 360 to finish up let’s move here all right are we
ready to see my rose right perform it’s dancer it’s it’s it’s dance I program I
choreographed it a dance that’s amazing here we go are you ready these are way
more fun than I thought it would be I enjoy building them and I’m playing with
them yeah so huge shout out to Mattel for spot story this video and giving us
these two toys if you guys want to check these toys out I put a link down below
there’s lots of different like bugs and robots so you can build so we have two
of them but I think there’s like eight or ten or something I don’t want to get
more Justin we got to get you on yeah take you both on oh that’s right oh I
just heard some stuff about myself I discovered that I’m a very good
assembler your granite parkour yes of course if
you shout to all of you notification ninjas I’m putting your comments down
here you are all the people who get here during the first hour thanks for leaving
those awesome comments click right here if you haven’t seen that video yet where
we chop up some fruit ninjas just like this guy yeah I’m gonna have to I’m
gonna trim this kind of chop this guy up right here to subscribe to Vy click
right here to subscribe to me and here’s another awesome video so I will see you
guys real soon with a brand new video

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