Build A Life-Size BB8 Droid (Phone Controlled)

Hey guys! It’s me Angelo, your 17 year old Filipino tinkerer It’s been almost half a year since I last posted a video tutorial And to make up for that, I’m back with a very big and special one So this week We are going to build your very own life-sized and fully functional Starwars BB-8 Droid! (BB-8 reacts) I went out to buy some materials from the mall, and here are the thing that you will need for the project. For the electronics we have an Arduino Uno as the brains of the robot. Next we have here a high powered Pololu VNH5019 motor driver which will drive both of our metal gearbox that we have here We also have a Bluetooth module this would be the one that would communicate to our smartphone so that we could control our bb8 robot using our smartphone.

100 thoughts on “Build A Life-Size BB8 Droid (Phone Controlled)

  1. do u think using rollon deo head was a gud idea for reducing friction?
    can u please suggest me a better alternative

  2. my son says: HOW IS IT A REAL BB-8 it's metal,indipendent thinking, and dose not have the tools he has in the movie!

  3. Hi you came as a special guest at my school (St.Joseph's Academy) And they said your mom and dad graduated there
    And also i love the BB8 replica you did it was SOOOOO COOL DUDEEE

  4. 9:34 How long has he been working on this friggen thing!!!

    Just messing with ya! Incredible job!!! Love to see more of your projects!

  5. you and your family are all super intelligent. very creative.. sweetness.. awesome video.. i dont even know where to buy the electronic module computing components… i feel dumb…

  6. Hi bro i am samuel I am young scientists of IIT Bro can you call meI want to talk with you

  7. Hlw I need the schematic diagram of the wood Please provide me it is not present in the description please I scearch everything it is not there.😔

  8. Don't make videos with improper or half information please I asked you lots of time but you never replied why ?

  9. Please tell where to connect the servo and when the bb8 is stopped and the head is moving here and there how please please tell me sir I am making it as my school project it is so much important for me

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