29 thoughts on “BUILD A HOUSE with Cartoon Cars and Mr Helicopter! Car Cartoons for Kids – Car Videos for Children

  1. Love the houses!
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  2. ➡︎ Cartoon Cars – Problem Blocks! ⬅︎ (ENGLISH WORDS SCRIPT)
    Cartoon Cars – Road obstruction! Driving very fast along the road come our friendly 4 cartoon cars! But they’ve stopped. Why? Look! There are big colour blocks on the road in front of them. Let's remove them? Will you push them off the road? Blue block. Green block. Yellow block.Hmm.. this red block is the biggest block …and it's very heavy!
    Mr Helicopter! Hello! Will you help us to remove this big, heavy, red block please? That helicopter is very strong. With the red car’s help, the block is pushed off the road! Hooray the road is clear again!Hey cars, good work! Now, shall we build some houses with those blocks?
    Mr Helicopter will help you too!This first house is blue. This second house is yellow. Oops! Thanks yellow car!This third house is green. And the fourth house is… Yes, of course, it’s red!Let's count the houses together. 1, 2, 3, 4Great work today cars! You can continue your journeys now, bye!

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