hello friends you are welcome to Uncle Network will you get updates of things that you really need to know I appreciate everyone of us being part of this China was subscribed and as many that are sick contemplating whether to subscribe or not and we encourage you to do that because I know you are not going to regret it at the end of the day please click the red subscribe button and also the bell icon the bell icon is very important because if you don't click the bell icon you not be notified anytime we publish any news and also I have a gift for everyone or as many that I interested on how to build a website there is a website link in the description section once you open it there's a video that will teach you or not so beaut a website from beginning to the end thank you very much so let's go straight to the business of the day I wanna say youth issue or submit some to s me from moving castles across it Borland the dose generated by the federal government's proposed estimates estimates across the Federation which has been suspended for now happiest notes who have settled yet this is as the Orang is a youth council worldwide oh I see on Friday want s men to stop moving around bushes on farmland across the southeast from July 28 2019 the youth one of severe consequences if s May Alcott's moving around bushes and families with young cattle in a statement signed by its president general Masi oka sukui su guru or YC called or may see a la casa Breeders Association of Nigeria mag ban to educate s me on the new directive the youth group also loaded the South East governance on the a decisive stand on end EDS may farmers clash by imposing restrictions on the movements of cattle only approved conveyance of castle by lorry not on food which had abolished the aged long method of cattle movements by foods the group called or meaty a la casa breeders Association of Nigeria so officially education informed all ignorant cattlemen breeders and SME of the Audion development one week starting from today being Friday 12th july 2019 and from 28th july any pacific cod transgressing against the law which says the rot of a bullet we wish to inform esc a la casa breeders Association of Nigeria failure to adhere to this warning we bear the consequences of any decisive action taken on this matter certain that it would not be able to guarantee the safety of any estimate moving around the bushes and farmland across the South is from 28th of july 2019 all wise he also addressed Igbo youth leaders in 95 local government area in the south is to not take laws into their hands and but to compress with code security agents to ensure that law and order are maintained we wish to remind equal youth and such is governance of the importance of grass supplies to the cattle markets as huge business especially across the country and hardly youth to take advantage of the opportunities we load Assad is governor's position on the rug assessment program and national Livestock transformational program which was attracted with Jet Set and advice eboo an advice I Pope to stop crying foul over nothing as governors it Mizzou and wine is not involved from any shady deals with Kalani s made an independent investigation after interviews with traditional rulers sound union leaders and community-based groups confirmed that it through governors and not impossible to us as alleged by a Pope is on record as governor if I pursue an of Abia was the first southern governor in Nigeria so adroitly rejects rugge assessments as food in program on radio Nigeria Abuja 22nd June 2019 is a guru said all I see also promise to facilitate a missing with the leadership of the coalition of the northern groups by early August to ensure the stays peace in the north we are stand-in land of friendship we are standing hands of friendship across the board and we are Sperry re while we see the reason for whistle Jojo rather than war war he had it I think this is a good one in a nutshell what they are trying to say is that they don't want kutsu movements across South East and I think that's the bottom line and that is why a lots of people have been talking from every corner that we don't want rub our feet in and consignee was Eddie such as God knows I've really said that's what we want to do with you is for us to grow our grasses you say our grasses are sweeter than yours then you will be able to grow our grass who sent them to you then you buy from us and we'll buy cattle from you about the idea of moving from places to places it's been abolished now according to the ultimate some they have given I think the best base even if they see ones who stay in east-southeast that's my opinion and it's go and get me please put all your car Tuesday and they do your business that's – just what everybody wants and that is what every other person or other groups have been doing concerning their business you know they are just located in a place they are not inconvenient see other people and I think these people who just wanders planet and that's why people are seniors like they are not just satisfied that government's want to bring a huge of money from taxpayers money to sponsor DC rouga program and that is what we are talking about and also they are telling you youth Igbo use that don't take loss into their hands into your hands just what we say the security agencies didn't know how to go about this and city I've told them that they don't want these guys to stop moving from places to places and I think the SMAN also give head about all of this and give todya leaders grant educates your people those what I believe that moving from place to place is their hobby or easier is their logo or is their trademark that's us to stop everyone is condemning in its in the oak country that we don't want the movements of Kazu rear us or cattle breeders all over the place do your business in the designated area that will cost piss all over the place if every other person area groups hold up people involved in one business or the other move around how is the please gonna look like so I think it what is enough otherwise let them keep to the advice one and sell all their people let them sell them and speak the language they can really understand to avoid any fracaso to avoid any any any clashes between them and the ebow youth that's just what they want another asset selling the the iPod that did you just have a faith in them that there's nothing like retraining them that is such governors are not part of the people that want to betray you guys that he just wants to do the right thing I want teenagers any leader or any governor time I want to sabotage or I want to betray his people he's gonna fall back on that a leader or that governor as the case may be I could remember when the issue of a Esmay and farmers upon in been arrested it was really a tug of war the governor was just moving from place to place from he states to Abuja from you know back and forth because they were holding missing people were dying on a daily basis you know they were conducting mass barrier and all of that so and I believe that no governor one who go through that's a rigorous process let alone to betray your people for what both I can't blame people that are really suspecting them because you know these politicians you can't know them enough they can't run on the way you think you know them enough they will do something different because of what we have had in the past because of experiences that people have really got in the way on the way they say politicians they behave because most of them they are so selfish so if I pop is really suspecting them or thinking that maybe they are doing something behind them you can't blame them but for this area one is they used to come down say okay we have done our findings that we know that these people are really working for the betterment of the masses I think they should just accept it that way and even adults I'm sure that even I hope we'll still be watching that we don't want to see what these guys are really up to so one thing is that this a meaty a lot people stay in a place if really you want peace I think this cotton are we are just stressing these thoughts something that we just even we always like Wow stretching is if everybody cooperates if everybody does the right thing there will be peace but if someone is able this is the way I'm going to do is I'm not going to obey the law of the land that's where fracas will be coming in and a lot of clashes and that's why you see that we are more divided than before if you are going to be doing your business insult is you know just being a place we have other groups also we have other tribes all over the country doing their businesses everybody has the right to move around if anybody even if you have an ebow person if you do your spare part business because that is one of their trademark their business that they do they have other business both and assistant I'm gonna say as an example if they are doing their business or maybe is paper shop is paper village you don't see them they always in one place and people have never really complained about them damn avidya the problems to their environments also their host communities so this vehicle I shouldn't be problem to order order order region all their host communities because the what we are hearing a bottom is just not so good is being is being run pants so that's why they need to call themselves to order now I think a ultimatum is the rev of the moments now you know I give you a tomato I give you awesome item you give me a scimitar on everybody let's everybody calm please I think the the best people you know that will be able to crop all of these things is from the federal government if the federal government is doing what it needs to do you know everything would be hokey but if they are just keeping quiet most of the things you see people insinuating a lot of things you see people taking laws into their hands you see people making comments you know that they are not supposed to make because the the head of the house is not saying anything so everybody want to resume or you know just take charge if the person who is supposed to be the the controller of the country he's not taking charge people will be taking charge and also you have seen a lot of people you know bringing or coming up with all this manner of a ultimatum so guys that's just what I'm going to again do it I would like you guys to put on your comments unless they will based on this issue on the optimism that you are uneasy has given this a mukbang the me see holla thank you very much for always listening by you


  1. You're telling people not to defend themselves? No. People must defend themselves from these blood thirsty people. The Arewa youths arrogance is just like their elders. This is the final battle. No one has monopoly to violence

  2. Traditionally Igbos raised mostly domestic animals!
    Animals never ran around the villages.Igboland is too small and densely populated for that!!!

  3. Ohanaeze youth you nothing' but talkative you can do any thing you are waiting for ipob to act how you form igbo you to setback ipob but ipob have gone far you dont have any weapon to fight stop that bullishit

  4. It's obvious that the OYC is an affiliate of the SE Governors. Though I welcome their resolutions on RUGA, but they have no justification blaming IPOB for not trusting the SE Governors enough on this matter. I can assure you that IPOB has more than enough doubt the genuineness of purpose of these gorvernors in matters such as this.

  5. They people who can handle this issue and problem is only ipob, and no other groups that will perfect this put to an end these nonsense assaults on they igbos and biafran people.

  6. Fuck igbo youth..they are talking medicine after death , we are over watching biafran land from right the day fulani youth made that statement. .any fulani cattle boy we meet anywhere near our bush is gone forever. .they have bitten more than they can chew..there welcome into our land is over .
    Bad and dangerous people


  8. Who elected you as ohaneze youth leader?
    By whose appointment?
    We will punish all of you thieves .
    Arrogant bastards.
    Who gave you the crown ?
    Money chasing machines serving mediocrity.

  9. Sister this so called Igbo youth are criminals, we know them more than you. They are just targeting money from the government .

  10. They are idiots. Who elected Them to represent Us? We don't have Igbo representatives so all these idiots flipping and flopping around should stop it. IPOB is The mouthpiece and The only representative We know. Both Ohaneze youths and Their evil masters should get ready to account for their evil deeds After BIAFRA's Restoration. We are taking all their evil deeds and approaches into account. The families of these baby sabouteurs should call Them to order before they're totally consumed by jungle justice. All hail Biafra. All hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

  11. Great one. Let them know we are ready for them. The killing must stop. Let all the youths from southern part do the same. This is our fathers land. We don't come to fulanis land's and do any how.

  12. Good news, kudos to igbo Youth, we are peace loving people but dont take us for a rid, remember nzogbu, nzogbu enyi mba enyi Song is dangerous

  13. We don't do that ourselves.the Igbos who are in animal husbandry don't do that so why must the fulanis do that in our land.


  15. These are great news, we must stand on our feet and resist them. They have go and establish ruga settlements in the Sambiza forest. Sahara desert can as well hold Ruga Settlements.

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