Breaking Down This Physical Construct – Susso Interviews The Black Sheep Researcher Paul Knight

let's start with that Paul will be here shortly I'm going to send him another link just in case and as soon as I realize there's people watching me I'll start talking about some things you know what I want to do some shoutouts a brine Stavely all three of his channels you got to get in there because of the YouTube censorship and just because you know he's always got something on I can't you know Friday nights I go into Freaky Friday on scarib performance Channel Saturday nights I guess now I say that I'm working I'm back and forth and I might chat or whatever real quick if it's not busy but and Friday and Saturday night I'm working with other people so I could always get out early so Friday nights Freaky Friday Saturday night would be what do they call that show it's after-hours baby all right so no that's a man doll effects I colon show and Monday night with Mandela Mondays it's always fun Brian Staveley he doesn't have any set times the guy works all the damn time and he's got more videos out than I do already and I've been doing this in 16 alright new email to the black black sheet researcher at if anybody wants that it's probably his private one I probably shouldn't gave it out and I'm sending it again Paul I do believe you are busy right now I had to take care of something he said he'd be right on 8:00 a.m. you're paying time believe that you're paying time not really looking at anything I better he is whenever the man is you know Sundays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for me I'm gonna go Tuesday nights from now on I'm gonna do I have somebody from unbiased and on the fence told we'll do some shouts now I'm biased and on the fence you're gonna check out his channel he's usually late afternoons I'm not sure what days I usually catch them when the feed comes up and I have one of his sidekicks coming on soon we should probably do that next week I'm not gonna say who it's okay something comes up and we can reschedule I'm really looking forward to that that could be fun I'm sure I'll get her on I can say it's Michelle Michelle wolf her and I chatted quickly she's gonna come on my channel we're planning on next week I am going to just bow down to whatever schedule she's got as I was about to do with Paul but Paul because we were coming across some problems he's busy one damn busy another but we figured we could do this now so I behaved behind the bar so I could be coherent it's the way to do these things right okay so the show hasn't even started I got 25 people in and 12 thumbs up already what how do you know you like the show that's what I want to know how do you know you're gonna like this show you already thumbed it up I still don't expect Paul for a good 15 minutes who'd I shout I shout it out Danny Bryan and unbiased and on the fence Shane what's do I like out there Oh what do I got you know and there's some things there's something I wanted to talk about and I'm not sure how much Paul will be into this so I'll go ahead and do it now the earthquakes said it and it does seem like it could be a fear thing to me but on the other hand it's actually happening now are they doing it is this natural discovered from Dutch sense Dutch sense sure I retract my retract might just appoint me soo so he took it back that's all right I'm already up to 20 bit um I got I got what's his name Doug yo brother he's in the hizzy duds and since I think that's the name here's the link this guy if you want to check out what's going on with the earthquakes he's totally anti-government I mean and he doesn't say that and he's anti-media he gets ticked off because you know he's like I'm figuring out what's gonna happen here how come the media can't do it well in Russia they have absolutely no earthquakes going on out there zero because they're hiding them and you know he's concerned that they're hiding other ones and there's certain patterns that he figured out look I had no idea that after you have a earthquake that pressure needs to release somewhere else so you get another earthquake and you get another one until it releases if you listen to this guy he explained it straight out I absolutely loved it I'm not fear-mongering it's just something that's going on over there and what we want according to him is for earthquake earthquakes to start traveling right across the east coast of the United States Coast fives fours threes and work their way down so the pressure releases if not California is going to get another a bigger one than seven point one that is what he's saying he's called the last three big earthquakes said not for watching and he says California's going to get a seventh bigger than a seven point one and it could be seven point two bigger than a seven point one if Oklahoma Texas Ohio and Northeast don't start getting small earthquakes hey Paul what's up anyone into are you doing interrupts I'm gonna make fun of your accent all night okay I can't help it I love it they're an English girl came to the bar today and she said should I get a fat tire anything the governor over here you hanging with this ain't your brother about that oh yeah is that coffee nope herbal tea yeah that's what I'm drinking so what's going on man this is our first talk is the first time we ever actually met yes and always taught some brains a little bit but yeah first time on your channel first I'm doing anything this early so no one's watching just go easy on me if you're watching Galilee easy on them cuz it's early over there on the other side of the pond it is well 7:50 a.m. is Simula so what do you do you take kids to school and then you just come on go to sleep till it's time to pick them up or what no I've got two jobs but in between ah I just set the kids to school pick up different things like that doing me jobs different slave jobs doing research on between mm-hmm in everything in so god bless you I just want to let you know that I've discovered that you don't have to work two jobs if you don't want to the money will come in if you know it the money will come in if you believe it you will have everything you are provided everything you need will be provided for you if you believe it and you know it so you don't have to work two jobs me personally I love working over 40 hours a week keeps me busy keep the mind occupied sometimes I'm researching too much in my head and like I said I'd be doing the video live live our premiered or whatever and I'm thinking about the videos to do while I'm talking it's late concert so sometimes I need it just to switch off yeah I know about having time recently this I've had three days off a week for about three months now and no I don't want that especially without a car I don't know if you know that story but I don't have a car now so I'm in the middle of the mountains without a car and I live above where I work so what kind of experience am I having you know whatever I have to deal with apparently according to spirit or whatever you believe in is in this area because I ain't going anywhere what am I gonna do I can't even get in the car and go down the street you know I got a I got a walk which isn't bad and I've been having a good time doing that but so what on your channel what exactly do you tell the people what do you what do you do on your channel as far as what do you research I go in suit or what don't know research that's that's probably better to say that because like I said if you look at my channel it's like a different topic every video noon off but somehow I'm tying the last six seven videos in I'm just finding weird links to things book I said I don't really I don't really cook up Mundel effect as such I've come up with videos to explain the origins of the Mandela effects I've come up with videos to show why people don't see what briefs tea and things like I'm not necessarily residue videos and things like that so I'll leave that to the guys who know it better like you I'm Brian so you said you come up with what was the first thing you said about coming up with ideas of what is causing the man die effect is possible origins Mandela effects how long it's been going on videos on that on how long sure what did you come up with for how long it's been been going since the Simonian times so that that's about the big beginning of time yeah yeah strangely enough sooo so it's cold what's happening the smoting times it's called MA that's what's called and they yeah Simonian Emmys can't get any Mandela fats and ice actually called the Mandela it's called Simone anemones and it's like spiritual it's it's about the collective it's like the laws of the gods and in influences people and it can have an effect on people so these gods determining both fight to get more Emmys in their town and white it creates golden ages and different things like so they're actually called promoting their needs some of them are physical objects some of them spiritual some of them are giants some of them are tablets tablets are carved now the tablets were vermin called whoever controlled the tablets control the universe basically when the u.s. invaded Iraq they went straight to the museum took these tablets on the first day black ops team though why did they go into Iraq straight away people think oil but first night they went in to the Sumerian museum took all the tablets left gold left everything just tablets I wonder why make sure and so hold on now when you say in in Sumerian times it's called the Emmy how's it spelled it's pronounced well when you research it is pronounced it says Emmy but it's pronounced May right ma why but when you research a few types emerging Emmy it'll come up with what an Emmy is and it's basically everything it's like laws so when you live in a society you have to follow these Emmys and it talks about if you don't follow me changes your reality changes consciousness different so it influences people in wears it affects music it affects geography affects people and it actually steers sy effects and I've been going on this for six to eight months telling people check this Emmys out could be the possible origins in a Mondale effect and a few of looks but it just goes over the head of many I mean I like the word orange and that the origins but it sounds to me like besides them knowing what it was and telling the humans or whatever the Mandela effect was going on back then yeah why basically these are if they tell you these Emmys are our connection to the gods that's what it said it's a connection to the gods with this is a connection to our gods and they're placed strategically all around Murray old world and these get taken used in a bad way this is our connection like it sure like I tell the Brian a transmitter our earlier to the gods the gods and if they get influenced in any way this what could be what is happening in a mandala effect what you've come up with that but I'm sitting here thinking and I'm going okay they knew about the mandel effect to me it's natural and it's it's the way we create life they had a handle on it they knew God told the humans this is the way to follow life or else this will happen this will change they knew what was going on but if I'm a God in that position with the arrogance everything else that is portrayed least that's what I see then I'm gonna make it like hey this is what I'm doing is that what it seemed like like a God was telling them this is this is what I'm doing to you or is this this is just the way it is it's what it sounds a bit of off it's like obviously the lowercase gods as some of them can be called some lowercase yeah you have to say it I because people jump on me like yeah and if you think about it now what we finding out about the Sumerians they were all over the world so you'll get miss how's that Africa you'll get in South America you'll get my viewer Alice pictures in it so if these have these amines and they're like I said they're located in these spiritual places right peru nasca lines anywhere around the world which is class is one of the layer lands of the earth which everyone connects if they are all putting these religions to keep you know reality working fine if you know you follow drills that's a few tech needs away you know you're influencing you're disrupting you know the collective oh I wonder if that's what's going on here we are I want to say creating okay and because of the Emmy and we create personally outside of the collective and we move away from that but we wouldn't know and if that happened they wouldn't know unless they saw a change but they it makes it sound like it's a bad thing don't do this this and this or things are gonna change is that portrayed like I mean don't know it now I look back on it now a lot of research because like I said I've done a video on where I think we are and that's called the fluid of life on my channel and it's basically I think winning in God's mind because you know the power like you said beginning the power of manifestation if you will have north things become how they are now I'm sure Dan evidence to prove how we could be in God's head God's mind now if you think about these are the neural synapses all coming down on earth which are these Emmys all situate and you disrupt these neural synapses things will start miss membrane or breakdown and that just how I'm looking at it now but it could be just like what you say it's look at it this way people don't believe soon it can be affected now one of these tablets like I told you if I forgot the tablet because it looks at it too early and if you get this tablet user like the like and this is like the laptop this is how you can control them the tablets are destiny the cold tablets tablets of Destiny and evergreen in it and I think that's a soft tablets yes it I think you cuz right now what you know anything about those a little bit I've not really gone to that buy that bought years ago of looked into it thought will fought as we know is Jesus they're all recycled gods if you if you trace the lineage back they all coming back from basic some earlier of this new civilization that like Atlantis type of thing and that's where they all originated from okay let's go back to these tablets well would you come up with them yeah they took those away now so we're guessing there's information on those tablets lost answers and even if you look at the timeline to so I think it was just before the mandel effects that it's happen think 2008 it and then they took these tablets off from 2011 onwards that's when it started really affecting so if these had these tablets that can control destiny actually states are back in history there was a god called Anzu who told him I wanted to make his own universe control and he is enchanted you underworld I always thinking is this the world that we're in not in the bad way but that was just my theory on it now if you can control this this tablet you can control the universe but you have to be a god to use and now what is certain trying to do they are trying to create a god particle is this a god particle basically trying to access and turn these tablets on because only God can control them that was just my early theory on that I know it's a bit way out there but they were just trying to make sense of how could people use these tablets if only God could use them and they're trying to create a god particle and they're thinking all yes a big bang forms if it's actual like a you know the touch of God to activate these tablets put these tablets in CERN and this is what the Pascal smashing through to actually turn on and I will just my old theory um if what do we do okay but do these guards have the control I believe whoever's got the tablets now controlling it that's my reality now is is crazy so yeah okay so okay so we're going back dude cuz now you said 2009 or 80 something like that first time I think it was a second or first time they went into Iraq so I don't know as surely as now if it was 2001 or something like that okay critical 2001 would make more sense to me personally I just I forgot the dates when you first if you know no that's fine I'm I'm wondering if the miss for me okay for instance Listerine I mean you heard a Listerine I have he had the mouthwash yeah for me in the 70s it was spelled ly and apparently it's always been Li but that was the 70s also in the mid to late 80s McDonald's changed to McDonald's for me so these things are long before 2008 well other people say well yeah that now those things that you know what they could be misremembering no not with the McDonald's thing okay I'm not buying that and I'm not buying any JFK changes or anything else so that would say that it even goes beyond that so I mean we've already figured that it's around since the Cimmerian so it's like 5,000 years before yeah it could be like that we just found there's a place called Enki's calendar and the reckon that is 85,000 to 300,000 years old in South Africa so that's a Sumerian data it could be but on that what you've just talked up the Listerine and the mat dolls I've done a video called Mandela memory waves and that's talked about how you know when you talk you know are you thinking all your memories are stored in the fluid around us basically the air around us its water its fluid its gas it's liquid now and have you heard of the is it the catchy records of chaos it records I don't well everything is recorded everything so if you're thinking now your thoughts are being recorded they have to be stored somewhere in like a hard drive now if you watch my video I talked about how soon as you think and people suck or what for forgot it's like that the memory floated away all these references to water the finishing word for memory is mem is for water it's like so water it's called mem for member so he goes dates back to them times what they're talking about memory is water so if you thinking now your thoughts is being stored in the water around you so it's like a wave so it's all floating it's waving it's moving now when your memory comes back to you new remember something oh my god that memories come flooding back it's came back all these references to water and memory have been going on for thousands of years so if you think now your energy your thought has been stored outside and you have like a Wi-Fi emitter in your head and when you walk around do your daily jobs all your memories can be accessed at any time come straight back to your head but it can be influenced it's stored all around us it's a few chemtrail in using 5g all these things a waves sound frequencies will affect the medium around us so they will affect your memories there's aluminium and stuff like that affecting your brain that's you you Reese you know you know receipt is to pick it up so all these things can mess with your memory so if you've had a memory in the 1973 of Listerine or wherever it is your memories are always staying in the cloud in in the fluid around us so you can access them at any time you want so if your memories there and you constantly connected and they're doing whatever they're doing around was in the world with 5g vaccines anything that can corrupt a memory that they've got half at all these spiritual locations all around the world Peru Australia UK have them you have one in Alaska all this has sound frequencies to mess with the fluid around us so if you can mess with the memories that's stored in here you can get it back like a virus it can change your memory it can influence so these things people think wall you just have to check my video out on it and it will explain more but picture you know when you go I'm gonna link that which video do you remember what it's called it's called memory waves how far back it a few months ago back you can always put it in the show you know it I'll put it in the comments after and then people yeah yeah sure again feel for any video your dare it is right there any video you're talking about feel free to just link them not a few believed in course or anything like that or spirits now clear no and when they say an object is haunted they are a bully you know feel no bad energy you can feel it people sure well that's the that's the memory of that person tragically kept in that room or the walls memories can be transplanted into objects so it's not the person or their spirit or to the memories yes I mean it's where it's kept and you can access these memories at any time you want well think about Al's armies and people who can't remember it's just a receptacle I was gonna get into that I was gonna get into the whole Alzheimer's and look if they're messing with my memories then you know look I'm absolutely sure there was four people in the car when JFK was assassinated I studied and and there was two motorcycles behind it I studied it I studied everybody around that car now there's this big black car on its bumper I would have studied the people in that car so look you're not gonna tell me my memories are faulty the only thing I can come up with from the other experiences that I had is my consciousness or my awareness is the only thing that's actually experiencing anything and it's shifted into another physical reality to where things are just a little bit different because there was four people in the car in the 80s when I studied it now there's six do you know I was talking to Kalani he said so was I wrong was I am I wrong am i did they manipulate my memory so which one is right what am i living am i living both yeah I mean I lived both but not at the same time yeah if you think about that you've got two types of memory in essence you've got your spiritual your soul memory which is you deep down and you have your body physical vessel memory and that's what sometimes it's clashing okay so you're saying you go to spiritual memory yeah he's like your soul gives you your essence then you were like a hobby with that's the one I want yeah that's the one I want to remember even if I'm here yeah that's what you actually use in fight for day-to-day stuff I mean you your body has muscle memory as you know and that's why you can do things without even thinking you know like make coffee I never liked coffee then you've got your ancestors memory that gets passed down in DNA so you got all this stuff and the access to you know like people like schizophrenia in schizophrenia don't know how you plant it over the invoices pronounce it all so get to Franny over here yeah over here I got there the East Coast thing going on I can't do the English action all of a sudden so how close are you to Liverpool I'm about 30 miles that's not bad anything my job is really bad but yeah that's what you say it's about like yeah my Joker phim oh I'm terrible at distances you really think New Zealand is down under okay now I'm really interested in the whole this is very fascinating to me about the whole Sumerians they had they had the MA not only did they have the Emmy they were told about it and now it's and now it's coming in so what do you mean are you kidding me I'll sound just like Ringo don't even stop that Brian okay I can do it I have enough English people come in to visit the bar that I can I can go Oh what did the one lady it was like two nights ago there's lit Slade II was in here straight from Liverpool you know how that it's so different I don't know what the location is of these English accents but they're so different yeah and but you don't know that unless you're like looking at it blimey yeah the like how you talking in my English accent is probably closer to the Beatles because that's what I heard it from but now that now I'm getting to a little even darker I could hear it like Guvna that is I like doing more London ish when you talk like a fanatic asthma or liver pill is it's called Scouse and what some of the Beatles were obviously they were born over the water which is not the strongest Liverpool if you like born in proper Liverpool or not over the water it's really strong and it's like how couldn't cuz I'm not good accident sport you're talking the bit like that that's more like the scouts and you can go to eat yes that was there was like Paul dude early Paul I mean the first pour some stuff I've seen that yeah and yeah it's obviously it's changing boy yeah that's it that was the first Paul yeah we could segue right into that you guys got movies over there you got movie theaters and stuff you watch movies yeah it's you know did you see the movie yesterday I didn't know ok because this movie isn't disturbing me it's exciting me but something very similar has happened to me it's in my book hey have you got its own Kindle I'd mail it to you but that would cost me an arm and a leg yeah I'll chicken I don't my books based on the events that happened to me in 15 which were it all started it started before the impalement but I was impaled should have died instead of dying because I didn't know it or didn't see it or whatever it was I shifted my consciousness awareness shifted into another timeline where things were different that's what happens in this movie this guy gets in an accident comes out of it and the Beatles never existed and of course while boy he takes off with that I've had similar daydreams you know thinking wow the Mandela SEC Wow I should have been impaled and and and there's a channel I forgot to you know and I'm gonna don't even worry about it bro I'm gonna I'm gonna plug you what well I've never said that to a man awakened Saint I'm sorry [Laughter] now I was killing myself here I talked with photo yesterday and then the next thing I'm though i'm listening to Danny's channel and photos on I'm like yeah like having a great time with it and he was plugging his the awakened Saints Channel because he was going to be on in the morning on Monday and then I find out he's oh it was on this morning I listen I I'm lucky that you and I are actually on at the same time now because the two hour difference thing is killing me I'm always the other way I'm always messed up with that so but anyway yeah photo was on awakened Saints Channel last yesterday more this morning and but he's going to be on the next three nights and three mornings because I'm plugging it who else so I got a buzz anybody ever hear a Brian Stavely no you know we need to plug that channel I have Brian Stavely sidekick Paul I call him sidekick I don't know I got a Paul on here and I'll tell you what we've gotten into some deep stuff early on no boy see he came in late I and I really want to get into that stuff because that the Sumerians had the emmy back then and called it ma so does so was the Emmy Mandela effect Emmy that name was in your opinion was that planted it could well bein on it could be the reason why it was chosen because it ties in with a similar Emmys but even then how would they have known Mandela you know what let's let's pick Mandela because we know he died in prison a couple of times and he became president a couple of times after he got out of prison I mean how do they choose that oh that's right their gods with a small G so are they if they're controlling it okay because back then they were around apparently and so are the Giants and whatever and everybody was living together and hobbits and the whole bit and and then all of a sudden the only thing that's left is human beings man that's the only thing that's left is man they had all that information back then how are we the only ones left especially if the gods are sitting it you think they're still there yeah I believe everything is here Giants all them mythical beings is still a just they're in a different realm different lights do remain in a different light because like I said that's I I'm not trying to plug my videos well I did a video about P do it do it the biggest plug war on YouTube okay please well it's a video you saw Annie talk about always got to me is how come other people can't see what we see and it really got to me I'm looking at something in the sky how can they not physically see it's not right so he got me thinking and then I looked into how people see and we only see in three colors red green and blue now to make all the colors it basically lies towards so these red green and blue mix and create all the colors and basically the light refracts bounces back and that's what tells us what color it is what images are basically it's invisible so everything is invisible and how we see could be a lie so ever talked about could truth and things like that be a physical actual light of wavelength and I did my video on at it people really enjoyed it it makes sense for a lot of people did you get the title that yeah I got your site right here I'll plug it in a second it's called I want you to be careful I want you to be careful about what you say is real and what's a lie I was already schooled on that and it's the truth I mean it's all real because we're experiencing it it's real time no there's no difference I don't know this Mountain College between truth light is how you perceive everyone's perspective is different even on the truth you could see for instance you could look at an object and you could say yep that's that one person is sad you can look at it I'm saying no no it's that because of the light refracts differently create a different image so every one specific perspective on truth and lies all change well you know that's true too just an Angus from that light perspective from that light frequency I guess is a good word I like that we all know FN is frequency vibrations so why can't the truth hey it's for instance I know I don't know if you watch Brian Shaw I use an analogy surely occasionally I think I saw him then I'm not sure but boy you know I got too many jokes okay and I and I hold back because I'm like no don't do it i I've I've come across too many people within the Mandela look this is a serious thing I mean physical reality Manik the molecular structure of physical reality is changing or and it doesn't even matter what the or is this is a serious thing and I came across a discord channel once and they were doing you know Cal's screwing other cow jokes and everything else and it was supposed to be a Mandela effect site for people to get together I'm like are you kidding me it's all yeah that's great to have fun and do your jokes but damn here you know I totally did not like that turned me off but then I turn around and I find out I've been bringing humor into it I've done that on quite a few I'm not happy about that but that's what spirit wants me to do spirit doesn't want me to be totally solid serious on this whole thing and I don't get why to me it's total solid seriousness but I've brought humor into it and I think it is important okay there is an important part of that just you know and I've apologized to them people because I said look you know you are where you are and do what you got to do and there were different columns where I didn't have to go into them spots or anything but I'm like look are you serious I mean when do you have time for this when do you have time to watch Cal's doing it or whatever I'm making a joke out of it please but anyway I don't know where I got off on that well now that's my name I'll just tell you brief how if you research Simone anemones know are you talk about this is what you first say it goes in some early mythology and me which we know about is one of the decrees of gods is foundational to those social institutions religious practices technologies behaviors more so it basically covers everything that the Mandela effect affects and there were so many different topics yeah I mean it's the same thing yeah but they had a handle on it yep and it talks about how it's a human condition that makes civilizations that are talking about these armies that make a civilization and as the Sumerians understood it possibly they are fundamental to understanding the relationship between humanity and the gods so it's like well I said it beginning it affects everything now it makes a physician is that what you should yeah it makes it you know prosperous different things it makes it you know the cohesion between everything and that's why these gods fought over it they wanted more of these Emmys in the towns and that's why a lot of the ancient battles and wars were wrong because in Sumerian times it wasn't like a state wrong it wasn't the government of everyone it was like city by city ruled by the gods so one God will have X amount of cities you know in love in control and they fought over these from the bigoted gods like anal handed amount I'm still in control yeah so in control now it could be I need you just don't know who's got them that's what me pointing it could be these gods lowercase gods it could be the pup this is evil parasites it ruined the world have they got all of it now you we just don't know it just seems funny that reality is now emerging and everything is changing so much a fast pace like they are trying to do something you know mean because we can say it won't spell you will have no Emmys for a week or two or a few days and then all of a sudden you'll get a Mandela memory wave and it's like a tsunami and if it changes it 10 20 30 40 50 things in a day because everything's been flooded there's no it there's no discernible pattern with it any more worries it could have been a constant your remain constant flux or whatever but now it's it's like no one's in charge basically of this that's what I want to get it or are we in control and we don't know it I'm going with this because I keep thinking back then if the gods were telling humans okay this is what you got to do buh-buh-buh-buh-buh and now what we didn't get it or something else took over or we were we were infiltrated and are those gods still in effect are they in case a if something else is control in control then those gods lower-case don't really have control they were taken over as well if that's the case well if you think about it this is how I look like cops got describes Oz I believe where a piece of God he says you know we were made in His image not all of it but yeah I believe we've assault is a piece of him I mean it's our consciousness so when we trying to manifest things is because we have the power of God in us we are called human which he's got men and I don't think we can now Paul I think we can manipulate maneuver control use physical reality to our benefit and especially if everybody else is fighting for the control of this so who's got it and we're sitting here gone oh my god there was a change I was just thinking about that wow that's really weird I was just thinking about that and that happened that's really weird well because you're creating you don't even know what you're doing and I haven't even gotten a handle on it yet I I've failed I've succeeded I think I understand I think there's something like if I go out to create something and I lie and I don't line it up with my heart forget about it because the first thing that's gonna come in is doubt and it's done move on because it's done it's not gonna happen I've had that happen I really believe I really feel that that we can create and that this control that we're all talking about is kind of up for grabs right now yeah you know wondering why Wow why are you Minh still around when everybody else was still around Giants you know fairies beings with some kind of power and humans I'm sorry I believe we just can't seem well some people can see him pursue her we're just is they shifted into a different line of lights your domain so there and no you need people call it a different realm a different reality it just could be there everything is here we just can't say like video talks about we can't see anything and it's only the rumor how the light bounces back tells us what is the and obviously we even see upside down as well so that's strange you know I mean so all these things come into play and I'm I'm just trying to find our way it is to come up with walk and how can the Mandella effects and why other people don't see what we see and it's because they physically can't it's like like a different type of light so we're looking at a different light spectrum yeah it's a different spectrum so when we look at something we actually can see the veil lifted when other people look at this object the veil is still on it so the darkness you just just basically hi a physique at sea so when people lose you how can you not see what we see the physical accounts so it's not their fault they not their fault that's where they are I mean you're not gonna fight that so back in the day they know what they understood it okay it seems to me that there's some kind of infiltration going on here yeah taking over humans are the only ones left out of all of that from the light spectrum so they're still here so there's a light spectrum going on where there are beings that see all of the beings even humans and we're in their way because we don't see them and now here we are so what's that it's like a mind trick when you start looking at things differently and that's just how I do you know mean I try and explain to myself how could this work and like that Occam's razor the simplest answer is always generally the right answers even though if it's far-fetched if it's the simplest it's it's real so you know that's so we are in it we are in an ant form that because that's what I came up with I mean it's you know but but individually each ant can create their reality around them yeah I really think so I think but see now now the problem comes in because to me I'm thinking okay these gods in the Sumerian times we're telling humans this is what you got to do or else you're gonna be out on your own densities you're gonna be on another dimension if you do it this way or that way so stay within this well why would they care I mean I you know what why would that matter why would they care what dimension they go into if it's all because of control they were still controlling them if they were all within this dimension sorry just thinking out loud no harm in that a minute it's just a crazy way to look at things it's like how I I described it on Brian show is for instance you have a table in front of you all the truth is on there but they controlled the table lamp which is the source of light for us to see so if they shine in this light down on all objects in frontier we see because of the light bounces back off these objects if you can control the light source the frequency that the shared of that light you can control what you see on the table and it's those people who don't look at things differently our looking with its name eyes is people do on the table but we have some reason our light spectrum can see what they're hiding like a cloak and that people call it the veil so you can imagine this tables and the veil is a darkness it's just another shade of dark another shade of lights so if you can control that light source you can control what everyone sees and hears and that's what they're doing now for instance why the body changes and things lie they go I mean seriously they got nothing better to do I think so yeah it could be like a I don't want say like a a test for also I just don't know it's gotta be it's gotta be involving us because I mean you can't tell me that out of all of creation in the entire cosmos that beings are actually concerned with what we do with our lives unless of course it's just the harness energy in which we've seen that or heard that yeah I mean even if you look at it that way goes even in the Bible I'm not like I said not read the Bible and science to me now it talks about how to forget it wrong right I haven't talked about the Bible I haven't read the Bible either I think you and I are the perfect two people talk about well I dunno like sayin or the devil tempted Jesus or God themselves so it's like the same scenario we've been tempted or manipulated daily to change the frequency that we have how we harness no mean so with that all our energies create a greater force a greater energy a frequency you can call that the God frequency or whatever we're all connected to God so just refused to tune in and listening you know I mean it could be kiss up so they want to harness that the power the energy yet we can create when we're in that mindset you know if because they yeah yeah because they don't have that so that they're there these are they the guards there could be the lowercase God every ancient civilization even the Sumerians talk of precursor gods who they were at war with like the primordial gods even we must be something damn special if the gods are trying to harness our energy yeah and that's what they don't want like Brian toxic they don't want us to feel make special they want us to feel alone but insignificant we're nothing in fact we're the opposite and that is what their agenda is to make us feel yep like we're not worth anything yeah negative and negative they feed off the negativity that's wrong so that's why they've been leaving me alone think it shit every time they try and bring it harder guess what I let go cuz I don't care do what you gotta do daily and I mock them they mock me I know I mock them I don't give a fuck okay they can't I don't know why but I feel it here they can't touch this shit can't touch this and I'm and it don't matter and and I get cocky when I do this okay and I also get psychic and when I do this that's why I try to smoke because you know walking around the bar telling people their fortunes is not really the thing to be doing no hey we live we live our other people watching yeah there's people watching the don't are me then you can check 50 for watching I think that's right 54 I I'm gonna get back into the expec om I am are we Oh chats flying I got 54 too so it looks like we got 54 people all across the globe which reminds me did I say globe need a fine somebody spanked no no I'm not gonna good air Brian's gonna have to not feed me I meant realm Dan called me too I was at work it's not like I haven't called that barn while he was doing video so I guess that was okay game called me and asked me you know what are you doing here busy whatever he wanted me to go check out the moon for something I didn't get the whole exact why so I'm not really gonna get into that but I did run it out and I went in sucked in and it was cloudy and I really felt like I should have been able to see the moon even though where the clouds were I think it was like nine quarter after nine something like that I really felt like I should have seen the moon and I couldn't he said the last time he saw it was an hour previous and he saw it on the horizon and I'm thinking okay I filmed the fourth of July I filmed the moon and it had a small Crescent and the following day at about the same time it was closer to me when it should have been further west and you know I really thought hey let me you got my number dude let's do it I said let me let me go film this and I'm like well I don't have any reference point I don't okay but I did because I filmed it on the fourth of July but I didn't know exactly what time that wall I should have been able to know what time that was because the fireworks went off in about a quarter to nine a quarter after nine and I probably should have filmed it because it was actually that the moon was more East than it should have been and I did have a reference point and I thought I did go film this I'm like whoa No corner why bother what am I gonna do film the moon and do a video that says hey look it's more Wes than it should be well nobody there's no reference point nobody nobody cares what I was thinking because the Flat Earth people the Flat Earth community about uh probably two years ago did a thing where they did a tracking of the Sun and I wanted to track the moon because I thought hey if Danny can see the moon from where he's at and it's on the horizon from where I'm at it should be a lot further along than on the horizon and I couldn't see it at all there were a couple clouds that were kinda very slightly glowing or lit up but not from moonlight not it wasn't that bright and I had to run back to get to the bar so I I didn't really know what I was looking at so but there was no moon and I kept thinking well if he saw it on the horizon an hour ago then I shouldn't see it but there was light oh sure that and then and and let you know I don't know if it's flat let me just throw it out there I don't it's just not a globe I know what the hell it is but I just felt thought like wow hey now that I'm friends with Paul and I don't mean McCartney I can do a let's track the moon I mean you know there that I think that would be neat now I don't know exactly how you would do that online like they did you know I could probably talk to Brian Staveley he'd probably be able to help me out you ever hear that guy I think he's that one who likes going to glory holes god pretty fictive says Freaky Friday [Laughter] oh man hello babe no one is easy what you can do is you can just get you to come person and you know if you see them the moon and angle you can obviously measure it screenshot the compass direction then for whoever is looking at the moon as well can take a compass not even that not just that listen if if Danny and I can see the moon at the same time we should be able to figure out from all the math that they got exactly how far in the sky it is well none of them really know do they what do you what I mean if I can see it I know where I'm at Danny knows where he's at and both looking at it from a certain angle we should know how far it is yeah I dudes real yeah you should be able to try and ago you said no I'm sorry it must have been your accent no my accent we've we've had the crescent moon the last couple of days and it's been a totally wrong position I mean I film this today for instance I'm looking at screen here now the crescent moon in the daytime it was out it was earth in front of me face and the Sun was still blazing just beside now I've never seen I've seen the Sun in the moon out in the same time but I've never seen them they're so close together in the sky just side by side is that recent yeah so that's what yesterday I film bits on my own facebook facebook page just over a minute long and I look up I film it I go out it's like something past 7:00 in the evening the moon is a crescent in the daytime a filmy and then lock and the Sun is just at the side of it maybe at a 45 degree angle or something like it's really close it's just it's I normally you see it like that these two guys were like just side by side I've never seen that in my life so that's weird because that would almost say that the Sun is further away if you're only seeing a crescent it's just crazy what we what we know and what we don't know a basically it's all corrupted we shouldn't see the Sun or the moon at them distances at this area doesn't matter how bright this tool is yeah yeah them distances stop telling you it's a local source I've been having quite a few experiences with the Sun specifically mine O'Brien's mentioned it I because I was talking with him one time and told him look I look at the Sun I'll be sitting in the hot springs or whatever and just and I look up at the Sun and I'm like I know you know I'm like my do I stare at it though I Sun gaze do I not Sun gaze I you know what I was impaled I don't care it you know there comes a point where when I walk by this thing that says hey parachuting today I'm going okay and I would never do that I jump out of a good plane I'm not you know I wouldn't do that so but now I'm like it doesn't matter do it for the experience the excitement get that adrenaline pumping and shift in the name know what's that well I took a picture the Sun obviously it looked like a sudden simulates and I just use this app just to shared over it you know see give layers and this is what the picture was I'll zoom in as well to assure you all right I'm screen sharing everybody because this is nothing how crazy that is but this new filter are used now I'll zoom in stop that was the Sun that was the Sun Sun and then I just used a filter you know to just paint over it to reveal layers and that's what's what was in the middle of it now they're binary numbers I've put them into Google and I what I went to look for what could it possibly be and this is what it gave me and there's original pit I'll get the original pit so you can see of the Sun that was the original picture and by putting the filter on it yeah numbers and I did the same pick the day after then numbers were gone all right look I want you to look at something and I'm quite sure you didn't cuz you would have brought it up two videos ago three videos ago I took a really strong shot of Jupiter I've got a really good zoom in on it video and a picture apparently I don't remember taking a picture of this but I have pictures of it it's Jupiter but it's a symbol and but it's with a filter on it and now we were talking about the light and we were talking about the different frequencies and I'm like okay I put a filter on a camera it's changing the frequency and we're I'm seeing something different so what I'm actually seeing is not what it actually is okay I'm just going there I'm done with it because last week when I and in the video after that I'm filming the one with the Paul is dead there's a lot of Paul's dead stuff in that video in the beginning I film it real quick and in the middle I do a bunch of long shots where I'm zooming in on a glare and what happened was it looked like Jupiter without the filter it looked like a plasma ball with all the Rays coming out that's it I'm pretty sure yet it is the Paul video and I kept thinking what I'm doing in on the ground I'm about two three miles away I'm zooming in with the P 900 and and this ball of plasma light is coming up and I can't understand it finally I figure out that it's the Sun beating off this car coming at me so I'm picking up the Sun as a plasma ball just like Jupiter would come in it doesn't matter what it was it's that it's almost the same so I'm zooming in on a star and it's coming in like that and I'm zooming and down here on the glare so it's the Sun it's the glare it's the glare it's not the Sun I don't see the Sun I don't go that's the Sun obviously it was but that's not what I'm thinking I didn't know what it was at first so the stars are nothing but a glare it's the same thing it's a glare it's a glare from something that when we're looking at it with our eyes it's not what we're seeing I mean we see that but that's not what it is it's something different and from that from looking at that glare store and the other thing I was talking about that it's not what we see the stars and those symbols the thing that you just popped up that's that's cracking me up you had numbers on there yeah and it was a 1 and then 9 zeros and a once it was like binary and it was it appeared in the middle of the Sun I'm like I just thought it was the app you don't mean the filter that I used to just to paint over it to reveal a so I did it again the next day and it was gone so in the same position so it whatever should was sure to me that day was then binary numbers and that binary numbers equated to that picture which was what what did that picture mean what did it say well it's it's weird it's like I've seen this symbol before but I don't know what it a lot of these symbols a friend of mine saw crop circles and different things you say that's the symbol now but look at this differently I've just done a video on the possible location of Atlantis right bug bug that shit yeah it's just called a Lance it's on my channel but what's funny is look if you know that symbol I just showed you sue so if you write of three colors you can see the difference we see I've painted them colors in yellow right right it's the three-pointed star on a trifecta but this is the same symbol what I found Atlantis and I shaded it in that looks exactly the same yeah it's just upside down now this video we can have your signs are upside down to me so I don't know okay so you can see it sir and what is underneath is the Y you know I've done a lot of things on that long-term Pythagoras Y as you can see there's a Y underneath you see it's ships like a wise and even called alumnus if you look on Google Maps it's all strange about this why philosophy and I'm seeing these why's everywhere now in in everything I mean even last night before I went to bed have you ever seen Terminator film the first one well you know the the cooperation behind it Skynet I've heard of that and so maybe I did another one so yeah you can see it yeah you see the Y rate in the middle right well in the brain we have the same Y in the brain I've done a video on that and that's like I call it the tuning fork and that's what helps us to pick up these frequencies and make them into thoughts or colors and different things so what's real I mean especially if reality is changing around us what's real I mean what am I sick what am I seeing am i seeing the symbols in the stars or am I seeing the light refraction it is Pythagoras he has a theory called the music of the spheres I'm starting to think we're work we're breaking out of this program yeah now that makes sense yeah if it seems like we're breaking into this program it's not like what I'm doing it on purpose it's not like that's something I'm and and that's way that's way too far I mean I'm sorry I'm Way ahead of myself well you could look at it in other ways we look as I relative and I mean interrupt you but I really feel like we're supposed to be experiencing physical reality but I don't think we're supposed to be experiencing it the way we are that could be a good thing or it could be a corruption because they are corrupting it maybe we not already some people are ready but I believe in a way that what we are seeing now is how everything like I keep talkin or everything is here now but we just can't see it now what's happening is we can see all these things happening so it's actually overloading the system you know remaining and some people can't handle it and some people can just how you perceive and set things in it's how you deal with it you know what I mean so some people were there and some people aren't moron or and dimension and Brian show up with Gloria and Brian as well is we believe the mandel effects as well is it obviously a wave that I talked about but why all these body changes now it's like the getting is ready for something we are morphing we're changing to withstand something why it's a heart moving wider rips encasing it more why's that bones getting bigger stronger I thought I'd be getting honed and ready for a battle yeah I've already noticed that I Delvin other I'm in other communities say spiritual communities and they've talked about how the radiation is higher and the photon belt waves have been coming in I read about them in the 80s the photon waves are coming in and different you know whatever that is or whatever that was I kind of see it differently now but I still feel that's what it was or there is because it's happening now we say in the Mandela effect community oh I felt a shift we're going through a shift this human residence is off the chart and you know I woke up wanting to kill everybody and what you know whatever you know we feel a shift we know what's going on and in that community it's know these waves are coming in they're supposed to be coming in supposed to be coming in the photon but have you ever heard anything called the photon belt yeah I'm sorry I have yet just there's four different things I'd like to have not delved into airport I have heard been used okay so I mean where's it coming from I mean if we're gonna talk physical because that's going to be a light spectrum and in different realities where's it coming from I mean if we're physically I mean as far as I'm concerned this is the only physical reality right now as far as I'm concerned he even if there's others that there's no place in near us it's not we're a petri dish and then and then terms what do we think I just blew my own mind no because now I'm getting the ringing in the ears and everything else so I'm like okay bring it in let it come in aunt that loss well the light frequency thing is great because that's what's making us physical you know because yeah because when those when you take the veil off we're becoming something else yeah it's just lifting different things for instance like those humans as we want to call it we I took what some brands we have a pineal gland everyone knows what the pineal can people call them the third eye you can call it whatever you want but not a lot people know that it's crystal based it's actual crystals now when you start seeing this light differently the light shines into this pineal gland we need it for the Rays your remainder is it's our eyes goes through our eyes hits pineal gland it starts vibrating now this vibration is called piezoelectric effects and these lights that refract off the crystals of the ethnics color so if you gain refraction from a crystal all the colors are just amazing I mean that is why they need negativity because it produces more adrenaline which is a crystal so if that's what they need to feed on the negativity the energy of this negativity it's stored in the crystals in the adrenaline because adrenaline is a crystal totem melatonin so serotonin all these are crystals now when we connect to the truth or to God it's throughout people think it's between a pineal gland or the soul or whatever you want to call it it's crystal base it's like a crystal receptor right I am flattered as such but I believe it's flash love but we're on but from our research and even mainstream science now agree the core of the earth is crystal so that could be Mother Earth is Mother Earth's pineal gland in essence because it's crystal base you think about from that crystal you have crystal veins of all around the world spreading out like fiber-optic and without information you name it to everything and that's how I look at things we connect into mother earth from that and things get passed on and it's spiritual it's more is it's like we're morphing hey the world is so crazy at the minute it's just gone well used to think reality is I'm in reality now on a new world I am now sometimes you don't know where you are because it's just gone that crazy it's unbelievable I'm seeing frozen plains in the sky I'm seeing strange ones it is it's just gone strange you know – not just me me all family it's a good thing it's not just you yeah I mean it's crazy OOP what's that we're driving in a car meet me daughter decide so that was unwise that plane not moving so I'm driving along trying not to crash looking up right now and it's just frozen in the sky and I'm screwed showing Amador in the backseat get your camera out film it film me and she managed to get it on a live photo which as you know if you keep the finger on it will give you like a two-second burst mmm and I just thought she took a picture and then when we add a log to touch it and you can see it frozen in the sky it was such did you put that up on any of videos yeah it's on some YouTube YouTube I heard of that yeah it's that thing that Brian likes to go on Brian what's his name is Brian Smith may be watching this now like you can race he's even if he eat that he be like he's listening believe me yeah yeah I'm not watching chat I don't care but I mean it comes what's it come down to just with all that being said are we supposed to just sit back and then let it all happen because what else are you gonna do are we supposed to be doing something about it because when you brought up the crystal crystals or in us the crystal you bones you have the same crystal in your ears to do the balance your teeth is a crystal crystal what a lot to do with how humans are because the energy it can create you know in the store and the information it's a good conductor to you know energy and light and people don't realize this is significance of crystal and that was how I stayed and you might research in decided doing different things and my um my fictional story if you were to call it that at all the accidental creation of physical reality I knew did you mention that name I knew yeah Sumerian god yeah okay I knew is the star of my book Anu Enki Anil more Duke yeah they they would be the four characters in this book that I wrote that right now is just here because I had it I shifted I didn't have it I shifted again I had it I was so excited I don't have it anymore not in this timeline this thing keeps popping up and disappearing and I'm like I don't think it's gonna pop up again crystals were very much involved in the whole a new accidentally creating physical reality when he visited a water planet discovered deception Wow because they said no you can't come in and have the black liquid gold in the center of our plan it right in the center of our plane because if you come into our existence we won't exist anymore and neither will you we will all become one a different completely different existent being person being so he said okay you know thanks anyway whatever and left and thought well shit if I don't get that black liquid gold in the center of their plane my race doesn't exist anymore so he came in and he said look how about if I just come in and take what I need and leave and the water planet people the Atlanteans the elations was spelled different so yeah sure come and get what you want so they go in and when they're going to get it there's these crystals there's four of them from wondering what I wrote and they create inside that they somehow I accidentally physical reality just starts to form and the only way they can get to their black liquid gold was to put on slabs of meat to get in there and get it and from then you got 30 billion years of figuring out where we are now because time didn't exist so no filters just snap now people call it the bat Batman symbol but this is the song i'ma talk oh nice now I put the filter on just to filter just a negative it misses the image it gave you can see a song behind it orange oh good so song so you can see that I can see I'll zoom in a bit you can see the orange just be behind the black there like this fake song is in in front of it block it out no filter that one is a filter a negative ball zoom back out that's no filter that's no filter that's just straight snap and I thought I could see something behind the Sun so I just put a filter just so could see and I was right you can see the orange just behind the Sun it's just crazy things are happening I've even had I've done a worried have even took a picture of the Sun array1 ray coming out the Sun coming down into my garden and stopping and I could you put me hand out and I could touch it physically and the red was touching my hand warmer my handle like it was a magnification type of thing you know like you used to do as kids with the magnifying glass isn't a song right that's weird and and it was funny a you say said about the raise I I caught a Sun Ray coming out of a cloud miles away I mean I could see everything out where I'm at but it was on a different angle from other sun rays that were coming right from it it was so bizarre look at what kind of camera are you using it's just asking me on my phone oh geez I mean I'm picking stars up do that close and zoom inning crazy things are just so close it's unbelievable you should not be able to pick up a star on your mobile phone helpful how much are you picking up because I mean I'm zooming in with a p900 sanam I'm Olivia and again and I'm I mean I feel like I'm zooming in on it but now what I'm getting all these other things coming in and and like just picking up that glare that was a spiritual thing that way you know I I'm zooming in on it and see these are messages coming in for me and I think the whole Mandela effect now especially talking with Paul the whole thing there's a spiritual message there there's something we're supposed to be picking up there's a formula there a physical formula that we're supposed to figure out because that's how we were brought up you know the the the absolute of the absolute is sending a message and somebody's got to pick it up I feel like we got I feel like we are answers all over the place and we just got to put them together there you go ready sorry about the rain maybe I'll just use it for posting that that's what your phone yep now I did a theory look at this that is a circles when you do um you know the word um the monk use it to chant this God but when you do um in cymatics it produces it Pam and it's the same pattern it's the same pattern to shows you that oh it's a vibration created in the medium doing that now if you do on you meditate um where's the picture now it starts to produce this cutting in your head in your brainwaves you say the so it starts to go into the circle when you meditate so everything when you do that on sap is to change now if you look at the I mean I don't know if your a flat earther but if you look at the waves and the jet stream I mean I don't know where but I know it in a bar we're prize look it's probably flat let me just go there I just don't know I've never seen it so that is it that is a jet streams on earth on a flat bar it's the same pattern who makes it on same pattern it makes the star um like I said these are some of the things that like I said I look at everything it's not the case of I'll just stick to Mandela I said you guys know it better than me experience it I've just started to delve more into it because more and more things are happening but my other videos I go deep deep and it's people are liking it like I said I've had good positive feedback on them and just trying to explain things to me how what makes sense what do you see on the screen different pictures because that's what I'm trying to do yeah don't Danny taught me how to do this okay so what I need to do is I'm trying to pick one specific one and it's not coming up no just double click on agent come up eventually I am but okay can you see later one two three four five six seven eight over and four down yeah it's how I like to be mobile that is Jupiter okay that's a zoomed in with Jupiter I wish I could zoom in on it I don't know I what am I doing wrong I think you just double-click on a nation come on show I did double click and it's it's it's up as far as I know what's up let me shut that off and try again it might be opening up with age maybe it's because I have my nothing you can see the whole thing no I can see the pictures it's a bit highlighted more than you're the ones yeah small yeah I have about three pictures right next to it that are all the same thing and that's kind of zoomed then that's Jupiter and it sure as hell looks like a sim to me but now that's with the filter I believe I haven't gotten it since a couple of times I zoomed in on it and I saw the plasma looking ball now that's without a filter the plasma looking looking like a plasma ball is without the filter feature may even contain these with the camera that's just showing you how close and what they are yeah that's my probably calling me I think I don't know maybe I just let them have their fun I don't know what what they're talking about but that's Jupiter I mean come on that's a symbol that's something yeah yeah it's like looks similar to you know might mean the Aniki air oh you know I was looking at that and I often thought that I saw that's an egg with the whole anarchy symbol and that that's what it looked like to me when I first looked I just keep calling it a symbol there's also it's also a what five pointed star six pointed star if you get into the other lines that aren't is defined I also say like a face left face oh wow why didn't I see that I see that now and I'll have to zoom in on that I can't see it when it zoomed in you don't see it it's not you don't see really see a face like I said you shouldn't be seeing any things your main threatened and I have other pictures that you know I wish I could have figured out how to do that I could have popped it right on but that's the thing these are symbols the that you should I'm very intrigued about with the numbers on it and the numbers that are shown because I'm like wow if I it if I put a certain filter on this will that will these stars give me numbers I actually did a couple of videos I haven't put anything up yet I'm not sure I will because I started talking to the stars because I figured okay why not you know so I'm like come on let me get you good let me get a good shot of you and it seemed like it was being shy and it and then it got big and small and I thought well look that could be my camera okay I don't know what I'm doing with this thing okay I'm I'm you know I'm this is new to me and I think I'm doing a good job with it and I'll get in on it and I'm zoomed in and it's good and it's it's there and it gets bigger and smaller and I'm like I didn't touch anything I'm like it it was fine the way it was and then it'll go back and then a bit smaller and then all of a sudden I can't zoom in you know it's just a light boom and I'm like okay good corn happen hey how about you give me a good picture hey how you doing let me talk to you why not and then I'll get a better picture and I'm like but then it'll go away and it'll be very faint different things seem to happen and I'm like you know it's the middle of what where we at July here I got the door open I'm freezing okay I got a heater on next to me you know I'm not standing out there and checking out the stars all the time with like this it's like I get out there I do my thing and I'm done if it was a little nicer yeah I'd sit out there all night that could happen in August maybe but but there seems like there's messages here now it seems like not just with the stars but with the Mandela effect and now you're telling me this you know I've always said that for me this is how we create motion in time every nanosecond we're shifting into another something dimension time line density time line I guess would be the best for that and there within that same the same parameters so when there's no real big changes so we don't notice any if anything but when we go from here to here we do I just feel like there's messages here I feel like somebody or something us we're trying to tell ourselves something and we'll get it when we get it I think it's Oh God Mike was gone yeah it's just how I look at things if you look at things differently you always see something different I know it sounds and well that's obvious but people don't realize that a lot of things like I talked about before perception and perspective is different you could have 10 guys in a room you could show them that Beatles cover album be on and all 10 see something different because is how things aren't people all disagree and it's great to disagree but you should respect people's opinion you know agree to disagree there's no harm in that people think if you disagree you've got to be angry you've got to unsub erm you've got to unfriend them you don't I keep telling people we have to find the one commonality and while we do this you might do this because it's like a video diary or you want to get things off your chest or you want to show people the truth in your way we all do things what fits us best now what's wrong with just being positive showing the love to people getting that negative vibe up to positivity because that's why they don't want you talk about acidic in the food you're talking all these frequency changes you're talking about vaccines this is all to lower our immune system which is our own personal force field you can call it that way and that way if they lower that with acidic food all these frequencies from 1/2 5g all this is to lower the vibration of the body the force field so we can be but not like took over or influence you can call it that way whatever you want parasites I'm just on the video on that all these things are done for a reason to lower the positivity because they can't do it they can't live in a positive a loving environment it has to be negative constantly and that's why Happy's are all these locations and it's why your neighbors are always like fighting a different thing because it's influence these ring streets can influence our minds in the sense of making us more angry so that negative when you're angry you're negative and it can it's like a virus good and bad people catch it you walk into a room and a few Joe feel you're happy you're at my laugh you like the soul of the party people can feel your positivity you can freely smiling it makes them smile if you're in a bad mood angry you can infect other people so they got withdrawn or the feels good you're lowering the vibration of other people and people don't realize how significant we are we're all walking antennas that can influence the person to the side of you so if you have more positive happy you can influence other people sharing the truth you revealing the truth you then will show that to someone else and that get pass it forward I know you don't want this they want negative people everyone at each of this throw don't be sharing the knowledge don't be positive they just want to make it's not a a negative it's not only negative it's not only negative things we do it's it's it's okay so not everybody's out there drinking and and smoking weed and doing whatever because those things are going to keep us but you call it negative no that's what it is I'm in denial not everybody's doing that so what are they gonna do they've got to start creating earthquakes or other things to get people a jeté 'td um some that might not bother everybody might not be in their areas so they have to put some shit in the food and the water and so they're coming at all angles they're coming at all angles and you know it you know I mean I know what I gotta do I've said it you know i we all have to stop doing it I mean come on I had orbs come down and project a multitude of things in my head that telling me what I had to do what I had to stop doing and why and I'm still doing some of those things it's three years later four years later coming five years later Jesus that that should happen in 15 so it's almost five four and a half years I'm wrong I you know what am I gonna do I you know I'm living my physical life things are getting in the way those negative things from all different angles are affecting me and I was and others I'm sure were shown look yeah and they know people know and we'd do it anyway yeah so right from the beginning or doing this to ourselves definitely like that is that the power of the mind that we keep talking about you know men keep it negative or evil whatever way you want to look and that then influences your reality around you yeah and in the meantime we'll go to somebody else a Yvonne somebody else a negative and those two people want to fight because they don't like the words they're using we thankfully I'm worried dispels basically they've created the spoken language because it's a spell and that's another 50 don't listen to the old on video sighing it really nicely but the physical smells and I was talking to Brian Shawn different things I'm Dyslexic so I see this fell differently does that mean that spells not affecting me the same because when you is that manifested manifestation so if you are using the spell that we've been old used everything is indoctrination look at the education system it's not really changed since ours at school it's not teaching the same type of things in class because that is Pat this well you know I mean you only learn so much and I keep – Renae 'td and that indoctrination is a spell it is it's the veil and that is like a fog a mist over your mind keeping you from seeing what reality actually is you know I mean that's why they need the tops of basic subliminal messaging through screens influenced daily by the media it's all tied in to keep that spell going because it's the veil and because when we see that like differently and we're out with that type of Darkness we're in another shade of light this felt is not working as much but we still inductor it it to any degree because certain people get triggered when you say certain things like you just said you could get on really well with someone you could say God instead of lowercase God and they're like ah and then really kicking off like you just said because there's still indoctrinated that's why you got to ask when you lose it for no reason why that's what you've got to ask why am I losing it over a topic I'm friends with it's personal and losing it because they said that God wrong or they said evil instead of entities cuz you're still under the spell because we're still bombarded with it daily it doesn't matter doesn't matter what it was the the label is a army won't matter it's just find the common Goblin is to reveal the truth I'm against it yeah them are they you see of them are there where and what is that and that does that matter do we really need to know do we need to know what that is that are we supposed to be doing other things you said school and with the kids and kids in school and they're programmed to do certain things and yeah the first thing we see is the globe and but a friend of mine on YouTube and I'll give give another plug to jazz Sinclair he started doing videos maybe a month before I did it maybe a few weeks back in 16 and he came out with a video about a month ago that said maybe a little longer said what when you were in school what were you always looking at when you were a kid in school what were you always looking at do you know the clock I was about the window I mean well what I'm saying is everybody was you know what time is it is it almost time to get out of here they're always looking at the clock what I found I found that fascinating because not only have we been indoctrinated into the globe we've been indoctrinating into believing there is time and that we have to age and that we get older physically you know people have said to me well physically you know yeah it's it's gonna get older everything decays yeah but at what rate because I'm telling you physically if it's what we think it is it doesn't have to age at all I mean okay maybe at a rate because it's physical but it's not it's photoshopped because it has to be yeah I'm with you no mean how you thinking is it's like time as we know it is constraint issues of controllers it's a commodity and they put a cost on it so that's why you get paid the our monthly weekly but it's your time your actual time they've made it where you're always checking on it you just mentioned the other thing that weren't doctrine Aidid into we are totally programmed into we need to work for money yeah oh my god if we don't have money we can't eat no that's how they really worked in the olden times it was more a barter system not really to do with money or anything you're on rent and he obviously these people got in charge and change it to a monetary system and then tie that in with time and so you've got all the thing but what's really as I mentioned on Brian show the other day Just Cause the sort of comments he choking no well I can't give you the Heimlich from over here someone get him a doctor ha ha we weren't roasted tell them I was joking I don't know it's like dying on a die well give someone the hit no I'm not choking from there yeah skittles that's what me and dollar fact right yeah some of the colors have changed on that unit some of the colors you know I'm skittles do you what do you do to the rainbow I know that's what changes run on it that's the one I caught did I say caught is it catch the rainbow taste the rainbow so tricky when you think about and that's why it confuses a lot of people doesn't it all it just missed me Reverend you can't miss me remember everything and people can't miss member on a global global he's gonna say certain things or what was mentioned before he's I've talked about it I think you joined after it on Brian showed you the day you know you joined in a chat I'm researching to tarter D and all that type of thing and people I mean I found the map but they're talking about the old maps South was in the north and north was in the south and only came in like I don't know if it's a 15th or 16th century or 17th are coming even might be when the cardinal directions came into effect we swapped it so in in in essence the northern hemisphere could be the southern hemisphere and vice versa so it was backwards and upside down that's come up a few times with me I mean besides this scarf originating over here it's all right they've come up the other day cuz there's some inside joke online um I think it's one that guy stayed was channel oh it's only a dose of reality channel that mommy's pet dog or something but if everything's backwards I'm okay with that but it would be lower case I'm Jonah finds me to show you because of the this deadly we just mentioned then about is Tasha and Mandela effect now what's funny is on my first video I ever did on the Mandela effect and tell them that you know is that's basically one of the TAS earlier flanks is you can say and I'll get into why I'm talk about this as you can see I know what it's watching that's a tattoo earlier flag right it's the Griffin right now what the Emmys at beginning Anzu which would be God who took the tablet he wanted to control destiny that is Anzu can you not see the striking resemblance to the flag well show me the other one because I really don't well I mean I mean the air the animal the creature could be the same you say oh okay I could see I could see and that just word of God like I said I found links then to undo and different things we've chatted and things like that that's how I went on it and I was the first video I did on it so if he's if he stole the tablet and influenced what we know his time and the Mandela effect he would then make himself ruler so he's taught earlier a Mandela effects in this in a way that he changed history to make him the huge ruler because tarter lives not just at our house it's now 12 kingdoms it covers all the world so fear like a baddie villain in a film and you want to change history you go you can you get whatever device that could change you that reality bringing water back to be supreme ruler all these kingdoms of Tatia had one thing in common they all had the Griffin is the flag tort area after Samaria well no one really knows but yeah technically yeah when you look at the history it comes after tats area comes up so Samaria we got all these gods lower case no the see one of them figure some stuff out or he shifted himself in the time line where he's he's the man yeah and we're stuck in that shit it could be the case yep because he's controlling these amis it's just alike said it's just a speculation talking between friends that's what I'm doing some people it resonates for them some people it's a bit tricky but you know I mean you just got to lock and lock look at the information that we have that South earlier came out with nowhere six seven months ago from just being Russian best and like Turkish based because there were nomads and now you've got them happy where it could this all over the world I remember seeing that on lone Eagles Channel they were talking around the thing where they got all over the world I'm pretty sure I shouted just about everybody but Sean indica so then now you know I mean and if you think about it it was twelve kingdoms right then I over the world now this is all over the world all of the world twelve kingdoms and the thirteenth was America and basically that fits into the so-called elites you mean it's supposed to be twelve thirteen families at real look you know what we know is our reality and that's tiny okay and the thirteenth was the Americas yeah and that's where the elite were and let you know the numbers the leads to the Rothschilds the all them names that we come across they were part of the torte Aryan race it could be yeah what's a cold there's a little bit more research than I ever did well that's amazing I think that's amazing I've done so many videos on it and it's a case of now is I believe these 13 families 12 families were tied in with the Vatican and the Jesuits and now is what's took it basically I don't know whether yeah yeah when I was respect that yeah and that's just what I'm going on man because of the evidence and that's why I my research she's then gone into Janice I don't know heard of Janice no but I think I saw a video of what you're his name that yeah I've done a few on it and this is what who's behind it all basically even discern is talking about this all this transgender shits it's going on and changing forms this is all linked to Janice Pythagoras why all this all of it joined and that there the last few videos of abdomin people have gone really enjoyed it and being wild about it was a family links pictures mean Janice with the God of gods to them like each temple was under the Vatican right so you got all this the Vatican layout is a key Janice is a God of doorways so it's even laid out in a key so this is it's a drink and you got all these links to this Janice the two heads well Janice is a recycled it could be recycled at first but he's a recycle of bowel and bath mitt because used to have four heads and this is so tiny memory research lately that it's all pointed to him and it all the way and this is why it's significant I'm like wow there's stuff that I'm finding the links so I'll link people talk about guitar and you know these powerful arches you know like the Hugh arch is that having like parish Germany all over the world net built in honor of Janus because he's the gatekeeper that's the first thing you will go through going into a city in Georgia it's a symbol the whole gate thing is a symbol yeah and there's energy and power behind that yeah exactly and that's why we know who from how things asked him the symbology rules the world cuz because that can then manifest in people's mind and gives it energy Paul when I when I when I told you we were gonna do this and figure out the answer I didn't think we were going to get this close we always me Brian Gloria and all that I said this is why I need to you know get out on different channels that's why I almost took on yours just so I can get a different perspective from hitting Brian Brian does the same and it's good you know yeah oh no Bert Brian's I mean look Dan Dan we're talking on the phone one tight me and scare performance we're talking on the phone one time and I was telling him I'm like yeah but this person over here is fighting with this person and I'm there YouTube people and I'm like I don't know what to do I because they're both talking about the same thing they're talking about different things and he's like well you got to let them figure it in or whatever and I'm like but I don't know why I'm I'm worried about that so much I if they to figure out that they're arguing about the same damn thing he's like dude you're a bridge builder and then I thought well I like that the bridge builder to me now I mean I love the idea being a bridge builder I wrote the book I could tell people look I want the information out there I really cared yeah I'm not I didn't do it to make money other people are having stars come at them or orbs tell them not to eat meat or you know characters come out of TV screens I want them to know they're not the only one um but um you know Stavely to me he's a bridge builder and I know he's so slow I was gonna break his balls there and maybe I should maybe I better be cool how far did you get into the Beatle thing with paul mones I'm Alexa died but like I've not really looked into I know about how he's been replaced like what you've gone into depth on but like I said it's not my specialty even though it's like in my backdoor as such I mean I've never really looked into it there's definitely a connection there and I don't like it I started writing a documentary on how he was replaced in 2001 and I've been writing it ever since the things 98 thousand words long ridiculous but the negative aspects of it the Aleister Crowley stuff the connections I really think it's there I don't I don't like it it bothers me I'm like you know I hate taking the talent away from these guys but what was there anyway I mean who who who couldn't have done close to what they have done now now they were they were chosen for the right reasons for sure because I really feel like let's get down to it they were Buddy Holly was approached and he denied them all right plane crash couple of Beatles were approached ones replaced and the other one says shit I'm out of here Pete best so now Ringo jumps in we got this band so they're now okay now I've been Linda I did this show with Scour performance and I'm listening to these songs and I was getting really into them listen I'm listening to the first album some of the songs are so produced and so perfect they were the ones given these songs were given to them I hate saying it but you know that's just the way I say it and and it went through most of their career they were given songs and then it became one song or two songs or three songs they they'd make the rest of them that George and John to me were very talented and created their own songs but didn't just create their own songs they realized what they were being given okay they realized that the clues and the information and the songs they were given and they said well hey we could do the same thing so they they decided to put out their own songs with clues and stuff on them or what's going on and it wasn't just about hey my buddy Paul was murdered and replaced they all better be in here I mean please I just I just feel like a lot of their stuff was given to them thank you yes and I kind of hate that but I think John and George got smart and I think John listen I think Jonathan just gets smart I think he went to the other side of the south Paul I don't think he was murdered I think that whole thing was fixed I think he went to the other side of the South Pole when he's over there jamming with Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain or they had dinner with giants or whatever I mean that's just the theory is that what really happened I don't know but as far as Paul yeah there could be quite a few Paul's I own the icon that I put up on the last video it's a Rolling Stone magazine cover and I you know I always said well if you put that on its side it looks like he's in a coffin sleep and why is his eye closed wires hands crossed I mean come on and I put it on its side and put it up there as an icon and I'm like there you go that's exactly how I want that if it was the other way I mean I would have I would have put it that way anyway I think right after right before the album new wine called an album new I mean come on I mean let's be as obvious as you can what did you call it ah scams razor is that you know they he puts this Avenue out and I'm listening to it and I'm gone well guess what you know there's there's a couple there's one or two really will say decent songs given maybe three but the other ones that he wrote as as Jesse spots let me give him a shout as a clone I mean yeah right on what did what he's writing from his memories of clone to do clones have memories you know I and I'm thinking that's the easiest answer instead of running around looking for people like hey you want to be the next Paul McCartney yeah yeah well we'll take care of your family's they're gonna think you're dead but we're gonna take you just like all the false flags that are out there I think some of that crap goes in one or two people you know while you're terminally ill we could take Gary family for the rest of your life all you got to do is go put some teflon and run up and down the street here we're gonna shoot the shit out of it I mean is that part of it yeah there's a lot that's a part of it everything is a part of it now all this stuff is connected you know my whole ninety eight thousand word documentary that I don't know what I'm gonna do with there's parts of that that I when I wrote it I was aware of these things going on but I that's not what the basis of my book was about but I really felt like there needed to be something said about you know John walking around with a pyramid on his shirt or the all-seeing eye or Paul constantly given the finger or you know walking around like this oh no am I in trouble did I just I think I just made that video good this this whole video goodbye putting up that symbol I think I think we're good we're good to go I don't think this thing can ever get striked off because I shoved that symbol up on the screen it didn't mean anything to me I didn't put any energy into that but Paul John there's pictures with them putting those symbols up pretty sure they were going to do that you know look you know we gave you this you know come on we need to see that you know for what because there's energy behind those symbols and I don't think it's a matter of positive or negative I think it's what you put into it I think there's a whole these symbols are symbols okay they they come from the absolute of the absolute that's what the symbols came from right so it's a symbol have what energy do you put behind that that's what's gonna come out of that you know Paul John they they were I never seen Georgia Ringo do it although I may have seen George with a shirt on but I'm convinced they had to be they had to it's what they were told to do but Paul yeah I think there were quite a few of them I I pinned it down to the original Paul McCartney was replaced I'll leave it at that for now before the right before the first album was released and a lot and I don't know anybody else who's saying that now I don't expect anybody else to say that there's stuff in my book that point to that and I bring it all up and I you know span and all out makes perfect sense to me the second the second Paul would be the look-alike who was going to be turned into a Beatle by basically jumping up on stage sounding like him his best he could on stage and George taking Carol out of the bass lines because most of it was live and these people were screaming at the top of their lungs and I'm sure that was planned put in you know let's make get them the screen we don't want them to hear what's going on on stage and then we got the will say Rubber Soul revolver which works right before workers for Salman Rubber Soul revolver area that could have been another Paul but I'm not sure it might have been the look-alike actually getting into it I'm the next one would have been definitely Sergeant Pepper and I and I'm quite sure if this is all true and this is actually actually factual I am freezing and the doors open that's why I'm freezing that was the wings Paul and he was let it be IB road and then wings and I'll say after get off the ground I think Ram would get off the ground would have been another Paul and I think this whole one with him on the the Rolling Stone magazine cover Wow sorry what are they were done with all the meat held a meat bones and different things that was that wasn't it I guess they're not calling that an actual album they call that the butchers album that was right around revolver they changed the album cover a few times gonna make me look this up there's somebody else in Joe's scarab kept questioning me on stuffing him like me and I I've been writing so much about this damn I don't um yeah that was Rubber Soul right yeah I must say that was Rubber Soul and they changed it there was another one that was called today and yesterday and Paul was in a box sitting up and everybody else was off to behind the box or on the side of the box and Paul was in the box and I'm like if you turn it on its side he's in a coffin that's that was the replacement to the to the butcher cover but you're right as far as it actually being one of the album's that they make official I'd say Rubber Soul connection I've not looked into it but didn't have you found anything to do with Michael Jackson because didn't buy the rights did all the music yeah I found that whole thing very strange Michael Jackson it's gonna be too long then two got together and that was funny because you know to me these guys are hanging out too talking they're kind of friends whatever the media is telling you is not going on and Paul that Michael was in well what should I do with all my money that that's the story that I heard what should I do with all my money and Paul said well you should have invested music and buy copyrighted me bye bye music my peoples music could buy Kappa copyright music or whatever and he went and bought I believe half of the Beatles stuff and Sony bought the other half when Michael Jackson died I believe Sony got at all not positive about that kill to get the music you know remain oh please no Michael Jackson's over there with John Lennon Michael said um I yeah while Michael Jackson II didn't die in 27 he waited till he was 51 was that right um yeah I don't I don't think he actually died I I think if anything you know I honestly I think Michael Jackson probably had his death fate and is probably still around doing something here physically I don't think he even went to the other side of the South Pole that whole thing with the the copyrighted music though you know I did there's just there was so much inside stuff between Sony Michael Jackson and McCartney that there was something else going on nobody's ever gonna know about Justin so much is the Beagle stuff no I mean I said I'm not really looked into it but I do know about obviously that link no we just talked no I also think there's very there's a lot to the um alright first off when you listen to a comb or if you're watching TV now the only time it happens for me is when I'm down at the bar but you know I've heard Beatles songs come out of the TV and it just I'm like wow alright Sony sold out no big deal what are they gonna sell out for please and it's more money did they need to make the whole you can't get on a jukebox and find a Beatles song I mean you can find a Beatles song find plenty of songs done by other people that are Beatles songs but you can't find the Beatles doing Beatles songs on am i jukeboxes or touched on jukeboxes and that's all we have in this modern day right now right there might be others but you you can't get them why is that music being suppressed why why is the beat I mean it's only the Beatles there's nobody else there yeah I mean if you just get just I'm pretty sure anybody on these things because they're online they're connected online if you don't have a song you connected online it gives you the song you pay an extra buck or whatever but why can't you get the Beatles actually doing these songs I mean I can't believe it's because the Capitol Records ami records I am a I am eyes involved I mean they have the same initials I'm guessing it's the same company I don't know haven't looked into it and then you got to go through all four estates I mean really well I'm thinking there's something in that I'm thinking you know that whole Beatle revolution thing I mean we know that was planted as much as most of us won't deny it that that whole that whole thing was they were totally played and you know I could sit here and tell you George and John caught on well they were probably told they were you know Ringo was in he's like yeah his family was connected you know III I've caught on that at so I always like come on let's just play who cares fuck I say anyone wasn't a decent drummer the Beatles oh say I know about the imagine would your London and not in a white suit ball oh that's an amazing one for me yeah oh my god oh that's a total absolute 100% for me the imagine as far as the suit goes Beatles on their own when I was talking to Dan I started listening to the albums but I shouldn't have done it the way I was I was just listening straight throw man and after a while I started to realize there all starting to sound exactly like the way they were for me before oh my god maybe I need to take a break from him and just go because when I put the first album on then I've listened to many times I had a whole list of things mundane small tiny little things except one song was sung by it was a John was singing it and now George is singing it and there's another song behind in front of it that I'm thinking might have been the other way as well so I'm seeing Mandel effects on Please Please Me The Beatles first album but nobody's gonna see that stuff III can't imagine anybody go oh my god it was George singing that song why is it Paul why is it John now I was studying their voices I was studying the Paul voices when I was writing this documentary so you know I'm going through going wow these backups are different you know and I'm like alright and I write down backups different I don't know how how different could it could it be the speakers I'm using could it be the different to me I mean this is online I picked up one long I it was a disc that I had that I it wasn't online I was a disc I had that I put on my computer three four computers ago that I keep transferring over in between shifts and solar flares and and photon belts so I don't know if it's the actual CD that I had from that time line dimension or not I mean does that make any sense in this day and age everything like I said I keep saying is like the realm of magic and what's reality is change the veils gone completely everything is merging and it's hard to separate what is what be cluttered reality to what is the other realities in a minute and what's important and what's important ok are we supposed to be trying to get out who knows are we supposed to get out we supposed to delve deeper I was supposed to or are we supposed to delve deeper yeah who knows you know I may not Steve it's what we supposed to do people will see it like we go back to perspective from your perception people who perceive it is we're coming out of one reality into another some say we're getting tested some well saying it's got a frequency from God some people say it's the devil's influence though it is everyone has a different perspective I'm now find and I was gonna go further with that are we supposed to get out are we supposed to be delving deeper always am I supposed to be trying to actually live my physical reality because no matter no matter every time I figure you know what let's just accept everything and live physically and do what I'm supposed to do when I imagine that and I imagine the pentacle and the best that I can be no matter what it is it always comes down to okay now what no matter how great it is now what when I when I concentrate on I'm going to create my reality and make it fantastic it always comes down the nail one and then I figure okay now I'm going to create spiritually because that to me that's the next step the what is going to be the next step it's creating spiritually and what do we what are we what are we doing now to get to there smoking and drinking you know I mean because I think that's part of it and I don't think it's a big part of it but I think it's a part of it that's keeping us from the big part of it you just don't know idea are we really meant know everything who knows you know I mean it's like it's a strange thing but but like everyone's now he's they've got people have got in general now people in general have got more confidence in coming up with the stories of what's happening to them that's a good thing because one time it used to just didn't want to say anything because you didn't want to feel ostracized or picked on or called the loonie or idiot or I think we always did I didn't care but I could see but see back then it's so funny they they were right you know I was like yeah aliens are coming more physical aliens are all over the place and they're they're abducting us and everything else I was wrong because if there is aliens to me now they're they're just from another dimension I don't think there's I think this is the only physical plane but that's right I fear you're right but most people didn't want to would they really wanted to stake this I don't know what what made me so open what made me run around going the greys and the reptilians and what why was I talking about that stuff back then I mean why did I care I mean I mean was that just a prelude to get to here to go hey you know what don't worry about what anybody's thinking about you don't worry about what anybody says about you who cares you know what your truth is that was my truth then I was sure of it I was sure everybody else was nuts and aliens were gonna come and peaceful aliens or negative aliens or whatever it didn't matter I wasn't always in the hollywood with every alien has to be negative that's where I was then that's who I was then and yeah I mean my family thinks I'm nuts now although now they're going maybe he's on something because they're saying changes they don't want to see them like for my mother it's gonna be hard oh my god it's gotta be so hard when she said my last video right in the middle of the video for like 10 seconds I got her on the phone and I'm trying to pop it up here so she's you know talking on the phone and she's she's telling me she's gone yeah I remember a trick man on the the Publishers Clearing House checks and you know but you say he never did it so I guess he didn't I mean that that's as far as she could get with it you know you're saying he never did it I guess you're right you're saying we never went to the moon let's see what happens when I tell her that you get open inside they don't tend to look at all the things that's why I always say and I'm Brian always saying yeah look at everything because you find connections with everything you know I mean don't get don't stay in your little bubble because then you know you can get influenced to in a degree you know I mean open your eyes and check everything in because evidence connected and I was like you I was into alien side for F is it sci-fi that's why I was brought up no I mean I was not a nerd as a such book I was just so brought up and believed in aliens and different things and it's all labels what we perceive as aliens now you could be what you've said extra-dimensional some aliens could be all the land that we've never found around the border you just don't know it's they want us to use so soon as you say aliens you think of people in a UFO coming from outer space so it's just the labels that they use and we use to a degree that can influence like a symbol so if you know me as you say UFO it's a green man or a gray you see you know all the things that's happened all these are disasters and things that you know allowed to mention you get strikes like Brian talks about it in fluids yeah and it it just clouds your mind and people get stuck on it even as we we have tantum we get fold and you know down the rabbit hole and we don't get out for a little bit and that's why you need people around you doing the truth and friends and actually pull you out of it because sometimes you can go deep on to a topic and just everything around you you can just think about my needs so skirt it sometimes but office and it's so adrenaline and you're so excited because you found something that no one else's it's locked up so it's you know everything isn't medical around and that's why I am doing a shorter days well see your perspective it's cool it's a similar what I was saying wavelength bought on certain things I don't know you know mix I have not researched it I'm a different opinion can influence me you know make new saying something about this and this could spark an idea for a video or something in me and I'm vice versa so that is why it's good to mix I this happened to me with the whole are we in a simulation theory that I've kind of backed off on that I I can't totally because it does explain everything I never really believed it I've only and even if we're an assimilate simulation it's we're still spiritual beings but are we spiritual beings I've had out-of-body experiences I've had a lucid dream so I know there's something else but I don't know what that is is that where I came from or is that where I'm going you know I don't know what I was before I was born I don't know if I was before I was born you know I mean am i growing cuz if I'm growing well I don't want to go backwards right I want to go forward and grow and and that very well could be what all this is like you said way earlier you know we were we could be being tested is that how you put it this could be a total schooling ground to learn how to not just create but degree create the proper way and and and now what we're getting the Mandela effect so it may be we may have to bring that into and go we're not just learning how to create we're learning how to create properly on a interdimensional level because you know in 2006 dannion brinkley told me he was experiencing seven different dimensions at the same time I didn't know what the heck he was talking about back then now I have a little bit more of an idea you know did he see KitKat with a – with a tea without a tea without a Kay with a see I mean I'm seven different I'm just saying did he say it's seven different ways I don't think so I think you know physically you're going to perceive that one reality but I think it's possible that we perceive more than just the one that but I have no idea how that works are you reacting on both levels at the same time and you know it nor aware of it you know I just think that that's you know I I'm I'm very hopeful that that's what it is we're growing we're learning we were told we told ourselves to do this to ourselves so we could learn and grow I mean when I say ourselves I mean the higher power whatever I can't see that I don't see that I feel like okay and I know there's something there you know I'm sure that you know I'll go with the absolute of the absolute I don't I don't need liaisons a case of a spiritual terror for me you know the main love you've been sent to a place to test your powers your perceptions your you know and to create manifest things you know I mean once we create a no utopia is something either move on to the next edge you know I mean so who knows but like we know if we have rel see this there's no big gap anymore the veil the thin line between reality and magic for us for not for everybody and I don't know why I don't understand that it's not for me to understand but for us for people like us yeah I can see that that what we're moving on we're moving to the next grade the next level the next step we may have already moved up so you've got a picture though it's available that's my flat my hand but when you start looking into the truth and look at it from a different perspective just turn it that way and the lines dinner you know I mean so it's all perceptions and light and how shy and sort of the veil – well this just could be your flat view hat you know that the wirelessly hand and then we start looking at differently you just look at it from a different angle and that reveals more reveals less it's just so trippy in a way but like I said we're all there to learn in one fashion they're not good and bad all experiences right and with those light okay with us seeing in different vibrations with the light frequencies are this are they things that we're pulling off ourselves or are they things God is pulling off or it could be their dolls is it like a test or like we keep saying oh it could be the case of every now and again we get a helping hand yeah influences in certain way it's good and bad it would make them tomorrow out devils and demons and different things how yeah and they're doing it for their own agendas and back to my original thing did do we are we supposed to try and get out I don't think it's a matter of trying to get out I think it's a matter of trying to learn go through it to learn to grow I mean I I know that sounds like so Oh God because and then it's gonna be a what then which is fine at that point it to me it's gonna be something so much more grander but I don't want to go too far them cuz I'm still here consciously I'm still here right now so what am I supposed to be doing now that one owners anymore irfan what next it's like a constant challenge whether we like to find one truth and then for some reason something else happens and sometimes you can get lost in what what if and what next because you constantly looking or what things are changing I mean just look at history now I like I said I'm into ancient civilizations and different things and it's all changing is it so it's you wake up the day after and something else has been added since it took away it's crazy it's like that or the wall and you know in the England everyone knows of Hadrian's Wall and that's the furthest the Romans go but listen off there's another wall now called an twinning wall that is so many miles away and that was built across as well and I never know now I've been talking to people who would actually live in on the site where it is and they've never heard of it out of like thousands isn't about two or three people who remember this extra Roman wall so how the history's getting changed for good and body is just so trippy and like I said sometimes you just got go along with the ride gonna say hey you're reporting on some of this stuff has any of it changed while you were reporting on it because my books changed for me and I sit down and read it and go well you know I remember reading I remember writing that but I don't remember it being here in the book when I read it last time and you know and I just I'm like well whatever because now I'm just too tired of it I'm like is ridiculous so cuz there's two three stories that I know were in the book that are men and nothing's really changing the thing but what got me is when I went to Adrienne's wall and asked the people showing you around says is this the furthest and Romans got to this standard yes this is what was known as the edge of the world because that's the furthest they've got in buildings you know like a huge wall but it's not now it's an – Annie wall and it's just so crazy that only like out with thousands I can put one hand up and they're doing the people that you knew of it for more than ten years and more eleven years newer and some people went nerd as a kid but even what she filmed now I'll watch a film a drama film and it'll be it'll not mention this Anthony Moore or what it Adrian's well this is the the bastion this is the edge of the world because we didn't go any further well it's not because now you got the Antonian wall so why one they've called that the edge of the world exactly so you know many it's it's crazy and and that's what's blow my mind that's what really really triggered everything for me for Mandela because of me looking into Romans avid avid people comments on my video since there are moms dads they are there like history majors and they never even heard of the un– 20 wall so you got me people who are in the education system it's never heard of this wall so this is the kind of thing what people could see in a negative way oh my god reality's changing but I look at it as a positive I look at it oh yeah I've got something else to learn today you know I mean it is trippy because I've never heard of it but it's a learning experience but it shouldn't be trippy that's the thing when something like that happens we should be like ok and and understand it why does it have to be a mystery that's that I mean physical reality is totally different now and I'd have to say 90% of the people don't know they don't know that physical reality is not what they think it is and and then when I sometimes when I talk to them at the bar and I'll be chit chat they don't even care that's the part that bothers me mom not really well anything and we didn't talk about that you wanted to bring up because I'm gonna end this shortly and that's not a thing we've cut we've covered some stuff that was even gonna mention cuz it tied into what you said it's been really good I thank you forgive me opportunity come on other than you know I mean I've been on yours and Brian's and it oh my God thank you so much for coming on I loved hearing your perspectives on everything it's and the research you've done you know I don't I don't get around and watch everybody else's videos you know the people reporting don't get out there and get to watch a lot of the videos I do is when I and do the best I can i I've seen a couple of years but nothing you've mentioned tonight and I'm looking forward to that because I'm I'm just cracking up date you know somebody did research far enough to actually find out that hey it's very possible that the man no effect existed back in Sumerian times you're the only one I hear talking about that I think that's amazing I think it's a deal I found that you feeling what I found that about the Mandela effect being the Cimmerian a means by accident on brain Shaw who's having a guest on mic and he wanted to talk about the pyramids and that well I love the Egypt and that but I thought well I'll brush up so I'll start looking into the pyramids and what I found was like the original pin at the Great Pyramid of Giza you know the big one was actually built by the Sumerians if you if you research well if you look above it I didn't know that the Great Pyramid it was had eight sides it's not got four sides it's got eight there's a concave in the middle of each side so it produces an eight-sided star if it flattened out now the eight-sided star is a Sumerian symbol for the God in Ana right and if you think about now is what's in Ana of she's she's a queen or the God of heaven and earth now one of the symbols that she always has with her is the lion now what was in front of the Great Pyramid but a sphinx which it was by all accounts a lion well nail to human face but it was a lion I remember a lion's face so you have a lion which is a symbol guarding the Great Pyramid and it's eight-sided it's the honest in the in anistar so that's when I started looking certain Sumerians a bit more and came across some Irving Emmys and then Egypt it was a complete accident finding that because I just wanted to brush up on mediate for a guest on the show finding out that the Great Pyramid was built by the Sumerians as a temple and it just ages blue from learned that's how we found the Sumerian amis Wow right that's well still just just the point that you've even found them they're talking about them I think that should be a bigger deal I think we should understand what they know about the Emmys assuming that it's it's the same thing but it does sound like it is I mean everything sounds like it's the exact same thing so I think we should really kind of dumb want to get into that I'm gonna look it and see what they understood about it I mean how far did you get what did they understand about it did you get that far or are you still looking into that it was like a few pages and what we're finding now is more and more things are coming up under it even the list of what these Emmys covered if some of them covered from like brushing your hair type things to cover it everything you mean it was like what you had to do to fit into society but the basically there are guidelines on certain ways to brush your hair yeah it could be it could mean everything just just saying yeah what I'm saying haha but I mean yeah but I mean so like okay I hypothetically always brush your hair from the left to the right is that what you mean everything that's what Betty the talk or everything and so what's so funny is some of these Emmys I think it was there's hundreds of them but some of them are not labeled you don't know what the control or what they are they're missing and it's just like other people doing the research tying all things together you know I mean so when you type in simmering that means you will say how it's our connection it's the law basically between us and God and and that's what it is and it talked about how its geographies music its food all the stuff that gets changed now was there any way they were saying don't do this don't change that yeah don't change it it just seems to me it screams my bell effects even the name ma is Mandela effect and that's sweet because now I'm taking it with my theory that you can shift in your own timeline and create whatever you want so we back them with hey trying to get them to not do that by saying just do it this way in that way in that way this way you're not shifting in the other timelines doing whatever you want we get to have all this energy yeah and you just got to look at it and say no but all you got to do is type in Simonian MA and see you Google and then go from there there's lots of stuff now right Google's catching up yep I mean you read some of the stuff it'll blow your mind it mean so this is just like a whole new now Sumerian they just showed you those talk about the Sumerian Emmys and basically you talk about things and at the bomb he says for else could any civilization worthy of a name ask obviously thus emerging where is based on doing what is right and good as opposed to what is allowed by law or society so it could be case of these were actually fit like spiritual laws and a few break and reality changes it could be anything it's how I'm thinking to break okay let's go further these laws were to keep us in a certain dimension timeline reality keep both our physical vessels truck basically hoped and grabbed to this reality so we cannot ascend because we're not ready it could be the case of that it could be Santa Cruz even already because they won't let us in because they don't want us to leave to I'm pretty sure I and I'm not saying me or anything you know whatever I'm tonight I was pretty sure a bunch of us chose to be here to figure this out because maybe we were bored yeah it could be case with there's always been someone who always wants more the spiritual oneness and the different things we always want to do that more you know mean it could be like we want to explore we're always curious that could be the case of it as well oh yeah that would be learning and growing but I mean to think that we came from God or everything and we had him we were just like oh let's check out physically I mean just especially with time not existing oh there's no way this was a plan yeah sorry you called your friends this is a prince he is actually aa very sharp yeah he's a man that will affect him II don't even talk to me about that he's a different cat from a different timeline I mean I I know you probably don't know about this but I lost him and I called the psychic and she told me where he was went and got him and we were talking and she's like oh yeah it was definitely a shift and it just it just makes me she got me yeah you buddy to me his consciousness is there so it doesn't about the other cat but go ahead go where you go yeah it's just kind of saying something then um these enemies could be a freak would see what binds that you know the spoken spell type of thing because it just seems strange it's oh look some are all over the Emmy in general I refer to frequently in hymns prayers and stories few Pacific Emmys are mentioned we are told that there are between 7 and 3600 Emmys these numbers are collective numbers symbolizing completeness and totality Emmys were obviously a fluid conflict that could apply to any type of power above or below now that ties in to Pythagoras and he stated the music at his face he said whatever happened up above happened sound below so you're talking about the duality and the join in whatever happened above happens down below so if you want to influence could that influence upstairs you know remaining is it goes really really deep but it's good to something to look into if you're into the Mundel effects I'm wondering how far it's gone and I've been champing I've been screaming about this for so long check out some moaning amazing it falls on death it is because I've not got as big following or I'm not a famous YouTube but people think novel it doesn't really matter here mainly it it's like that book is something to look into you kidding me I think that's huge or just sound I mean especially if they had some information on that but how much were they giving him why and that we have that that they were called that that they're doing that a lot eerie music different things in back in the olden days the ancient times used to call people you needed inspiration they needed a muse that it needed an influence a muse mus a who as a mute you need an influence I reckoned is what they are they can influence people in a way to create you know music because basically we know everything so frequency so the music it's a vibration so all these muses could be an Emmy there was one Emmy I know that is was physical and that was a giant called mom Baba visionnaire me and he's an Emmy actually says he was made as an Emmy to protect what is known as its emerging Garden of Eden shown him he in sumerian terms you don't mean me and our effect no the main enemy it was a power it was some of them are physical and some of them are spiritual but that he was a physical and being made by the God to protect what is known is Lebanon the garden that's trees which is earth simmering Garden of Eden now if you look now at the region have you ever heard of bowel back girl mobile back in the Lebanese word all the giant stones are the huge growth and he was the guardian of that and now just what I found I think another one even on weapons is Emmys you know mean because they can send the power of the gods so it opens up another kind of worms and it you know what are we saying assuming see I can't even use I can't use any possible identification to the Mandela effect as we know it in those terms because I was going to say hey did they shift everybody into a timeline where this giant to protect this certain thing existed that that's not did they shift everybody into a timeline where Paul really exists and didn't die yeah you know I mean because that's come up I'm Microsoft because in 2015 when she'd started hit the fan for me I stopped writing the Paul's dead book I was like why they put everybody in another timeline or they pulled him from another timeline which is I wondered that I can that be done is that what they did with this giant did they bring this Guardian from another timeline shift him in here is that what they're calling Emmys bring bringing timelines together or interacting with different timelines they had this power they had this knowledge why did I put myself here what's my goal you know I kind of I'm tired of where I I'm not even tired of worrying about the bills anymore I don't worry about them I pay them and I bless them and send them on their way I don't even care money's not a thing girls aren't a thing for me I've done this I simplified my life okay I've done this and I and it was it was planned I didn't do it on purpose it was planned I have simplified my life in such a way that there is no worry I you know and there's no I'm not saying I don't care to the point of this bondman okay that because I never heard of despondent never knew what it was never under did you know about the despondent the eighth deadly sin did that saying it right now you've heard of the eighth deadly sin no I'm part of not heard about I've heard of the deadly sins but I'm not heard of what you just meant seven deadly sins is what I was known to me in this eighth one popped up popped up with Josh Sinclair did a video and popped up and I brought that up and it cracks me up because every once in a while I get to this point where I won't care about something because I'm like well you know what it's physical and I can change it or it'll change or it'll do something different or you know what maybe if I don't care about it let it go it'll change and and that seems to have happened because I don't get to the point of despondent and when I when I say that I mean just laying in bed not caring just eating chocolate and just being done with it you know you know what I'm just gonna do this because it's the only thing that makes me that that's despondent I mean to me it might it might not be despondent that somebody's actually doing that it's despondent might be something different for them I don't know it's giving up completely and when I say let go and let things be and be I don't mean despondent but that's that's that's a point that I've gotten to with many things not to the disbandment but to the point of you know what I just can't deal with this anymore I'm gonna let it go and it becomes part of my routine to do you know like three months ago what were you doing with money you personally everybody in chat everybody listening to this Paul Bryan then shame mm-hmm the everybody what were you and three months ago with money hi you guys I don't mean for its rhetorical I don't mean for you to answer whatever it was are you still doing that now and whatever that was does it really freaking matter cuz that it's just a flow it just constantly moves you're gonna have as much as you want you're gonna have as little as you need whatever it's a flog you know it there's no worry there it's always gonna be there I mean that and it's nope you get down to a penny or you get down to – it don't matter it's still there oh you know it's it that's why it's not a de-spawn meant to me that they know I've to me I feel like well I've conquered that because it don't matter it doesn't it's always going to be there it doesn't matter and and that's just an energy and I'm looking I'm look me I'm dragging I'm trying the energy I'm looking for is why have I seen the things I've seen why have I experienced the things I've experienced I want those answers okay I want to bring them in I want to feel those again but it's not a matter of feeling them again it was a matter of getting the answer the first time uh or a warning shot or whatever it was I'd say you'll enjoy the book and I'll tell you what I've told Brian and I'll tell everybody this if you do happen to grab my book at $0.99 on Kindle if you do happen to grab it get just the first three of four chapters are me talking about the mandel effect what it might be but it could be and a little bit of my childhood but you get to that last that fourth chapter the impalement I mean that's when it takes off you know because everything's you know not the things were changing before that I just didn't notice them just you know go there skip that I want you to read a Paul Brian said overheat I told him I'm not doing any interviews with him until he reads it and I skip the first three chapters because he would that's where you know even the people that aren't into it the first chapter grabs them and then and then I just I draw it out I don't mean to I just that's what I wrote and and I I don't necessarily repeat things but I I say things the same way in different perspectives that bothered me but I'm like well other people might have picked it up differently and figured things out differently that way whatever I have no idea I only read the last three chapters once for enjoyment purposes instead of not editing I have no idea what those last three chapters even talked about I mean I probably have to go read it again I've read the book I do think twice but I can't remember because my memory is so faulty I ever mentioned that what that my memories faulty that was a joke haha hey we don't even know what memories give me so I woke up this morning first time physical and I've told people that and they stare at me like I said yeah everything else could be a memory this could be the only time you're ever gonna experience physical reality you know what cuz you yesterday was a memory it's all memories and and shit my memories are changing Paul I am going to end this I'd love to do this again but we had a time trying to get this together as it was it was so spur of the moment when I was like you able to us at something and then yesterday I don't know what made me I just saw I'll message Susu and then bang we did it the morning after all right so crazy like out of the blue yeah let's get this on oh well I'm busy we're working different things and I think you don't pretty good I think we did a good job I think we I think we almost figured out the answer I mean I just unbelievable I think we almost figured it out I I do want to arm there's a couple of channels here I can't believe I didn't mention during the show armored up I I did not mention armored up guy fawkes there's a shocker and that that's they're the only two that I think that I wanted to get out some other Chou DD I you know I gotta mention o DD because I put cartoon ball on one of my videos and I was like wow this is great and a couple days later I got you know the old hey this is you know copyright whatever wasn't the strike or anything like that it was like if you make any money off of this he's gonna make money off it too I'm like look if I may get any money off of this I give it to him you can have it all first off it's a great song and I'll buy it you know I should I believe he's got an album out mostly flat earth songs the one album does mention man doll effect I don't know that he's even affected but he mentioned it so I got a call hey you know I want to do more people to hear the different perspective and you the first one one of the first ones that have been on other than brain so really what yeah so I'm someone but I said I'm in my bubble it's like I do Brian shield and then rest of the time me as deep in research making videos and I don't pop it out too much you know I mean I'm always researching doing my next video and then I'll just thought well I need to get out a bit more hear some more perspective he just keeps me grounded you know what I mean so now I'm Simon mixing I'm talking to more people and now obviously appearing on your channel we don't think in the States down because huge dude no III think that's awesome I and I think hopefully you will talk to a couple of my friends and try and get you out there because I'm really impressed with the research you've done on and all effect and even coming across that stuff accidentally that's huge that that okay because you know for me anyway I've said the man dollar has been around since the beginning of time it's how we create time it's how we create motion at least that's how I feel I don't know I really don't I I mean I you know I feel like I'm gonna know someday but I don't know I mean when I do know I'm gonna have other questions right but I think it's great what you did with that I think that's a big topic topic and needs to be brought up more about as well because these have a changing you know mainly it's just a minefield of information yeah it is and then the reading you do I think is awesome and I can't thank you enough for for coming on the show and and we definitely want to do this again and let's let me real quick you know what let's see there's no new names on here already oh overprotective overprotective Bella came in the house hey hon how you doing know who else it looks like all the same names appreciate you guys we've got that Carla red pill GoFundMe the rock child that digital Intel's in the house I didn't see him earlier splatter I say hey to you you know what of sorts minions but I don't know what that kind of sewer of sorts data junkie believers all right looks like Brian Staveley and Terry Martin what do we got here thanks for listening space appreciate that yeah yeah me and Paul did well together and this was totally just off the hook just a you know I text him and said these are a couple I want to talk about earthquakes and like that never came up you know what well soon as I mentioned it's a nerdy nummies I could see your face just go oh dude I mean they could see my face that I thought that was beautiful cuz I'm just like oh my god and they're calling them Emmys that's why I'm like how do you spell that is it eme or MA where where however you said it was so there's some stuff to look into I said I've been really spurred at the moment it was a case of what eight hours ago if that so many hours ago I just said you able to wish yo and you think can you do it in the morning and like I've got a few things on let me see if I can sauce it sauce in it and then it's bang we did it everybody yeah we didn't everybody's gonna miss you on Brian's channel cuz you're gonna be sleeping yeah you got mine beyond matter ten that's what I've been doing anybody I get first like when I first have them on I'll call it mine beyond matter that's the name of my book I mind Batman or the Mandela effect get Joanie or any other time I we get on let's get you on a one-on-one chat and we'll just chat for an hour or whatever and see what's going on a month I got away two months I think he wants to do something Mia what's that even Gloria wants to have a do a show with you Oh does she ever on a heartbeat Oh that'd be great I'm actually talking with and that reminds me a Michelle wolf I'm excited to have a show with her and who else there was somebody else as well and I've been talking to a couple people and I'd be happy to do the shows with people yeah I want to get glory on here I've I think I'll connect with our big time I really do and I get and it because you know with now I don't know about with Michelle but with Gloria I think I don't do these dis Gloria pull cards I think she has mentioned she's bored only she'd it still does or does it I've mentioned mention a couple of times but I can't be sure on it right well alright that's that's something I'll have to bring up because I've noticed because I I used to pull cards I don't throw cards I'm thinking well you know what I should just turn my sight into it I'll just pull tarot cards and just go with that I've noticed some of the cards changed and I but if the funny thing is is that I've only noticed it because oh I'll get online now see what's going on for the day for Tara tarus or whatever and they're like wow so look here we have this such-and-such garden well I didn't notice the Sun was white I just got a laugh and I'm cracking up and I'm like I'm typing in I'm like it's live or what I'm like do you ever hear the Mandela fact you know ok whatever what's there yeah they're all interested nobody's ever blown it off and I've text a couple of our typing to a couple of them I said look into this because three of your cards you were questioning you're like the one the one girl said well I never noticed all these owls in the background you know and I'm like you know how many times have you pulled that card how long have you been doing this I mean that you know hey I'm talking about wolves and oh that wolf is smiling and I've never noticed that before and I'm like yo the Mandela effect cuz it's got to be connected so I've noticed they said the full card has changed that's the one with the song color has changed in the full card now I don't know offhand I you know I've been away from the cards for a while I had I've had a few few decks and I don't know how deep I got into it but but they said you know there it's just funny when listening to the more like well I don't remember seeing that on that card that's different I got a laugh but that I think that'll be fun to have Gloria on the show and maybe Michelle and who else I got oh come on now I got a bunch but I know I want to get a bunch of sidekicks in before I get the actual big people yeah like Wow Lone Eagle doesn't have a sidekick okay unless I can get one of his cats on but yeah let's see what's what is it tonight what were we at we Sunday tomorrow's Monday are we in Monday right now yeah whatever everybody cow I don't have to go oh wait they gave me more hours which is a good thing love to talk about that maybe in my book someday um Wow four am coming on for M people out here in Mountain Time which I'm gonna bring up Mountain Time what is that wait I'm sorry what is specific turns you have so many times I mean you have a Eastin Oh for me it was always Eastern Standard Time Mountain Time I'm sorry Eastern Standard Time Central Time and Mountain time there was never a Pacific time and I know like everybody's gonna it was only sue so time that's enough thanks lost in space appreciate that and and it's funny because everybody west of me now is gonna be like we were talking about I'm like look I used to live in the East I was on the East Coast and it was always it would say 8:00 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern ten mountain or no six mountain or whatever it was because I still get it backwards um it was always Eastern a mountain and I knew there was a central I just know it I don't know why they always said Eastern and mountain but I've never heard anything about Pacific but that's because I was on the East Coast but then I was talking to somebody else who said what is this mountain time oh yeah they don't they've ever really understood mountain time CST looks familiar car the red pill so I would say yes central I probably knew of central but on TV they would always say you know 8:00 Eastern such-and-such mountain they wouldn't say Pacific so you know I always wondered about that and I'm talking to a guy from England so this is not a conversation we ever sorry we have got an itch meantime so great your Greenwich yeah good to know I can't figure out where – hello Matt when I look at those names so Greenwich is all right good and that like ground zero for time everything else from do you know what Universal Time is I think that I might be wrong that could be space or whatever oh you like Greenwich Mean Time where we are and not anywhere past us in the country like France they go in our two hours and then it goes like that and then beyond us it's a minus x goes to the states that's why you saw me I was behind in the big time zones I was going to say who's behind what and did Germany always have a seaport for you and I lived in Germany and I don't remember having much of a coastline it was you know raining here's the problem I'm having with that I don't remember them ever having any kind of see I thought they were bordered by nothing but land and net so what how did they have subs they're the one that invented the submarines right at least from what I was taught God knows I'm sure that's wrong so do you me tell you when the first sub was actually used in a word like submarine it was China with the Great Wall go ahead century two brothers a submarine so you talking like seven hundred years a wholesome you stupid honor what happen 13 for forty percent I can't remember the exact time it's roughly about that period two brothers went underwater in a submarine for the first time in front of I'm done if it's King Charlemagne always it was some Holy Roman Empire and they went underwater so that was all way back to the 13th the 14th century the first time plate submarines someone been submersed in their vehicle I mean yeah but for as far as modern submarines go would you say that was Germany I believe isn't it Germany above us what I've seen someone saying mention in like before then in the seventeen hundreds the other submarine eighteen hundreds you know like the in the federal you know the Battle of Independence of the things like that I swear I'm I heard someone saying that the other a submarine then or the plans were bill then to build them and they never got you know made so weight class so you don't even know where you are in history could you see so many things changing this history are you kidding me you know I'm trying to remember tomorrow yesterday tomorrow I'm trying to remember tomorrow bad pulled enough staff Lena oh wow the point was I just figured they always had to have a shoreline but I've never pictured it that way I always never taught that I'd ever seen that and now they have you know and it makes sense they have to have some kind of seaport if they're gonna be running submarines but anyway I don't know I wanted I wanted to end on earthquakes have you ever looked at Dutch Dutch sense no no no that sense and the only reason I bring this up is because the guy called the last three earthquakes as far as I'm concerned although that guess the first one wasn't really called it was in Canada and and I say first three I gotta ask have you felt anything no no no physically no I felt weird in certain times I you know a frequency change but I've not felt any vibration okay because yeah there's they're pinpointing a bunch of fives a group of fives in your area what maybe south of you so I'm not so you might not feel anything like that but you know I I'm watching this stuff I'm going well is this fear-mongering well no because California just had a big earthquake and it was right after one and count in Canada six point one I think Canada six point two down and count and the guy says okay well this is gonna go east now and we're gonna get some in Oklahoma and Texas and then it's gonna go up to Ohio and the energy from the earthquakes or is going to spread out east or it's gonna stay in and it's going to get locked in California and this is what happens well for me an earthquake was an earthquake you'd have an earthquake you'd have a couple of aftershocks and that'd be the end of it this guy saying you can track them and they happen all the way around the world because don't say flat on his channel I'd say not I don't know what the guy believes and I'm pretty sure he's pretty intelligent so I'm sure he believes what he believes but the only things he can use online or these balls but but he doesn't I just don't say it it doesn't really matter because what he talks about he he talks about it in layman's terms and I love it because I understand it and he's talking about how the energy that is pushing in and going but wait if they're controlling it it doesn't matter but it does because if they're controlling it they're pushing it out now how do they stop it in California well he just every once in a while he brings up volcanoes and you know Oh what are those places where they're drilling into the ground and pushing water down there to bring up steam I don't mean for shale they're doing that stuff well that's where these earthquakes are kind of the energy is moving in different spots because of that stuff and they'll say mother nature and then I'll say humans and you know this and this and he goes back and forth and he doesn't harp on the human things but he mentions it you know and I like that but right now as far as the as the last time I checked before I got on this show what's going on right now is there have been and another earthquake in California 62 I believe something sorry 7 1 it was 7 1 and he's saying look one of two things has to happen you're gonna have the the pressure go to the plate ok and if you want to understand what I'm talking about listen to him because you know it really made sense to me and it's gonna spread out and and be smaller earthquakes fives across the United States all the way up into the Northeast that's what we want so everybody in the United States right now once earthquakes across the United States or there's going to be one bigger than a seven-point one in California that's what he's saying everything he said to me made sense is it being done on purpose is it being manipulated doesn't matter man it's happening so as of right now he's saying in the next four days there will be an earthquake bigger than seven point one in California or there will be fives shooting across the United States which I guess fives on to such a big deal am I still alive yes every time we go to finish we always had something yeah well so but you have felt any earthquakes or anything because there there's some fires that are traveling through your country apparently and Russia is reporting none apparently they're not being touched at all but everywhere else in the world has had five at least a five four or five point earthquake I say everything else every else in the world that's not true it but there is a line that he that he is showing it to understand what I'm talking about you don't really have to listen to him and and they're there they're messing with him he'll be will be looking at the ley lines or the the fracture lines on the screen and live they just go blank and he's like well that's never happened before and you know so a lot of their kind of messing with him too and it's because you know he's saying stuff like well this reporter said that everything's fine yet a six point one just hit and it's going to get worse if this doesn't happen and they're not saying that they're saying don't worry about a thing and they're covering their cover they're hiding earthquakes according to him they are hiding earthquakes to me is it a big deal all he says is be prepared he's not saying you don't he says don't move out don't leave just be prepared physically if you're on that timeline where your consciousness it resides in the timeline where you need to go through that stuff that's that's where I'm at that's what I say I say you know that's what you got to deal with deal with it you know it to me you ain't gonna die okay it's your your your dominant consciousness is gonna flow with where you're going to have to experience physical reality to learn whatever you have to learn you may die for other people in their dimension timeline or whatever but you're you personally you're going to experience whatever you've got to experience that's why I hidden it's hard for me you know I look at these earthquakes that this shit sometimes excites me and I'm like well that's fear-mongering man I don't like that you know I'm not trying to spread fear I'm be prepared I know I think most of the people watching here probably or Ernie might not even be aware that there's been two major earthquakes in California I'd be shocked but most people here probably don't watch TV so it's not affecting them at all so they're not even in that dimension that time line that reality to me it's not gonna happen or it already did you know or whatever and it's all coming together and eventually the people that it is happening with him isn't happening with it'll come together to where oh it happened let's deal with now let's just before me I had a strange feeling on what our earthquakes and why is he getting worse and it was a case of us as we know I said it on brains and different things the earth is alive so just picture it as not a bone the lap you know I mean if you think about it the oil that we siphoning off from out the earth could be the fluid that lubricates the crusts no mean so it keeps it flowing nicely but a few seconds more out many the body can reproduce all the earth can reproduce again you will then get friction and obviously place on plate then would cause an earthquake or tremors so if they're seconds too much of the oil out which in my opinion is there to lubricate these you know these players it's where you getting more and more earthquakes more and more randomly now which is why I might get go on it over all right well you that sounded very scientific that was my one scientific point of the evening other morning however is all right well I'm gonna pop this into I'm gonna pop this link into the chat I would say it later officer thank me forever Don I'm anyone in the chat that I've talked to his new thanks for putting up with me on the seesaw channel haha oh god please oh that was awesome no too you're coming on again I'll have you on again I'll we'll figure something out again we'll do it improv like we did I'm sure it'll be cool good night everybody thanks for shit Jim I jump up I am puddle duck showed up thanks for showing up got a ball I believe I shouted you the black sheep researcher who's that guy I met time in lost in space bladder overprotected fella guys thanks for showing up thanks thanks for checking out the show like I said I plan on doing these mind beyond matter the first time I get some money it's just going to be whatever hey how you doing what are you into that's what I call it that's name my book you know very interesting interesting things happen to me and we'll see what's going on thanks Dominic frosty in the hizzy thank you sir Paul's channel somebody Thank You Carla but Paul's channel up he's got some incredible information I think it's important listen to his stuff he's got the sumerians talking about Emmys looking that I'd stop somewhat it'll cut it might not click for me I'm looking into it I love it but something might come up for you so look into that stuff alright guys thanks a lot guys never great night

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