Brand new luxury double story home with amazing interior | Video tour

Watch our brand new luxury double story house
with amazing interior .it is a 5 bedroom house ,two bedroom situated in ground floor and
3 bedroom in first floor. Also a walking gate provided for passage. This house named as
Ramis’s mahal .Now we can see amazing remote gate.The total builtup area of this house
5400 sq ft. total construction cost is 3.25 core with all interior.Now we can see a small
waterfall and landscaping.This house located in Kerala at malappuram. This
house have a carporch and a underground garage.Now we can see a spacious sitout and front door.We
can see a video door camera.All doors and windows are made in teak wood.Now we are going
to inside.Here let us see excellent interior works firstely we are going to living is
a modern living room and interior works are provided.Also we can see beautiful leather
sofaset provided. Also a elegant interior works are provided.Let us see a music system
on sofaset. Also LED TV provided. Now we can see a beautiful indoor plantation.In main door small landscaping provided with
LED lights. Now we can see a small indoor waterfall under the stair.Let us see the dining
hall.Now we can see amazingdinig table and royal chairs.Also a beautiful art work provided on the wall.Now
we can see the wash base area. Here glass partiotion are provided to avoid the desturbance
from washing.This house have 3 doors to outside. one main door.
one in north side and other in south side. now we are going to northside door.this is
the outside view. Here we can see other sitout Now we can see the well, with a beautiful
design work. Now we are going to the third outside door in south side. On the passage
wecan see a open showcase Also we can see pergola on cielling with glass.
Also a cute sitout provided We can see the stair to the first floor. It
is a elegant stair with teak wood. Now we are going to the master bedroom We can see
the security camera monitor. Also a elegant cielling work and double cote bed are provided.
Also a open showcse are provided. We can see a beautiful wardrobe. We can see the dressing
area. This is the attached bathroom to the master bedrom. Now we can see the best bathroom
metarials.Now we are going to the second bedroom. We can see a beautiful cielling work.We can
see a double cote bedThis bedroom designed with beautifully with amazing interior. We
can see a spacious wardrob. We can see the dor to the attached bathroom. This is the
prayer room. This designed with elegant interior work. We can see a carve work on doors. Now
we are going to the kitchen. Here we can see dining table , chemeny, washbasin .
Also a big refrijator provided. And we can see the cup boards We are going to the work area we are going to the first floor .this is the
top view of stair case Now we can see the upper living Als o we can see a elegant sofaset
and coffee table. Also a open showcase are provided. Now we are going to first bedroom
in the first floor. THis bedroom also provided elegant interior and double cote bed
we can see the dressing areaAlso a elegant wardrobe are provided
We are going to the second bedroom This same as firs bedroomand good interior
are provided. We are going to the third bedroom in first floor
It is a modern bedroom with wardrobe dressing area double cote bed and attached bathroom
We are getting into the balcony It is a spacious balcony We can feel good
sceniory view Also a beautiful cielling work provided . Finally is a wonderful luxury home with modern
amenities and best matarials .Also excellent interior and exterior are provided. I f you
looking for a modern luxury home you can prefer this home and interior.

100 thoughts on “Brand new luxury double story home with amazing interior | Video tour

  1. Excessive amount of work..door just behind the dining table ? silly… decoration dominated functionality..gate is a total mismatch.

  2. Too many interior work has been done. Keep it simple. High usage of darker colours is an disadvantage. But the materials quality seems first class and finishing of the work is really great…..

  3. Seriously i would need you as bulder with good pricing, i would need in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

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  6. How can you construct such luxury in low cost we had constructed our house in Ahmedabad in1350 sqft land space had cost us ₹2 cr .

  7. Nice to get the information about the luxury homes . Visit the website for more information :

  8. The much use of wood may bring the luxe accents, but it's somehow more suitable for maturing people (middle-age). For younger clients, normally, they prefer design with marble use (for ex:

  9. Really incredible house but too much work in interior unnecessarily and specifically here all places are concentrated artificial light💡 instead of sun light. Overall it looks awesome but price too much because of unnecessary interior.

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