Best Exercise For Building Massive Legs

Joe would tell you it with yo Eliot you got strength questions and I got your answer yo Eliot today we got a text question from dougie XD dougie XD wants to know if as a rugby player he should do leg curls and leg extensions instead of squats for building up leg musculature and strength no is the bull on dancer bro you've got to use patterns we move in patterns we squat we lunge we twist we Bend we push we pull we work in we muscles work together they don't work independently so when you go and do a leg extension you're basically just training a muscle completely out of sorts it doesn't it what you're doing is you're teaching the nervous system to recruit a muscle outside of its natural pattern and then what you're going to build are what's called faulty recruitment patterns so basically if you train the quads in absence of the core you're glue to your hips your your hamstrings your low back and absence of all those muscles you isolate the quads by itself you're teaching your nervous system to recruit that muscle before or an absence of a complete pattern so when you go play rugby right and you're going to sprint or you're going to like dive into somebody you can over r-e those those quad muscles will overreact they'll jump in and what will happen is you end up tearing because the quads tighten in absence of the stabilizers of your knee and your hip you could tear the you can injure your knee pretty bad pretty really bad you could end up like just with a career-ending injury simply because your nervous system didn't recognize oh shit the quads don't work by themselves they need to work in conjunction with the calf muscles the hamstrings the muscles in the glutes the muscles in your deep abdominal wall right so you want to teach your muscle you don't teach your body how to be athletic while building strength so the absolute best way to get big thick strong legs is with squats and dead squats in fact like my leg just grow regardless of what I do is just a genetic predisposition to gigantic quads right even when I was a kid I had a huge ass and they used to call me bubble butt right still call me bubble butt I got a bubble butt it's just kind of like I was born that way same thing with my quads and I don't squat I don't squat at all anymore because like my legs will just look like a pyramid they just might let my base is huge and then my upper body comes in Arizona I look fucking weird plus I continue to get stronger with ascent with concentric movements including the deadlift and just bottom up squats it's that eccentric portion of the squat that gets you really really really really big that lowering down so make sure you're doing squats that's why squats make people so big dude stay away from all the body building machines stay away from bodybuilding exercises completely if you are an athlete now if your bodybuilder body build you know you're not going to go you're not playing rugby you know you're not tearing people's faces off and rolling around in mud you're just you're flexing the mirror that's cool man flex your shit and build those muscles individually but if you're an athlete you got to be able to use your body functionally and bodybuilding exercises don't do that for you you can use bodybuilding parameters like I've talked about before which means high time under tension you know 812 repetitions 60 second rest intervals that's going to get you jacked also think about that when you're doing your squats and stuff but stay away from machines hope that helps talk to you next time yo Eliot

50 thoughts on “Best Exercise For Building Massive Legs

  1. I’m not even gonna watch this. Ok well I will anyways. But before I hear anything he says I’m gonna tell you right tf now the one thing you need is squats to build your lower body. For the best you’d want squats and deadlifts, but for your legs especially just do squats.

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  4. Will running stairs give u massive legs or butt or build leg muscles at like u on the legs and bubble but deal. Dont even mess with Afraid if i do stairs my shit will grow… I dont want thst. I know running is great for leaning out legs,but i hate it. Ill do it if i have to tho. Running stairs is much funner but i dont want to grow… Im female btw

  5. Leg press leg extensions lunges can't do squat because of balanece and knees im 14 6'4 215 pounds

  6. huge advice i have been frustrated thinking about this seperating muscle from other muscles to make along story short , its not normal unless your a bodybuilder but if you want a real body doing real things ,,muscles need to be with other muscles.thanks elliot hulse … again,,,i love the way you keep real.

  7. This is so stupid a leg extension is a natural pattern just like squatting except one is compound and the other is single joint. Both are functional but function is subjective when you think hey I’m a football player so squats might be more beneficial because I use that movement directly

  8. Do deadlifts build quads more or hamstrings as you're not squatting to parallel when picking up the weight so I assume that's more quad dominance? I want to do both bodybuilding and powerlifting so I'm happy just doing 5×5 squats and 5×5 deadlifts to build leg mass and throw in 3 sets of calf raises

  9. I am 12 and a have regnal xc finals in just under 2 weeks how should I build my legs because I cant hit the gym ??

  10. so i got a 21 speed mtn bike and i use it to ride back and forth through town and ive been using the highest gear possible which is 3 7 which its harder to peddle when i go back and forth its about 2 miles from the store back to my house and ive been seeing my thighs getting bigger just not my calves why is that?

  11. I think everyone should do both, even athletes, squats and lunges should be the base of your leg workout but I think you should do leg extensions or curls also.

  12. Ехcеllеnt Рrоduсct!! Cоuldn't gеt аny bеttеr thаn, great job ОN. I'vе gоnе thru 2 tubs and hааvе gаinеd 20lbs оf musсlеeе. Its miххxxes gооd аnd thаnks fоr thе uрdаtеd sсоор, waу еasiеr tо add tо a shаkеr nоw.

  13. where is the best exercise for massive legs… Who The hell wants to listen to your fucking lecture…

  14. I've been working myself to death doing construction lately (literally) and I i've been catabolic for a long time. My legs are shrinking daily. Need heavy weight!

  15. Elliott is great and his in depth knowledge is appreciated. But some days I'm not really in that mood and just want the steak n' potatoes of the clip. If you're havin 1 of those days skip to 2:03.

  16. Best explanation I've ever heard why compound, free-weight lifts are better than machines and isolation for athletes. Train your body in isolation, easy way to get injured in the trenches.

  17. Just from personal experience, leg extensions/curls have fucked up my knee. Nothing serious, but I haven't been able to do anything heavy for my lower body for about 3 weeks now. People kept saying they're fine if you do them right, so I did them…Now I regret it. Lower body isolations usually wreck my knees so I'm done with them.

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