Best Dividend Stocks for 2019 (5 Top Investments!) ☀️

what is the best dividend stock for 2019 well we're gonna go over five dividend stocks today and I believe all five of these companies are excellent whole to 2019 you guys have a new here subscribe down below and don't forget to that multiplication as well so you don't miss any new videos like this and guys if you do enjoy this kind of videos make sure you drop a huge like on this video it does help out the channel quite a bit and I do appreciate all the support from that lets aim for a hundred likes on this video if possible and if we can do that within 48 hours I will release the three stocks I'm watching in January 2019 video now what I also want to do is make a follow-up video of favorite dividend stocks for nineteen but kind of a viewers Choice version of this so let me know in the comment section down below as well what your favorite dividend stocks are for 2019 and I'll compile a list here and I'll make a new video on that as well so when looking at pure dividend stocks is really two things that I look for in these stocks the first thing is that has to be a pretty stable company ideally a blue chip company and they have to have been paying a dividend for at least last five years ideally the last ten years the second is I do want to see at least a three percent dividend yield return ideally more of a four to five percent dividend yield but that really depends on stock market conditions I believe in the current conditions something around three percent or above is pretty good value what I also try to do for this video is to pick five different companies in five different sectors so you will kind of get a lot of diversification here if you do choose to only go with these five companies for your portfolio and it was the reason that I have these two criteria set is to kind of set my expectations at a reasonable level or these stocks generally dividend paying stocks don't appreciate as much in capital as growth stocks and this is typically because investors see dividend paying stocks is a lot more stable a lot more safe type companies typically these kind of stocks are seen as blue chip companies safe companies and they've been paying out a dividend for a very very long time which is why investors absolutely love these companies and typically you'll see a lot of these companies paying out a dividend or twenty five plus years and raising those dividends over a majority of those years as well so as a result over time you can pretty much solely build a strategy just around dividend stocks and eventually have your income coming early from dividend paying stocks so another excellent financial youtuber that I've personally been watching and I highly recommend if you haven't heard of them before is PBC ian i believe he is the best channel on youtube for dividend stocks and you can learn quite a bit from watching videos if you haven't check out his channel yet i will leave a link in the description below so if you do check him out if you do find them from this video let them know that I sent you there okay so now that expectations are set I know this was kind of a longer intro so I apologize for that but let's get into it let's look at five dividend paying stocks that I believe will be the best value for 2019 also including these picks what analysts think about these companies so you can kind of see what potential upside could be there for these companies but take that with a grain of salt remember analysts aren't always correct but it is something to consider when you are looking at these stuffs and as always I will leave a link in the description to each one of these companies on tipeee ranks if you're interested in learning more but either way the first company that we have here is General Mills ticker symbol GIS these guys pee out of five point two four percent dividend yield which is one of the higher dividend paying stocks here on this list they're a well-established company they own brands like Cheerios Hagen does and most recently Blue Buffalo and therein kind of Lies the problem their recent acquisition on Blue Buffalo is kind of what's causing a lot of negativity in the stock in the short term so investors kind of feel overall that General Mills overpaid for this acquisition in Blue Buffalo and they may not see the returns are expecting to see from the acquisition of this company so I would say this is kind of the main reason why General Mills has been suffering for the majority of 2018 and even 2017 as well but as a dividend investor for the long term this presents a very attractive option here where you can get a world-renowned brand with a dividend yield of over 5% so if you don't have any exposure to the food space like cereals that kind of stuff and you wanted some exposure in that space General Mills seems to be a very solid picture especially if you believe that the Blue Buffalo acquisition will help them penetrate the pet market as well analysts as you can see here see quite a bit of upside in General Mills as well with around 30% from its current prices and that kind of hints to us that it may be undervalued at current prices if you're not a big fan of General Mills I would say another honorable mention here for dividends in this space would be Kellogg's they pay out a smaller dividend of 3.7% but they are also well established company in a well-established brand out there so that's another one you could look at if you want some mature to the space you're not a huge fan of General Mills and not a huge fan of their debt and the recent Blue Buffalo acquisition okay the second stock here is epsy coal with a three point two six percent dividend yield so this is one of my personal favorite companies I did make quite a few videos talking about PepsiCo when it was around you know $100 markers so and I believe this is a very very attractive company to own for the dividends now one thing a lot of people mistake with Pepsi is that they just think of the Pepsi Cola Pepsi Co owns a lot more than just the cola they own snacks they own other drinks they're really a pretty large brand here with a lot of diversification in the food and beverage of space so some of the popular drinks that they own apart from Pepsi would be Gatorade and Tropicana and some of the popular snacks that they own include lays and Quaker Oats I really love how diversified they are in the snacks and beverages space and I love that they recently been pushing into the healthier snack space and healthy beverages space with acquisitions so this is kind of a big reason why I think Pepsi is a great Walter long-term and this is also kind of a main reason why I would pick Pepsi over coca-cola because I see coke is kind of just a pure beverage play whereas Pepsi is not only in the beverage space but they're also in the snack space so there's a lot more diversification a lot more safety there with that stock so as you can see your analysts feel that Pepsi is pretty much fairly valued right now but I think as we go into 2019 we'll see a lot more upgrades in the stock especially if volatility continues here in the market PepsiCo is seen as one of those safer recession-proof stocks so as you can see 2018 special towards the end of 2018 a lot of stocks have suffered and lost quite a bit of their market value whereas Pepsi has actually been making new all time highs recently so this is kind of a stock that I think will continue to do well in 2019 especially if the volatility continues so coming third our list here is Pfizer with a three point one one percent dividend yield so this kind of shifts our focus now to a different segment altogether it's a health care player and it's one of the largest healthcare players in the world it produced tons of different medical products for consumers and they've established themselves as he trustworthy brand and we've been around for almost 170 years the stock is typically a very slow bull verb – people don't typically buy the stock for capital appreciation but their dividends are usually what attracts a lot of investors to the stock so Johnson & Johnson is another huge player that a lot of people look at in this space when they're considering a health care stock for their dividend portfolio however even though Johnson Johnson has taken me 10% hit the last week Pfizer still provides a higher dividend yield compared to Johnson Johnson they also in my opinion target different segments of the market Johnson Johnson focuses more on babies and beauty products whereas Pfizer focuses more on adult products analysts here believe that Pfizer is pretty close to the fair value with the potential 5% upside there's not much to see here and like I said this isn't really a stock to eat hold for capital appreciation but it is a stock that you will hold for dividends and dividend growth over the long term coming in at number four is another stock that's in a completely different industry here but it's still a very large well recognized brand and company and that's JPMorgan Chase so these guys payout a three point one nine percent dividend and they're one of the largest banks in North America I figured this list would not be complete without a banking stock and what better Bank from stock to pick than JPMorgan Chase in my opinion they're a very strong brand very strong company and they're usually kind of a fan favorite when looking at a banking stock especially for newer investors or even seasoned investors who want to pick a very stable Bank they're led by a very respectable CEO they have strong fundamentals and their stock has been performing pretty well over the last few years to be honest I was extremely surprised to see the JPMorgan Chase was providing over a three percent yield currently it's been a stock that I've been watching for quite a while to stock it up one pick up for quite a while and this current price of around $100 per share it is a very tempting play so if you haven't noticed there has been a lot of pressure on these banking stocks recently and that is because the feds may not raise rates as expected in 2019 and as a result these banking stocks may not make as much money as expected in 2019 now I believe this continues and the feds either keep the rates the same or for some reason lower rates in 2019 JPMorgan Chase will get pretty hard along with other banking stocks but on the plus side this will mean that their dividend yield will increase in 2019 nonetheless analysts share believed that the stock is also very undervalued currently with over a 27 percent upside from its current prices so there's currently a lot of fear uncertainty and volatility out there in the market and banking stocks are one of those sectors that have been hit very hard recently so going into 2019 don't be surprised of this stock continues to trend lower but on the plus side think of this you will get a higher yield on these stocks other big banks for not a huge fan of JPMorgan Chase would be Bank of America or even the goldman sachs both of them provide a two and a half ish percent dividend yield but JP Morgan Chase still comes out with over three percent yield so I do believe it's the best value in this space alright so closing off our list year number five is a company that will be a bit controversial and we'll go through why that is but either way they pay out a six point zero seven percent dividend yield and the company is called Altria so out of all the stocks we've talked about today I would say that this is probably the most riskiest company in the list Ultra is a very strong well-established brand in the tobacco space but there is a lot of concern around this industry as a whole moving forward they recently did enter the cannabis space which could pose a lot of volatility for this company moving forward now I don't want to get into that here but in a nutshell they did pay 1.8 billion dollars to enter a stake in Chronos which is one of the most popular stocks in that segment so the most recognized brand that Altria owns is Marlboro and if you're someone who smokes or you know someone who smokes I'm sure this is a brand that you've heard of or consume regularly now this stock and this company is more of a moral dilemma I would say to a lot of people because a lot of people choose not to invest in stocks that are harmful to people's health now this is mainly due to ethical reasons which I respect and you just got to keep in mind keep things in perspective there's thousands of companies out there and if some don't align with your moral stance and your views don't invest in them move on look for the next opportunity out there but for those of you that can overcome that and want to look more at the business side of this company a six percent dividend yield is extremely attractive this stock has been on the beat since around 2017 but that just means that the dividend yield has been getting more and more attractive as the months go on even a small portion of your portfolio in this company with a 6% yield could provide some pretty good upside for you over the long term now on the plus side as well analysts see quite a bit of upside here with the stock coming in at over 34 percent so if analysts are correct with their assumption here with this stuff not only would you be getting a 6 percent dividend yield on cost year-over-year but you will also potentially have some pretty significant upside with your capital appreciation on this position as well also like I mentioned if you believe that their investment in Kronos was a good move for the company in the long term this would be another big reason why you would want to enter a position here or start building out a position here in ultra group so that concludes our list but remember I do want to make a follow up list here on your favorite dividend picks for 2019 before you move on to the next video make sure to comment down below and let me know what your favorite dividend stock is for 2098 I'll be reading every single comment I'll be compiling a list of these stocks so make sure that your voice is heard but either way guys hope you enjoyed this video hope you enjoy these five dividend stocks let me know if you don't choose to invest on them but either way guys don't forget to invest positively

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