Best Dividend Aristocrats Investing Strategy 25 Years of Increase Dividends

if you guys didn't know already I love dividends I love stocks of pay out dividends every single year and in today's video I'm gonna go over stocks that have been raising their dividends for the last 25 years welcome back to the channel guys my name is Bruce Wang I'm a real estate investor dividend investor if you haven't followed me yet on Instagram go follow me right now I post up there every single day now and specifically I've been posting a lot about my real estate and my renovation for my property right now but in today's video we're gonna take a look at my m1 finance portfolio I use this brokerage to buy stocks specifically dividend paying stocks I have stocks that are paying me monthly dividends and mostly stocks usually pay dividends every single quarter so I get asked a lot about what type of stocks that I should be buying what type of stocks that pay really good dividends and in today's video I'm gonna go over stocks that have been increasing their dividends for the last 25 years you've heard me correct 25 years there are actually 57 different stocks different companies that have been doing this and if you guys didn't know already these are called the dividend aristocrats so let's jump right into the portfolio to see how I've been doing over the past weeks or so and then we can dig a little deeper into the dividend aristocrats so this is the Wang gang portfolio I've been investing with them since March whenever I'm trying a new platform I don't like to just throw in all my money at all at one time just because I like to explore the platform see if it's safe or not safe to invest in but after being invested for the last three months or so I found that m1 finance is a really great investment tool for me and I'll be sticking with them for the foreseeable future and actually I'm raising my deposits into this company now for the last three months I've been depositing 100 dollars every single week to test it out but now I want to see more gains in the portfolio and the only way to do that is for me to deposit even more money into into my investments so right now I'm investing 200 dollars every single week that'll be eight hundred dollars every single month and if my calculations are right that's going to be about ten thousand dollars invested for one entire year so right now the portfolio is worth one thousand five hundred and thirty dollars let's take a look at the values here I've essentially deposited since March 13 1510 dollars and the market gains is just under $20 so when it comes to my financial journey what I realized a major key is is that when I invested small and small amounts I don't see that much gain as actually the gains are very very small but as I increase my investments and I increase the time period that I'm invested in I get to see a lot more gains when it comes to dividends when it comes to capital gains and all that so don't be discouraged if you just started investing in the stock market and you're actually losing money when it comes to my total returns I've been invested since March 13 and I have seen a return of 4.2% which is not that bad a 4.2 percent gain is actually pretty good when you compare it to a savings account from a you know one of these big banks in America interest rates for savings account related and related savings vehicles vary widely from as low as point zero one percent annual year percentage to six point one seven I have never seen an annual yield percentage of six point one seven but mines is closer to point zero three I believe so for my savings account I keep only enough for my emergency fund and everything else is going into my investments because it's it doesn't make sense to only make point zero three or point seven one percent in a savings account if you want to take a deeper dive into any one of my stocks go jump into the description and you can find it there I share my port I share my portfolio I share everything if you want to sign up for m1 finance you can sign up there as well so taking a deeper dive into my portfolio I'm holding now 55 different stocks and ETFs so when it comes to the dividend yield it is around 4% so let's say if I invested $10,000 and just into this portfolio and one year from now I would essentially have $400 in dividends and with all my dividends that I receive I reinvest that into the portfolio for a compounding effect to hopefully grow this portfolio faster and faster I think that is enough overkill for this portfolio leave me a like if you've enjoyed that little update and we can start talking about the dividend aristocrats so I did about 10 minutes of very difficult hard labour and I created this pie for you guys these are the dividend aristocrats for 2019 there are 57 holdings in this one pie and this is all coming from the Wikipedia page where I will show you right now this is the sp500 dividend aristocrats basically I did all this research and I took all of these stocks and put them in an m1 finance portfolio for you so you guys don't have to do that hard work and I'll be sharing this link in the description down below if you guys want to take a look at any of these companies so just going down the list you can see that there are probably a lot of companies that you don't know and there'll be a few that you might know like for example I know Pepsi Procter and Gamble and like Sherwin Williams company I have no idea what that is Cisco corporations I've heard of Cisco corporation as well in the past Walmart that is a well known company as well AT&T I'm I would say I'm heavily invested in AT&T over $1,000 invested at least at the moment Clorox Company so going down the going down the list you will know a lot of these companies McDonald's Target and this is one of Warren Buffett's very famous sayings invest in companies that you know so if you're going to McDonald's every day if you're going to target every day for shopping there on a weekly basis or monthly basis or something in that range and you're saying that these companies are doing well why not invest in these companies you're going there you're your customer and if you actually like the company and you think that they're doing well why wouldn't you invest in them so I think this is a great start for a list of companies that you guys might want to start looking at you can go through this list and start picking out some of the stocks that you know and start collecting dividends after you invest in them or what you can do you can invest in all of them all at the same time which is something that I will kind of go / later on in this video so you might be wondering why you would want to invest in some of these companies I have a few good reasons and a few reasons you might not want to invest in these companies so there are only 57 dividend aristocrats out there this is a very exclusive group to even join you would need to be in the stock market for 25 years and raise your dividend every single year so these companies are mature these companies have a lot of foresight when it comes to the vision of the company to be able to raise your dividends every single year and these and these companies are also looking out for their shareholders if you if you really think about it they they want to give back to the people investing into their companies so just to clarify the dividend aristocrat a little bit further this is coming from the wikipedia page a stock must have increased their dividend payouts for a minimum of 25 consecutive years or more must currently be part of the S&P 500 index and must have a minimum market capitalization of three billion dollars should a company reduce their dividends or be dropped from the S&P 500 index the holding is automatically dropped from aid from the dividend aristocrat list as well and the one thing that stands out from the dividend aristocrat is that there is a relatively small amount of tech stocks among the among the list so this list is always gonna change year by year not every company can do something as difficult as raise their dividends every single year so that leads me into the next ETF that I want to talk about this is the pro shares S&P 500 dividends aristocrats I'm not sure if I made a video on this ETF yet or not because I made over a hundred videos it's crazy this stock is basically tracking the dividend aristocrats all equally weighted according to this the index contains a minimum of 40 stocks which are equally weighted and no single sector is allowed to comprise a more than 30% of the index wait so I think on M 1 this is the stats here are a little bit off but let's see if you look at the five-year chart you can see that it has grown over 51% oh man I wish I started investing here when it was only $46 I would be able to have all this growth here and collect all these dividends throughout the years like that's one thing that I always go back on I wish I could have invested when I just turned 18 but the thing is when I was 18 there was no Robin Hood there was only like um I think the easiest way for me to get in would probably be like a trade or Vanguard or something like that like so a lot of the young people out here in my audience you guys are pretty lucky because there are a lot of different ways that you can get in for really really cheap especially like on Robin Hood and em one finance so if I started investing since 2014 I would have seen fifty one percent gain on on this one ETF which is insane so one thing that really stood out to me with this ETF is that the sp500 dividend aristocrat has outperformed the S&P 500 with lower volatility sense is inception this one fact is pretty crazy because I'm heavily invested in the S&P 500 as well I invest in index funds mainly but I like to you know learn how to stop pick just so I can increase my skills and hopefully increase my wallet size and my net worth size so for this ETF to have a 51% gain in the last five years have having it be able to beat the S&P 500 and have less volatility it's almost like a no-brainer that I would that I need to add this into my portfolio in some way or another and when it comes to my PI I love the fact that it's so diversified and I'm able to collect dividends that's the one thing I don't really like about investing in index funds and in the S&P 500 is that not all the stocks pay dividends so that's why I'm kind of leaning towards putting more money into a portfolio like this so what I did with some of the dividend aristocrat is that I've added some into the basic materials here these companies are obviously all in the same sector and I've added all six of them into my pie – hopefully collect some very sweet dividends and as I learn more about different types of stocks and what to invest in hopefully I can keep adjusting this portfolio to fit my personal investment style so if you're just beginning your investment journey try not to overthink it just start saving a little bit of money here and there and start looking at some things that you might want to invest in the dividend aristocrats are a good place to start looking at some high quality companies and and if that is too confusing for you that ETF is also a good choice to look at and obviously this is all my opinion and not financial advice so if you are going to look into any of these stocks please do your own research and if you want to check out more videos just like this go check out these older videos here where you guys can even see where I first started out from $0 to $100.00 and like the video if you haven't liked it already subscribe for more content just like this every single week three videos and I'll see you in the next one love you mm bye bye

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  2. Good stuff Bruce! I’m going to do a video on my top ETFs for dividend growth investors. I’d love to name drop you in the video. What is your favorite dividend growth ETF? I have 6 that I will review.

  3. It is so easy to look back and wish you had started earlier. My regret has been selling out of positions too early (AMZN, AAPL). Hold on to those things long term if the company is doing well! If you need to liquidate because you need cash, consider selling half your holding instead of all of it.

  4. Independent investor Channel go check it out with over 300k on Roth ira it doesn't get better than that

  5. dont usually subscribe to people but i love your videos, they cover all bases. always great content! keep it comin mr. wang

  6. These dividend aristocrats r exemplars. I don't invest in dividend stocks but its good to see such companies maintain and increase their cashflows over the decades

  7. You dont know Sherman William's? They make house paint, maybe they arnt out in your area, it's like benjamin moore

  8. What are ur thoughts on these etfs on m1 i have 30% on these 3 VTI,VYM,VGT and 5% VPU,VNQ what do you think of those are they good as a dividend etfs ovrrall abd stuff?

  9. I think that a div aristocrat or div growth pie would be great in M1. In efts you have no control over the rebalancing. Its hard to invest for dividend growth in an etf when re balancing can lower your payout. With M1 you could just allocate your funds to your positions that have under performed.

  10. Puts up a quote by Buffet (doesn't interpret the quote accurately) that says don't invest in companies you dont understand. Then clearly states he doesnt know what sherman williams is, then shows he is invested in sherman williams…. facepalm

  11. Exactly I would of invested earlier when I was 18 but there was no Robinhood just etrade and things like that but you also needed 2000$ and I didn’t have that at the time.. but now it’s so easy to invest.

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