22 thoughts on “Before and After Renovations

  1. Give it a few years and people will be going back to the warmer hues and away from the white which is so prevalent now.

  2. My house is 43 years old, and we remodeled my house already, my house literally used to be worth $180,000, now it's worth $350,000. IT'S INCREDIBLE!

  3. I saw visually what I want to do to the exterior of my home; but was never able to find pics of it. Therefore thanks for posting this video!

  4. I really liked the after on the first home ~ although the before was NOT bad. Thank you for taking the time to share these.

  5. awesome transformations!  if you make another video it'd be great to see side-by-side photos to compare.  some look like a totally new house! 🙂

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