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those of you who wants to figure out another way to make mony in host selling but you're saying he Kong I've been going up this for a while I can't seem to get a deal on the contract I don't have any mony to market yada yada yada yada here's an idea for you you can Co wholesale for those of you who don't know what Co whole selling is Co whole selling all you're doing is you're just building up your cash by list that's all you focus on doing you don't need to spend any money marketing man you just put out a lot of time to network to build up your cash buyer list and then once you have your let's fill up now you're reaching out to other hole seller that has the deal on the contract so they have property on the contract and all you're doing is you just gonna help them sell the deal which mean you take their deal you send it out to your buyers and that's how you make money that's another way to make money in hole selling without actually going out there talk to sell are putting prop up on a contract so let's know what you have to learn less work don't say King Kong didn't do anything for you man who else does that for you beside a king a call hashtag King Kong until next time check

7 thoughts on “Be A Co-Wholesaler | Real Estate Wholesaling

  1. If this video add any kinda value to ya and if you feel me and understand what I’m trying to say then SMASH that thumb up 👍👍 for me. 😉. Subscribe if you haven’t already and let take our life and biz to a whole nother level 😁👍. C’mon man LETS GO!!

  2. Khang man great value! but how do I ensure that I’ll get paid from the wholesaler? that he won’t just take my buyer

  3. What is the name of the agency you use for VAs? The link you provided on your other video is no longer active. Thank you!

  4. how much would it cost to pay you to teach me everything you know to start this business. i told you i would get that 2k and within that time i got a job. im putting my money where my mouth is khang. remember this user name because i want you to teach me everything and i will pay!! Thank you khang i can tell you know so much AND IM WILLING TO LEARN

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