Well, we’re about to enter the building get that chopper ready We say we get this over with the [hounds] [get] [shot] fall back You mind if we tag along? oh So clever [spoiler] luck hey, they walk in the park easy peasy don’t make me shoot you oh The home base baby come baby baby come come Come on. Let’s go Meb I got motion detectors going off from the secure floors Like they’re all around you hold use extreme caution I don’t like this flag [I] Don’t like it either Pussy, [I] will knock your ass out. I do not care that your girl his Rod captive flag again Let me fight you die. We die Well, you been homie saved my fight. No what you don’t [stand] [for] shit. You [ain’t] about shit. Don’t touch me man Don’t touch it. Don’t touch me what you gonna do I’m touching you can’t you do something watch me do something you want Seesaw? Oh yeah, one who is he stuck? Yeah? I want to see something I Was just trying to get you there? Phil Jackson we good right mmM Come through How’s she great?

100 thoughts on “BATTLE IN THE BUILDING | Suicide Squad

  1. Like si tienes el juego de Harli quinn yo si telo dejo como se llama el juego es Harli quinn es de vistirla

  2. It's a good thing I wasn't staring in that movie with what Harley was wearing, they would have to shoot all my scenes from the waist up, I would hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave.

  3. I went to comic con two years ago as Baraka and met a Harley cosplayer who looked just like Margot Robbie! After our photo together I did get a Harley hug!

  4. In the elevator just before she leaves the blue band in her hair is loose and when it opens its back to perfect

  5. In the elevator just before she leaves the blue band in her hair is loose and when it opens its back to perfect

  6. It’s sad , it’s not that bad of a movie DC just wants this and Justice League to be as big as the Avengers were …

  7. Group: Looks like we’re gonna have to take the stairs…”

    Harley: The stairsss?! But I don’t wanna 😡!

    Group: We don’t care what you want, Harley! Now listen up guys…”

    Harley: Turns away with pouting face then sees the elevator and smiles and skips over to it

    Group: Okay, everyone understand?…Wait, where’s Harley??? Sees Harley going up in the elevator Harley…wtf 😳!

  8. I will love to see Will Smith as Deadshot
    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc
    Karen fukuhara as Katana
    And cara delevingne as Enchantress in future suicide squad 3 whenever they want to come back I would love them come back 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 it won't be the same without them

  9. When being robbed and you say you don’t haven any money the person stabs you but it block because underneath is a lot of money blocking it

  10. Leave it up to Hollywood for a woman to call a man a pussy. Hollywood is so racist/sexist they should be taken over by the democrat party, oh wait…they've been intertwined for decades and we're finally seeing the fruition. Men are evil, women are better. What makes a woman a woman by democrat standards is they have to act like a man with a strap-on lol. Please.

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