100 thoughts on “Bathroom Floors Are In!

  1. why is there so much variation? theres no flow to the house. i mean, i get you do what you want with a basically unlimited budget, but really?

  2. Would not wanna know what the house costs in its totality lol. Happy for them though, they can make it just as they want it!

  3. just do the wood, to much variety of carpet, different tiles, wood floor is to much so just to wood floor it makes it flow a lot better

  4. Too many people watch house flipping shows where they use the same materials throughout the entire house and think that’s how you design a custom home. They do everything the same because it’s easy and cheaper to buy more of the same stuff. This house will be absolutely beautiful!!!! News flash…they are going to use different countertops in different rooms too 😲😲😆

  5. Do wood floors, black and white marble tiles are disgusting, do one color wood floor and keep it simple, why do carpet, marble, and wood in the same house

  6. black looks like an old kitchen no offense, if you did do marble I would choose the gray but I also think dark wood (not too dark) would look pretty but it’s your guys choice 🤷‍♀️

  7. The marble will ruin the flow throughout the house. I would pick one floor and put it everywhere throughout the house except maybe carpet it the bedrooms and marble in the bathrooms.

  8. This guy used your flooring choices as a bad example of what to do. Just wanted to make sure you were ok with him using your video in his.

  9. To all of the comments hating on all of the tile just remember its their house and their choice. There will be doors and in my opinion it looks great.

  10. The tile changes are just off. No flow. Watching this it kind of upsets me that the builders and designers are pushing what they want.

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