Basement Renovation: Modern Look – Before + After

The clients wanted a warm and inviting
basement with three distinctive areas. The first of which was an entertainment
center. There’s a really nice custom made wall unit with lots of storage
space. And, one of the big changes that was made to the basement was the
stairwell that comes down, as well as all of the flooring in the basement – which
was all made from an engineered wood. The second area that was created was a home
office space with a joint bookshelf. Again, there’s a lot of storage space and
the area permits you to work easily from home or to have a nice homework spot for
the children as well. Behind the sectional sofa, the designer decided to
add in a countertop – which is perfect for having a beer with your buddies during
the game or for a family pizza night. There was a printer that was added here
into the storage unit they also thought of adding in a mobile filing cabinet
which also doubles as an extra seating place. The last area that was done was a
workout area so that the clients can train from the comfort of their own home.
It’s a good idea to have a fireplace in the basement: in the winter, you can not
only use it to heat up your actual basement, but because hot air rises, it’ll
help to heat up the rest of your home as well. In order to avoid any potential
problems and ensure that they had the right person with the right skills and
qualifications, the clients decided to choose a 360° Verified Contractor
from Reno-Assistance.

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