B2B Sales: The ABC’s of Selling – Always Be Curious…on your Customer’s Outcomes

I've been asked to speak with you all about something important put that coffee down Coffee is for product pushers only you need a baby bottle with more milk because you're weak oh do I have your attention now good in order to be a Salesman you need to know these acronyms apps no not the one on your phone always push product always push product are we pushing F oh are you make it for you focus on recent updates hey have you heard about our recent update 5.4 dot 3.2 it's a hoot is there a doctor in the house there is because you are going to demo regularly somebody's calling a doctor are you answering the call his clients have a cancer and you have the medicine are you uncle min do you avoid questions and underscore attributes they ask how does this product align with my future outcomes you say here's a feature that aligns with this product are we done not by a long shot because I say the best for last SP ly L do I di D sell product like your life depends on it because it does you want to work for a company that's collaborative its creative there were free ecosystems here the only thing that matters is getting them to sign on the line which is Donnan SPL why do I be I be a PP f oru dtoo UA I spell it out for you guys you get the picture you

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