B2B Sales: Selling to Decision Makers – Identifying Roadblocks

hi guys needed Johnson from driver success calm today we're going to talk about identifying the decision-makers in a business to business marketplace and why that is so important so what we're going to do today Zahra I'm basically just going to go over three of the typical type of decision-makers that your company might be dealing with in a business business marketplace and why it's important to I basically identify them and create a set of criteria by which your sales people should understand those decision-makers in terms of how they go about making decisions okay and the reason why identifying your decision makers are so important in your industry is because you know you what not only do you want your salespeople don't understand how they should approach and how they should talk to these decision-makers and how they should push them towards making a decision or basically help them and guide them towards making a decision but you also want to make sure that your marketing team knows how to deliver clear and precise messages to these customers okay so marketing and sales you know a successful sales person is a different person to different people and a marketing message is is successful when it appeals to different individuals in different positions okay especially in a business to business marketplace so you know let's just go over you know three example decision makers that your company might come across we'll start off with number one we'll start off with the business owner okay now you're not always gonna deal with a business owner but if you do okay you're going to be dealing with an individual who's got a big picture point of view alright this is an individual that is concerned with perhaps their market position okay you know he's good he or she is going to be concerned with how their business is performing in their market how are they perceived in terms of the market position or they know it's a market leader market challenge or market follower so market position is a concern for them you know they may be concerned with their problem definitely going to be concerned with their bottom line okay so what are you selling to them and or product or service that can help them improve their bottom line okay they're going to be concerned with very likely inventory costs okay and the reason why I write that is because every single you know business owner is concerned with the cost of finance inventory financing there you go cost of financing all right and you know a lot of lot of you may be looking at this list and saying you don't know we don't sell any kind of products that can reduce the cost of financing well yeah you do because you know a company that finances its inventory is always looking for ways to reduce its cost to finance its inventory and you can do that with consignment inventory agreements you can do that with large blanket order agreements so when you look at a business owner you know they're concerned with the big picture their concerns pertain to the cost of their business their bottom line their cost of goods sold okay you know their own customers they're concerned with issues that pertain to their business cost financing cost of financing receivables cost of financing inventory cost of capital these type of things are concerns for them and you can basically structure your marketing message or your sales pitch around how you can help them with big picture items we can help you reduce your inventory cost not just by offering you the lowest price but by using consignment inventory agreements blanket orders what happened okay so that's the first one is the business owner the second one we're going to talk about it I'll try and give myself some space here is we're going to talk about the engineer okay or the field service technician the Installer project manager manager all right so what you got in these cases these are these are the basically the technical individuals okay so these are this is a business owner and you got the technical individuals here now their concerns aren't really going to be related to big picture either they're going to be concerned with the project they're managing okay they're going to be concerned with the product that they manage or that the product that they're designing so again it can be concerned with project costs okay right off the bat you know am I going to come under budget with this project cost product costs okay perhaps they're concerned with timeline you know the budget the budget of the program that they're running okay so in this case when it comes to engineers they're their concern with project cost product cost design cost designing okay they're concerned with quality and then maybe cost per use sorry cost for you so these are all issues that pertain to engineering concerns okay am i buying a good product is a half-drunk cost for you see is it going to help me reduce the cost on this project am I gonna come in on time on the project is the budget going to be maintained so cake do you sell products that basically help in this area maybe you probably do okay and the third area we're going to talk about or the third decision-maker sorry is the procurement professional okay now right off the bat everyone's going to say oh I know exactly how to market to a procurement professional they're concerned with price yes that's true they are concerned with price Prices is a major concern with them but the other concern they have is the cost of inventory okay inventory costs okay and that includes per unit freight costs on incoming parts per unit freight cost okay they're also concerned with financing they're also concerned with damage you're also concerned with obsolescence okay so you have products that are well manufactured that don't damage easily and aren't going to become obsolete if you have a way of lowering your per unit freight cars or incoming parts for your customer do you have a way of lowering price maybe not necessarily low in price per se but perhaps giving them a higher a lower price on higher volume provided they agree that some of the consignment agreements we talked about earlier so it's essential that you basically define the decision makers in your market and that you build a picture of what each decision maker is and how they go about making their decisions now this is just an overview because your industry is different maybe it's the same maybe you see the same kind of things but for the most part you've got to come up with your own definition of the type of criteria then the decision makers in your industry and how they go about making decisions come up with this with this picture for each one of them and then you can tailor your marketing in your sales around how you go about dealing with the concerns that these decision makers have so that's business business decision makers identify those in your market tailoring your marketing and your sales pitch towards those decision makers Ian Johnson 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