B2B Marketing and Sales: Lead Generation

hi guys ian johnson from driving success calm today i'm going to talk to you guys about marketing and sales and i'm going to simplify the importance of lead generation and what i want to do today is I want to dispel this myth that a lot of companies believe that marketing and sales are separate from one another anytime you hear someone say listen we need to just focus on sales we'll take care of marketing after or we'll take care of marketing later this is what you need to show them and I'm going to show you how to show them why marketing and sales are one and the same okay I've worked with a lot of companies and I've come across this problem a lot this perception that marketing and sales are different does it doesn't hold any water and I'm gonna show you why okay there are essentially two ways to generate leads marketing generates a lead or sales generates elite marketing generates a lead through marketing campaigns and sales can generate a lead from a cold call now I've done a video on cold calling and a link is probably popped up above my head you know cold calling is a viable way to generate a lead this video will explain to you how to use your value assertion how to use leading questions with customers in order to get them to talk about their fears and concerns in order to tie in solutions to your value assertion but the problem with with with cold calling is that it's an evasive act okay and what I mean by this is that think about it from a customer's perspective they get a call from a salesperson they've never spoke to before about a company they know nothing about about a product that almost sounds too good to be true from a salesperson and the problem is being caught off guard in Caitlyn cold calling is not comfortable and if you want to have a perfect example of that just ask yourself how you feel when you get a telemarketing call so cold calling works but it's not the best way to reach customers and it can only generate so many leads so I had a customer that was relying entirely upon cold calling and I was trying to explain to them that you need to generate more leads and they were saying listen just just focus on sales we'll take care of the marketing after and this is how I showed it okay we looked at the remember of leads that were generated by Colt column and we analyzed it over a couple of months and we found out that the average number of leads through cold calling was ten in this case the salesperson would call all these customers and they came up with the opportunity to provide ten quotes with ten customers that were interested enough to say yes please quote me now the closing rate during this period was twenty percent twenty percent of ten quotes okay now we went from ten to thirty twenty percent of 30 is six hours 50 leads with the same closing rate of twenty percent is ten orders one hundred leads the same closing rate of twenty percent is twenty orders two hundred means closing percentage of twenty five percent is 40 orders finally 1000 leads 20 percent is two hundred orders and when you look at this what has changed my closing rate is the same but my orders have increased why are they increasing because the number of leads have increased but here's the kicker okay you can only generate so many leads through cold calling alone the only number of leads we generated on average in any given month was 10 we couldn't generate more than 10 from cold calling so how do you go from 10 to 30 from 30 to 50 50 to 100 100 to two hundred to a thousand how do you increase the number of leads you can't just do it with cold calling this is why marketing and sales are one in the same they are the same thing the only way you're going to increase the number of orders is by increasing the number of leads the opportunities for sales so when I talk to a company that says you know what focus on sales first we'll take care of marketing after my answer to them is sales isn't your problem your problem is a lack of opportunity to make sales this is how you explain that to them all right so understand you can only do so much with coca-cola you need a marketing plan that increases needs and and this is the most important aspect of this okay when you do cold calling and you're trying to generate leads your closing rate isn't that high but when you generate leads with customers calling your company your closing rate goes up 25% let's say of course that that's it goes from 20 and 25% or maybe even 30% now why does it go up because customers are much more relaxed when they call into your company and they're interested in your product and an argument can easily be made that the people that call into your company are more qualified than the ones that you're cold calling because those individuals know they're interested in what you have to offer okay so please understand your company marketing in sales is one in the same get rid of this mindset that sales are separate from marketing okay marketing generates leads sales closes leads company gets money and that's track into marketing okay it is a constant feedback loop so that's it marketing and sales the importance of lead generation don't take this mindset focus on sales will take care of marketing it doesn't work so that's it marketing and sales lead generation Ian Johnson driving success calm bye-bye

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  1. This is really relevant and concise. Thank you for posting. Gitomer and Kotler should subscribe to your channel.

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