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so many people that want b2b deals actually optimizing for the wrong metric most digital marketers they're really just focused on 50,000 people hit my website and gosh my website conversion rate is 2% I need to get it to 3% hey guys I'm here with my friend Bill leek he is a seasoned b2b expert and I was just chatting to him about optimizing for b2b and you were telling me that so many people that want b2b deals actually optimizing for the wrong metric a lot of times we see teams that are over optimizing for what's taking place on the website or get to the web form or you know get get contact info which is a good start but that ultimately might still be one month four months two years before there's actually a revenue event what kind of deal sites are we talking about here you know in a typically deal size tends to be correlated with time and length of the sales process the smaller the deal size the more likely even in in b2b you could have a very rapid transaction something within a few days to a few weeks typically once the deal size gets up into the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands people are taking longer to make the decision and it might involve several different individuals right so you get a lead-in and there's actually the deal is happening offline for sales people involved yes and so when people are off the massive to get let's say the lead in so what's wrong with that well they may not be getting the right person I mean I can easily get leads and we both know that if we want to maximize conversion rate we take out an ad word that says free bags of money and we have a landing page that on it says give me your data and I'll send you a free bag of money whether you send the bag of money or not I mean who knows but you're getting a lot of leads are those really leads so what should you do you you actually want to do a little bit of qualification on the landing page and in the ad copy if you're selling email marketing software and your your niche is targeted to people who have a list of more than thousand people do you really want the names of people who are looking for MailChimp sure or is that just gonna waste the time of your sales reps so you want to actually decrease your conversion rate a little bit in the early stages of the journey so you're not bringing in lots of what are effectively bad leads will just waste the time of your sales force one of the things that worked for our agency was on the lead generation form we added a drop down for what is your budget for this project and the minimum was like 10k or whatever and we got the instantly rid of people with no money right I know we want to help them you do a lot of good good work in the industry giving away free stuff for people with no money the goal is to grow them into people with money so then they can write you a check someday right right so what other common mistakes are you seeing when BPUT people do b2b marketing optimization we see a lot of times where the the people responsible for conversion and for the website are not getting the data back from the e CRM system they're not getting it back from the the act on the Infusionsoft the Marketo they may not be pulling data back from salesforce.com or or whatever they're using pipedrive Zoho on the low end and and really you want to figure out of the things that enter the funnel which are the ones that are making it further down the journey and getting close to a revenue event and and think about conversion optimization really is maybe twelve different conversions that occur down the process some of which occur post website what kind of tracking would you typically want to set up there you'd want to have every single touch tracked ideally so from first first contact on the website or even even where they were being marketed to with a display ad or something else out there and then every time they're seeing something digitally and then I also you know did they attend a webinar you know how many how many emails did did they get which ones did they respond to how many get so so you're able to take that whole data set and it really is it does turn into a big data problem and that's why in marketing automation they have all this lead scoring and those kinds of things and most digital marketers are kind of blithely unaware of all that stuff they're really just focused on you know 50,000 people hit my website and gosh my website conversion rate is 2% I need to get it to three percent sure so we have this data silo problem where we have the CRM here and then we have live chat here and web analytics here and email marketing so how do you make all of them talk to each other now there is there's going to be a problem with dirty data they're a bunch of different databases out there Google Analytics is probably not the single source of truth if you're in b2b unless you're selling stuff on the website so you have to you have to figure out which witches are which is our source of truth and get all those data sets into one database where possible with all those codes and then look at it and see what can we learn from that do you use a customer data platform CDP's for this you can you can I mean some of those I think are going to be much better a couple years from now than where they are now they're being they're being oversold with a lot of height when you kind of look at those high curves they're kind of near the top of it right now so I mean heck we do a lot of Excel crazy Excel you know Google's data studio's not bad for some of this stuff you can you couldna you can throw some things into a statistical program the key thing is really thinking through what are the stages of a journey we used to call a funnel and then kind of where does the data live at each of those stages and sometimes it actually takes a couple years before you've actually assembled the data set to have statistical significance right right and so you want to track like if they initiate live chat track to make a phone call through the website we have integrated call tracking our chat leads better than website leads our phone leads better than chat leads and generally the answers yes to both the more intimate the event where a human is getting closer to a human and it's an interactive natural conversation the more people are likely to take the next step in doing business if you want more interviews like this subscribe to my channel you

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