Automatically prevent configuration drift with HPE Composable Rack

(gentle music) Over time, network connections to servers often become disorganized. Trying to navigate wiring in the back of a rack in a loud hot data center is a challenge. Accidentally cabling servers to the wrong network connections can lead to issues or failures further down the line that are very difficult to identify. (message notification chimes) My teammate needs me to check the network cabling on the server we just installed. Oh, do you need to go? No, I can do that here within OneView. Oh cool, can you show me? Yeah, let me show you. Great. To help you maintain resiliency and prevent configuration drift HPE Composable Rack is able to notify you when a cabling error has been made. For example, when installing new servers once the physical wiring is complete, you’re able to define the connectivity policies in HPE OneView, so that you can immediately see any errors made in cabling or in the future be notified when any physical cabling drifts out of policy. Accidentally cabling a server into the same switch twice will lead to an alert in your dashboard. Clicking on that alert will provide you with the detailed information you need to identify and locate the issue and fix it without much effort. Once the issue has been corrected, HPE OneView will automatically update to show you the changes. Upgrading nodes or adding nodes and maintaining or updating switches doesn’t need to impact your resiliency. With HPE Composable Rack you can be sure that your environment enforces your connectivity policies automatically.

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