Autodesk Builds Infrastructure Design with Qt

The main reason why we are using Qt is that it’s really fast in development. So, we like it the most because it’s easy to use. We think it has great usability. It gives us a lot of freedom like stylization with style sheets, as an example. Because we need a unified UI experience across the whole product. We think it’s really fun to use Qt to develop our UI, and the main reason is that it’s well documented. There are always challenges between designers and developers because they have a different mindset. Normally, designers produce mock-ups and stuff or PowerPoint presentations with their ideas. But they don’t always know how much effort it takes to implement those ideas. We want to establish a new culture in our organization to make developers able to work on UIs easier and faster. In the past, UX people were asking developers “please could you give me that and that button”. Qt Is the future. With QML more work can be moved over to the designers instead of to the developers only. Designers will be able to work more independently and configure UIs more independently, and we can have a better separation between the business logic and the UI design.

2 thoughts on “Autodesk Builds Infrastructure Design with Qt

  1. QT can go fuck itself. It's commercial licences are absolutely draconian. They're in it for themselves and fuck you if you aren't able to pay.

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