Audience Building: Promote and Share

so step three is you have to spend ten
to a hundred times more energy, effort, focus, time, money, everything else,
promoting and distributing and sharing it then you did creating it and that’s
why you always hear the term “starving artist” if you’ve ever heard the term
starving artists before I want you to comment in the chat and the new starving
artists are entrepreneurs right the new starving artists are entrepreneurs. Why?
Because most entrepreneurs who start businesses love what they do want to
make an impact in the world want to create content want to share what they
do and make a difference for people but then they say but I don’t like the sales
and marketing part or it’s not my thing or I don’t want to be doing that or I’m
not comfortable or you know I feel you know, uncomfortable, you know, promoting
self promoting people say. the third element in this is that let’s say you
create a podcast episode or let’s say that I’m creating this Facebook live
right now and it’s taking me 30 minutes to do this Facebook live for you right
now my job as a business owner my
responsibility as a business owner is to say okay I just spent 30 minutes
creating this podcast episode what am I going to push down to my team to do to
take 10 or 15 or 20 times the amount of energy that I spent creating it to then
push it out and distribute it so is it going to become a blog post is it going
to get chopped up for YouTube is it going to be promoted and Facebook we’re
going to add the transcripts are we going to chop it up into all different
little videos that we add in to meet Edgar and get pushed out are we going to
use the replay to send out to prospects that we’re warming up through the
engagement process right so every piece of content needs 10 to 15 times the
amount of distribution then it does the time that’s spent on the creation and
creation without distribution is worth nothing in your business and that is
where the starving artist term came from because there are so many people so many creatively brilliant unbelievable people out there
that have this amazing guest in this amazing talent and this amazing way that
they can impact the world but they’re not making any money and they’re not
being rewarded for it because no one knows about it and so many times people
want and expect people to organically find out about them because they took
the action to create the piece of content to do the video to do the
interview to create the blog post it doesn’t work that way right
we are on the battlefield competing for eyeballs we are on the battlefield
competing for attention there are a thousand other people that do exactly
what you do competing for the attention of the same exact audience that you are
so what’s going to make you stand out you want to have an army of people that
are distributing your content where if you leave it up to organic kind of
natural just the universe right to say okay I created this piece of content now
what’s going to happen with it where does it go from here you let it kind of
you push it out and then you’re done with it chances are you’re really going
to see little to no response from that but you take that piece of content and
you strategically say we’re going to share this piece of content with five
hundred individual people with custom messages with a link to the video link
to the audio we’re going to say hey this is why I feel like this would be helpful
for you you know ultimately that is where you’re going to make that
connection and it’s going to start to get traction

2 thoughts on “Audience Building: Promote and Share

  1. great share Kelly 🙂 yes i have and make jewelry for a lot of starving artists. i highly recommend to them to pursue wholesale clients. especially if they dont want to do craft shows or promote socially. wholesale also provides a stream of repeat orders. sure they will need to sell cheaper but gain alot of free time by not having to constantly search out new sales
    oh. as far as your email question does my social media content i.e. intagram and youtube content bring in new sales….answer: no lol. but i do make $6 a day from youtube for trying so thats something 🙂 yea

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